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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2016.04.09 05:22 bQvle Tank Wars

Free browser game – hours of entertainment. Welcome to TankWars.IO one of the the most exhilarating and addictive browser game in the world of IO games / MMO games. Take command of your tank and annihilate the enemy before he annihilates you! Be prepared to battle players from all over the world. Use your power ups to your advantage. Be aware of the planes! Some might get you! Others will help you with drops! Welcome to the fight Commander!

2023.03.28 14:55 redandblue625 42 [M4F] Case of the Tuesdays

Tuesday is actually the worst day of the week--it's the reality the fat cats and big wigs don't want you to know. The focus is on Monday--but Tuesday is the real devil. Click here for more! (P.S. I am not a crackpot.)
Married, normal (despite my disdain for Tuesdays), relatively happy girl dad of 2 princesses. I love talking to people on line--it makes days so much more enjoyable when working from home. I never liked the idea of a "Work Wife" but now I never go into the office, I kinda miss it. So I'd love to find someone to talk to, for however long that goes--be it a one-time thing or a long term connection.
I find humor in everything: I make fun of everything. I take very little seriously (except that godforsaken Tuesday, I hate it so much). It also gets me in trouble all the time--especially at work. I love being outside and being active. Being trapped inside most of the time--getting out and enjoying life is imperative. I hike, camp, ski. I am pretty much impervious to the cold. Despite being 100% real live ginger, I love the beach and the water, I just need an enormous umbrella and a gallon of 100 SPF.
I cook, work out 3-5 days/wk (gotta keep that dad bod in check), big sports fan even though my teams suck, and good coffee. I am intelligent, professional, and college educated.
Mostly, I am VERY laid back—if you don’t want to talk at any point, that's perfectly ok. This should be fun and carefree for everyone. I won't keep sending messages if you don't respond--that's really needy and annoying.
So hit me up, lets talk about anything you like (even if you like Tuesday). I have discord and telegram--we can start on messenger if you're more comfortable there, but would prefer to move to one of those apps. I'd really hope to hear from you!
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2023.03.28 14:55 Vermonter22 Anyone able to not split on an FP who abandons you?

I tried so freakin hard to not assign her as an FP. I fought it, I made boundaries for myself, I tried to not get too close too fast. It inevitably happened, a new best friend and FP. I was very upfront with her about it. Telling her that you don’t have to do anything differently for me but these are my triggers etc. just so she knew what I would perceive as hurtful (being left on read etc). This worked really well for awhile. I would try to use DBT techniques when things got a little tough on my end. Worked pretty well. But then she switched shifts at work, leaving less time to hang out and would see each other less. This obviously made me super nervous because it’s happened before that people just dip out on you when they don’t see you as often. I told her I was nervous and she agreed to schedule one night a week to hang out so that I can count on something. After a few weeks that became too much for her, which I understood and handled well. But since then she hasn’t hung out with me. She’ll text me back right away but won’t see me. This was especially hurtful because I’m currently off on maternity leave which is very isolating. I fear making every excuse in the book for her lack of effort to see me but the hurt finally took me over and I asked her straight up if she’s not seeing me on purpose and she said that ever since the weekly plans, being around me has made her anxious. She admits she has no reason to feel like that but still feels it which makes wanting to see me hard. We talked thru it a little bit and decided to start with short intervals like a walk around the block. But she hasn’t made any effort into scheduling that with me. Her lack of willingness to get thru this hurts more and more each day. This is someone who once told me that I’m going to be a great mom snd she would be right by my side to help me whenever I need. I took so much comfort in that anytime I got anxious leading up to the birth of my son. Only to find out that my offer had expired 😔 I’m trying so hard not to split on her but the hurt keeps building snd I get waves of anger that I’m pushing back. How can I detach without splitting? Has anyone successfully kept a former FP as a friend? Thanks
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2023.03.28 14:55 NerevarCrowing [M4F] Daytona area, Fl I want to pass on my genes, anonymous nsa breeding sought

I’m currently in a relationship but there’s no desire for us to have kids. No place for it in our future. But I want to breed. I don’t care what you look like. As long as you are of age. And are okay being a single parent. You and i will send proof of a clean bill of health. I will pay for an airbnb, whenever you are ovulating. You’ll meet me at the airbnb first each time. I will come in. Breed you. And leave. We will meet up whenever you are ovulating until it takes. Then never hear from each other again. Ideally this should be as quick and painless as possible for both of us.
32 half white, half Mexican, brown/auburn wavy hair, about 5’11
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2023.03.28 14:54 Timmiez Stop mindless scrolling - my new app is almost there

Hey Digital minimalists,
I've been part of this community for years, and think the importance of digital minimalism is only growing over time. With the rise of Tiktok our apps are getting more and more distracting.
This is partly why I started to develop my own app to solve this problem, now I know you probably don't like any marketing talk. I also hate that, so I wanted to give you some more raw insight in Unpluq and our journey up until this point.
I've been battling with digital distractions most of my life, I used to watch youtube in bed for hours. Or take my phone out first thing in the morning. I was glued to the screen. I knew it was bad but I couldn't stop it, and I know I'm not alone in this. That's why I started to work on a solution. My goal was to break apart the distracting aspects of your phone and make them harder to access. That's how the idea of using a physical barrier was born. We started testing and it worked great! With Unpluq we're now able to save people over 1 hour of screen time every day. See how it works in 40 seconds in this video:
We've been an android only app so far, but are almost ready to launch our iPhone app. It will be launched next week, if you want to be notified of the release you can sign up through the link below:
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2023.03.28 14:54 inertiacreeps1 Notifications several times a day

Anyone knows how to disable notifications on “ hurry up buy it and its yours” “its in your bag” “so and so lowered the item” ive been getting these none stop lately! Wayy too many from depop just telling me to buy things, they’re becoming uber eats
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2023.03.28 14:54 Justin534 I think it could reasonably be ruled that XRP is in fact a security issued by Ripple...

I think it could reasonably be ruled that XRP is in fact a security issued by Ripple...
I recently took out a long futures position on XRP reading news that there seems to be a consensus in the zeitgeist that the ruling will likely be that XRP is not a security.
Though now I'm second guessing this trade because I feel like I can pretty easily make a case that XRP is in fact a security issued and sold by Ripple according to the Howey test.
...And what the hell is the Howey test and why is everyone talking about it?
TLDHPSIL (Too Long Dont Have Patience for reading much about Securities and Investment Law)
Here's the jist an orange farmer in Florida named Howey needed to raise money for his orange grove. So he kept 50% of the land and sold the other 50% to real estate investors. These investors weren't farmers and had no intentions of working the land to produce and sell oranges. So Howey offered investors the option of leasing back the land to his company 'Howey in the Hills' to manage the land and grow the oranges. Presto! Howey got the money for his orange grove operation.
The question was whether the sales here were sales of securities or not and subject to the Securities Act of 1933. The problem with the Securities Act of 1933 is that 'investment contracts' was not explicitly defined.
This question was resolved in the Supreme Court case SEC vs WJ Howey Company.
This other guy, Murphy, was a justice and he reasoned that
" investment contract for purposes of the Securities Act means a contract, transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party, it being immaterial whether the shares in the enterprise are evidenced by formal certificates or by nominal interests in the physical assets employed in the enterprise."
"The test is whether the scheme involves an investment of money in a common enterprise with profits to come solely from the efforts of others. If that test be satisfied, it is immaterial whether the enterprise is speculative or non-speculative or whether there is a sale of property with or without intrinsic value."
This became known as the Howey test and became the test to determine whether some kind of activity constitutes an investment contract subject to the Securities Act of 1933. Spoiler alert: Howey's enterprise sold securities and his companies were subject to the Act.
BOOOO!!! You said that would be short. Get back to XRP and Ripple!
Ok ok ok...
So by now we've all seen what that Justice said in a 4 point list but just in case you haven't here it is.
  1. An investment of money
  2. In a common enterprise
  3. A reasonable expectation of profit
  4. Derived from the efforts of others
This is the test it seems. If it can be reasonably argued that some kind of scheme meets these four criteria then it is an investment contract regulated by the Securities Act of 1933, aka a security.
So lets answer the first question was there an an investment of money. Yes absolutely. People have been buying XRP as an investment as long as there's been a way to trade it and Ripple has sold XRP they created directly to markets.
Second - Were there investments in a common enterprise? Again, absolutely. For most of XRPs life Ripple has held over 50% of its supply. Although sometime in 2022 it seems Ripple has sold enough to now be a bit below that.
In the second half of 2022 Ripple raised over half a billion dollars from net sales of XRP.
XRP Sales and Purchases by Ripple
And there it is, the second criteria was satisfied. I would argue that XRPL is the common enterprise and Ripple has been selling XRP to fund operations at Ripple and develop XRPL.
How about criteria 3? Is there a reasonable expectation of profit. To answer this let me reiterate what Justice Murphy had to say.
"The test is whether the scheme involves an investment of money in a common enterprise with profits to come solely from the efforts of others."
It seems to me the answer is again, yes. It is reasonable to expect a profit if Ripple is a good steward of XRP and the common enterprise XRPL. Then the value of XRPL should reasonably accrue to the XRP token and both investors and Ripple would profit.
In fact Ripple has been buying XRP too as you can see in the chart above. Recently Ripple has "shelled out nearly $8.4 billion throughout a sustained XRP buying campaign initially pitched to protect the token’s markets and its customers, averaging more than $1 billion per quarter." ( This seems like Ripple is doing work here for the common enterprise.
Ripple has also given 1 billion XRP to a grants program with the purpose of advancing XRPL (
Ripple has created a creator fund to 'help creators bring their NFT projects to market on XRP Ledger (XRPL) (
They actively market this on their blog showcasing projects they have encouraged to adopt and use XRPL. ( Anything Ripple does to encourage adoption and use of XRPL would reasonably lead to higher prices on XRP, being the platform's utility token, and profit for investors.
Of course this isn't just Ripple making XRPL what it is. It's all the other developers and users that can be attracted to and use the platform. Ripple has been paramount in driving that.
So do investors in XRP have a reasonable expectation of profit? And is that profit derived from the work of others? (Criteria #4 of the Howey Test) Yes. Absolutely.
Mr. Howey did not specifically issue any single formal investment contract that constituted a security under the Securities Act of 1933. However, the overall scheme of selling tracts of land, and leasing back the property to his company and others was determined to be, in total, an investment agreement that constituted sales of securities.
Likewise taken as a whole: the overall scheme of Ripple creating XRP, selling XRP, air dropping XRP, developing XRPL, attempting to decentralize the ledger adding value to it, marketing XRP/XRPL, encouraging and funding XRPL adoption - as a whole, all seems to me to involve an investment of money in a common enterprise where investors have a reasonable expectation of profit from the work of others. Since Ripple is the primary issuer of XRP, and has performed most of the work responsible for developing XRPL it seems to me XRP would be a security.
What do you think? What is your understanding of securities? Does it seem to you Ripple sales of XRP was effectively selling securities like Howey? Perhaps not? If you were a judge asked to determine, based on the law, if XRP is a security what would you decide?
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2023.03.28 14:54 CV2nm No show doctor with Zerenia Clinic

I moved from TMMC to Zerenia recently as my script with TMMC had ran out and I got tired of the no show appointments from doctors. I paid the fee upfront for appointment today, made arrangements with work so I could WFH to have privacy to do it - and again no one turned up.
I tried calling but nobody answered, tried emailing, but ended up sitting on a video call for 20 minutes and giving up.
Is there any clinics in the UK that actually show up to appointments? I used medicinal clinics in AUS and had nowhere near as much trouble. I have no idea wherever I'll get my appointment fee refunded etc, and when my next appointment will be as I had to wait 6 weeks for this one!
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2023.03.28 14:54 darcyander Is this the proof "elo hell" actually exists?

Is this the proof
I started playing Overwatch in 2018. I sucked at first, like I didn't even know what I was doing and my mmr probably was the lowest possible. I always considered myself as a "hardstuck" player since I spent years stuck in gold as a support. At the start of Overwatch 2 I spent 2 seasons stuck in low plat. Now if you go check this subreddit, less than 2 weeks ago I had reached Diamond and today I just got to Master (playing Moira for like... 90% of the time). Specifically, starting from Dia1 I had 5 losses and 5 wins so I wasn't really expecting this rank up. So what changed? I'm 30 years old (not really young anymore lol) and I probably changed a bit my playstyle during OW2 as Moira by being more aggressive, but before Season 3 I never managed to get past Plat3. So, unless:
a) I just got really really lucky and I will now derank back to where I was (which would depress me xD);
b) the changed in matchmaking actually fixed something;
I can conclude elo hello existed and (maybe) I finally got out of it :D
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2023.03.28 14:54 thawingSumTendies Simplii Financial Referral March 2023 - $50 Referral Bonus for Bank Account/Line of Credit + Potential $400 sign-up bonus or $100 for Approved Mortgage 🇨🇦🍁 :D

For Canadians only 🇨🇦
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Simplii is a subsidiary of CIBC. This means with your debit card, you can deposit or withdraw from any CIBC ATM.
Click through the referral link:
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For Personal Line of Credit: you spend a minimum of $100 from the account within six months after account opening.
When all of the requirements are met, within 15 business days, the referral bonus would be deposited.
Use this link to get started :D
$100 Mortgage Approval Bonus
Provide the referral code: 0009280674 to a Simplii Financial mortgage specialist or broker when applying for a mortgage and must fund your mortgage within 120 days of submitting your application to get started.
If approved and all requirements are met, by the end of the 2nd calendar month (roughly 60 days) - after initial mortgage funding, the referral bonus will be deposited.
Referral code: 0009280674
Global Money Transfer
Current promo: enter code GMTEVENT and receive from $50-up to $300 (depending on amount sent, more details on Simplii page) on your first global money transfer. Offer runs until October 31, 2023.
Send at least $100 internationally within 30 days of receiving the referral email and receive $25 bonus:
As of March 7, you can now send to Alipay as well.
Simplii Foreign Cash Order
Order a foreign cash order of at least $100 within 30 days of receiving the referral email and get $25 bonus:
**In case my email is required for any of the referrals, please message me :)
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2023.03.28 14:54 Neverneverland1888 Does being into BDSM have anything to do with Trauma / Sexual Abuse?

I’m (F25) , a family member would do certain things between when I was younger. These things made me feel uncomfortable and I asked multiple times for it to stop to no avail. Only after posting about it on Reddit I’ve realised it was indeed SA and I want to know if anyone in this community knows if it relates to wanting ti be submissive when it comes to sex?
I want to protect their identity so calling them X. Examples are below:
  1. X never let me lock the bathroom door when I shower X walks right in and has conversations with me even though the shower doors are see-through. This still happens now at 25yo. I used to lock the door when I was younger but X would use a coin to open the door and would leave it wide open so I just stoped locking the door and forget to every time now.
  2. X have always sneaked up the stairs and burst into my room on purpose. Dispute multiple times asking X to knock. If I’m just out a shower and wearing a towel I’ll always ask X to leave but X scoffs as if I should be less embarrassed and I’m weak for being embarrassed about being naked.
  3. When I was younger if I would touch myself X would take enjoyment from bursting into my room and surprising me and made me feel dirty and mentally fucked up for doing so. X would also watch through a crack in the door (caught them sometimes) before bursting in.
  4. X would ask to see my breasts and say it was to compare mine to theirs and any time I said I didn’t want to I was made to feel silly for being embarrassed like it was no big deal.
  5. X used to ask me to shower with them. Well over the age I needed anyone to wash my hair. X would again scoff if I said no and plead for me to join them as if I was not wanting quality time with them.
  6. X flashes me (still does) and leaves the door to the bathroom wide open when they shower and sometimes calls me over to chat with them on purpose as if they want to see my reaction to seeing them naked.
  7. X would insist on checking me ‘down there’ when I was younger and would put cream on me saying there was a rash but I never saw one. I remember getting older and being adamant that I could do it myself but X got furious with me.
  8. X gets into my bed without asking when I’m in bed or when I’m not and asks me to cuddle them in their bed and gets angry when I say no.
The next two are hard for me to type…I don’t feel ready but this platform has been really supportive so far so here goes. For content X definitely physically abused me and still emotionally abuses me and I think they are narcissistic.
  1. Growing up and even sometimes now I go into a childlike mind and put on a higher pitched child like voice (this cringes me so much so please don’t say anything nasty about this). Once when I was hugging X in their bed and was in this childlike state. They played into it and said ‘aww my baby, do you want to suck milk’ and I for some disgusting reason that bothers me to this day I nodded and X got their breasts out and I ….I can’t type the rest but I don’t think I need to.
  2. Again difficult to put down to writing. This one I don’t know if it’s in my head. When I was younger X would ask me to sit on their lap. I would feel (or think I did) them pushing up their private part on my body. I would feel uncomfortable and would sit in a different position but it would keep happening and I learnt to ignore it.
Sorry for the lengthy post - it’s difficult to write cause I know this person would take it very badly if they knew I was posting this and I feel like I’m betraying that person.
Context : been depressed since 11/12 and after experiencing panic attacks for the first time at 25 I finally told a doctor and I’m on a waiting list to get help for pdsd (unsure if that’s what I have) and I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning this if it’s stupid or if I am even able to. I no longer live with X.
Throughout my childhood I knew I was into bdsm as I liked to be submissive. I struggle to enjoy sex now unless it’s bdsm.
I just feel dirty if I am wanting sex or going after it so it needs to feel like it’s being taken from me. I used to and still do fantasise about rape, which is very disturbing but I can’t help it. I also fantasise about sleep/passed out sex and public sex with lots of people watching/touching me.
Has anyone experienced this / is this normal? I want to feel used/humiliated and am worried about getting myself into a bad situation but also want to experiment with my partner and our sex life.
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2023.03.28 14:54 TimberAngry VR Desktop View Blocker - Increase game performance without minimizing the game

Disclaimer: I use a Valve Index on the latest version of Windows 11, and I made an app the increases performance for me and wanted to share it in case it helps others. I don't know if it works as well on other systems and setups.

VR Desktop View Blocker

Most PCVR apps and games render a 'desktop view' or 'mirror view' in a window, and in almost all cases this negatively effects the performance of the game in VR.
More often than not, you likely don't notice this. It is usually a small impact (0.1-0.2ms frametime), or just shows as inconsistency (frametimes jumping up and down, not delivered smoothly).
In other cases, with some games, the performance impact is quite extreme, and can cause a lot of stuttering. This has plagued VR gamers for a long time, for example check out this thread:
Commonly, the solution to this issue is to minimise the desktop view window, however, this doesn't always work. When minimised, a lot of games will stop playing audio or won't accept inputs, and some will stop working altogether. There was never any solution for this.... until now! :O
Introducing VR Desktop View Blocker:

What is this and how does it work?

It is an Autohotkey based app that creates a very large 'always on top' window that covers the entire screen. This allows the game to remain as the 'active' window, without actually showing on the screen - and if it isn't showing on screen, performance in VR is improved. The game performs as if the desktop view was minimised, but all aspects of the game, including audio and inputs, work perfectly fine.

How is it used?

Make sure AutoHotkey 1.1 is installed first:
Download and run the 'VR.Desktop.View.Blocker.ahk' app:
Best to run this app first, and then launch your game in the VR headset, since you won't be able to see anything on your desktop screen when the blocker is up. Alternately, you can run your game on the desktop, then bring up the blocker, and use Alt-Tab to make sure your game is selected as the active window. The name of the currently active window will show on blocker interface.
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2023.03.28 14:53 Cdleah HRT Question

Hi all, I have been giving myself .25 ml injections of estradiol for seven weeks now. Everything seems to be going fine, but whenever I feel differently or pain, I think, is the medicine causing the change? I guess I am trying to say that I wonder if some of the things I feel or think are in my head. I know some things are not; for example, my nipples are extremely sensitive. I have no doubt that is from the medications. I had an experience this past weekend that I think is me being sick, but then again, maybe not and I would like to hear what others say.
Thursday, I had small lunch, came back, and noticed that my stomach felt a little tight. I did not think much of it. I did not eat dinner that night because every 20 minutes or so, my stomach and abdomen would tighten up for a few seconds. I am extremely hungry the following day, but I can only get a few bites in, like lunch. I went to bed Friday evening, and the cramps kept coming every few minutes but were extremely painful. I had brunch on Friday, and the pains were still happening, but I finished lunch, went home, and laid on the couch most of the day. I went to bed Saturday evening, and the pains started to ease up and continue to be less and less through the day, and on Monday, very little.

I am told that what I described can be common with HRT and can happen regularly; I have no idea if my symptoms were because of the medicine or if I had something bad to eat. I would love to know if others have had similar experiences.
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2023.03.28 14:53 JackWayne426 Need someone to Worship Her Holiness Goddess "Jennifer Lawrence " Through video tasks. Hit me up !

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2023.03.28 14:53 callmequirky86 How do you deal with a circumstance where you are singled out in your family due to a disagreement?

I grew up with my cousins until I was about 10, but then unfortunately we parted ways as my family moved yo a different country. Going through my teenage years without cousins was tough. My sister moved back to the country where I am from, and had the chance to reignite her relationship with our cousins.
For the first time ever, all of us are in one country at the same time - my cousins have moved here and my sister is currently visiting. I have had the chance to meet with some of them without my sister, and I loved it. I was super excited and created a WhatsApp group to schedule a dinner together. I either got no response or very sporadic messages.
We ended up canceling, and I learned from my sister that she doesn’t get along with them. Although I’m close with my sister, I mentioned that I would like to continue to have a relationship with my cousins. I would like to meet with them even if she wouldn’t like to. This has put a strain on my relationship with my sister. My brother, father, and mother have made it clear that they are siding with my sister. They frequently prefer for our family to go out by ourselves because they consider everyone else “weird.” I’ve never felt this way, and I think it can be very isolating. I’ve asked my sister multiple times why she doesn’t get along with our cousins, and she says that it wasn’t a specific circumstance, she just doesn’t like how they act with/around her.
I feel like I’m stuck in the middle and I’m not sure if I should prioritize my sister or my cousins. As I get into my late 30s I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about whom I enjoy spending time with, and speaking out even if I’m singled out. But I still have that small voice in the back of my head that tells me I could be in the wrong. Would love to hear some opinions.
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2023.03.28 14:53 twocatsinachimney My grandfather’s Japanese POW index card. He was captured 15-Feb-1942 during the Fall of Singapore and released to allied forces on 30-Aug-1945.

My grandfather’s Japanese POW index card. He was captured 15-Feb-1942 during the Fall of Singapore and released to allied forces on 30-Aug-1945.
The black text overwriting the image is a recent translation someone kindly did for me.
He was 22 in 1942, although for some reason is recorded here as three years older than he really was. His situation was a little more unusual than many others’, given that he grew up mostly in British Malaya, and spoke Malay and Tamil. As far as I know, he never spoke about what he experienced, but he did paint two pictures of a lifeboat with soldiers in it. Not sure if was something he saw during the war or not. After the war he left Malaysia and moved to South Africa and became a farmer.
According to records, he was imprisoned at camp ‘Thailand / 4D’. Does anyone happen to know where / what kind of camp this was? I haven’t been able to find out for certain, but I am assuming it was a railway camp.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.28 14:53 blackboyx9x Millennial Dinner Club - Fri 4/7 @ 6:30pm - City Winery

Hello, all. Native New Yorker here. I'm starting a dinner club to meet new people. Here's the link: - The first event is on April 7th at 6:30pm at City Winery, so I'm hoping some of you might be able to join. And yes, this is a group for millennials.
I've been to probably hundreds of Meetups and even started my own last year, but I always come away from those events feeling like I didn't make any real connections. I'm also in need of some new friends, to be honest.
I'm starting this small-group (7 people max) dinner club to create an environment where a handful of people can really get to know each other over good food. There will also be a WhatsApp group for attendees to keep in touch.
It's $15 but that's only to avoid flaky people who RSVP and don't show up. It's also to help me continue running it.
Next week is the first event so I'm testing the concept and I'm hoping there's a diverse group of attendees (a healthy mix of genders).
Feel free to check out the link and DM me if you have questions.
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2023.03.28 14:53 Annual-Landscape9666 I finally accepted everything is my fault and i derserve it all

This post is not meant to dissuade me from that conclusion or to ask for sympathy for strangers, this is simply my attempt into accepting it now.
I'm 21F, Recently both of my parents have said the same thing (in different occassions too), that everything that happened to me is my own fault and I deserved it all
I got sexually assa*lted by a family acquaintance because I didn't pray enough or had little faith. I got molested during my public commute maybe because I dress to whore-y and it enticed them. I got wrongfully accused of something by people whome I thought were my besties that led me to being severely bullied in highschool, from being physically and verbally harmed, stalked, got sent death threats, maybe its something about my personality that they didn't like which why they pinned the blame on me. I recently cut off a long time friend of mine because I heard they dated one of my perpetrators in highschool, but maybe I'm too sensitive and too caught up in the past so once again its my fault that I'm alone and have no friends. It's my fault back then when I got kicked out of the house and couch-surfed for awhile, I do not deny that sometimes I got attitude so maybe that's what ticked them off.
I finally get it now, I have this victim mindset where I pinned it on everybody else or the universe hating me, when in reality everything is my fault and that maybe I did something that led them into doing all of those stuff.
I'm not looking for people to tell me I'm wrong, I finally understand now that my parents are right. That I am the problem, I guess the advice I'm kind of looking for is how do I help myself get better, due to my past that I thought it was everyone else's fault but is actually mine.
I got diagnosed with ED, I have extreme body dysmorphia, I also have anxiety, I'm quite depressed, and a bit borderline suic*dal, I also have emotional disorders so I tried therapy but I don't think it helped me? Pushing myself onto my work or school, troed picking up hobbies or sticking to a sched daily. But nothing seems to work. Or is it my mistake again that I would not get better because I also do not deserve any redemption (serious) because I ruined everybody's lives, I'm an embarrassment, useless crap like they tell me I am. So should I interpret me not getting better means I don't deserve it too?
Can I please hear anyone's insight about this Sorry too if I'm boring i dont deserve maybe your time
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2023.03.28 14:53 flashy99 NWN2 keybinds getting changed during play

Neverwinter Nights 2.
I've experienced a ton of bugs with this game, but this one is quite literally stopping me from playing.
Occasionally, some key will just decide it doesn't do what it's supposed to anymore. In the past it's been the Turn Camera Right key (D). It was changing itself to make my character spin instead of turning the camera. Right now it's the quick spells key (which I have bound to F). Instead of bringing up the quick spells, it's changing it to drag to select.
I have verified that it's not the mode I'm in. I've cycled through all the camera modes. The only thing that fixes it is to restart the game. I can play a few minutes, and then I'm back to not being able to bring up the quick spells.
Secondarily but maybe related, I have the party AI disabled, as well, but it keeps turning itself back on. I have to toggle it on then off again. Pretty annoying when it causes me to lose a battle because suddenly my characters are trying to follow each other instead of fighting.
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2023.03.28 14:53 ForwardEmergency23 Lower back pain progression now can barely walk

Trying to figure out if this is an ER issue or can it wait to see a specialist when I can walk and drive again. Sorry for the long backstory hut these things are all coming together and seem relevant, maybe.
I’m 40F, overweight but have had back and joint issues since my teens when I was much more spry and in shape. About a month ago I pulled my lower back. This isn’t unusual and happens from time to time so I did the usual treatment I know works. Muscle relaxer, ibuprofen, heating pad and extra stretching. It improved slightly and I was able to get around ok, went to work etc but it was always hurting.
Woke up today and it was so much worse. Took me ten minutes to get out of bed, stretching hurt so much I cried. Pain is shooting down my leg and when I try to stand up straight my lower back spasms until I go back into a semi-crouch.
A little history, I first pulled my back out around 17 years old and have had this happen periodically ever since. When I had both my kids I had issues with the epidurals. The first one the doctor couldn’t locate the spot where the needle was supposed to go. A second doctor was called in who got the needle in place, but I ended up with a spinal headache. I got a blood patch which failed and needed to be done a second time. With my second son the epidural was placed fine but then the epidural itself stopped working once they had me go on my side with one of those peanut balls they use in labor. It was an immediate failure as soon as I got into position and they had to give me a bunch more pain meds. I’m not even sure what they did but the anesthesiologist was back and working with the nurses. Eventually they managed the pain and epidural but I overheard the doctor talking to my husband about whether I had issues with my spinal column. She thought maybe something physically was out of place.
As a teenager I was in a car accident and the doctor mentioned one of my vertebrae was twisted or cocked to a weird angle or something. At the time I assumed it was related to the accident but now not so sure.
I give all this backstory to ask whether this sounds like a progression of something that’s truly a physical anatomy problem, like a backbone shifting out of place? Is it a muscle thing? Should I continue to try to manage this myself or go to the ER? My husband is traveling but my in laws have the kids so I could get myself to the hospital for a visit if need be. Otherwise I could wait until he’s back to go to an orthopedist or whoever.
I’m terrified of being paralyzed due to my own stupidity but I also don’t want to go to the ER if this is something that can wait. Please help, the kids will be back this evening so I’m a little short on time.
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2023.03.28 14:53 Treeliam3 Reading rec's

Hey everyone,
Pretty new to socialist ideology and I'm trying to learn more. Grew up in a southern state where the marriage of capitalism and religion reigns; as such, I don't know any other people that I can talk to about this.
All that to say, can you recommend some books for me to read that explore socialism? I've read the Communist manifesto a handful of times and I'm hoping to branch out.
Thank ya
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2023.03.28 14:53 DietrichVanMeier 23 M Europe - History and Literature Enthusiast

Hi. I'm looking to talk to some new people, maybe make some friends
They are:
History, especially the 19th-20th century but with more broad and general knowedge in other time periods. I'm not an expert or anything but I am pretty passionate about it and tend to read/listen about one event or the other on a pretty regular basis.
Literature, especially old novels. I recently read Demian, Day of the Oprichnik, Heart of Darkness, the Perfume and Little Prince. Currently started reading Blood Meridian. Some of my favourite works would include: "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "Faust part I" (need to get to part II) and "No Longer Human". I also like to write short stories and book reviews.
Languages. I know three, with one being a bit rusty. I'm currently working to scrape off the rust and then when I'm finished with that will begin to learn a fourth language. It's fun to go through different works in multiple languages. For example, I read the aforementioned Faust part I in all three.
Games. I recently played Cyberpunk 2077. Now that the dust has settled and the bugs mostly removed...It's not that bad! The main questline at least, Fallout 76 (Very average, I'm dissapointed with what they made the "RPG" system) and will try out Deus Ex Manking Divided again ( Got inspired since it's somewhat similar to Cyberpunk). I was waiting to play Elden Ring but it ended being too stressful for me. Go here and get beaten up go there and get beaten up, repeat...Besides that I'm a big fan of Paradox strategy EU IV and HoI IV . I am definitely looking forward to try out Victoria III, after they add more content to it. I also got Modern Warfare 2, since the first MW had great multiplayer gameplay.
Anime and Manga. In recent times my interest has waned but I still watch the occasional series here and there. Like Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Which I found to be rather mediocre) and the very good new season of Bleach. Some other favourites include: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Death Note, Fate;Zero, Psycho Pass , Higurashi (season 2 is a bit weak but the first one is a masterpiece of horror), Code Geass, Attack on Titan and others. My favourite Manga is Berserk...I hope it gets a good ending..the first couple of new chapters were...a bit rough but the new author seems to have got his footing.
Anyway, that should be enough information to give you a good picture... Before I go, I would like to ask for you to include the title of the last book you read in your reply. A minor request, I feel. I'll be ignoring those that don't
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2023.03.28 14:53 IcefishStatsDerpzio I need to admit something (important

I won't be too stupid about this so i'll cover this quickly Many of ya'll know me as IcefishStats ( or the dude who created the guids, GATDO project etc. However i'm actually disguised as someone else. I'm pretty sure some of you guys have seen this video So let's just get straight into the point
Im actually one of the teamers Yep, this whole time, these whole 2 years of being one of the most trusted members of both teabersbad and Megaptera i'm actually disguised as a teaber myself. So which teaber was I? I was the teaber called "jnedd1112" AKA the one who accidentally drowned in the video. The reason i was afking was because while playing i suddenly needed to take a dump on the toilet so i asked "M Cach" to guard me. When i came back i found out that i died so yeah, that kinda sucked heh. I came up with that name because i didn't really know what to type in, back then i forgot about the name "IcefishStats". So I just kinda smashed my keyboard for 1 sec and got this. So after that embarrassing death i went back to my teammates so that i could become the cach again (btw i didn't have a acc back then). While getting exp i apparently team killed Megaptera (playing hump) as a narwhal. I think Mega got pretty pissy because after that he came back to kill us after that lol. When i saw him as a pinguin i didn't try to KoS him because i'm this type of person who isn't really an aggressive player (i would later regret that decision tho). So after my death we decided to switch servers to team somewhere else.
A few days later i saw the video and found out that THERE WAS A WHOLE SECTION OF THE VID ABOUT MEGA MURKING ME AS CACH. After that i knew that Mega beated my a$$ up infront of about 30k people. Good thing that that name was temporary! I didn't really do anything much after that either. Because i didn't have a deeeep acc or used the username. So nobody knew who i really was. Fast forward after i joined reddit i saw Mega's attempt to draw a hump I commented "Looks more like a Blue Whale than a hump." because me being me i wanted to have a lil "vengeance" against him. After that i believed i didn't really talk there either. Until i posted like my "Goblin guide". This is were stuff became interesting because Megaptera reacted positively on it. After that i played "nice guy" until now. Now i don't really hate any of ya'll (especially Megaptera) its just that i wanted to bring this up because i've been quiet about this for long enough. Before this i was too afraid to admit it because i didn't want to get hated (i even left it out from my official IcefishStats iceberg). But here we are. Now before i (possiblly) get banned i just want to say that i regret my decisions and ya'll are great people. I don't have any hate on you guys so yeah. Don't make this too dramatic please.
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