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Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (36-27-10) at Detroit Red Wings (31-32-9) - 28 Mar 2023 - 07:00PM EST

2023.03.28 13:05 OctoMod Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (36-27-10) at Detroit Red Wings (31-32-9) - 28 Mar 2023 - 07:00PM EST

Pittsburgh Penguins (36-27-10) at Detroit Red Wings (31-32-9)

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06:05:37PM 🗣️ FANS OF ALL AGES!You can now reserve a spot to paint on the ice at Little Caesars Arena on Thurs., April 13th!…
03:58:44PM Wallinder = ✍️‼️
03:47:02PM More:
03:45:24PM UPDATE: The #RedWings today signed defenseman William Wallinder to a three-year entry-level contract beginning with…
02:11:26PM "Skates like a forward, got hands like a forward."#OTD x @CocaCola
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2023.03.28 12:23 jaesenjdfgdfgfdg Perfect addition to my guest bathroom.

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2023.03.28 12:08 CarsonCooperWrites [WP] A detective working a murder case follows a lead to house in the suburbs. When the detective knocks on the door, the victim answers it.

Detective Washington knocks on the door. A lead that started off as a call from the tip line (Normally he wouldnt take a lead this time of night but this one sounded convincing.) lead him to a halfway house on the south side of Chicago. As he waits for a response he leans over and peers into the dusty window. No lights. No noise. The moonlight reflecting off of scattered medical needles on the floor is all he can make out He knocks again. This time he hears faint footsteps. He peers in again expecting to see the owner of the footsteps but sees nothing. The light bulb above the door he is standing at flickers wildly. The footsteps are on the other side of the door now. The light bulb above him goes out then..
The rookie detective is startled as he catches a quick movement out of the corner of his eye, the neighbor quickly closing the shades they must’ve been watching from. He regains his composure, fixes his tie and states to whoever is on the other side of the door “This is Detective Washington. I’m here to ask whoever lives here some questions.”
An owl hoots as a cool breeze sneaks by causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand erect. He goes to knock again but this time the door slowly opens a few inches. “Hello?” He asks.
“What do you want?” A small childlike voice says from the other side of the door.
“I am Detective Washington. I am covering a case and have some questions for the residents of this house.”
“Im the only one here.” The small voice whispers.
“May I speak with you? I think some residents of this house may have seen something regarding the case I am working on. It’s pertinent I ask you these questions, it could really help me bring a little girl home to her family.”
“Sure. I’ll help. But you can’t be scared.”
“I won’t be scared ma’am. Please, open up so we can sit and talk.”
The door begins to open. As it does the detective sees a girl standing there. At first all he notices is her bare feet and how dirty they are. But as he fully takes in the scene he becomes truly aware of what he is seeing: A small girl about 4 feet tall not much older than 8 years old. Her skin-blue. Her bare feet are clotted with dry dirt, each of her big toes are missing, white bone visible at each knuckle. Her knees and legs are scratched and bruised. She is wearing dark blue shorts and a white “Sea World” shirt that is obviously too large for her. Around Her neck is a rope patterned bruise. Her hair dirty blonde matted with leaves, twigs and what appears to be more dirt. She’s looking at him, well she would be if she had eyes. Empty sockets filled with maggots wriggling where her blue eyes should be. He knows she had blue eyes because despite her bloated and horrifying appearance this is one of the young girls who has gone missing in this neighborhood. Her name is Hannah and he knows this immediately because he has spent hundreds of hours over the past two months handing out flyers with her face on it and pouring over his three inch stack of papers all related to this missing girl.
He lets out a gasp but does is best not to startle the little girl. Hannah looks at his gun holstered on his hip, maggots squirm and fall onto her tiny toes. “Are you a cop?” She asks. “Y..yeah. Well, no I’m a detective.” “Did you come here to help me?” Trying his best to maintain his composure he answers, “Yeah I’m here to help. Can I help you Hannah?” “How do you know my name?” She asks. Her teeth a tint green from what he assumes is moss. “Everyone’s looking for you Hannah. Your mom is worried. Your dad too. Your little brother is very sad his big sister is missing.” “Oh no. I’m sorry. I got lost. And then I got hurt. I was scared very scared. It hurt so bad.” She begins to whimper. “Do you know what happened to you Hannah?” “A man..a man hurt me. Bad.” “Do you know who this man was?” “No.” She hesitates. “Am I dead?” Detective Washington thinks the worst has already happened so he decides to be blunt: “Yeah I think you are.” Surprisingly Hannah stops whimpering. “Does that mean I’m a ghost? And you can see me? Mommy said ghosts weren’t real though..” she looks away and rubs her elbow. “I can see you and I do believe in ghosts,” he assures her. She nods. “And I feel real too. So if I’m a ghost that means…my body is somewhere else?” He nods. She looks at her feet. “Will you help me find it?” Detective Washington smiles, a tear rolls down his face and says “I will. But after that will you help me find who did this to you?” “Of course.” She smiles.
He reaches out his hand and she grabs it. It feels cold and slimy. Hes able to restrain himself from shivering. They leave the abandoned house hand in hand.
From across the street the neighbor peeks out her window. She sees a tall man walking hand in hand with a little girl. They get into the man’s car and drive off into the night.
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2023.03.28 09:56 Designer_Ad_3937 Old Lynn valley photos

Does anyone have any photos of Lynn valley in the early 2000s? The old pet store and dollar store inside the mall, the deli next to the winners, the pizza shop/candy store/ consignment store (i think) where the RBC is now, the army surplus store by the Pizza Hut, the old library, the little Caesar’s, super video, and the deli and laundry mat in the strip mall. I think about those places often but can’t find pictures anywhere. Lost memories
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2023.03.28 09:11 JenVixen420 Umm..

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