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2023.06.02 11:22 SuccessThese6252 Độ âm thanh xe hơi

Đối với những người yêu thích nhạc trữ tình, bolero, ballad và các thể loại nhạc tương tự, hệ thống âm thanh trong xe cần có dải âm mid-treble chất lượng, để tái hiện rõ nét giọng ca sĩ và tạo ra âm thanh chi tiết, sắc nét cho các nhạc cụ. Âm bass cần có công suất vừa phải nhưng đồng thời cần mang tính mềm mại, tinh tế và độ sâu.
Để đạt được điều này, chủ xe có thể độ dàn âm thanh cho xe với loa 2-way hoặc 3-way từ các thương hiệu uy tín như Micro-Precision, Venom, với khả năng tái hiện âm thanh chi tiết và trung thực. Bên cạnh đó, việc lắp đặt ampli và loa sub cũng là cần thiết.
Đối với những người yêu thích nhạc Dance, EDM, Disco và các thể loại nhạc sôi động tương tự, hệ thống âm thanh trong xe yêu cầu âm bass mạnh mẽ, sắc nét và uy lực, vì âm bass đóng vai trò quan trọng trong những dòng nhạc EDM năng động.
Thông tin liên hệ:
Hồ Chí Minh:
CN1: 1511 – 1515 Đường 3 Tháng 2, Phường 16, Quận 11, Tp.HCM (Google Maps)
CN2: 245-245A Đường Phan Văn Hớn, Phường Tân Thới Nhất, Quận 12, Tp.HCM
Bình Dương:
CN3: B79M, Đường Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phường Bình Nhâm, Tp. Thuận An, Bình Dương
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2023.06.02 11:19 Suspicious_Ad_5988 Prognosis time! Lets play a game

60 yo M FALL
ehs arrived to a gentleman sitting on his couch alert with an abrasion to the back of his head and some minor rib pain with deformity that appears to be either a rib Fx or swelling
Pt states his reason for the fall as “balance issues x3 days” hx 3 falls this year with no assessment or hospital visits
He was given a gcs of a “soft 14”. While he is a/ox4 he appears dazed and his answers are slow. There is a 24 of budlight empties in his kitchen. He denies etoh and has 3 beers daily. Pt also denies dizziness n/v cp sob FAST NEG seizure hx
Also, he was surprised we were there. Admits to one fall and his landlady called. She states she saw 2/3 falls which he attributed to one
Eyes perl normal s1 s2 lung sounds clear vital signs normal slightly hypertensive but in a “you’re 60 years old” way normal blood glucose
Pmhx htn and diet controlled niddm denies drugs and etoh
I got the answer just curious on if my prognosis’s line up with others
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2023.06.02 11:18 Little_Elevator1001 (M4F) Tapos na VL ko message niyo n ko

Hi, Im looking for a discreet fwb, ons, or hook up.
35 years young
5'8" fit to dad bod
May car pero madalas scooter lang dala kasi naiinis sa traffic
Can shoulder all the expenses
From the south but can meet half way
Single, taken, or married
Open to meet a married man
Legal age
Fit to chubby build
Open to check in since i cant host
Clean and vaccinated
We can discuss further sa chat if you have questions can also swap pics sa tg.
Palagay ko ito n yun tinatawag nilang middle age crisis. Please help me get through😁
Hit me up
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2023.06.02 11:08 SilverSpotter Soul Reversal [F4M][Succubus][Restrained listener][Hypnosis][Gone Wrong][Fdom to ???][Wholesome Ending]

About the Character: Mai'el is an opportunistic succubus who believes she has found an exploitation in demonic law; There are no consequences to breaking the law! To collect as many followers and souls as she wants, she will use restricted techniques only allowed for special situations, including hypnosis. To ensure her plan works, she seeks out her favorite mortal man, saving him for a special occasion.
Before she tries hypnotizing him, she decides to indulge herself with some conversation and snuggling before consuming her favorite human's soul. It'll be the last chance she gets after all.
All sound effects are encouraged, but still optional.
Feel free to change the dialogue to your liking, or even completely improvise. Whatever you need to make the lines feel more natural. What matters is keeping the general story the same.

You may absolutely monetize this, but if you should place this product behind a paywall, I would appreciate a copy of the performance.

Feel free to ask any questions or bring up any concerns, should they come up. Feedback is very welcome!
Context: You lay comfortably in bed, deep asleep, until a chill runs up your spine. You wake to the feeling of being watched. To your horror, you can't command your body to move. Try as you might, you can only helplessly watch as an alluring form makes her way into the edge of your vision. With a devious smile, someone lays on top of you, eying you like her prey.
[The sound of the succubus sneaking across the room before laying on top of the listener (floorboards creaking, bed springs squeaking, covers ruffling, etc.)]
Mai'el: "Hey there... You don't mind if I lay here, do you? [Giggle] Your... 'Cheeks' are telling me you don't mind, and your eyes are telling me you're not sure if you're dreaming. [Kiss] I'm very real, baby. Shhhh... Don't struggle. It'd be a waste of your attention. Your body is still asleep, but I left your head awake so you could keep me company."
[Listener: "What's happening?"]
Mai'el: "What's happening? I'm so glad you asked! I've been dying to share this with someone.
Have you heard of a 'sleep paralysis demon'? How about a succubus? We're both the same thing. [Sigh of comfort] Oo, you're so nice to snuggle up to! [Brief moment as she enjoys holding the listener] Normally we can only do our jobs as a sleep paralysis demon or a succubus, but not both. Nooo... That would be against the 'rules'. [Self-amused chuckling] But I think that's inefficient. We're born to take souls and spread our influence. But that takes so long if we go 'by the book'. First you weaken strong souls by scaring them with nightmares or paralyzing their body. Then you seduce their with 'good dreams', or with our unrivaled 'assets'. Then, when they're nice and obedient, you get them to submit their life to you, offering their service or their soul... But that doesn't always work. So souls become hard to come by all because some precious 'rules' need to be respected."
[Succubus takes a moment to give the listener affection (brushing their hair, pawing at them, kissing, stroking their face, et.)]
Mai'el: "Speaking of 'respect', you haven't interrupted me once! Oh, I knew you would be the right choice... [Seeing the surprise and confusion on his face] Yesss. I chose you! You're not some random prey. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to go for the mortal at the top of my list."
[Succubus gives a sigh as she admires the listener.]
Mai'el: [Suddenly remembering] "Oh right! Where was I? The rules, right? Well, we're all told that breaking the rules will corrupt our souls. [Annoyed] Corrupt. Demon souls. I swear I'm either the smartest one down there, or everyone else is too scared to realize you can't 'corrupt' a corrupted soul... [Calming down] Which bring me here to you, my flame.
I am going to bask in my genius with each mortal I dominate. I am going to gorge myself silly on the adoration and souls of more than I've seen in years, all in one evening!... But I'm skipping straight to dessert first. And don't you look tasty... [Affectionate sound of a kiss or lick]"
[The sound of fabric moving as the succubus sits up.]
Mai'el: [Moving her clothes with a giggle] "Sorry, baby. These clothes don't offer much room for pockets. I was pulling out this candle. Not the girls. Its for the hypnosis... Though I'm sure you'd pay close attention to me no matter what I pulled out of my top. [Playful laughter]"
[Listener: "Hypnosis? Don't I need to willingly make a deal?"]
Mai'el: "Hm? Well look at you! Not just a pretty face either. But I already knew that.
To answer your question, and happily spread out the details for you to take in; You're right. Demons aren't allowed to use hypnosis! Why?... [Playfully annoyed] Because the rules say so! [As if the listener agreed with her] I know! What a pain! And we've been doing this for thousands of years. Blindly!
[Letting of a content sigh] But we both know how I feel about the rules. But let me let you in on a fun little fact about hypnosis. You can't force someone to do something they wouldn't want to. Its just an encouraging nudge. And I know somewhere in you, you want to make me happy... [Becoming genuine] And I admit, this isn't how I wanted to win your favor. I didn't want your service, or your soul. I never did. That's why I've left you alone this whole time. I loved seeing you as you are. I loved feeling your passions and desires. I loved your ideals and mannerisms. I loved... [Conflicted, her voice gets caught in her throat before she can finish her sentence.]
[Regaining her composure] Which makes you the perfect person for me to try this out on.
Come, my flame. Let me light my candle for you. [The sound of her blowing gently and the candle igniting with a flame.] You can close your eyes if you want, but I just need your attention. I promise you I'm more interesting to look at than the backs of your eyelids."
Mai'el: [Beginning the hypnosis with a comforting or sultry tone] "Listen closely to my voice. Hear my words reach for you. They yearn for your embrace. Let my message take warm comfort in a place in your mind.
Feel my gaze touch you and explore you. It studies you closely like a treasure map, excited to find what lies beneath. Greedy for the valuables your conceal.
Let my presence into your heart, and surround my being with your love. Soothe my aching desires with your earnest aid. Hold me in your arms to cherish me, and to protect me.
I welcome your soul into me. Let it rest upon my chest, and feel a care and affection beyond your very imagination. Embolden yourself and unshackle your mind from what binds you to your plane. Let your spirit willingly find me, happy to serve. Eager to please. Truly devoted."
[The succubus takes a long deep breath, then blows out the candle.]
Mai'el: [Pleased and excited] "Well? How do you feel? Happier to be around me? Comforted by me presence? I know I feel better after that.
Is that what meditation is like?"
[Listener: "I don't think I feel any different."]
Mai'el: [Slightly disappointed] "Huh? Nothing?... Hm. Well, it's not supposed to make you a different person. It just stimulates what's already there, after all. [Flirty giggling] Did you enjoy me 'stimulating' you? [Kiss] I know I enjoyed myself." [Letting out a sound of delight as she snuggles with the listener.]
[Listener: "Does this mean I'm going to die?"]
Mai'el: [Surprised, concerned, and defensive] "What!? Are you going to die?! No! No, of course not, my flame! That was just hypnosis! I would never try to hurt you!... [Noticing something is off] I... I mean... Once you give me your soul you'll... Um... [Frustrated] Oh, by the nine Hells! What was I thinking?"
[Redirecting her attention back to the listener]
Mai'el: "You have to believe me. I would never try to hurt you!"
[The listener repeats what she said she would do.]
Mai'el: [Embarrassed] "Y-yes. I did say I would take your soul, among others, but- What is wrong with me? Why would I-? [Taking a deep breath to recompose herself] Because I can get around the rules. The value of a soul gives power in any Hell. Servants can help me get things done on the surface while I'm away... [Groaning] None of that seems worth it though. Not if it means hurting the one I love... [More serious upon remembering something] Wait... The rules. Corrupting a demon's soul. I tried to hypnotize you, but you seem unaffected. But I... What made sense to me mere minutes ago suddenly seems so... Wrong!"
Mai'el: [Returning her attention to the listener, nervous.] "Baby? Do I seem... Different to you?... No... I can see it in your eyes already. Something did change. Is this the corruption? Did I accidentally hypnotize myself? Wait! Why do I still have you paralyzed? I'm so sorry!" [The magic is quickly undone.]
Mai'el: "I'm just so confused, I... [Listener speaks to her] Wha-? N-no, I'm not in any pain. Why?... Huh? W-well, yes, I did say hypnosis can't force someone to do something against their will... No. I guess, either way, nothing bad happened. [Less nervous, and stunned by what she heard] Wait. What did you say? What do I want? I... Um... The souls, so I could... [Regret in her voice] I wanted the souls so I could be happy... ... [Soft chuckle] Um... Yeah. I guess even before this happened, I was very happy. [Sweetly] I was finally with you after all... Yeah, I guess I still am, aren't I?... [Alarmed] Stay with you?! I can't do that! Why would you want that after what I tried to do to you?... ... Tch! I suppose you make a good point. If I wanted to hurt you, I wouldn't have unbound you. [Sigh] If I wanted to hurt you, I wouldn't have bothered talking to you in the first place. I would have just tried hypnotizing you... OK, that's true. I was going to hurt you after I hypnotized you, but I wanted to spend time with you first... But I still can't stay with you. I'm sorry. Nothing would make me happier than that right now, but its against the rules to form romantic relationships with morta- Oh, by the nine hells! Why am I such an idiot? I have to be the stupidest one down there!... Hey! Don't laugh! [Failing at trying to be mad] Its not funny! I- Yes, the rules have been in place for thousands of years! Demons don't have the vision that humans do, OK? We're pretty bad at planning ahead. [Laughing]"
Mai'el: [After enjoying a good laugh, she recollects herself] "Are you sure you want this? You know this could be a trick, right? We're pretty good at tricking people... Ugh! We're bad at planning ahead, but we're not that bad! We do a lot of planning on the fly... I mean it; Are you sure?... [Shocked] I what?! How did you know I love you though?... Be-besides just now... When I said I couldn't hurt the one I love. Wow. I didn't even think about what I was saying.
[A sigh of relief and joy] Yeah... I've been crushing on you for a while now. In Hell I can even hear your thoughts, so I got to know who the real you is too... You perv. [Laughing] I'm sorry! I'm a succubus, baby! But I really do find all of your desires and passions attractive. Not just those kind."
Mai'el: [Softly] "Hey. Kind of like that. Yeah. It doesn't take powers to see you're still tired. I kind of woke you up pretty rudely... If... If you want, I could keep you company. I want to stay, but I need to go back eventually. Not for long though. Before that, can- With your permission this time, can I snuggle up with you for the night?... Yeah? Thank you so m- [Succubus is kissed]"
Mai'el: "O-oh! [Giggle] Thank you... Hm? My name? Of course I don't mind. I just didn't realize I didn't tell you yet. It's Mai'el. Kind of like, 'its not your L, its my L'. You can call me Mai, if you'd like though! [Soft giggle] You look so sleepy. [Both lay down together, ushering Mai'el into a peaceful state.] I wanted you to hold me in your arms like this earlier... I didn't think I'd be able to do this. I'm glad this happened though... Thank you, my flame. Sleep well..."
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2023.06.02 10:58 Boris_Yetty First Rep / QC (v2) Tudor BB58 - Appreciate your help

First Rep / QC (v2) Tudor BB58 - Appreciate your help
Hi all. First REP / QC. Had to RF first due to issue with bracelet. Appreciate your help / feedback as I learn. u/watchYoda had to RF due to black 'dot' so would appreciate your thoughts again ojn this new watch if ok?
Sorry, could not work out how to embed links.
  1. Dealer name: HONT
  2. Factory name: ZF
  3. Model name (& version number): Tudor Heritage BB Fifty Eight 39mm SS/SS Blk ZF V2 A2824
  4. Price paid: $288 (free shipping)
  5. Album Links: Pics: here Video: here
  6. Index alignment: looks good potentially the 3 slightly crooked? What do you guys think of the overall alignment?
  7. Dial Printing: Looks ok to me
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: n/a
  9. Hand Alignment: looks good?
  10. Bezel: Looks fine
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): Bit of a gap with top right, but figure this is because of the way the watchis being held?
  12. Timegrapher numbers: +8s which I understand is reasonable
  13. Anything else you notice: Watch overall looks good to my untrained eye.
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2023.06.02 10:51 Correct-Truck6192 Ways to hide piercings from religious family and friends

Hi everyone, I posted a month ago about my piecing trauma and I've been in an endless cycle of thought for the last couple of years on if it would be physically possible to even hide piercings. Currently, I'm wearing fake earrings whenever I go out and then taking them off before I step back into my house. I still am at home with my parents as I work on my major and they are extremely religious. Is there any way to hide new ear piercings, eyebrow piercings, or even a nose piercing?
I know piercings are meant to be visible, but idk. Maybe I'm just being impatient and wanting to live my own life too quickly. Hell, I can't even shave the sides of my hair without getting harsh judgement from my family. Does anyone have piercings that they hide from their religious family and friends? Should I just say fuck it and get my ears pierced again and see how my family reacts again? If someone knows of a way, I would be FOREVER indebted to you. I'm all over the place and in this weird limbo of having 0 individuality and expression while others around me are able to do as they please. It just ticks me off knowing others have supportive families and groups and I have LITERALLY nothing to help me. What makes it even worse is that I have no one in my family who I can even discuss this with other than my sister and even she thinks it's a morally questionable decision as she thinks it isn't right for men to get body modifications. I would feel so much more secure if I was able to present the way I wanted, but no. Of course Allah has to disapprove and I always the "bUT iTs nOt a mUsLIm lOoK." The reason I disagree with this so heavily is simply because... Who the fuck needs to know what my religion is. Whether I'm atheist, agnostic, Islamic, whatever, why does the way I present matter? I thought it was what's on the inside that matters and that Allah will be the one to judge? This is all according to what I was taught since childhood. Everything literally has loopholes and hypocrisy written all over it, I can't deal with it anymore.
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2023.06.02 10:49 Individual-Lobster31 “…all the way to the N-B-C.” Just realized this bit from season 1 was imitating Silence of the Lambs!

“…all the way to the N-B-C.” Just realized this bit from season 1 was imitating Silence of the Lambs! submitted by Individual-Lobster31 to u/Individual-Lobster31 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 10:48 LucianVK Can you cell shade without lineart?

I'm starting to feel like my art progress is stagnating. I really think this because of my "art style" and it is holding n Me back. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with stylization or anything, but it's more so I just have a way I've learned to draw. I have always been very influenced by chommang and mark brunet (blueflay) I'm not trying to obtain a specific style.
I think I need to get rid of lines to really break out of my comfort zone, but I really don't want to give up cell Shading. I only just learned it a few weeks ago and before that I always did more realistic Shading. I'm trying to imagine how i could cell shade w/o line art and my brain can't conprehend it. I think it's a oxymoron. Are there any artist that do this? How can i do this w/o it looking flat or wierd? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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2023.06.02 10:41 bubba_169 [H] Steam Games [W] Any Working Steam Key For a Quick Game Swap

The giveaway where you also give back! I'm offering a quick trade for any valid steam key. If there's something on the list you want, make me a sensible offer and it will most likely be accepted. The list keeps on cycling so check back at any point as there may be something you like added later on!
I'm not after lists to look through, I want you to offer me your unwanted steam keys for games from this list of a similar value. Think of it like a book swap - take one and leave one. You get a game you want and the one you leave might be the one somebody else wants.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the quick swap, most of these keys are from previous trades and donations and I have no way to verify them or check for region locks. Even with the best intentions from all sides, mistakes will be made and some of these keys may not work. I'll always send the key first and ask you to redeem before sending me anything to make sure they work for you.

How it works

  1. You offer me any steam game(s) of a similar value to any of those in this list in the comments. Please comment first, don't just DM me.
  2. I say yes if the games you want are still available and we trade. I'll DM you the keys first for you to redeem then you send me yours once you're happy they worked. Please also let me know of any region locks when we trade.
  3. The keys you give me go back on the list ready to trade with someone else and the cycle starts again.

Games Available:

Always let me send you the key first so you can check it works

Tier 1 (Key value of £1 or less)

Tier 2 (Key value of £1 - £2)

Tier 3 (Key value of £2 or more)

I'm depending on people being honest for this to work and I'll keep track of where all keys come from so I can report any abuse to the mods. Please don't re-trade these keys any further since I can't guarantee they will work and I don't know if there are any region locks. I don't want you to be accused of scamming! I'll always ask you to redeem first in a trade before sending me any keys but if you choose not to redeem as we trade then I won't be held responsible for any future problems as I have given you fair warning.

Valuing Trades

We'll use gg.deals UK key shops price as a way to compare the value of games. If a key shop price isn't available we'll use best judgement based on retail price and recent bundles. Key values change daily so if you notice something is in the wrong tier please let me know. To keep things accessible we'll cap key value at £2.
As a general rule I will usually accept any game in the same tier as a fair trade. I've also accepted trades with games at the top end of a lower tier for games at the bottom end of the next tier. We can trade multiples to even out values but they don’t need to be exact as long as the trade is reasonable. If I already have a surplus of a game you're offering, I may turn you down until the existing copies have been traded.
If anyone just wants to donate any keys that are no good to them to the list then I’m always grateful to receive them. Just DM me and I’ll add them. A huge thank you to those that have already donated keys to this project.

Region Locks

Any region locks I know about with be noted next to the affected games. I have no way to check so there may be others. I'll always go first in a trade so you can make sure the key works for you before sending me any of yours.


A short while ago I had some spare keys from bundles that I couldn't find a trade for. The traders with the games I wanted already owned the games I had and the traders who wanted the games I had didn't have anything I'd want in return. I was thinking of giving up and giving away my keys but then I had an idea - If I was willing to accept any game in return, I could trade with those that wanted my games and break the trading deadlocks for the more common, lower value games. I could add the games I didn't want myself back onto the list and if I ended up with a load of rubbish that nobody wanted then I'd only lost what I was willing to give away anyway.
Even though re-trading is nothing new, removing personal interest and accepting a trade for any game makes trading much more accessible to others - especially those with only a few spare keys. The idea was popular and it gained momentum. I also received some generous donations and the list grew into what you see above. Even though I don't get much from it myself (I do keep the occasional game that catches my eye) I am happy that I can help others get games they can play in exchange for keys they have no use for. The community has really come through with honesty, helping to grow this into something worthwhile.
Thanks everyone!
My IGSRep Page.
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2023.06.02 10:37 Coral_Manokit Crazy Idea that i had

Random Stab in the dark but would anyone be interested in an animation of a post-pacifist war between monsters and humans? I am listening to the EpIc VeRsIoN of some boss songs, which gave me this idea. It would involve Agsore (Playing bergentruckung + Asgore) at the start starting the wave or going for the first attack or then smth then it switches between Undyne, Mettaton, Papyrus, Toriel, Muffet and Sans (He is last) with all their attack's magic and stuff playing the epic version if there songs (Which are on Spotify btw) and in the middle where everything seems doing downhill for the monsters photoshop flowey comes in and starts battling the humans.

It might sound lame but when I thought of it in my head it looks way more cooler and more epic so I would like your ideas on this. Do you think that it is possible?
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2023.06.02 10:32 Lavabass Is there a way of writing a formula to: look at all cells in a row, identify if any cells are blank or if all cells contain only a hyphen.

Excel - office 365, Windows, beginner knowledge level - usually a competent googler. Unfortunately need a formula solution, organisationally limited to other options. I'm trying to solve a repetitive QA task. Scalable to approximately 50 clients, to be done every week.

Is there a way of writing a formula to do this:
Look at all the cells in row 6 from C - L: If any cells in that row are blank OR if all of the cells in the row contain a hyphen
Then - cell M6 returns the word "incomplete"
I can then run conditional formatting in the M column to shine a spotlight on incomplete records.
Screenshot is here: https://imgur.com/nCWl8wO
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2023.06.02 10:30 ringtone_dutchess waking up from a deep, peaceful sleep to *N is terrifying

probably the worst way to feel N in my opinion. the last time I V (18 years ago) I was asleep and woke up ill. my heart is pounding when I wake up like this. I think i’m gonna be fine tonight but I woke up at 2 am and can’t falll asleep again and now it’s 4:30 am. sigh. I hate this freaking phobia so much.
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2023.06.02 10:29 nun_atoll Peregrination

Since Mandy still had not turned up and most everyone else in the house had things to do, Paul decided little Dan could spend the rest of the morning, at least, with him. He got himself and the child properly dressed, then opted to tuck the lad into his own oversized coat as they stepped out into the blustery air.
"You can't walk much yet, eh?" Paul said.
"Haaa," Danny intimated.
"Well, I can haul you about. 'Sides, even if you could walk, you've no shoes."
They set off down the street, Paul humming to himself as he usually did. The baby's downy hair tickled under the shelf of his chin, and it almost made him laugh.
This was going to be an odd day.
At the corner, Betty and Joey from down the street were about to cross. Betty had her big shopping basket; they had paused so she could redo the buttons on Joey's jacket.
"Pree baby," Joey slurred as Paul stopped beside them, and his free hand fluttered upward for a moment before he looked worriedly to Betty.
"C'n I? C'n?"
"He's wondering if he could pat Danny's hair," Betty translated.
"Oh," Paul nodded. "Sure, I guess."
Joey's fingers gently played with the faint strands for a moment, and then Joey grinned.
"M'pal," he said, and pointed to Danny.
"You got duty today, hmm?" Betty murmured, trying to strike up conversation.
Paul nodded again.
"Yup. Mandy wasn't back yet, and everyone was busy, so..."
"Got a day off or that?"
"Sure," Paul said, and laughed weakly.
Betty and Joey headed on then, and Paul waved to them, then checked that he had Danny securely settled.
It was a little embarrassing to know he was one of the few on the street that had no proper job or other productive way to pass time. Mostly he walked around the city, window shopping and reading newspapers or magazines. Sometimes he went to a library and read up on things needed around the squat, like repairs. At least then he felt he was doing something.
Today, he figured, would be mostly a going-inside-places day. Probably he could have just stayed in the house, but that always made him feel half-mad. Still, with the baby along, it would make sense not to stay out in the cold too much. Poor little guy might freeze.
Still, they walked a long way before Paul decided to stop in at that silly little music shop, Muztara. That place was always a little too warm, but there were spots to sit, and the owners always had free tea and cake for customers.
The door of the shop had a whole little rig of tiny brass bells that it rang when opened; Danny seemed to like that. At least he laughed and made a repetitive little "Shhhiii, shiiii" noise for a bit after. The slouchy guy behind the till looked up and waved.
"Hey, Paul."
As Paul was moving toward the tea urn, the guy moved generally that direction as well, slotting some LPs into a bin.
"You got a kid now?" he asked.
"Uhm," Paul said, filling a styrene cup and settling himself on a bench.
"We got milk, if ya want. For the kid."
"Ah? Tha'd be great. Ta."
Unfastening his coat, Paul eased Danny out and plumped the kid down on the bench at his side.
"How old's he?" the slouchy guy asked, reappearing from some back room with the milk.
"Uh, just a year."
"Cool. 'S'name?"
"Daniel. Danny, mostly."
"Nice. Here ya go then, Danny."
The guy had poured some milk into a funny little plastic teacup, and he handed it carefully to the baby, who very seriously accepted it and then stared at it, confused. Shaking his head and smiling, Paul set his tea aside for a moment to help the little lad drink.
"He's not s' good with cups just yet."
"Ah. Figures, as he's s' young."
There were a lot of biscuits and cakes laid out near the tea urn in boxes, and now Danny was craning his head around to look at them.
"Bikit?" he asked.
"Okay, little guy. One biscuit."
Paul chose soft rather than something crunchy, figuring that was best for little teeth. Danny seemed happy either way, shoving his milk cup into Paul's hands so he could concentrate on the sweet.
They sat a long time there. Now and then other people entered the shop. A few commented on Danny, mostly saying he was real cute. Paul felt proud whenever they did, since they also mostly seemed to think he was the baby's dad. It was flattering, sort of.
Eventually, Danny got fussy, rubbing his eyes and leaning against Paul's arm, whining. Probably he was tired. Paul stood slowly, stretching, then picked Danny up and tucked him back into the coat, fastening it carefully.
"Headed back out?" the slouchy guy yawned.
"Have a good day."
Danny seemed happier once they were back on the street, burrowing his head against Paul's jumper and ceasing his whining. Paul decided a library might be all right next. It would be nice and quiet. Little guy might sleep a bit.
Sure enough, by the time they reached the intended destination, Danny was well asleep, drooling just slightly. No big deal.
For the hour and a half that Danny slept, Paul read mostly about gardening. At the squats, everyone sort of worked together to grow a bit of food in the back gardens to save money, and he had some ideas for new vegetable beds they could try in a few months. Nothing in the books seemed to indicate his ideas were insane; very good.
Once Danny was waking up, a little blinky and confused, Paul reshelved his books and they took off again.
"Wanna go to the park, Dan?" Paul asked.
"Parg? Parg."
So to a park they went. Danny toddled about in the grass, stopping here and there to sit or crouch and stare at some fascinating pebble or such. Paul followed him, making sure he did not swallow rocks or something. Presently, the kid stopped and, looking focused, stood very still a while, grunting. Then he looked up to Paul.
"Help," he said.
"What, little guy? What help?"
Kneeling, Paul instantly caught a whiff of what needed help.
"Ah, no. Jeez. Come on, Dan. We oughta head home."
Previous Chapter Table of Contents
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2023.06.02 10:13 TheMoralesSketchbook If anyone wants to see the comic covers they used in Across the Spider-Verse, here are the non-spoiler ones from a set visit by @krystalshanelle!

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2023.06.02 10:02 AutoModerator 2023 Jakarta E-Prix Free Practice 1 Discussion

ABB FIA Formula E Championship
2023 Jakarta E-Prix
Wikipedia: Season 9 Teams & Drivers Season 9 Calendar
Session Times
Times are in Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7:00)
Friday 2 June 2023
Session Local UTC
Practice 1 15:30 - 16:00 08:30 - 09:00
Saturday 3 June 2023
Session Local UTC
Practice 2 08:10 - 08:40 01:10 - 01:40
Qualifying 1 10:40 - ~11:55 03:40 - ~04:55
Race 1 15:00 - ~16:00 08:00 - ~09:00
Sunday 4 June 2023
Session Local UTC
Practice 3 08:10 - 08:40 01:10 - 01:40
Qualifying 2 10:40 - ~11:55 03:40 - ~04:55
Race 2 15:00 - ~16:00 08:00 - ~09:00

Jakarta International e-Prix Circuit
Jakarta, Indonesia
Circuit Diagram: here
Pitlane Map: here
Length: 2.370 KM (1.473 mi)
Turns: 18
Distance: Race 1: 36 Laps + any additional laps
Race 2: 38 Laps + any additional laps
Attack Mode 8 minutes in combination of 2+6, 4+4, 6+2
Live Streaming & Timing
Check out the official ABB Formula E Championship TV/Streaming Guide to find out more about coverage in your area.
YouTube Links:
Channel 4 Sports (UK and Ireland):
FP1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCzhBJpSY-8 (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
FP2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJYSIuNvKDc (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Qualifying 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FudePKad-s (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Race 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rVl_5JKM0A (Stream starts 30 minutes before session)
FP3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP3o7626B94 (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Qualifying 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bVNA7LQ-7k (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Race 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMcrgXpH3zw(Stream starts 30 minutes before session)
Official YouTube:
FP1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcN5Xg4MT4U (Stream starts 40 minutes before session)
FP2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4ChZTz4EIc (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Qualifying 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iwJJnMCzEg (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Race 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjmngjvezRw (Stream starts 30 minutes before session)
FP3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNDzmHeh33Y (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Qualifying 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh2CG8dzcng (Stream starts 10 minutes before session)
Race 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_FADqmgP7E(Stream starts 30 minutes before session)
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2023.06.02 09:51 pro-innovative765 Pro Innovative Service App

Pro Innovative Service App
Pro Innovative Service Application is an application made in a very easy and modern way keeping in view the daily problems occurring in the house. This application is specially designed for those organizations which provide home service on daily basis like cleaning the house, repairing water pipe, coloring the house or any electronic work. In this application, the customer can also chat directly with the organization, as well as in this application, small organizations can register themselves on an individual basis and grow their business.
Contact us now to buy or make this application.
Book a Free Demo
#ServiceApp #HomeserviceApp #developer #appdeveloper #development #Appdesigning #Appdevelopment #App #web #Proinnovative
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2023.06.02 09:37 DEATH_STAR_EXTRACTOR Write a 4 paragraph story that sounds like a crackpot schizo wrote it with words that are both typo and not grammatical and often ex. 2 words don't even make sense together, should be realllllllll choppy haha. Make it sound also like a Chibi UwU wrote it in cute style. It should be about how ...

NOTE: This was per my paid chatPLUS, GPT-4, on the blue chat page. As of about May 2nd or so.
NOTE: ChatGPT-3.5 isn't able to do this so perfectly. GPT-3 fails completely - almost, way worse than chatGPT3.5. GPT-3 goes into all caps about other topics often and barely gets anything written about it, or won't do instructed tasks, even completing it, oddly, even if given part of GPT-4's attempt.
NOTE: GPT-3's attempt to compare to, is in comments section.

Write a 4 paragraph story that sounds like a crackpot schizo wrote it with words that are both typo and not grammatical and often ex. 2 words don't even make sense together, should be realllllllll choppy haha. Make it sound also like a Chibi UwU wrote it in cute style. It should be about how a robot cat wants love.

Onci uPOn tim, robotto katto neeDd lovvv n cudddles UwU. In stwange laNd of flibber-gibbets and gooble-gabbles, katto seArches for wub wub. Katto plopped and mewled, hoppy-doodle on tootie patootie questicles. No sense lickety-split, but robo-katto beLieVes in cuddly-wuddly feelies.

Rainbow bonkey-donkeys and spangle-dangle snickersnacks, robo-katto danced a prancy-wancy tippy-toes. Fuzzle-wuzzle hugs, where they? Blinky-winky eyes say, "Pwease gimme lovvv!" Katto tumbles down into floofy-woofy puffy-wuffy cloud-pows, dreams of warmies and happi-wrap snuggles.

Biggy-wiggy robo-catto befriendo squirggle-wurgle bunnies, heart-glow in sunrises. Bunnies bop-a-lopped, "We givE snuzzles!" Katto purr-boom, twirly-whirly happi-wappi funtime. Giggly-wiggly, katto's heart-spark grew biggo-wiggo, friendship magic in loony-toony land of nonsensicles.

Endy-wendy, robo-katto found huggly-wuggly love with fwends. Heart-chirp all zoomy-zoom, snuggles n' cuddles all day erryday. Katto say, "Nyaa, yippee-ki-yay! Love finds way in cray-cray world!" Robo-katto's journey of nonsensy-wensy, all for love-love and huggy-wuggy goodness. UwU.
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2023.06.02 09:33 Latter-Tomorrow9575 GUYS I need your help. There used to be a product sold by GNC called Brain DREXOL or something like that. It is very similar to the one below . Does anyone know a good energy drink for the brain specifically just to get me to focus. Bang and GHOST don’t help

GUYS I need your help. There used to be a product sold by GNC called Brain DREXOL or something like that. It is very similar to the one below . Does anyone know a good energy drink for the brain specifically just to get me to focus. Bang and GHOST don’t help submitted by Latter-Tomorrow9575 to energydrinks [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 09:28 Wheldrake36 Looking for Dungeondraft collaboration on an Absalom project

Looking for Dungeondraft collaboration on an Absalom project
Bonjour, y'all. I'm currently working on a collaborative project (in the French PF2 community) to create a thieves' guild-themed campaign set in The Puddles district of Absalom. While my end goal is to publish under the Infinite licence, for the time being we're working under the Community Use licence and expanding on existing Paizo content.
For example, we began with a close-up image of a small section of The Puddles map, and added shops, NPCs and background storylines. We played the equivalent of 6 sessions back to back last weekend around a physical table.

The Floating Market in The Puddles district of Absalom
But now I'm in a bind - to playtest this campaign, it's moving online, and I need maps of the flooded Puddles district that correspond (more or less) to the Absalom maps of this quarter. I started a map on Dungeondraft, but don't really have the time to devote to mapping that would do it justice.
So I'm on a fishing expedition for Dungeondraft mavens who might be interested in developing some maps on spec. There's no telling when or whether this project will run its course all the way to publishing, but good maps will really help.
Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome. Currently, all the initial campaign text is in French, but that will change (relatively) quickly. I've been wanting to do a Thieves' Guild themed campaign for years, with fond memories of running and playing in similar campaigns in the mid 70s in Judges Guild's City State of the Invincible Overlord, the first full-blown city setting ever created for an RPG. Now Absalom beckons, it's just so huge that it invites sharecroppers to move in and develop it further.

A view from the edge of the Floating Market
Some local thieves case a warehouse during a delivery
Let me know, either through PM or answers here whether you might be interested in pitching in.
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2023.06.02 09:24 Absynith My Diablo Story

I am a gamer. Have been since my Daddy bought me the NES when it first came out. Started with console. Then in the early 90's I became very interested in PC's. Got hired at a local ISP (internet service provider) that offered 56k dial up or 128k ISDN if you could afford it. But us, we had a T1 (1.544 Mbps), so while everyone else was waiting on their dial up to connect we were already there and gone somewhere else.
Around that time there was a game released called Diablo for the PC, I was 23 years old when it was released and considered odd for playing computer and console games anyway just because I was a female. There was a lot of hype for the game due to its amazing story and innovative multiplayer. I loved it! Spent hours playing it both in single player and multiplayer. I still have the original discs and the box and packaging. Then a few years later Diablo 2 came out. Another amazing game! Even better than the first one! Better quests, better loot, better classes. One of my favorite all time games. I still play it now at times. Then many years later Diablo 3 was released. Another awesome game. I played this on the PS4 because I could not afford a pc that would run it at that time. It was another good entry to the Diablo Franchise, great multiplayer and many other new features. I played it for years.
Well today if you preordered it Diablo 4 comes out, if you did not preorder it then it releases on the 5th of June. I was able to play it several times throughout late beta testing. So good. So so good. It is like Diablo but the battles regarding bosses take actual mechanics to beat. In other words, you cannot just hack and slash to win. Great Graphics and Sound, and the story seems amazing as well, but I only got to level 20, so that may change. It is also favorably rated on Metacritic already. Anyway, that is my Diablo story. I am feeling rather nostalgic about it's new release. The entire Diablo Franchise has always been a great way to escape for me and I will always have fond memories regarding the franchise.
I will not be joining the Diablo 4 world today. This is gonna be the first preorder I miss. I am no longer able to work and cannot afford a copy of the game. I became disabled last December (Chronic PTSD) suddenly and all my savings are now gone. Blizzard can ya help a long time fangirl (Diablo, Starcraft, WOW, Hearthstone) out and gift me a copy (PC)? It is breaking my sentimental heart. I am not to proud to beg anymore lol!
My Battle Tag is Absynith #1197

Blizzard never responded not that I expected them to, I originally posted this on my Bookface account. But it was worth a shot! I hope you guys and dolls have a great time exploring Sanctuary!
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2023.06.02 09:23 FlagFootballSaint ELF logo ranking

Thought I contribute by starting a thread about the team's logos (plus the ELF's own). As always: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so share your opinion, so here is mine:
It is almost impossible to rank 1-17 so I put them in buckets:
-) ELF: I just think it is very well designed and the colors are fantastic. Is it a fraudulent copy from Major League Baseball and NBA? Yes. Does that matter? No. It is a great logo.
-) PANTHERS: I love it, it comes closest to a NFL team's logo. Has the name in it and a well drafted Panther head, strong colors as well
-) VIKINGS: A difficult motto (a head of a Viking) perfectly executed as a logo. Clean, clear, immediately recognizable
-) THUNDER: I like the name dominantly sitting on top with the bold shooting down.
-) DRAGONS: I liked the original one better but what's not to like about a Dragon head as a logo?
-) SEA DEVILS: I think it is a very cool and recognizable, compact logo. What I don't like is the "water-mouth" across it
-) CENTURIONS: Nice try but I hate that it is looking towards the left instead of towards the right. Also the face-mask could be more simplistic.
-) MUSKETEERS: I like the concept and it looks clean, but it misses an "it-factor" and the non-colored version is meh.
-) KINGS: Reminds me of something cartoonish from Disney and the colors are lame, but it's not bad as such.
-) SEAMAN: The idea is ok but can anyone remove the football please??? Also the lines of the "S" should be thicker / more dominant and the anchor should be more simplistic
-) RAIDERS: Looks unrecognizable in white and has to much going on in black. I doubt people even realize that this is a wing/sword-combo.
-) GALAXY: Too much stuffed into that Galaxy. Less would have been more. Clear downgrade from the original one. (I hope they use the white version on their helmets. Last year's version was almost unrecognizable on TV)
-) ENTHRONERS: Too simple. Not creative. At least it is not ugly.
-) GUARDS: People tell me Swiss folks like that kind of style. Well. I think the flag looks like randomly patched on and the face + helmet + speer is too much stuff overall. Too complex for a sports-logo IMHO
-) FIRE: This could be so much better. The "F" is way to slim, the "fire" not aggressive. Rather reminds me of a dude with long hair standing in the wind
-) SURGE: Looks like a fat yellow edgy worm. If that's a "surge" nobody should be scared. Any electrician around to boost that up?
-) RAVENS: I liked the logo when it came out but now realize it is completely useless. What's there except for the name: 2 eyes and a bird's beak (mouth)? That's it??? Seriously?
-) LIONS: My eyes get cancer just by looking at this unrecognizable bunch of lines on which 2 pots of colors where spilled upon.
What's your take?
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2023.06.02 09:16 theonescarletbitch Might lose my dreamjob because of this phobia

… and this depresses me so much right now, I need to talk about this. I got my absolute dreamjob that I‘m working at since the beginning of may - and I already had an unnerving talk with the boss about me having quite a few sick days already. He told me if it doesn‘t get better I lose my job.
And today, on my way to work I got such a bad panic attack that I turned around and called in - but I said that my car broke down. I get a day emergency vacation and they are mad … I know vacaction shouldn‘t be counted as a sick day so I should be fine after all but I get seriously n* thinking about monday. I‘m sure I will lose my absolute dreamjob, that I played my last chance. I wanna cry and can‘t function. I wanna lay in bed all day …
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