Jewelry engraving near me

Is the Kirkland organic french vanilla coffee creamer regular Costco staple? I bought the 2 pack a while back. We loved it and I haven’t been able to find it since. I’ve checked both Costcos near me 🥺.

2023.03.28 14:18 SweetieDeathTaco Is the Kirkland organic french vanilla coffee creamer regular Costco staple? I bought the 2 pack a while back. We loved it and I haven’t been able to find it since. I’ve checked both Costcos near me 🥺.

Is the Kirkland organic french vanilla coffee creamer regular Costco staple? I bought the 2 pack a while back. We loved it and I haven’t been able to find it since. I’ve checked both Costcos near me 🥺. submitted by SweetieDeathTaco to Costco [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 14:15 G1nnnn RLS like Symptoms but regardless of daytime - any Ideas?

Hello, after reading through the FAQ and some of the linked websites it appears at what im experiencing isnt plain RLS - but everything I experience abides by its description - except for the "at night" part.
What I experience is an unpleasant sensation only in the calf muscles, but also during the day - often just as pronounced as during the night. It also causes insomnia for me if present at night.
I tried supplementing Iron 16mg/day, didnt do much. Cannabis appears to worsen the symptoms for me it definitely does not help with it at all, alcohol helps for the duration of the effects, but as the aftereffects set in it worsens the symptoms. I also noticed that it definitely correlates with how indulged I am in a current activity. For example when im distracted by smth interesting I never notice it at all, but often during periods of boredom especially when sitting down it becomes almost unbearable.
Any Ideas on what this could be, come from? I know that according to the FAQ this does not classify as RLS, but I figured that if there was anyone that knew what a thing that is thats that similar to RLS could be - it'd be you guys.

Also regarding other behaviors that are mentioned in the "common triggers" section of the FAQ - I do excercise daily, only a little though. Besides that I rarely drink alcohol, coffee every day, have taken Antihistamines very regularly for about 6 yrs, although nearly not at all during the last month - yet the symptoms prevail.
Oh and I should also mention that the symptoms fade for a week or a few and come back regularly for a similar period.
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2023.03.28 14:08 Reveck17 Serious post from a long time player

I've played this game since shortly after release. And I kept playing for years until a little while after clan wars 2 came out. That killed so much of the game for me that I quit playing for what feels like years now.
I just came back a month or so ago after looking for something more laid back, and here comes this update...
To be honest, I don't blame them for raising the pass price to $6. I get it. It's been a great value for a long time and would still be so at that price. But to take away the key selling points at the same time... I need so much gold right now and I have zero champions anywhere near max. All these cool decks are unplayable on ladder due to card levels.
Meanwhile, if I just needed a break, but still wanted to earn some rewards, party mode was always there. And 2v2 was a great way to relax and get a few crowns and a chest or two. Now 2v2 rewards are terrible. No chest, no gold, no crowns. The season tokens cap out so early and there are so many great modes to play to get them that it's sad. Now I have to go back to ladder even if I just want a down day.
Speaking of that, now they've made everyday playing a requirement to get the rewards. Can only get 1000 season points per day - no catching up if you get behind for the season. I was looking for a more relaxing time when I came back - looking forward to enjoying the game for what it is, not the grind. The chests and crowns already give the grind - why make season points the same? Why remove the ability to earn crowns while playing fun modes? Why remove chests from casual play / party mode?
What makes this game special is the ability to play casually - and then grind some times when you feel up to it.
The old clan wars supported this - if you didn't participate, it didn't hurt your clan, but now your clan is penalized if you just want to play casually.
Party mode supported this - if you just wanted a no pressure game to keep your rewards rolling you could. Now to get chests you have to play a high intensity mode, even if you don't feel up to it. When you don't feel up to it, you are going to lose over and over because you won't play as well as when you are in the mood. This means you still get no chests on a day when you just want to relax
It's just really sad. If they had asked any 2v2 player about this, they would have found out instantly that this was a problem.
So my question for the development team is this:
Did you just not care about the impact of the changes to the community, or did you just not ask?
Either response seems unacceptable to me.
In the meantime, I'll play casually, but I'll not be buying the pass anymore - I'll find somewhere else for my Google rewards points to go.
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2023.03.28 14:07 tiddiesmoist My lungs have been making a popping noise, I'm short of breath and my chest burns.

Male, 24, caucasian, UK, 195cm, 105kg (muscular not obese, no steroids)
After tests, one doctor thinks it's pericarditis, while another proclaimed that the other doctor was wrong and it is not.
After a quick google search, it's potentially symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis. Not likely, but not something to ignore either.
Thing is, with pulmonary fibrosis, you can hear consistent crackles on the inhale and exhale through a stethoscope, as heard in the video below. A doctor has checked with a stethoscope, only not when the popping and crackling I hear occurs.
Whereas mine can be heard by the naked ear and is not constant (it's not my stomach gurgling, the noises are very different and distinct.). Sometimes mine is a crackle, and sometimes it's a pop, all from the lungs and upper chest area. I don't have access to a stethoscope to further check my internal breathing sounds during these popping spells.
Sometimes my left lung in particular makes a popping noise and a small air bubble comes up (potentially the stomach as it's located in the same region, but it feels very different to the air bubbles I've been getting from the stomach for the past 24 years, it's not really a burp, more so comes from my windpipe), this is especially prominent in the morning.
I've got shortness of breath that's been getting worse gradually for the last 6 months. (Ex-moderate to heavy cannabis smoker for 12 years.)
Definitely not anxiety, as I've only been anxious about this for the last 2 weeks as I thought this would clear up on it's own. I'm not an anxious person and meditate 30 minutes every day to control my stress response and amygdala activity, admittedly I am more stressed than usual about this, only because it hasn't cleared up while I've been monitoring it stress-free. Not subconscious stress either. I'm hyper-aware of when I am stressed and what's causing it. My breathing rate doesn't really increase when I feel short of breath, only after moderate exercise.
I'm also experiencing the following symptoms:
- chest tightness
- bloating (dairy and gluten-free diet as caused bloating in me during the past, but cleared up after dietary changes. THe variables of my diet have been constant for the last 5 years, no bloating from diet)
- lungs feel raw and burning, especially in the evening.
- increased shortness of breath after a higher carbohydrate meal, lower carb meals tend to be okay.
- dull pain between my shoulder blades, in my abdomen and chest.
- occasional shooting pain on my left side when inhaling deeply
- low appetite (I'm eating about a 2000 calorie deficit each day based on my natural hunger)
- poor sleep quality
- loss of morning erections, indicating downregulated testosterone and sex hormones. (potentially from lower sleep quality. Had this tested in the past with my current diet, no issues before.)
- no wheezing or persistent cough, more so an occasional dry or productive cough.
- daily pain down my left back (usually about 20-50 times per day)
- pain in the left pectoral where the peck joins onto the bone.
- occasions left arm tingling and numbness, distinctively shooting down and finishing between the left finger and the ring finger.
- heart palpitations when shortness of breath occurs.
- shortness of breath when lying down, but clears up after 5-10 seconds of lying down.
- yawning throughout the day. Even after 6-7 hours sleep. But not feeling crazy fatigued.
- being put off intense exercise as it leads to shortness of breath symptoms.
- small meals increase the pressure and tightness in my chest. Feels like my my chest (not stomach) will explode after an omelette for example)
- bowel movements are normal.
- my lungs seem constantly inflated (I think, might be my imagination. But my body fat is in healthy ranges, just seems like I can't suck in nearly as much as I could when I was 18 and they stick out more).
My thoughts are emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, given my childhood growing up and working on a dusty farm. But I'm too young for that I'm sure. So it's a real puzzle.
Doctors say I'm too young to get a spirometry test or CT scan which is fair enough. They have done an x-ray of my lungs and are awaiting the results from a respiratory specialist. They have said anxiety, which I feel is a poor and lazy conclusion based on how much of a happy and relaxed person I am, I frequently feel intense joy out of nowhere, and have healthy micronutrient status, gut and brain health etc. I know anxiety is often a psychological problem, as well as having biological contributors that upregulate your psychological systems like the serotonergic system, and my psychology is solid too, I work on it a lot. Again, I'm not an anxious person and have been observing myself and my symptoms more so like a scientist studying his patient, rather than a paranoid hypochondriac thinking he is dying.
Blood tests indicate no heart troubles.
Any ideas about what is going on with means what this could be?
Think I should push for a CT scan or spirometry test?
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2023.03.28 14:06 Anaphora121 What does your anxiety-related chest pain feel like? When does it happen and where is it located on your chest? (cw: long COVID mention)

Hi all. I'm a 28-year old woman with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and, since contracting COVID in May 2022, POTS, a condition that causes a racing heartbeat, heart palpitations, and chest pain upon standing. For several months now, I've been on a medication that very effectively controls my POTS symptoms, which is why I was very puzzled when I began to experience chest pain again in the last couple of months. My cardiologist increased my dosage of the medication but that's had zero effect, leading me to believe that the cause isn't cardiac-related, especially since said medication was originally created to treat heart failure-related chest pain. I also saw a gastroenterologist, but that was similarly unhelpful to resolving the problem.
Now, I'm wondering if it could be related to my anxiety, which, tbf, has been through the roof for some months now due to the whole long COVID thing, plus general work stress. For that reason, I'd like to hear about some of your experiences with anxiety-related chest pain. Specifically, if you could answer these three questions, I'd really appreciate it!
  1. What does your chest pain feel like? How would you describe the sensation (i.e., burning, bruise-like, muscle soreness, spasms, etc)?
  2. When do you feel chest pain? Is it only in response to triggers or other stressful stimulus, or do you feel it randomly even when you aren't actively anxious?
  3. Where do you feel the pain on your chest? Which side/elevation? Is it always in the same place or does it tend to switch spots?
For me, it's sometimes a burning pain and sometimes a bruise-like soreness. It happens randomly throughout the day no matter what I'm doing, but happens more often and more severely when I'm stressed or anxious. It seems to be in a different place every time, sometimes happening on the left or right side, sometimes near my collar bone and sometimes at the bottom of my ribcage, but oftentimes seems to happen around my heart. Or maybe I just notice those times more because they freak me out more, who knows!
If anyone else could share their experience, I'd be very grateful!
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2023.03.28 14:03 aphreshcarrot Stay in OC or accept dream job in Pasadena?

Hoping someone has experienced both and can help me as I’m new to socal in general. Lived in Texas my whole life and moved to Irvine 6 months ago. It’s been really easy living and very nice
Currently 26m single, making $140k at a really stressful and high paced job where I have a career path but don’t really want to be here. Just got offered a dream job I never thought I’d get but it’s located near Pasadena, pay is (~$135k) and it’s hybrid 3 days a week in office. Should I try and push for relocation as the commute is 1.5 hours? I’m worried they won’t go for it and I have 12 months left on my lease here. Would you still accept that commute?
Bonus question: it’s commuting distance (30 min) from DTLA, would you consider living there or stick with downtown Pasadena (10 minute commute). I’ve always wanted to live in a city.
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2023.03.28 14:01 MrSaturn33 Ego-Death

Buddhism’s ways and means to illumination are full of shortcomings and vexations. Nevertheless, it does seem that some have reached a state corresponding to that of Buddhist enlightenment as delineated in scads of scriptures, diaries, copyrighted publications, and public depositions. Curiously, these charmed individuals appear to have come to this state unwarned, sometimes as a result of physical trauma or a Near-Death Experience (NDE).
Perhaps the capital instance of enlightenment by accident is that of U. G. Krishnamurti. Although U. G. gave no credence to any doctrine of awakening, he claimed to have experienced “clinical death” at the age of forty-nine, after which he returned to life as the kind of being glorified in the literature of enlightenment. Through his clinical death and its aftermath, which he called a “calamity” due to the pain and confusion he felt during this process, U. G. was transformed.
For decades prior to his calamity, U. G. was an earnest seeker who sought enlightenment by effort rather than by accident. But his efforts got him nowhere, and he ended up financially drained. By chance he met a woman who was willing to support him, and for years he was something of a layabout. It was while living with this woman that his calamity struck. Upon recovering from his calamity, he had what he once looked for and in disgust had given up trying to find. U. G. was no longer the person he once was, for now he was someone whose ego had been erased. In this state, he had all the self-awareness of a tree frog. To his good fortune, he had no problem with his new way of functioning. He did not need to accept it, since by his report he had lost all sense of having an ego that needed to accept or reject anything. How could someone who had ceased to participate in the commerce of selves, who had inadvertently forfeited his personhood, believe or not believe in anything so outlandish as enlightenment...or any other spiritual vendibles, none of which are evident in the least and all of which are as outmoded as the gods of antiquity or tribal deities with names that sound comical to believers in “real” religions?
While it may seem that U. G. had become a zombie, in a non-philosophical sense, his post-calamity life was nothing like that. Until his death in 2007, he spent much of his time berating people who came to him for spiritual succor. Cantankerous and opinionated as some of the more famous masters of Zen Buddhism, U. G. arrestingly and often humorously told those who had made the pilgrimage to his door that everything they believed about anything was wrong. Few of them could get a word in edgewise as he assassinated all that humanity has ever held sacred. Some would view U. G.’s disrespect for spirituality to be in happy rapport with the nature of enlightenment, which they have been taught cannot be pinned down by doctrines of any kind. Others would deny this assertion, perhaps because they have been indoctrinated to believe that both irreverence and deference toward the transcendent are off the mark once one has “awakened.” Neither side of this squabble would have tempted U. G. What he enunciated in interviews is the near impossibility of human beings, except perhaps one in a billion, to think of themselves only as animals born to survive and reproduce.
As Zapffe had written long before U. G. began slurring every belief in the world, mental activity beyond the basic programs of our animalism has led only to suffering. (“In the beast, suffering is self-confined; in man, it knocks holes into a fear of the world and a despair of life.”) U. G. never spoke of a solution for what consciousness has made of our lives. We are captured by illusions and there is no way out. That U. G. came upon a way out, as he told his countless interrogators, was nothing but luck, nothing he knew anything about or could pass on to others. Yet they still came to him and asked for his help. To their pleas he immediately replied he could not help them, nor could they help themselves. No help could be had from any sector in which they searched. They could seek deliverance their entire lives and make it all the way to their deathbeds with nothing but the same useless questions and useless answers with which they began. U. G. had his, but they would never get theirs.
So why should they go on living? Naturally, no one bluntly posed this question to U. G. But they had his answer: There is no “you” that lives, only a body going about its business of being alive and obeying biology. Whenever someone asked U. G. how they could become like him, he always replied it would be impossible for them even to desire to become like him, because their motive for wanting to be like him was self-interested, and as long as they believed in a self that was interested in canceling itself, that self would want to keep itself alive and thus would not want to know ego-death. Whatever people did with their lives was of no concern to U. G., as he tirelessly recapitulated to those who engaged him in conversation. He did not see his himself as a sage with spiritual merchandise to sell. That was for the mountebanks of salvation who infested the world with their codified sects, each baring its teeth to defend some trademarked trumpery.
U.G. is not the only known case of enlightenment by accident. A quite singular instance of the experience in question is that of the Australian physicist John Wren-Lewis, a non-religious man who nearly died of poisoning and woke up in a hospital in a state of enlightenment he never requested or pained himself to earn. Both U. G. and Wren-Lewis publicly emphasized the unsought nature of their illumination. Both also warned against gurus with recipes for enlightenment. In talks with interviewers, U.G., who did not write books, lambasted every religious figure known to humanity as a fraud. After his own awakening, Wren-Lewis became overtaken by the possible connection between enlightenment phenomena and NDEs. His way of thinking, for what it might be worth, parallels Zapffe’s in that it identifies ordinary consciousness as a “basic malfunction” that “is some kind of inflation or hyperactivity of the psychological survival-system” (“Aftereffects of Near-Death Experience: A Survival Mechanism Hypothesis,” The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 1994). He derived hope that this malfunction could be repaired from the fact that NDE-ers are sometimes relieved from death anxiety by having their egoistic consciousness commuted into an “impersonal consciousness” of an enlightened sort. None of this is to say that reports of NDE experience are any more believable than, let us say, those of alien abductions. Leniently interpreted, however, they may foretell that our species has an outside chance at a future without extinction-fearing egos. Since the human race will never do the honorable thing and abort itself, perhaps someday we will be individually fixed to die without an unbecoming fight to the death.
A stereotypical report of an NDE is related by businessman and author Tem Horwitz in his essay “My Death: Reflections on My Journey into Non-Being” (Death and Philosophy, ed. Jeff Malpas and Robert C. Solomon, 1998). In the course of describing his transformation following his death as a result of anaphylactic shock in September 1995, Horwitz wrote: “There was no vestige of self-importance left. It felt like death had obliterated my ego, the attachments I had, my history, and who I had been. Death had been very democratic. It had eliminated innumerable distinctions. With one bold stroke my past had been erased. I had no identity in death. It didn’t stay erased—some would say that this was the real tragedy—but it was erased for a time. Gone was my personal history with all of its little vanities. The totality of myself was changed. The ‘me’ was much smaller and much more compact than it had been. All that there was, was right in front of me. I felt incredibly light. Personality was a vanity, an elaborate delusion, a ruse.” Compared with U. G. Krishnamurti and John Wren-Lewis, Horwitz had only a slight case of ego-death following his clinical death. Soon afterward he was “cured” of the erasure of his identity.
Another statistic of long-term ego-death was Suzanne Segal, who one day found she had become bereft of herself. After years of seeking a cure to the unease this experience had set off in her—it would seem that not everybody is at peace with being nobody—she wrote Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self (1996). The following year she died of a brain tumor at the age of forty-two. Although no link was established between her diseased brain and the disappearance of her ego, cerebral tumors causing altered states of consciousness and changes in personality are not unknown.
Unlike U.G. but similar to Wren-Lewis, Segal sought answers to her transformation in spiritual traditions that addressed egoless experience. Unlike Wren-Lewis but similar to U.G., Segal had pursued a spiritual practice, Transcendental Meditation, before she became the beneficiary of enlightenment by accident. Segal lost her ego two years after discontinuing TM, which she performed for eight years. In an interview, she stated that she did not feel meditation played a role in the loss of her self-identity. U. G. was in agreement with Segal. After years of pursuing ego-death through meditation, he railed against this procedure as pointless and perhaps harmful.
For most of humanity, including that part which studies consciousness, the phenomenon of ego-death is not enthralling, or even well marked as a human experience. Ordinary folk have all their big questions answered to their satisfaction by some big book. And cognitive psychologists, philosophers of mind, and neuroscientists have their reputations to consider as high priests of the noosphere. Quite naturally, then, almost no one figures their time to be ill spent in bickering about some point of scripture or a psycho-philosophical poser rather than in sizing up some superlative individuals who have called into question what we are or what we might be aside from slaves of our egos. Regardless of the life stories of U. G., Wren-Lewis, and Suzanne Segal, ego-death is a state that has nothing but anecdotal evidence to support it, which groups this phenomenon with mystical experiences and revealed religions. As one might imagine, though, ego-death is laden with about as much mass appeal as physical death. It has been eyeballed as an ideal only by a minuscule number of our species who feel there is something wrong with ego-life, which they conceive as an uncanny masquerade where things they would rather not see are behind every false face. To everyone else, life is life and death is death. We are not sold on impersonal survival. It would negate all that we are, or think we are, for what are we but egos itching to survive? And once our egos have been deposed, what would be left of us? By all recorded accounts, everything would be left except what Horwitz called “a vanity, an elaborate delusion, a ruse.”
Some would say that if human beings must exist, the condition in which U. G., Wren-Lewis, and Segal found themselves is the optimum model, one in which everyone’s ego has been overthrown and our consciousness of ourselves as persons goes up in smoke. As Segal tried to explain what had happened to her:
The experience of living without a personal identity, without an experience of being somebody, an “I” or a “me,” is exceedingly difficult to describe, but it is absolutely unmistakable. It can’t be confused with having a bad day or coming down with the flu or feeling upset or angry or spaced out. When the personal self disappears, there is no one inside who can be located as being you. The body is only an outline, empty of everything of which it had previously felt so full.
The mind, body, and emotions no longer referred to anyone—there was no one who thought, no one who felt, no one who perceived. Yet the mind, body, and emotions continued to function unimpaired; apparently they did not need an “I” to keep doing what they always did. Thinking, feeling, perceiving, speaking, all continued as before, functioning with a smoothness that gave no indication of the emptiness behind them. No one suspected that such a radical change had occurred. All conversations were carried on as before; language was employed in the same manner. Questions could be asked and answered, cars driven, meals cooked, books read, phones answered, and letters written.
As the ego-dead, so we might imagine, we would continue to know pain in its various forms—that is the essence of existence—but we would not be cozened by our egos to take it personally, an attitude that converts an individual’s pain into conscious suffering. Naturally, we would still have to feed, but we would not be omnivorous gourmands who eat for amusement, gorging down everything in nature and turning to the laboratory for more. As for reproduction, who can say? Animals are driven to copulate, and even as the ego-dead we would not be severed from biology, although we would not be unintelligently ruled by it, as we are now. As a corollary of not being unintelligently ruled by biology, neither would we sulk over our extinction, as we do now. Why raise another generation destined to climb aboard the evolutionary treadmill? But then, why not raise another generation of the ego-dead? For those who do not perceive either their pleasures or their pains as belonging to them, neither life nor death would be objectionable or not objectionable, desirable or not desirable, all right or not all right. We would be the ego-dead, the self-less, and, dare we say, the enlightened.
A depiction of what our lives might be like in such a state would seem to have been recorded in the eightieth section of the Tao Te Ching, perhaps to show up humankind’s modus vivendi by daydreaming about one not of this earth.
Let all lands be small
And their people few,
So they have no need
For time-saving machines.
Let them keep their minds
On the coming of death
And never stray far
From where they were born.
Should they have boats
Or carts to go traveling,
Let there be nothing
They would want to see.
Should they have weapons,
Let them be put someplace
Out of everyone’s sight
To rust and grow useless.
Let each person’s duties
Be no more than may be
Kept track of by tying knots
On a short piece of string.
Let their food be enough
And their clothes drab,
Their homes decent shelter
And their lives unremarkable.
If the next land is so close
That they can hear its
Dogs barking at night and its
Roosters crowing at dawn...
Let them get old and die
Rather than be troubled
By the least curiosity
To have a look over there.
One might think of this not as a description of an ego-dead society but of one that is dead all the way. But one would be wrong. Wherever there are those who “get old and die,” there are also those who live in wait for age and for death—youths and infants and infants-to-be. And because none of them should take his fate personally in the Taoist scripture quoted above, why not take it as it comes? Of course, this would not occur to the ego-dead, just as it does not occur to species of a lower order that recycle themselves as nature bids them. The ego-dead would be back to where our race began—surviving, reproducing, dying. Nature’s way would be restored in all its mindlessness and puppetry.
But even if ego-death is regarded as the optimum model for human existence, one of liberation from ourselves, it still remains a compromise with being, a concession to the blunder of creation itself. We should be able to do better, and we can. To have our egos killed off is second-best to killing off death and all the squalid byplay that flitters around it. So let all lands be small, and let them grow smaller and smaller until no lands are left where any human footstep need press itself upon the earth.
At the height of her ego-death, Segal was ecstatic twenty-four hours a day. She also began to speak of what she called the “vastness,” a term that sounds as if it belongs in one of Lovecraft’s tales of cosmic horror. To Segal, the vastness was a unitary phenomenon that comprised all existence. As she wrote, “The purpose of human life has been revealed. The vastness created these human circuitries in order to have an experience of itself out of itself that it couldn’t have without them.” Living in the vastness as she did, nothing was useless to Segal because it served the purposes of the vastness. For her, it also felt good once she had gotten over her initial fear of being a tool of the vastness rather than a person. However, toward the end of her life, as American psychotherapist and Buddhist Stephan Bodian recounts in his afterword to Collision with the Infinite, Segal began to have more intense experiences in which “the vastness became even vaster for itself.” This new phase of the vastness both distressed her emotionally and sapped her physical energy until she died from her unsuspected brain tumor not long afterward.
Like Segal’s vastness, Schopenhauer’s Will has the same purpose in mind for human beings—to use our “circuitries” to acquire some kind of knowledge of its mindless self. For Schopenhauer, though, the self-seeking Will does not feel good to human beings except during moments when we temporarily satisfy its universal ravening as it emerges within us. Why the vastness or the Will should want to use us in this way is a mystery. Both of these meta-realities do serve the purpose of making sense of human life in their own way. But whether they make us feel good does not seem to matter to either of them. We are just vehicles; they are the drivers. And wherever we are going, as Segal and Schopenhauer have assured us, along with every other individual whose consciousness has been opened to the vastness by whatever name or nature, we must keep in mind that we are not what we think we are.
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2023.03.28 14:01 SpaNkinGG Muerta Bug or intended?

So I tested something and the result is kind of not correct in my opinion. Im not sure whether this is a bug or if thats the intended way.
So lets say you are Muerta and have a hurrican pike, nobody is near you and you pike the enemy magnus. You now hit him not 5 times, but only 3 times because Gunslinger procced twice.
If we do the same scenario but there is an ursa next to me, I still pike the Magnus, now I can hit him 5 times while 2-3 proccs go towards Ursa.
Imo it should be that I can ALWAYS get 5 rightclicks off with hurrican pike, no matter what my passive does.
So is that intended or a bug?
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2023.03.28 14:00 owtlowd Why did you choose an iPhone?

This might seem like a stupid (and oft repeated) question, but hear me out. I tend to swap phones a lot, going back and forth between Android and Apple. I mean, sometimes I change phones every month (returning one and buying another; I'm not rich or anything). It's hectic and probably a symptom of mental illness or something, but that's beside the point. I like to try things out to learn if I like them, and if I don't like them I have no issues returning the thing. That's what return policies are for, and I'm always honest about the reason for the return (just didn't like it.)
The point is this: when someone asks me why I change so much, the question almost inevitably follows about why I chose whatever phone I currently have. Right now I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and when asked recently I told the truth: the phone is kind of "meh" but the hardware and accessories are really good.
I went with iPhone for the MagSafe pop socket, the Apple Watch, and a Smartish case (they only make iPhone cases as far as I can tell). I love that the pop socket lets me use the phone caseless while still protecting the camera and back and making it easy to hold; I love the rough, nylon-feel of the Smartish case; and the Apple Watch has no competition from the Android space.
The rest of the phone? Meh. CarPlay isn't as good as Android Auto. Siri sounds better than Google Assistant but isn't nearly as functional. iOS is severely limiting the potential of Apple's otherwise amazing SoC. The phone design is iterative and boring. Voice-to-text is so awful it's almost embarrassing, same with autocorrect lately. Atrocious.
But I love my iPhone because it lets me have my pop socket, my watch, my case. The "bad" stuff isn't "bad" enough for me to not use the phone to get the watch and other accessories.
I was told I was crazy, buying an $1,100 phone I "didn't like" just for a watch and a case...but I don't feel crazy at all. It's got me wondering though why others buy iPhone. In the US (where I am) I generally assume it's a status thing for many people, but that can't be the only reason, can it?
Why did you choose iPhone over something that one could argue is a better, more feature-rich, customizable phone like the Samsung Galaxy S series?
(Note: I'm not crapping on Apple here. Like I said, I have a 14PM and an AW8. My wife has a 13PM, AW8, and an iPad Mini. I'm giving serious thought to picking up a Mac Mini in the near future. Please don't think I'm hating. I'm really not.)
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2023.03.28 14:00 MyselfandmewithI AITA for butting in my friends business?

English is not my first language😅. I (12F) have a friend (12F) we'll call her M . I know I'm too young to be posting here but I can't brush off this feeling. So M has this seatmate (11M) (we'll call him W) whom she gets into fights with jokingly all the time, there was one time she asked me to draw her a picture and she liked it but W ripped it. And earlier today he stepped on M's shoes. Today he seemed to be in a bad mood, and yes I realize this just now. But anyways we were in a lab and M and W were in the same group. I was in a group just infront of them and suddenly I heard M bang the table yelling at W to give her phone back. I butt in asking M what happened and then she said W took her phone and is about to rip her photo. Not one of her groupmates were helping her get it back.M seemed to look like she was about to cry.( M and I are taller than W, he's about 5'1-2 and M and I about 5'3 and a half.) So I told him to give it back to M. He wasn't listening to me so I retold him a joke M made to him. I told him that I'll "pull his hair". Yes. I regret it bc it was just a bluff. After I told him that he gave M's stuff back but then got angry with me and said " Why didn't you pull my hair?" Basically he was saying that I couldn't pull his hair because I didn't have the guts to, and he said he could pull my hair unlike me.(I get angry easily) so I got mad and put my head closer to him while encouraging him to pull my hair saying " go pull my hair, go, go!" In an angry tone of voice, I told him that he'll go to guidance counseling if he did it. He asked me angrily who was I to butt in their business. Our teacher didn't seem to have heard our argument and it didn't seem like she cared. He went near me angrily but didn't pull my hair. Instead, he went back to his seat and mumbled things about me. I saw my other friends whispering to eachother and one of them looked at me judgementally, that's when I realized I messed up. He was then reported to our teacher by another classmate he has done wrong to. After the class I went to M and asked her how she was, I asked her about her stuff and M said it was almost ripped. When we got to our classroom W was acting like a snob and a bully. He put his feet on the back of our classmate's chair. Two of the students were looking at him and then during the last period, he was called in for guidance counseling. Not for the mistakes he'd made but because of this activity college students that major in psychology are doing. I'm scared of what comes my way tomorrow because maybe I'll get called to guidance counseling or he calls his parents but it's the consequences of my actions I have to learn but it doesn't mean I won't justify my actions. I told my mom and she says my intentions were good but the outcome was bad, my dad says otherwise.
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2023.03.28 14:00 SpxUmadBroYolo Car stolen near Cal high late last night let me know if you spot it please. 7BNZ290

Car stolen near Cal high late last night let me know if you spot it please. 7BNZ290 submitted by SpxUmadBroYolo to Whittier [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 13:59 daddydilly694-20 How do you guys deal with frustration after you have to restart a task due to failure?

The best example I can think of is having to restart an essay because you read the prompt wrong, or starting over when building a piece of furniture, because you assembled it wrong.
Well, I was working on a project of mine, and had to restart because I didn't save my progress when developing a connectivity layout for the model I was developing. Took me nearly an hour and a half of adjusting, googling, estimating what adjustments should be made based of of the information I got off the internet, and scrolling and clicking. I was nearly done, and I tried to adjust a setting, then it resubmitted the page. My progress was lost.
Wanted to break my laptop (not literally) out of frustration. Want to get back to it, while I still have free time. I just don't want to sit and deal with the monotony again.
I need to learn a way of motivating myself again, after this happens. I start college soon, and need some ways to deal with frustrations like these when ever I come across a similar set of circumstances in a different scenario.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.28 13:58 spineWise12 How Can You Avail Of Physiotherapy Services In Bowmanville?

How Can You Avail Of Physiotherapy Services In Bowmanville?
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A nurse staffing agency texas service is a type of staffing agency that specializes in providing qualified nurses to healthcare facilities. These agencies typically work with hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations to provide staffing solutions houston medical staffing agencies for both short-term and long-term nursing needs.
A security staffing agency service is a type of staffing agency that specializes in providing trained and qualified security personnel to businesses and organizations. These agencies typically work with a variety of clients, including retail stores, office buildings, hospitals, and event venues.
An IT staffing service is a type of staffing agency that specializes in providing qualified information technology professionals to companies and organizations. These agencies typically work with businesses of all sizes, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations..
For more details
Mobile: +1(318) 906-0809, +1 (780) 235-3613
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2023.03.28 13:58 Lady-Sparti A Different Path - MEGAMI - PART 1

Here it is, the start of the end game. I've been looking forward to this and I hope you have too because not even I foresaw Megami being this much of a cunt until I wrote it. I got one thing to say: Damn, she is nasty!
TW: Mentions of abuse, suicide and rape.

Everything had failed.
Hanako must have lost her sanity at the last minute as she had succeeded in killing ten different people but Ayano Aishi was not one of them. Though they were mourning their close friend, the pair had announced their arranged marriage at a ball the following week.
Megami Saikou found herself nursing the sting of rejection time and time again. She had been obsessed with the Yamada heir since she was first inducted into the upper circle when she was twelve years old, but he never gave her the time of day.
As the eldest daughter of the Saikou family, she had been taught from early on that failure simply was not an option they could afford to accept. Emotions were for the weak, tears were for failures and Megami was neither weak or a failure unlike her aunt who fled Japan. No, she was better than that. Her younger brother Kenchi may have been the boy they wanted but it was clear that her father was disappointed by his emotional outbursts. Then again, Megami always had been better than her brother; When he tried to hurt her with insults, she had him burned with candlelight just to shut him up.
Of course, he cried to mummy and daddy like anyone with the mentally of a child would. "You could use some character building" Their father had said, while their mother looked at Kenchi with disappointment.
Their grandfather Saisho was even stricter but it was noted that he was very fond of his granddaughter.
“You always were my favourite grand child. Perfect in every way: Beautiful, intelligent, perceptive, tactical... I could not have done better myself even if I tried.” He had said to her the night he passed away. At the funeral, she did not shed a single tear just as he would have wanted.
Akademi being closed down had seriously troubled both her and her father. Yes, she was aware of the deaths and disappearances of some of the students but it was not up to them what happened to the school. The people of Buraza simply weren’t evolved enough to understand that just yet. Kairi Miyu had dared her father’s wrath by involving non other than the imperial family to help get the school closed.
But, it was the imperial family and the Saikous were staunch monarchist but not in the way that the family were at the present point in time. They wanted it to go back to when Japanese militarism was starting to take root, back to the days of the Japanese Empire. That was where Saisho had grown up and that would be where they would get the country too when they got the chance.
She couldn’t help but miss the power she had once yielded as student council president. Kuroko was her vice president, prim and proper at all times. Akane could defuse a fight by just being there alone, she knew what her distant relatives had done to Akane but she felt nothing for it. Aoi was a great threat to use but she had refused contact with her since Akademi closed. Then, there was Shiromi who had left Japan to return to her home country of Norway.
People admired her as she walked through the halls of her palace, Akademi Academy. She had the perfect grades, she had the flawless looks, the spotless uniform. She was perfection incarnate. So why was it that the one thing that she really wanted, had fallen in ‘love’ with a different girl?
She had done her research on Ayano Aishi and found her totally unremarkable. She was supposedly timid, gentle and kind. She guessed that nearly being murdered back in April had changed something in the young woman. Something did stick out however, when she was researching the Aishi family; she found that wherever they went, death and disappearances came with them. Or so she thought.
Megami had honestly thought that she was onto something until Ryoba Aishi threw her theory in the bin. Ryoba had attended Akademi just after her aunt had left, if death followed the Aishi’s then surely Ryoba would have done something at Akademi while she was attending. She tore through the old school records, finding nothing but her old grades.
No deaths, no disappearences, no intances of suicide or bullying.
Absolutely nothing.
She had sent out a private investigator to spy on Ayano, to see if she had any dirty secrets for ammunition against her. It too turned up nothing. She was starting to get very frustrated, Megami admitted to herself that going to the Chikanari ball had been a bad idea in hindsight. She had pretty much excluded what little of the nobility liked having them around.
Her father, however, paid it no mind. “If they wish to follow the tracks of a commoner then they may do so. We are better than that and I am most pleased that you do not follow others like a lamb”
Taro had the perfect genetic make up, there was the concern of testicular cancer in the family due to his father dying from it but with Saikou technology that would be erased soon enough. Then, they would cure the world of illness and remove all the undesirables with it too. Megami couldn’t wait for a perfect world of perfect people with her and Taro at the centre of it.
The issue at hand had a name: Ayano Aishi.
The girl, oddly enough, also had the perfect genetic make up. The only real issue was the fact that she was not purely Japanese, her Korean ancestry was enough that it still popped up on the DNA test. It actually showed that Ayano was only 78% Japanese, with 20% being Korean and 2% being Chinese.
She could have been useful to make sure that the population had the perfect genetics but she would have to have children with a pure Japanese man for that plan to work. If only she did not have her eyes on Taro, now she would have to get rid of the girl completely.
The fact that Akademi had been permanently closed had caused her a great disadvantage, Ayano would not be attending the same school as her. She was busy being sponsored by Taro’s pathetically stupid mother at the Chikanari Institute. She had entered the exam only to be told that, despite her passing mark, she would not be offered entry into the school.
It wasn’t a total loss but it would have helped with getting rid of the little parasite anyway. Now, she really had to think outside of the box, in the past she just had undesirable students expelled or bullied until they either left or took their own lives.
That wouldn’t work this time.
Megami looked out from the window of her yacht, Buraza at night was lively with people buying food and drink or common knick knacks n the stalls. These were the kinds of people that would be easy to manipulate and control when the time came but that time was not yet.
Then, news came of the demise of their mutual friend: Midori Greenu.
Megami read the notes with intrigue and fascination, the fact that Hanako had died from cardiac arrest was unfortunate but it would have proven to be a necessity. Maybe there was something she could do.
She picked up the phone
Midori’s sacrifice had been a gut punch for Ayano, just when she was starting to think that things were looking up for her. These days it was difficult just to get out of bed but Taro always insisting on checking in had given her some motivation. Ryoba and Jochiki always had her favourite melons and strawberries on hand to make sure their daughter was eating properly.
Rain pounded on her window in a desperate attempt to get her up. She watched the droplets glide down before dripping off the roof, she hadn’t noticed that tears fell from her face in much the same way.
Her room was a safe space, a place where she could grieve as hard as she wanted. Midori should have been laughing away with her as they attended school together, she should have been there as her maid of honour when her and Taro married, she should have been there to be oba-chan to their children…
Now, she was resting in the morgue along side her father. Upon being told the news of his daughter’s death, he had waited for the police to leave before pulling out a gun and putting it to his head.
Itsumi was distraught by the death of Hanako, despite everything that she had done. Ayano understood that Hanako was still her daughter, she had wondered to herself how she hadn’t gone mad with the trauma and the events of the last few weeks.
Osana had went completely ballistic and murdered Raibaru befire killing Mai and attempted to kill Ayano herself and Taro. Amai, she thought that she had been so genuinely sweet but she instead tried to use Ayano’s trauma against her. Kizana had attempted to blackmail her only for her head to be crushed by a weight. Oka had been totally crazed for her, the stalking had made that obvious and then she disappeared into thin air; word was she had withdrawn her application but something in Ayano just couldn't believe that. Asu had attempted to rape Taro before turning up with no hands, no feet and a destroyed mind.
Muja had been the trainee nurse who lusted over Taro with an extreme prejudice to her, she had seen the blog and those images were burned into her mind forever. She had also murdered Musume and blinded Koroko before being arrested. Mida had been so obsessed with Taro but she did not miss the sultry glances she gave to other boys too, she too had disappeared with Hoshiko. Osoro had been a bit strange but not stalk-ish in the way that others had been, watching her kill off her delinquents had been enough before her to run away. She never did see Osoro again. Then, there was Hanako who hated her for no reason, Hanako who had attempted to murder her, Hanako who murdered her best friend.
Hanako, who was now also dead.
There was Megami who she had the confrontation at that ball with. Megami, in her opinion, held herself up so high that the fall would be catastrophic. Truth be told, she held no respect for her previous student council president.
Whatever Megami wanted, she got.
I don’t give a fuck about who you are’ Ayano put together in her mind ‘You will not take the one thing in life that makes me remotely happy. I won’t back down’ She thought furiously before throwing the covers off and making her way downstairs.
“YanYan sweetheart” Ryoba came over to her, bringing her into a deep hug. She always felt safe in her mothers arms, there was nothing like the love of a parent. “I have your favourite fruits on the table you” She stroked her daughters hair before encouraging her to the table. Jokichi looked over at his sad little daughter as she ate the fruits. “YanYan, how are you feeling?” He voiced his concern as he placed his hand on hers.
“I’m… not sure Otosan”
“I would be shocked if you said that you were feeling alright. Just remember that we are always here for you, your mother and I...” He spoke softly, as if tending to a wound. This wound was deep, he knew that it would stay with her forever.
“I know Otosan” She hugged her father and he wished that he could shield her from all the evil in the world like he had done when she was a little girl. Now, Ayano was her own little hero. She had faced so much already in her young life. She had eaten everything on her plate which pleased both her parents.
Then, the had turned on the television and put on one of Ayano’s favourite films: Howl’s Moving Castle.
Then, a knock on the door had arose her father up from the sofa. Taro had come in with some food and flowers.
“Ayano… I...”
“Taro, please. Come sit down with me” She motioned to the sofa. He sat down and she wrapped her arms around his. There the pair sat, watching the film with all its beautiful animation. She had started to dose off on his shoulder but Taro paid no mind to it. Her smooth features were tranquil and peaceful, her breathing was as gentle as she.
Taro was just about to fall asleep when Ayano’s phone vibrated, the girl shook the sleep from her body before picking up the phone. Her features twisted into rage.
“What is it?” Taro enquired only for Ayano to show him her phone.
You don’t deserve him’
It came from a private number but he knew exactly who had sent this text. “Christ, she just won’t take the hint already” The phone vibrated again.
Do yourself a favour and walk away. If you don’t, I’ll make sure you regret it’
“This is pathetic” Taro spat and he ruffled his hair in frustration. Megami Saikou had constantly been following him around for years like a lovesick dog, if he liked something then she liked it too, if he didn’t like something then she hated it too. She had even tried to take up the same hobbies, same area of study, same classes.
She just had to perfect in every way: Perfect girl, perfect values, perfect grades, perfect life, perfect wife. Taro couldn’t help but think of her as an extremely shallow person. God forbid if something wasn’t good enough for her, he had personally witnessed one of her hate filled tirades when one of her maids dared to have the apron on her uniform slightly out of place.
“What kind of family do you think that you work for?! If you think that you can take a shortcut on your uniform then you are very wrong! Perfection is not an ideal but it is a reality, if you can’t reach perfection in your most simple duties then don’t bother coming back!”
Taro looked back at his bride to be and found not fear or shock which he would have expected from anyone, he found a look of determination. “Who does she think she is? Once a proposal of marriage has been decided, only the head of the house can break it.”
She had taken to her lessons well, as he witnessed at the debutant ball. A part of Taro couldn’t help but feel a weight lift from his shoulders when Ayano tore into Megami in the way that she did. That scene often replayed in his mind when he found himself missing her.
“It’s alright. Mother knows what Megami is like anyway, she hates the Saikous like any respectable family. Don’t worry, she loves you like we’re married already. If they try anything, they will have to face her wrath as well as mine” He pulled her into a protective hug.
Ryoba and Jokichi watched on from the living room. ‘Yes’ Ryoba thought ‘He is the one for her’
Taro had been at home in the library, reading up on his duties as a lord when one of the maids entered with the phone. “Please excuse me for interrupting your reading my lord, but I have a young woman on the phone for you. She says you would now her by the name ‘Rufous Hummingbird’”
“Thank you, you may pass the phone to me and then leave the room” The maid did exactly that.
“Good evening Akane”
“Good evening Taro, or should I be referring to you as my lord? With your impending marriage and all...” Akane spoke down the phone, Taro knew immediately what was up.
“It’s quite alright, you may refer to me as Taro still. I take it that the reason you are calling me is that a certain someone has bitten onto the bait?”
“Actually, its worse than what you expected” Akane shivered slightly “Megami had paid my uncle five million yen to see that Ayano vanishes into thin air.” Taro sighed, this wasn’t the first time that he had heard of the Saikous resorted to using the Yakuza to clean up their dirty business. That maid who Megami had sacked for her uniform being slightly out of place had sued them for unfair dismissal and won.
Only for the young woman to vanish and never be heard from again.
“Five million yen? I didn’t realise that the life of my Ayano would be considered so cheap. I’ll pay twenty million yen to make sure that doesn’t happen.”
“Oh! Of course dear. My father and uncle weren’t planning on actually kidnapping your beloved Yan-chan, considered what that family did to me. Actually, my father owes Ryoba Aishi a life debt anyway. According to him, he angered a particularly vicious gang when he was attending school and Ryoba sorted them right out. They never bothered my father again.
What we were planning to do was pretend to kidnap her and then bring her straight to your home. Twenty million yen would certainly be kind of you, and I’ll supervise the misson just to make sure nothing happens to her” Akane chirped down the phone like Taro’s nickname for her. She had been essential to his plan.
“They took the five million yen though?”
“Of course they did. Father told me that he was going to use to it get a beautiful wedding gift for the lovely couple”
Taro laughed. After what had nearly happened between him and Asu, Akane had taken him aside and personally spoken to him and what happened to her. The gang rape after being drugged by relatives of Megami, he made him feel sick to the stomach. That that Akane had only been eleven at the time had enraged him beyond belief, the pair actually developed a friendship. Akane was also very happy that he had the constant love and support of Ayano who never judged him afterwards.
Taro asked “When is the pretend kidnapping supposed to take place?”
“In two days time, Megami is going onto the Buraza highstreet that night. A black van will be waiting with a bumper sticker that is the logo of Akademi Academy. I’ll be in the van but Megami won’t know that”
“I appreciate the time you’ve taken out to make me aware of the plan, I’ll tell Ayano just so she doesn’t get worried.”
“Yes, you do that. For the record as well, I think you and Ayano make a lovely couple. Congratulations on your impending wedding” She cheerfully said before the call ended.
“Hold on, so what you mean to tell me is that Megami fucking paid for me to be kidnapped?!” Ayano raged as what Taro had just said to her. Thurday evenings was when she did her usual food shopping while her mother cooked just before her father got home. Taro had gone to her home when her parents were out to give her a run down of the plan.
“Yes but hear me out. I’ve already paid them twenty million yen to make sure that doesn’t happen, I had an inside source who told me what she had done. Believe me, I had a feeling that this was coming as this isn’t the first time that they have done something like this.” Taro shivered at the memory of that maid vanishing, it was never realised to the public that she had been found. Beaten to death and clear signs of sexual assault all over her body.
Ayano took a shaky deep breath. “Right, what is it that I have to do?”
“Megami will probably be somewhere on the street to make sure that it happens. What I need you to do is struggle and try to scream when they grab you. If you don’t then Megami will know that we are onto her. Akane will be in the van as will I so nothing will happen to you, I can promise you that” Taro explained softly to her.
“I just have to make it look real? Like I am really being kidnapped?”
“Yes. That’s right.”
She thought on it for a moment. The shock of hearing what Taro had said to her was still very potent, she knew Megami was a vicious cunt anyway but not even Ayano had expected her to go to this extreme just so she would be out of the way. The fact that she had paid up also made a terrible thought dawn on her, her family likely knew what she had paid for and allowed her to do so.
She took another deep breath. “I trust you Taro”
It was so that she prepared to go out at her usual time to do the shopping like Megami had caught on. She wrapped herself up in a red coat so just the van would be able to spot her easily, it had been Taro’s idea as it was the colour associated with his family.
She stared at her front door just for a moment before exiting.
True to Taro’s words, she saw Megami sat down at the bar by the seafront. Ayano pretended not to notice her, instead going her her shopping list. The black van with the bumper sticker had been outside the shop, she knew what was going to happen and prepared herself.
Exactly as she stepped by the shop, the side door opened and two men grabbed her softly. She pretended to struggle and screamed as the door shut. Megami watched the scene, smiling as she saw the van pull away. Ayano’s shopping list fell to the ground. ‘Finally’ Megami grinned was she drank her sake ‘Taro is mine. He doesn’t have a choice’
As soon as the door closed, the men instantly backed away from her and sat down. “Hello dear” Akane spoke up from the side, she was sat by Taro. “That was some fantastic acting there! Anyone would be convinced of what happened if they saw that. You should become an actress” She eyed the two men at the back of the van, they both shivered as her eyes fell on them.
“T-thank you...”
Taro pulled her into his lap and held her tightly. “See, I promised that nothing would happen to you.” He nuzzled into the crook of her neck.
The van then suddenly stopped.
“That was quick, we can’t be at Taro’s home just yet?”
“Oh! No dearie. We just needed to make a quick stop.” The three got out of the van, it was an older warehouse just outside of town. Ayano could see her parents speaking with someone their age and someone older. Ryoba turned and noticed her.
“There you are darling!” She rushed towards her daughter. “Thank god our friend Togo gave us the call. We would have been worried to death otherwise!” She grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Okaasan...” Ayano spoke, slightly embarrassed “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to be worried, I would have messaged you.”
“I know you would have sweetpea.” She squeezed Ayano’s hands before turning to Akane. “Would it be alright if I gave you a hug? You helped my daughter remain safe...”
Akane was shocked a little but nodded. Ryoba pulled the flame haired girl into a bear hug, it wasn’t normally her style but she appreciated that the woman before her had asked for consent to hug her first.
“Thank you Miss Akane and thank you Togo!” Ryoba spoke.
“I-it’s quite alright Ryoba...” Togo blushed slightly “You saved me in school, so now I’ve paid my debt to you. You can count on me as your friend”
“Say...” Akane started “I believe Megami is holding a ball tonight and Taro is invited. I wonder how it would look at Ayano went with him, I’d love to see her face” She started laughing, Taro was about to suggest not until Ayano spoke up.
“I’d would love to. Let’s go see one of these tacky Saikou balls you told me about” She battered her eyes at Taro, who blushed like a cherry.
Finally, her one obstacle was out of her way. Megami couldn’t be happier.
She had donned herself in a pure silver outfit, a satin dress with diamonds sewn into the chest piece, silver heels and diamond earrings. She looked perfect, flawless in her victory.
The ball that her father had put together, just for her, had also been perfect. The theme was the ice queen but only Megami herself was allowed to wear silver, everyone else had to wear light blue. The ballroom was a glittering silver and white, with ice sculptures of Japanese animals and mythical figures gracing the tables.
People came and they enjoyed the most expensive white wine that money could buy with saffron treats, golden caviar and other luxuries that they bought. Paired with her dress, was a real fur shawl of a snow leopard. She looked resplendent, there would be no way that Taro would reject her advances in this outfit surely.
The doors started to open, Taro was here! She put on her most sultry look and listened to the doorman make the announcement of her darling’s arrival...

Oh, I wonder what's coming up next...
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2023.03.28 13:57 sdtechsolution01 Laptop Repair Near me
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2023.03.28 13:57 c4tzs My opinions on Boss Salmonids (my first actual reddit post lol)

I only recently started playing Salmon Run in Splatoon 3, and I'm only on the Part-Timer rank, but I feel like we all share some opinions on certain boss salmonids (cough cough Flyfish). If you disagree with any of what I share in this post, feel free to comment, i'm interested in what others think. (tldr will be at the bottom)
Steelheads really depend on who your teammates are. Countless times i've been stuck with a short-range weapon when one of these spawns and they end up getting really annoying if you let them stay around for a bit.
Flyfish are the bane of my existence, every time I see one there's probably a small spike in my heart rate and a new bead of sweat forms on my forehead. It's basically impossible to deal with these on your own, but half the time my teammates aren't any help.
Steel Eels are usually pretty easy to deal with, if you're in the right spot. High ground is ideal, as you can splat them from above, but if you get encircled by one it's best to just say your prayers.
Maws seem to be the one everyone I'm matched with struggles with the most. Some people just shoot them instead of throwing a bomb, or they're like me and miss every single bomb throw.
Stingers aren't too bad if they spawn near where you already are, but the second you see that laser beam shoot across the map you know where to run to. Once you're near them it's basically a piece of cake.
When it comes to Drizzlers these are always the focus of my teammates who immediately rush over despite them not being too much of a threat. Easy with 2 or 3 people, a huge struggle to deal with alone.
Scrappers are definitely a team effort, but they always seem to spawn right in the middle of where my entire team is. Everyone tries to be the person that stuns them by shooting at their front, and taking them out takes longer than it should.
Fish Sticks depend on what weapon you have. Chargers and Shooters have it easy, but the player with a roller or brush is essentially useless at dealing with them.
Flipper-Floppers are annoyingly easy to kill but I always end up being the only one on the team who kills them. (at this point they might be my first salmon run badge)
Big Shots are almost helpful if you're one of the first to notice them, since the launchers let you avoid the awkward swim back to the egg basket when you realise you're out of ink.
Slammin' Lids aren't even a threat in my opinion, unless they're in an area you have to pass through to get to the basket, like the section under the bridge at the Hydroplant.
tldr: all boss salmonids suck if your team sucks.
Sorry if the quality of the post isn't ideal, or if the opinions are a bit bland :(
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2023.03.28 13:57 Xhandii Weird dream about my wedding (that I’m not set to have)?

I had such a strange, strange dream that I would like to be interpreted, if anyone can help. It's a little long because I put every detail (I can remember) of the dream below:
My significant other and I were set to get married in this big, beautiful, unconventional looking church (not my desired venue for my future wedding btw) Our friends and family were there taking their seats and for some reason, nobody was dressed up. Everyone wore really regular clothes. My family members had on puffer jackets and his friends had on jeans. It was strange. Every time I'd peek out (from a balcony) my SO was at the alter looking amazing. I felt myself swoon in my sleep.
Throughout this entire dream, I took forever to get ready for our wedding. Nothing fit correctly. I had no one to do my makeup or my hair, so I did my hair by myself (it looked great) but I didn't wear make up. I also wore nice jewelry. I had two people (idk who they were) who had all these clothes trying to help me find a good dress and it took so long. I ended up in something that was dark colored and didn't fit right, but the shoes were perfect. I took so long that when I left the dressing room, everyone had went to grab something to eat. Then for some I had to take this convoluted route to the church. Into a building, upstairs, downstairs, an elevator-I had to run across a street-a bunch of shit. As I was taking this long ass route by myself, all our guests were lined up in the stairs and other places, eating in their regular clothes, gawking at me and whispering. I get to the church and I see my dad. I grab his arm and we wait up on the balcony in the dark for some reason. The setting changes in the church and it's more party-like (idk). Then my mom comes up and I hold her arm too. Then I ask them for marriage advice. They both get really close to my face and my dad says something about staying together and making it work, then my mom gives me divorce advice, stating that most signs of disrespect should end in divorce. Then the dream jumps ahead to me and my SO together and it got blurry as I started realizing it was a dream and waking up.
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2023.03.28 13:55 ukmedicarescreening Affordable Blood Test near me

Looking for Blood check in UK, UMSL in Uk is the best place where you can take affordable blood test services. for detail visit:
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2023.03.28 13:54 hkondabeatz Insane experience with mucuna pruriens

I have been taking mucuna pruriens for about a week now and it has been having some major effects on me. I have taken nearly every "test" booster supplement from tongat ali to fadgioga with little results however, mucuna has impacted me below the pants MAJORLY. I had zero libido for about a year and felt unmotivated to pursue women like I litteraly had no interest in anything. Mucuna has caused me to have a very strong libido that I haven't had in a long time along with my testicle size blowing up into balloons. I have never experienced this with any supplements before and I'm wondering if this is do to the strong dopaminergic effect or growth hormone release?
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2023.03.28 13:54 girlcodexo i think my best friend is copying me.

my best friend is copying me slowly
To start off, i love my best friend. She’s hilarious and we’re always there for each other, basically each other’s cheerleaders. I always had a taste for expensive things and I would always save up money for them. She would low key judge me but i brush it off because she didn’t grow up with sisters. So she would always be fascinated by it and i introduced her to the major jewelry brands and designer purses etc.
Recently I purchased a watch which had been my goal this year as i always wanted a high end watch and bought one from cartier. I saved up money for it and bought it for myself as an early birthday present. She had known this and was in full support of it. I bought the watch and was super excited to show her because she knew that i had always wanted this item in my collection. I wore it when we went out together and she was in love with it. She recently bought the same brand watch but my guess is she bought an even more expensive one. She didn’t tell me which watch style it was but that she’ll show me in person. I was a little taken aback because watches aren’t really part of her style. But again i am really happy for her.
In my opinion, there is no watch like a cartier. The reason i bought the watch is because i did my research and know the history and the mechanisms that go into making a Cartier timepiece. I feel like she just bought one because I had one. I’m not upset, but knowing her, this doesn’t fit her style. This is the third time she bought a piece of jewelry that i also have. I am flattered like i’m happy she finds these things beautiful and she’s buying them for herself but it is becoming a pattern and its quite concerning that she’ll drop $4k on something she doesn’t really have much knowledge on just because i have something similar to it.
We’re both in our mid-20’s. The adult in me is telling me to shut up and just be happy for her. The child in me is telling me to never show her my milestone purchases and to quietly keep them for myself. How do i move past this?
TLDR; my best friend dropped $4k on a watch because i have a similar watch (same brand) and i secretly think she’s copying me. How do i move past this?
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2023.03.28 13:54 DragonfruitNo1838 Best start yet!

After the last death, and a pause to do other things, i started a new game: sandbox, westpoint, no mods, a couple changes like hitting multiple enemies, no respawn, mini map, things like that.
Spawned on a small house, in a small neigborghood near the south forest an a comercial area; my house had no tv and i watch every show of "life and living" ( i love the shirtless guy =)) ). A brief inspection and a grilling pan later i was out looking for loot.
And in the next house, was the jackpot: In and out of the building, four police officers with guns, magazines, a bullet proof vest, good clothes and a working patrol car! and that wasn´t all: there were also 3 zeds in full prison costume with a bag each; couldn´t believe it!
Of course, the game would get back at me for that. Two houses later, found an alarm, had to escape in the patrol, left it, got into a two stories house up north, another alarm, fought my way back to the patrol, and ended trapped within the car parked right next to the beach house in the dock, surrounded by the dead.
Can´t wait for doing it again =P
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