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East Hampton is a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 12,959 at the 2010 census. The town center village is listed as a census-designated place (CDP). East Hampton includes the villages of Cobalt, Middle Haddam, and Lake Pocotopaug.

2023.03.28 14:44 DarthBigD Watts makes Eastern thought accessible and engaging to a Western audience, does anyone else?

I'm appreciating Watts' lectures on ontology. Western thought is shit in this regard. I mean Heidegger is the best we've got in modern times, and he is basically Aristotle with a twist.
I previously though Watts was just a Kill Bill type dude for people who smoke too much weed. Happy to be wrong about the former.
I came to him through Emerson, who I know read Eastern texts and the Pantheist/Heraclitian Stoics.
Any other charismatic and/or insightful speakers like Watts about Eastern thought? I want people who know their audience and their culture, who can communicate effectively, who care about what their reader understands, not just textbook me.
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Full disclosure, I am a certified, card-carrying crazy cat lady. :) I live in an old house (over 100 years old) and I have a ghost kitty. I will feel her rub on my ankles and see her out of the corner of my eye at my feet, and none of my living kitties are anywhere near me. She has also come and slept on the bed with me, where I will feel a small weight on the bed and little feet padding across the comforter to cuddle next to me, but when I reach down to pet her, there is no one there. I am calling her "she" because I think I know who she is! I am only the third owner of my home, in spite of its age, and the neighbor (old, old guy) told me about the woman who originally lived here. Her family built the house and she lived here her entire life. She, too, loved cats, and her last cat was a gray and white tuxedo kitty named Sheba. Sheba was very old when her owner passed, and the neighbor was taking care of her here while things were being sorted out (since the original owner had no family) and Sheba passed within a week of her owner. He didn't know that I had seen her, he was just telling me a story about the house and the old owner. I have also felt the presence of the owner in the kitchen, specifically, but Sheba roams about the house, as cats do!
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2023.03.28 14:40 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 22 - Sword of Empathy - Part 5

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
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The Balances are unsustainably straining.

Evil rises to steal the power of Death.

A Dark God plots to smother Defiance.

A hero born of love now stands in their path.

Only now aware of the role she shall play,

The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 22
Sword of Empathy
Part 5

Anna stared at her dress in the mirror. Loki stood smiling with the seamstresses that had made it. She had requested two things for the dress, that it was mainly made in red and that it had purple mixed in. What she had not expected was for Loki to actually take note of her normal dress style and advise the dress makers.

What was before her was a sleek body hugging red dress, lined with darker purples. A sharp, but bright purple sash crossed the front and it has multiple metal studs down its center. The shoes were flat but lined with a light metal, also containing a purple hue. The most exciting part was that it had a spiked purse that Anna strangely, really liked and noted the slot that a round object could slip into.

“So, what do you think?” The lead seamstress asked.

“Lady Katja...” Loki nodded, “I think it's amazing.”

“Aye and you can say that when you're the one wearing it.” Lady Katja snapped. “I want Lady Anna's opinion.”

Anna blushed as she was called a lady. For the last week she had been trying to get the people of Asgard to stop calling her “Lady”, but apparently her father's good relationship with Odin and Thor made that a somewhat consistent social requirement.

“I love it, I just hope it stays in one piece.” Anna sighed.

Loki laughed. “It's unlikely to be damaged, I made sure it was made with the best materials for combat and comfort.”

“Honestly Loki, after the beast that attacked, who would provoke the mutants so soon after?” Katja snorted.

“Might not be them they're after.” Loki nodded. “But we're also planning to be a bit naughty.” He grinned.

Katja shook her head. “The dress could take a blow from Thor's own hammer and be fine.”

“That is impressive.” Anna nodded.

“Well, I'll let you do the final fitting.” Loki said with a bow as he changed into a raven and flew off.

“Katja...” One of the seamstresses said. “Will we have time to do final adjustments?”

Katja waved her hand. “Of course, this is for Asgard, and for the people of Midgard. Now, Lady Anna, please, it's time.”

Anna nodded and quickly got down to her underwear and started to slip into the dress. She caught some of the other women staring, though Katja snapped them back.

“Ignore them, they thought you pressed your chest down.” Katja sighed.

Anna chuckled. “I thought I grew a tail or something.”

Katja joined the chuckle, “My that would be a sight.”

Soon the master seamstress and the workers were slipping needles in and out at various points. Lady Katja made sure to keep the curious younger workers focused.

“Is my body that odd here?” Anna asked.

“Only slightly. Asgardians tend to be a buxom bunch.” Katja laughed, “But pay them no mind.”

Anna nodded, she hadn't ever felt this self-conscious before, but the fact that she was an oddity here made it harder to just ignore. Still she had committed to helping Asgard protect Thor's mind and she was going to see it through. The hours passed slowly but eventually Lady Katja allowed her to get out of the dress once more and back into her normal clothes.

“Tomorrow it will be ready.” Katja smiled. “Just some final stitches to make.”

Anna smiled and yawned. “Good. I hope I won't be too overdressed.”

Lady Katja laughed. “Oh my dear girl. You have no idea what you've agreed to go see.”

“It's the fashion event of the year.” One of the younger seamstresses said. “And when they reveal the New X-Men team.”

Anna tilted her head in confusion.

“The people of Krakoa elect who will be on their team, who represents them to the world basically.” Katja said as she put on a thumbtack.

“Wouldn't that be more of an ambassadorial position?” Anna asked.

“The X-Men get more press than any ambassador.” Katja snorted. “And Lady Anna if you could do me a favor while you're there?”

Anna nodded. “I'll see what I can do.”

“If you see Mr. Logan, remind him he owes me a favor for the last time he broke through my store.” Katja smiled as she continued to work. “No, go get some sleep, tomorrow is the Gala.”

Anna nodded and walked off to her guest room. She walked in to find Rio bouncing on the bed. Hong Long was curled around a pole on her balcony. Both turned to face her immediately. Anna smiled and quickly got into her pajamas and climbed into bed. Rio cuddled up next to her while Hong Long dimmed the light that he projected. Anna was able to fall asleep with the dragon's curious mind watching everything around them, though it had taken time to adapt to the tulpa constantly being out, she found his presence as comforting as ever.


Anna woke up to the sound of a sharp and heavy knock on her door. She stretched and opened the door from her bed. Lady Katja was standing with her dress, ready to be put on.

“Did I sleep in?” Anna asked.

“No, I brought it and your breakfast.” Katja grabbed a tray from out of Anna's sight and put it on a table. “Quite an interesting request.”

“Foods that stay with you and don't make your stomach hate you.” Anna smiled as she walked over and grabbed the bowl of oatmeal. “Oh, apples and fresh cinnamon.” He noticed the cut up apples and the ground spice.

“Odin hasn't had anyone to spoil in centuries. The fact that your father asked him and Thor to keep an eye on you only makes this more adorable.” Katja laughed.

Anna ate her breakfast as Katja finished checking the dress for pins and removed them with expert care. Rio watched and yawned.

“Hey Rio, you wanna go with me?” Anna tapped the pokeball.

Rio jumped up and gave her usual spinning salute.

“She is energetic.” Katja laughed. “But I see you saw the slot for it's charm.”

Anna nodded, not wanting to correct the woman. “Thank you.”

“Thank Loki, he realized what the item was.” Katja nodded. “He may be a pompous fool at times, but he cares for his home.”

Anna nodded and stretched as she finished her food and went to take her shower. When she got out Katja was busy tossing Rio into the air like a young child. Anna couldn't help but laugh.

Katja calmly put Rio down. “She's adorable, I asked and she lifted...”

Anna nodded. “Don't worry, she loves attention and movement.” Anna walked over and grabbed Rio's pokeball. “Okay, Rio, time to settle in until I call you.”

Rio saluted once more and returned to the ball.

Anna smiled and then got into her underwear once more as Katja helped her into the dress for the last time before the Gala. Anna then handed her phone to Katja.

“Could you take a picture for me? My dad won't believe I wore anything this fancy.” Anna chuckled.

“Standard Phone?” Katja asked.

Anna nodded, she was thankful the look of Asgard did in fact belie their technological understanding. Lady Katja smiled and took a picture as Anna posed with a peace sign. Katja then gave her phone back.

“Now we should go see Thor.” Katja smiled.

Anna nodded and followed the seamstress to the throne room. Thor stood below his father's throne in a suit stitched together from what she had assumed was some form of ancient dark leather, his left shoulder had a pauldron of brown fur that connected to a flowing red cape. His normally gruff facial hair was also neatly trimmed. His helmet was at his side, much more polished than normal. He looked like he was almost a different person.

“Oh god I'm going to a public event.” Anna took in a sharp breath as she realized what she had committed to.

“Told you.” Thor laughed. “It's all right Anna. It's an event with a purpose. At least for us.”

“Protect Thor's mind, stop party poopers.” Loki smiled. “Preferably keep Thor alive.”

Thor turned back to look at Loki.

“I said preferably.” Loki smiled.

“Anna, I hope that if you have brothers, that they treat you much better.” Thor sighed.

“Danny's a sweetheart.” Anna nodded.

“No makeup?” Loki asked.

Anna shook her head. “I don't really like makeup.” Anna smiled. “My sister V and I worked on some stuff I like but it's all gone now.”

Loki nodded. “A fair reason. What did it look like?”

Anna thought for a moment and projected the image of the few makeup looks she and V had found worked for her.

Loki winked and Anna felt something happen. Thor shook his head and motioned for a mirror to show Anna that her face was now covered in a very simple layout of maroon lipstick and a light purple blush.

Anna smiled. “Thank you. It's been a while.”

Loki nodded. “Just make sure he does actually make it.”

Anna nodded.

“He tends to jump head first into trouble.” Loki said.

“No wonder they get along.” Anna laughed.

“I feel slighted.” Thor said.

“He'll get it in a few hours.” Loki smiled. “Off to Heimdall!”

“Yes!” Thor nodded and put on his helmet.

Anna and Thor then walked off to Heimdall's chamber where the armored gatekeeper stood.

“Krakoa, then?” Heimdall asked.

Thor nodded.

Heimdall placed his sword in it's slot and the floor glowed. When the light flared up this time Anna thought she was ready but she was still blinking and trying to regain her sight when she and Thor appeared outside a large regal looking building.

Anna was first aware of how odd the island itself felt. She could hear the psychic white noise but it was so little compared to anywhere else. Then she heard the minds of other telepaths echoing greetings out, she walled up her defenses immediately. The last time she had been near so many other telepaths she had felt them drug off to their doom.

Then she saw a sight she hadn't expected. The younger Spider-Man was in a hooded outfit with shorts and high top shoes. Next to him was a Spider-Woman in white, also wearing a hooded outfit but with blues, purples and pinks in her clothes. She had a long tailing spider-silk themed gown.

“Anna?” The younger Spider-Man saw Anna and did a double take.

“Spider-Man?” Anna blinked, she was confused as well.

“Heh, yeah, the other one gave me the invite.” Spider-Man laughed. “Oh, uh, this is Spider-Woman.”

“Hey.” Spider-Woman said with a wave. “Your dad's a jerk.”

“Let me guess, overly protective?” Anna asked.

Spider-Woman nodded. “He was definitely worried about you and it got a lot of us a protective telekinetic. Anyway, he's a jerk, but I owe him.”

Anna smiled. “That's dad.”

“Hey, uh, you're with Thor.” Spider-Man said.

“Oh my god...” Spider-Woman sighed and put her hand to her face. “Really, you just noticed that?”

“Sort of...” Spider-Man nodded.

“Be glad you're cute.” Spider-Woman shook her head. “Nice dress by the way. Love the spiked purse.”

“So do I.” Anna grinned devilishly.

“Shall we enter together then?” Thor asked.

“R-really?” Spider-Man asked. “I mean, uh, YES. Yes we should.”

Thor laughed. “Do not worry young Spider-Man, we are all perfectly safe here.”

Anna felt Thor's eyes scatter over everyone as she connected to his mind. Soon she had a running roster of the entire guest list. She was shocked to see the man in metal armor that called himself Doom. He wore a regal looking robe with what looked like a simple full plate armor set and a golden crown set into his helmet.

Is he a king?” Anna asked.

For all intents and purposes, yes.” Thor responded. “That is Doctor Doom. He rules Latveria, but he is not a true doctor.”

Anna stared at the man who took a brief moment to nod at her and Thor as they walked towards the entrance.

Granted, knowing Doom, that could also be a Doom-Bot.” Thor sighed. “It's exactly what it sounds like.”

“Thor!” A man in a brightly colored toga walked up and clapped Thor on the back.

“Ah, Hercules.” Thor smiled. “This is Anna Quain.”

“Ah the stubborn fool's kid.” Hercules laughed.

Anna tilted her head and let Hong Long growl loudly.

Hercules looked confused for a moment.

“It would be wise not to insult her father, don't you think?” Thor said as he took Hercule's arm off his back. “Or have you forgotten how easily he took you down.” Thor gave a smirk as Hercules frowned and walked off.

“I don't like him.” Anna said flatly.

“He must have gotten to the drinks first.” Thor said. “Normally he's not so brutishly stupid.”

Anna shrugged as they passed a man in a pure white suit. Anna couldn't help but feel like the man's presence was one of pure terror.

“Moon Knight.” Thor said. “He serves Konshu and has mental issues...” Thor said hesitantly. “It's hard for me to tell which one is in the driver's seat. And of course none of them are dressing for the event.”

“Driver's seat? Dis-associative Identity disorder?” Anna blinked and shook her head.

Thor nodded. Then he stopped and tilted his head towards the man his brother had been concerned about. Nathaniel Essex was standing with Charles Xavier who was in his chair and a third man in a suit similarly colored to Anna's dress.

“That is Sinister. Do not let him into your head.” Thor warned. “You've met Xavier. The other is Magneto, former leader of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. He's a political leader here just like the other two.”

Anna nodded as they approached.

“Anna!” Charles Xavier said in shock as they approached. “Thor, you should have told us your guest was Alan's daughter.”

“I swear If I hear that one more time...” Anna hissed.

“I imagine it must have been trying. A week in Asgard, I can only imagine culture shock.” Essex grinned and his teeth sparkled like fine white razors.

Anna flinched inwardly and then steeled herself as she put a cage around Thor's mind and waited.

“I do have to admit a liking to her style.” Magneto smiled. “You have an excellent sense of fashion, my dear.”

Anna nodded. “Just my color and dad's color.” She admitted.

“Oh, Emma!” Xavier looked up as a woman in a snow white dress made entirely of diamond shapes, possibly made out of diamonds approached. Anna felt the woman's presence approach with a mental swagger.

“Honestly Thor, Quain's daughter. What would he think?” Emma smirked.

“He would be quiet because I'm an adult and his opinion on this would be just that.” Anna smiled. “His opinion.”

“Emma Frost.” Emma extended her hand for a shake.

Anna carefully took it and eyed the woman carefully.

Really, you're here to 'protect' his highness' brain?” Emma mentally poked at Anna.

Better safe than sorry.” Anna shot back as she felt Emma's own psychic link trail back another mutant.

Anna watched as Cyclops approached and nodded.

“Anna, good to see you.” Cyclops smiled. “You can call me Scott by the way.”

“Nice to see you again Scott.” Anna said as she kept her eyes on Emma and mentally watched Thor's mind.

“Did I stumble into a telepathic spat?” Scott sighed.

“Only a small one.” Emma smirked. “She's here as a protector for Thor's mind.”

Anna glared at Emma.

“Not that it would do much against most of us.” Emma laughed.

“Actually, I only need to know you're trying to get in, once I confirm that my threat isn't telepathy, it's my aura and my tulpa.” Anna said flatly. “And if you try to get into my head, well, dad has his traps and tricks he taught me that I doubt you could keep up with Ms Frost.” Anna gave a sweet-looking, but daring smile.

Emma glared back at Anna.

“Emma.” Xavier spoke up, “Perhaps it is not best to provoke the child of a good friend, yes?”

Emma took a breath and nodded. “Yes, you are absolutely correct Charles. Pardon my rudeness, your father and I did not get along and I do not mean to take it out on you. Scott, I saw Doom that way, we should say hello.”

Scott sighed and nodded as he followed.

“What, did dad turn her down or something?” Anna snorted.

“Twice.” Thor held up his fingers for emphasis.

“He called her a psycho both times.” Magneto nodded.

Anna had just been handed a glass of champagne and was carefully sipping it when Magneto added his remark. She almost choked on her drink. She noticed Xavier crack a smile and give a nod of understanding.

“Well I suppose this evening had better get started.” Essex sighed. “I'll go make the speech...” He grumbled.

“So, still not completely trusting of us.” Magneto turned to Thor.

“Would you be after the last Gala?” Thor asked.

“A point.” Xavier nodded. “That is why in just a few minutes we will be nullifying telepathy for a split second.”

“What does that do?” Thor asked.

“It shuts down any connections.” Xavier said. “And for most Telepaths it will be a distinctly painful event if they are connected.”

Anna shrugged. “Depends on how hard the connection is for me, I should be fine as long as it's not Thor shutting me out.”

Nathaniel Essex then took the stage and began what Anna was convinced was a speech he had been practicing for months. She was however not focusing on the speech, but a pink haired gentleman who was staring at her. He approached her quietly and held out his hand as Xavier and Magneto went on stage for their own parts in the speech.

“Quentin Quire.” He said. “You dad was a mentor of mine. I, I just...”

“It's all right.” Anna nodded. “If I know dad when he gets back here he'll yell at you all but forgive you. You just caught him with a raw open wound, so to speak.”

Quentin nodded. “Yeah, I guess we did.”

Anna felt a pulse go through her mind and she was suddenly disconnected from Thor. Then she focused and immediately put the connection back up. She felt no other minds attempting to access his thoughts, but she remained focused as two guests did pass out. Two large men approached them and their guests and escorted them out.

“Well?” Thor asked as he milled around Anna.

“Nothing.” Anna said. “Why do you think he would try to go after your mind?”

Quentin stared at Thor. “Who would go after his mind?”

“Essex.” Thor nodded with a fake smile. “Loki has picked up on unsettling trends from your nation, he believes you either have a traitor or are supplying a madman with all he needs.”

Quentin nodded. “I know Essex seems like the one who'd be that suspect, but he's actually kept in check quite well by the others.”

“Ah,Quentin, Thor...” A pleasant sounding voice joined them.

“Beast!” Thor offered his hand to the new guest.

Ann watched the tall, blue furred man approach. He was covered from head to toe in thick blue fur and two pronounced canines on his lower jaw line as well as two pointed ears. Anna thought she was looking at sasquatch for a moment, but she was also entranced by the blue fur.

“And you must be Annalise.” Beast said with a pleasant smile. “I'm Doctor Hank McCoy, also known as Beast. Your father spoke of you often.”

“You talked with dad?” Anna asked. “I thought he didn't get along with mutants when he got back here.”

“Xavier specifically. He would, on occasion, reach out to some of us.” Dr. McCoy nodded. “His emotional turmoil was beyond most psychotherapists.”

“Are you a hero therapist?” Anna perked up.

“Oh, no, but I am friends with a few.” Dr. McCoy chuckled. “I gave him a few references.”

“Thank you.” Anna smiled.

Then she felt the waves of a telepathic communication roll from Quentin to Dr. McCoy and she paused to look from one to the other. She saw Dr. McCoy nod and frown.

“Disconcerting.” Dr. McCoy nodded. “Is Loki certain?”

“Loki wouldn't make a move like this without certainty, you know that my friend.” Thor nodded.

Dr. McCoy frowned again and sighed. “I was afraid of something like that cropping up again. I'll look into it.”

Anna smiled. “So you're what, head of investigations?”

Dr. McCoy smiled, “Something to that effect, yes. I won't tolerate traitors or anyone who threatened my home.”

Anna smiled and then the world felt like she was being peeled away from it. She felt her breath drop from her and she watched as Dr. McCoy's face contorted to a look of rage as three metal claws dug into them. She saw his body drop and activate a vat where another version of him walked out and grumbled about this plans being impeded. She watched in horror as she saw white boards and computers riddled with a series of horrific plans. She screamed as she tried to comprehend the evil before her, then she looked at the new Beast before her and tried to feel for his heart. There was nothing in the new form, it was empty and filled with a self-righteous evil. She stared as the laughter of Atropos echoed in her vision.

For those that had been with Anna the young woman seemed to shake her head and slowly pass out. Then as she hit the floor a red dragon spiraled from her and surrounded her with a heavy and violent growl. It snapped it's jaws at Hank McCoy and kept everyone at bay.

Jean Grey rushed forward with Charles Xavier as they approached the scene. Thor was also taking a defensive stance against the red dragon. Several of the mutants on security were approaching and were unclear as to what was happening.

“Thor, what is happening?” Xavier.

“We were talking with McCoy when she passed out and Hong Long surrounded her.” Thor explained.

“What do you mean passed out?” Jean asked.

“She looked like she was having a seizure.” Hank said.

Jean paused. “She has precognitive capabilities. The last time they kicked in she seemed to stare off.”

“Jean, you need to pull her back.” Xavier said.

“Professor?” Jean asked.

“She met you first, you're literally her closest relationship.” Emma Frost said. “And she doesn't like me.”

“I wonder why.” Jean rolled her eyes. “Okay.” Jean said as she tried to reach out to Anna's mind, what she found instead was the growling and violent temper of the dragon. “I can't get past the dragon.”

“I will distract the dragon.” Xavier said as he focused on the dragon. He too found the dragon focused, and attempted to garner its attention.

The dragon responded by reaching for Anna's purse and tossing out a red orb that produced a blue creature that immediately leaped forward and pushed back the nearest guard.

“Oh, right.” Jean sighed, “Rio. Wait...” Jean reached out and focused on Rio. “Rio, we're trying to help Anna.”

The blue creature paused and shouted loudly towards Jean. Jean couldn't understand the creature but could feel its powerful emotions.

“She wants to protect Anna. They're both seeing us all as a threat.” Jean said. “We need to give them space.”

Xavier nodded. “Everyone, please give them room.”

The gathered group gave way to the room as they slowly stepped away. Then Spider-Man stepped forward.

“Hey big-guy.” Spider-Man said. “We just want to help.” He held up his hands.

“Spider-Man!” Jean hissed.

“He's protecting her, we want to help. We're on the same side.” Spider-Man said.

Hong Long locked it's gaze to Hank McCoy and Rio shouted and screamed in his direction.

Hank simply looked shocked.

“Hank...” Scott said as he walked over, “Is it possible she's seen or encountered your other self?”

Hank paused. “It is possible, but I don't see...”

Anna screamed as Hong Long righted her to a standing position and took a less defensive stance and more of a supportive one. Rio leaped up and hugged Anna's head.

“Anna...” Jean began to approach.

Hong Long growled but did little else.

“Oh, god...” Anna whimpered. “She was staring right at me.”

“Who was?” Jean asked.

“Atropos.” Anna winced. As she opened her eyes and glared at Dr. McCoy. “He's the traitor.”

“What?” Jean spun to Hank McCoy. “It can't be.”

“He doesn't see it as treachery, but safeguarding mutant security.” Anna coughed. “His heart lacks empathy, and care. He's lost the heart of a hero and surrendered it to evil.” She stood up. “He's already committed horrible acts. You'll find all the proof in his private lab.” She pushed the location to Xavier and the other leaders.

“Go.” Nathaniel Essex ordered several guards.

“You won't find a thing.” Hank sighed as he wiped his glasses on his shirt, then pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

“He's erasing it.” Anna sneered.

“More than that.” Hank McCoy said as he dropped dead on the spot.

“What the hell!” Scott shouted.

“Deadman's switch.” Jean said in shock. “But why?”

“He has a clone ready, one in a secret place, mobile I think.” Anna said as she made her way to a chair. “He's going to be a threat to everyone he deems a threat.”

Xavier sat in shock. Most X-Men were also completely shocked at the turn of events.

“I think we saved Mr. Logan though.” Anna said. “I think he was going to do something horrible to him.”

“Ain't nothing been done to me I haven't experienced before.” Logan said as he walked up. “You okay?”

“I'm fine.” Anna smiled. “Lady Katja says you still owe her.”

Logan laughed. “Thor, you gonna stay near her?”

“Aye.” Thor nodded. “That was the plan.”

“I think I want to go back to Asgard.” Anna said with a sigh as she stopped for a moment. She looked around in confusion.

“What?” Logan asked.

“Someone is thinking about the Mission Impossible Theme really loudly.” Anna said.

“She's right.” Jean nodded.

“Deadpool...” Xavier sighed.

“I'll find him.” Logan sighed.

“I'll take you back.” Thor said with a nod. “I'm sorry everyone.”

“Don't be.” Jean offered a hand to Anna.

Anna instead hugged the other telepath. “Thank you for trying to reach me.”

Jean looked at the large red dragon that still hovered above Anna. “He's protective of you.”

Anna nodded. The dragon then lowered its head and nuzzled close to Jean.

“He doesn't take risks and he can't read minds.” Anna explained. “Rio was the right way to go.”

Thor then cleared the way as the two made their way back to the entrance.

“One hour.” Thor smiled. “You made a new record.”

Anna snorted. “Dad would be proud.”

Thor nodded. “That he would be.”


Anna woke up the next day around noon. Her enthusiasm for this reality was now completely worn through. She got her stuff together and took a quick shower before getting dressed. She folded up her new dress and went to find Thor. She found him talking with Loki and Odin on a high balcony.

“Hello Anna.” Thor smiled.

Loki nodded. “McCoy. I would never have seen that coming.”

Anna nodded. “I think he had everyone fooled.” She then handed her dress to Thor. “Could you put that in his room in the tower?”

Thor nodded. “Not your style either.” He gave an understanding smirk with his statement.

Anna nodded.

“You're leaving.” Odin said it rather than asked.

Anna nodded.

“Then be careful.” Thor said. “There are plenty of places in the multiverse where we aren't as friendly or our equivalents are not as accepting.”

Anna tilted her head in slight confusion.

“You didn't get to meet Dr. Strange, he tends to take walks in the multiverse and he's drug us along with him at times.” Loki said. “Granted, your father and a few others have made changes for the better here.”

Anna looked at Loki in confusion once more.

“Others like your father who wander.” Odin explained.

“Dad's not wandering anymore.” Anna smiled. “And I think we're getting to the end.”

Odin nodded.

“Then remind him the family of Odin and all his friends here are willing to help.” Thor nodded grimly. “I do not look forward to such a battle, but it must be had.”

Anna bowed deeply. “Thank you.”

“Anna.” Odin smiled. “Thor has told me that you have mentioned the heart of a hero.”

Anna nodded. “The Avengers, X-Men and the Spiders, they all have them.”

“You're forgetting yourself.” Odin smiled.

Anna shook her head, “I still don't get that.”

Odin went to speak as a raven landed near him and came to his ear. Odin smiled. “It may yet be out of your perception.”

“I'm sorry.” Anna sighed.

“Do not be sorry, Annalise Quain,” Odin continued to smile. “Be better.”

Anna blinked in slight confusion.

“He's a rough one to deal with.” Odin nodded, “But he has much to teach to those that will listen.”

Anna nodded. “You can see the future?”

“Have you not heard the stories?” Odin smiled. “Well, where you are going they are just that. If you meet me there, do not hesitate to defend yourself. He is not to be trusted.”

Anna nodded as concern gripped her.

“Can we say goodbye to our other guests per chance?” Loki asked.

Anna smiled and let Rio out of her pokeball and brought forth Hong Long. The dragon immediately bent down and nuzzled Thor and then Odin. Rio leaped up and hugged Loki. Anna let her two companions say their own goodbyes before she recalled them both to her.

“Listen well to the little one.” Loki smiled. “She cares deeply for her sister.”

Thor smiled.

Ann nodded and approached the edge of the balcony.

“Fare the well, Alansdottir.” Odin nodded.

“Safe journeys.” Loki smiled.

Thor just smiled.

Anna jumped and Hong Long overtook her form as they tore through reality and plunged into the multiverse. A chill ran up Anna's spine as she looked out and saw twists and tears in the multiverse that looked like a sick cancer. Then a different chill joined her as Wraith appeared.

“Why do I get the feeling I'm not about to like this.” Anna shouted.

“Because you know me well, Alansdottir.” Wraith's the orbs of his eyes formed a wickedly mischievous smile in the way only they could.

“Oh crap.” Anna said as Wraith sped ahead of her and Hong Long. An obstacle suddenly appeared and caused Hong Long to twist and avoid a large chunk of a forgotten reality. Then another appeared and was narrowly avoided. This repeated multiple times as both Anna and Hong Long began to wonder if this was another lesson. Then in a flash both were sailing downward as sky and clouds filled both their visions. Wraith hung above them and sealed the hole in reality they had been dropped into.

“Okay!” Anna said as she forced herself and Hong Long to focus. They were coming in fast on a green forest covered in light snow, the first signs of spring. Anna also felt Hong Long was dazed from the blow that sent them sailing into this reality. “Okay brace for impact.” Anna shouted as she and Hong Long both raised their arms and crashed through them, brutal snaps and cracks caused Anna to lose her focus and she flew forward as Hong Long could no longer hold his form under his own power.

Anna rolled and smacked hard against something large. At first she thought it was a rock, then she heard the growl and looked to see a bear turning to her. She forced herself to stand up and made a barrier just in time to get sent sailing into an actual rock. The bear roared and began to charge and Anna flinched.

Then the sound of the bear hitting metal.

Anna opened her eyes to see a massive man with ash white skin and red markings down his left side was holding the bear back with a shield. Anna shook her head but found herself still dazed as another set of hands pulled her to the side. She looked to see a woman with brown hair and eyes pulling her quickly to the side. Then she looked back to see the large man punch the bear in the jaw. The bear decided then that the fight was not worth it and ran off.

“Are you okay?” The woman asked.

“I'm fine.” Anna said. “Dizzy is all.”

“For a fall like that, that's impressive.” The woman smiled. “I'm Freya. This is Kratos.”

Kratos for his part walked over and took Anna's hands. “Shaken.”

“I didn't really expect a bear.” Anna chuckled. “Not a common encounter in the multiverse believe it or not.”

Kratos grunted. “Much like her father.”

Anna blinked in surprise for some reason.

“So he is real.” Frey chortled. “And here I though you had gone mad.”

Kratos grunted.

“Not one for words is he?” Anna asked.

“He's just grumpy.” Frey laughed. “We've had a rough winter.”

“Aye...” A voice said from Kratos' side. “Let me get a look at her.”

Kratos reached behind him and pulled back a head held by its own braids. The head was that of a man with horns and glowing eyes that reminded her of Heimdall.

“Oh, that's her alright.” The head said. “You can call me Mimir.”

“Annalise Quain, but I think you know that.” Anna nodded.

“Aye, your father asked us to watch out for you. But we were expecting a young girl, not a grown woman.” Mimir said.

Anna nodded. “Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've grown up all that much. Keep making mistakes, having to be sorry for losing my temper.”

“Then do not be sorry.” Kratos said.

“Be better?” Anna finished as she looked at the man.

Kratos nodded.

“You're not quiet just because you're grumpy are you?” Anna asked.

“No.” Kratos nodded. “But life is a path we all walk. If your temper is an issue, I may have lessons for you.”

“Huh...” Anna clucked her tongue, “I don't suppose your version of an Odin is an issue?”

“Not anymore.” Freya said with a nod and concerned look.

“He was killed in Ragnarok.” Kratos said. “How did you know of him?”

“Just came from a world where there was apparently a much nicer version of him. He used the phrase and told me to pay attention.” Anna said.

“Oh?” Kratos arched an eyebrow and paid slightly more attention.

“He said you have much to teach to anyone who would listen.” Anna explained.

Kratos looked at Freya.

“Don't look at me Kratos.” Freya laughed, “This is yours to deal with.” Frey looked Anna over carefully, “Though you may want new clothes.”

Anna looked herself over and realized she was covered in mud. “Oh,I can fix this.” She said as she focused and the mud peeled off of her.

“And the holes?” Freya pointed to the tears in Anna's leggings.

“Adds character.” Anna smiled.

Kratos chuckled.

“OH!” Mimir cried. “You got a chuckle, this fast. You're good lass.”

Kratos remained silent for a moment. “Frey, would you be willing to keep her?”

“Excuse me?” Anna said in offense.

“She can stay if she wishes.” Freya said. “Kratos is thinking of your reputation.”

“I mean I technically don't have one.” Anna snorted. “But I get it. Thank you.”

A growl rumbled in the air as Hong Long formed around Anna and nuzzled her.

“You have a dragon.” Mimir noted. “A mind dragon? No, a tulpa!”

“Impressive.” Kratos added. “We should return to the village.”

Freya nodded. “The hunt didn't go well so it's fish again.”

Anna took a moment and the dragon rose up and spiraled off to the west. When he returned a dead elk was in his jaws and he sat it at Kratos' feet.

Kratos merely looked down. “Atreus would love to have seen this.”

“That's his son, he's out exploring.” Freya said.

Anna nodded. “I feel like I need to learn something here, Kratos.”

“If it is your temper you want to curb, Kratos here is the perfect master.” Mimir chuckled. “But he's a harsh teacher.”

Anna nodded. “I am ready to learn sensei.”

“Oh, sensei.” Mimir chortled. “That means Teacher or Master, Kratos.”

“Thank you.” Kratos nodded as he put Mimir back on his belt and hefted the elk. “We must return now, we will discuss more tomorrow.”

Anna nodded and followed the two hunters back to their village.



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Perfection: Gotta keep it short. Character limit nearly reached.

S: (Fumes)

Wraith: Relax, so we don't get to joke here. Comment.

S: Oh yeah I can do that.

Wraith: (Facepalms)

S: See you in the comments for the author's notes folks!
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2023.03.28 14:40 99pinkprint (Spoilers Extended) Foreshadowings of Darkstar's intentions in AFFC

"Princess." Ser Gerold Dayne stood behind her, half in starlight and half in shadow. "How was your piss?" Arianne inquired archly. "The sands were duly grateful." Dayne put a foot upon the head of a statue that might have been the Maiden till the sands had scoured her face away. "It occurred to me as I was pissing that this plan of yours may not yield you what you want."
So let's look at the first sentence.
He stood behind her, half in starlight and half in shadow.
This is the perfect description of Darkstar half in starlight implying he’s hot, extremely attractive, a shining brave knight. But he’s also half in shadow which means there’s something dark and deeply dangerous about him. this hint is from Arianne’s POV before the incident but after the incident in the TWOW she reached to the same conclusion
Poison, thought Arianne. Yes. Pretty poison, though. That was how he’d fooled her. Gerold Dayne was hard and cruel, but so fair to look upon that the princess had not believed half the tales she’d heard of him. Pretty boys had ever been her weakness, particularly the ones who were dark and dangerous as well. That was before, when I was just a girl, she told herself. I am a woman now, my father’s daughter. I have learned that lesson.
Too late princess
Now let's look at the next sentence.
"Dayne put a foot upon the head of a statue that might have been the Maiden till the sands had scoured her face away."
This is such a great bit of subtle foreshadowing into the very near future for Darkstar because of "Maiden" referring to the lovely, pure Princess Myrcella, and "head" being the place he’s gonna hurt her. Not to mention after this line he starts talking about Myrcella.
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2023.03.28 14:39 Necro-panzer I passed 11th and dropped out for an year. What can I do to continue my studies 12th onwards?

Myquals 11th from CBSE since the board matters. Having trouble finding open schools near me
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2023.03.28 14:39 D3moknight Can WCL tell if a taunt missed or the boss was overtaunted and immune?

I was tanking Algalon last night with my guild 10m on my alt DK tank. There were a few pulls we did that I tried taunting the boss for Phase Punch and I was seeing Immune pop up. I used Dark Command first, then Death Grip, then Dark Command again when it was back off cd before he would finally pull to me. I looked on WCL, and I can only see my taunt casts, but I can't see the hit/miss/immune from Algalon himself.
We got the kill in the end, but I am trying to troubleshoot why this wasn't working for us every pull. It was nearly every other pull that I was seeing Immune when trying to taunt. I confirmed with our Pally MT that he wasn't using Righteous Defense after he got 2 Phase Punch stacks to make sure the boss wouldn't be overtaunted when I needed to pick him up. I am over hitcap with the Dark Command glyph, so I know I wasn't missing.
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2023.03.28 14:38 whywouldntidothis 38 [m4f] #charleston SC - will cook for luvvin

i'm 38, married/nested and in search of a new connection with a rare person that fits in my heart. A person quick enough to call my bullshit and bat it back, a person kind enough to meet me in the middle, and a person secure enough to need me for me and not what i can provide. I've learned I have room for somebody in a very big and important spot and I'm here to talk to people and find out who that person is. So, that's what comes first. Let's talk.
things to expect from this guy:
I will mention motorcycles at some point. just roll your eyes and act interested in riding with me. it'll be over faster that way.
The nerd is strong over here. I will get excited about childish hobbies and send you pictures. Just roll your eyes and tell me i did a good job. it'll be over faster that way.
An red beard.
Cat pictures to brigthen your day.
Badass mac and cheese.
Impromptu critiques of the human condition from the mouth of a certified misanthrope. just roll your eyes and say "yea, fuck those people." it'll be over faster that way.
About my marriage and circumstances: We are dating separately ENM style and have been very comfortable this way for some time. It would be miraculous to find somebody in my hometown but of course i'm quite used to travelling to maintain a relationship at this point. My goals are a long term, meaningful, stable life with somebody special, and i've come to learn that some distance isn't necessarily a deal breaker for that.
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2023.03.28 14:38 ImClvudii No Assessment Email

So I've applied to 5 different Retail Sales Associate jobs near me & I've filled out the application but haven't received the automated assessment email that you get when you submit your application. Does this automatically mean I was rejected for the position?
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2023.03.28 14:37 RedTheShed Help me find the name an ability please!

I’m building a new character for our ROTR campaign and they are a very squishy spellcaster.
I distinctly remember there being a feat or magic item or spell or something like that which had an effect that to my best recollection functioned as:
“when below 0 hit points and dying, treat your constitution score as double for the purpose of determining how many negative hit points you can have before dying.”
I have already asked on the Pathfinder RPG discord, spent ages searching google, filtering through lists of feats and class abilities and reading forums and I cannot find it for the life of me but I am absolutely certain it exists because I nearly took it for a previous character.
If anyone here knows what I’m talking about it would be very much appreciated.
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2023.03.28 14:37 TREE_sequence Just Cut the Tie, or "Wait, Haven't I Seen This One?"

"Alright boys looks like I have my own RPG horror story to share. Strap in because this one is a long one."
...wait, haven't I heard that before?
Yeah, this story's most incredible part is how I basically saw it all coming and yet was variously too much of a niceguy (briefly) or too powerless (far longer) to stop any of it. I've been a lurker here for a while, also having watched videos from the various YouTubers who dub posts from this sub, so I knew what signs to look for, and they were there from the moment I heard the That Guy in this story talk for the first time. As a note, all of this boiled over a few months ago and I have been busy with a new job and the related move and have just now gotten the time to actually post this.
The game in question was a Pathfinder game over roll20, in a homebrew universe and with houserules in play. The houserules were never an issue, though, because the GM had an avenue of redress, that being the chat channel in the game's discord server where players could voice concerns and the players could vote. If a majority of the players were on board, the rule would change. Very early on in the game I got the GM to get rid of critical fumbles (a particular sore spot of mine in RPGs when used as a house rule; not particularly relevant to this story as to why, but suffice to say everyone was on board) using this method. This fact will be relevant later, as our That Guy was not particularly keen on hearing others' opinions.
When I joined this game it was just myself and about 3 other players (I think; this is a while ago). The GM was a middle-aged guy who tried to be nice but had several screws loose (and a few more had already fallen out). It wasn't as obvious at first, though, since at the time we didn't really have any problems for the GM to lose his mind addressing.
One of the big things this GM's game had going for it was that players could bring in exotic stuff and use it as long as the GM okayed it. My character was an elf wizard with the Fey Creature template (I used Sidhe to describe his race) and his stupidly high INT was balanced out by his laughably low STR and mediocre CON. He had some DR, and was rather slippery, but if you got your hands on him he would die pretty fast. In every sense of the word, he was a glass cannon, which I thought fit the faerie aesthetic quite well. Our other PCs were variously an orc barbarian, a Gathlain ranger (Gathlains are basically Pathfinder's Killoren for any D&D-only folks out there), and a ratfolk (I think; I forget the exact name of the race) bard. Importantly clerics were extremely rare in the world's lore, as the gods had all but abandoned the place. Fun.
As the party was now we completed an adventure culminating in finding a super important book, having it be stolen by some drow queen, then getting it back again, which was neat. Then the GM decided we didn't have enough players and started looking for more using the LFG feature on Roll20. The first player to join, whom I can't recall much about, ghosted after a session or two. Typical for people on roll20. The next, however, was the That Guy whose persistent existence in the campaign was to be its downfall.
This person had "Campaign Wrecker" written all over his face. Obsession with foxes of the anime variety to the point of calling them "floofy potatoes" and being unable to stop talking about them; Naruto ninja homebrew of unknown origin that makes pun-pun almost look kind of tame; homebrew fey kitsune race (despite PF having kitsune already built in) with ridiculous stats; spotlight-hogging in-game BS some of which wasn't even game related; et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. This player's character was a ridiculous do-everything broken abomination of homebrew nonsense that basically screams "I am the reason a lot of GMs just don't allow homebrew" whose name was Solice[sic] and whose story was "I am the chosen one of the fox people." Yes, that's correct; they couldn't even spell solace correctly and had a main-character backstory that would make Kirito blush.
After a few sessions of people constantly complaining about this character's overpowered BS, the player came back with another fox who was her daughter, named Luna (I guess a heavens theme? Dunno really) who was just as overpowered as the original. During this time, some other players joined, at least one of which was an IRL friend of this person and we had to split the group into two, one running sessions directly after the other each week, simply because there were too many players and this GM was just unable to tell the That Guy here "no." Also around this time was the point where I (along with a couple other players) built new characters with higher optimization because we felt we couldn't keep up with our That Guy's homebrew (or that of the other players the That Guy had brought in, which I think was also his homebrew). At this point I was already trying to voice concerns to the GM about this player, but I think I was too subtle about it, even though other players told me they had been doing the same. Instead of doing anything smart the GM tried giving this That Guy Co-GM powers (!) which went about how you'd expect.
All of this finally came to a head when this player tried to overhaul the already-existing crafting mechanics in Pathfinder with his own nonsensical and barely-even-fleshed-out rules without any of the other players' input. When the other players asked him what he was trying to do, and to maybe describe it, he dodged the questions with some noncommittal BS ("I can't write it all down!") and wouldn't take any advice, feedback, or constructive criticism at all. We managed to get the GM to step in after a lot of forceful talking-to, and this player settled for running side sessions when the GM was too busy to run a session, to "test their mechanics" (which really just amounted to essentially OVA episodes of our characters fighting a monster in completely unrelated contexts to get some random materials while the That Guy's character and his friend's sidekick character really got to hog all the spotlight). I tried to salvage the situation by suggesting maybe we run something else during those off-weeks at some point. That Guy interpreted this as volunteering to run a session during the next week (which I couldn't even make, because I had a special event that time) and had the audacity to issue an everyone ping happily announcing I would be running a session at the exact time when my special event was starting. This was the last straw.
The next session was a kind of muddled mess of players all arguing the various reasons why we didn't want That Guy in the group anymore. After a few hours of the GM trying to salvage things peacefully, he eventually gave and kicked That Guy from the group, but not before That Guy went into the roll20 room and deleted everyone's characters due to salt (GM had forgotten to revoke That Guy's Co-GM access). This surprised everyone other than me and one other player who had been temporarily kicked from the discord a few weeks earlier for "arguing with the GM" when he tried to tell That Guy that he was out of line.
The next week we tried to start over, but that amounted to GM railroading all of our characters into a city center where we all got "cursed" (no save) which just meant we all took a -2 to all ability scores. No interesting dilemmas, no sort of unusual compulsions, just a boring -2 to all stats. Everyone voiced concerns, and though session was over we continued to talk about it in the game's discord. I came back the next week to find out the GM had somewhat relented and made it -2 to only 2 stats. When I countered that a -2 to a stat with no save and no real resolving condition was not OK, the GM kicked me from the game with a slight rambling rant about how my arguing was annoying him when I was not the only player voicing any concerns about this. A week later I heard from one of the other players that the game had fizzled, since the GM had just had enough — an extremely boring and anticlimactic ending to a hectic and frustrating story we all should have seen coming.
Anyway, I probably missed a few bits here and there but that's the gist of it. Hopefully this can be a lesson to anyone who thinks it's fine to ignore these red flags. Better no game than a bad game, after all, even if foresight isn't nearly as clear as hindsight.
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2023.03.28 14:37 throwaway-likemysim What should I do after getting hit by a car?

Some basic info first, I’m an e-bike rider and I was cycling along a 2-lane carriage way. I was cycling along the road and on the opposite lane this car was approaching. There was junction on the right they were planning to turn into but failed to signal or indicate whatsoever and suddenly made a right turn into me as I was in the middle of the junction.
I’m currently in the hospital but I have no idea what to do as far as claims and things go. Please help.
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2023.03.28 14:36 littlespaceman 33 [M4F] - WV/VA/US - Nerdy introverted liberal seeking close connection

I am currently separated and going through a divorce. I am looking for a close platonic relationship with someone that will ultimately end in a LTR. I intend to marry in the future.
My quick facts
More about me
You/You are
If any of this resonated with you, then please message me! I am open to DMs or chat. If we hit it off, I would like to talk off Reddit on something like Discord (or whatever if there is something you like more). Please tell me a bit about yourself and what you liked about my post!
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2023.03.28 14:36 littlespaceman 33 [M4F] - WV/VA/US - Nerdy introverted liberal seeking close connection

I am currently separated and going through a divorce. I am looking for a close platonic relationship with someone that will ultimately end in a LTR. I intend to marry in the future.
My quick facts
More about me
You/You are
If any of this resonated with you, then please message me! I am open to DMs or chat. If we hit it off, I would like to talk off Reddit on something like Discord (or whatever if there is something you like more). Please tell me a bit about yourself and what you liked about my post!
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2023.03.28 14:36 CheeseWarloch Trying to order a birthday cake for an out-of-state friend.

Ended up leaving on a mission trip a few months back, been keeping in touch through mail. They've got a birthday coming up and for the life of me I can't find a place that does delivery for the kind of cake they want. So I thought it'd make sense to find a middle man to help me out.
The pastry place I found has takeout options, so I'm trying to figure out any way to commission someone to pick up the cake and take it 10 minutes down the road. I'd ask my friend to pick it up but that 10 minute drive is like an hour walking. Plus, it'd ruin the surprise.
Any advice on what service I'm looking for? Or what kind of person I could hire? Trying to steer away from sketchy stuff but I'm doing what I can to make a birthday here.
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2023.03.28 14:36 littlespaceman 33 [M4F] - WV/VA/US - Nerdy introverted liberal seeking close connection

I am currently separated and going through a divorce. I am looking for a close platonic relationship with someone that will ultimately end in a LTR. I intend to marry in the future.
My quick facts
More about me
You/You are
If any of this resonated with you, then please message me! I am open to DMs or chat. If we hit it off, I would like to talk off Reddit on something like Discord (or whatever if there is something you like more). Please tell me a bit about yourself and what you liked about my post!
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2023.03.28 14:36 littlespaceman 33 [M4F] - WV/VA/US - Nerdy introverted liberal seeking close connection

I am currently separated and going through a divorce. I am looking for a close platonic relationship with someone that will ultimately end in a LTR. I intend to marry in the future.
My quick facts
More about me
You/You are
If any of this resonated with you, then please message me! I am open to DMs or chat. If we hit it off, I would like to talk off Reddit on something like Discord (or whatever if there is something you like more). Please tell me a bit about yourself and what you liked about my post!
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2023.03.28 14:35 cagonzalez321 [Cold Open] Frank Becomes a Father

Frank Becomes a Father
Title: 10 am
Title: On a Monday
Title: Philadelphia, PA
Over titles we hear:
FRANK: Charlie, I didn’t bump into you on purpose.
CHARLIE: C’mon FRANK! You know we’re naked when we go down there. And we agreed on a minimum of 10 feet apart so nothing like this would ever happen!
FRANK: It was dark! And you know I don’t see too well.
CHARLIE: Dude! I don’t care…your dick and balls touched my ass! Pay attention next time!
Fade In: Int. of Paddy’s Pub
FRANK is sitting at the bar and CHARLIE is using the bar sink to wash off the sewer grime. DENNIS, DEE, and MAC walk in.
DEE: What’s up bitches?
DENNIS: I told you million times not to use the bar sink for your sewer baths!
CHARLIE: You don’t know what happened down there!
MAC: What happened?
CHARLIE: FRANK nearly ass raped me.
DENNIS: Sounds about right.
FRANK: Don’t listen to him! It was dark and couldn’t see where I was going! I accidently bumped into CHARLIE when I was trying to find a way out. My dick and balls touched your ass, so what?
MAC: Did CHARLIE get aroused when you made contact?
FRANK: It mighta jumped.
CHARLIE: My dick did not jump!
The door to PADDY’S opens. A nicely dressed middle age woman pushing a baby in stroller walks in.
DENNIS: No babies in the bar, lady!
DAISY: Frank?
FRANK: Yeah? What do you want?
DAISY: Do you remember me?
FRANK: Uhhh, no.
DAISY: I worked at Deliah’s on Columbus Blvd. I was going by Lips LoveBoxxx then. My real name is Daisy. I’ve turned a new leaf since my son was born.
FRANK: Oooo, I remember now. What do you want? I ain’t giving you shit unless you do that thing with the bottle and yogurt again.
DEE: Jesus, c’mon FRANK!
FRANK: You should have seen it! It was something else! The yogurt would ooze down her…
DEE: Enough!
DAISY: I don’t do that anymore, FRANK. I found the Lord when he was born.
FRANK: Geez, I don’t need to hear your life story. If ya ain’t going to do the yogurt thing, get out!
DAISY: FRANK, I have something to tell you.
FRANK: You don’t have AIDS do you?
FRANK: Phew! Dodged that bullet!
DAISY: This is your son.
FRANK: Ha! That’s not going to work again.
DAISY: This child of the Lord is yours. I want him to know his Father.
DENNIS: Wait, wait. Are we supposed to take the word of an ex whore? The kid could be anybody’s!
DAISY: No, I stopped the life style after a holy vision I had. The Lord told me to stop being a whore and raise this child properly. FRANK was my last customer.
MAC: As resident Bible scholar, I can say this is possible under the Lord’s rule.
FRANK: MAC, shut up. I’m not the Father!! You were banging 10 dudes a night. It could be anyone.
DAISY: FRANK, gaze upon your son’s face and tell me he isn’t yours.
FRANK walks to the car seat. He folds back the blanket. An epiphany occurs.
FRANK: Ohhhhhh…it’s like looking in a mirror.
DEE: Babies look like old, bald men when they are first born. This proves nothing! DENNIS and I are your true children!
DENNIS: Yes, Papa! Look upon us with joy!
CHARLIE: You guys are pathetic.
MAC: Children are a gift of God. Let us rejoice!
FRANK: The Reynolds resemblance is unmistakable. This is my one true heir! I shall raise him right this time and pass on my fortune to a worthy child.
DENNIS/DEE: Oh Goddamn!
Cut to titles:
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2023.03.28 14:35 UltimateTraders 3/28/2023 Daily Plays Quiet so far except for BABA but no Chinese ADRs for me, Sold and back in SYF I will try NWBI and NYCB Slight miss on CNM if it falls hard, been watching TITN as it fell to 28, companies that make money, very low PEs, have value, grow at or near 20% top and 10% bottom line

Good morning everyone. Quiet so far today unless you want to trade BABA. I did trade BABA calls last year, smaller bet, like 1,500 when the stock fell to like 70. I don’t really like buying shares of anything Chinese… at least for now. I still own 4,000 shares of EZGO average near 3.80 that I am willing to take the loss around 2. I did bid on BIDU puts a few weeks ago, but Iw ill stay away from shares after getting washed out and taking the loss on about 10 Chinese ADR’s like:
Start of 2021 these companies were executing and the stocks were on the move up. Summer of 2021 saw the IPO of the Chinese Uber $didi and when DIDI came out that July, the Chinese government came down hard on all ADR’s. I had hoped and thought it would boil over, it never did and I sold many of these stocks at 75+% losses, sadly. Largest loss about 30K on TIGR. My net number on TIGR was a slight loss as I made a ton on TIGR in 2020 and 2021. I loved TIGR growth and earnings surprises and was trading it from near 9-10 to 40 before it’s crash landing. I believe some of these Chinese companies will be fine, but I have no confidence in the stocks’ because of the Chinese government and as such I no longer care for BABA or BIDU…. I may want BIDU puts still. I have 1,000 shares of YANG at 13. [Chinese Bear ETF]
Even the banks stocks are a little quiet today. I will sit back and wait. I sold SYF for 40 cents on 1,000 shares. I did a similar trade Friday on NWBI. I am fine trading these types of stocks, they arent exciting, but the companies are executing, have fairly good earnings, good track record, have a PE ratio at 10 or under, grow sales near 20% and earnings near 10%. I can still lose on these stocks but I go into the trade with 90% certainty that if I watch the charts, the news, and get in, I will be able to swing it for a gain within a week.
As I have said in 2019, before the pandemic. This is how I traded. On a Monday, I would buy 2-4 stocks and by Friday sell 2-4 stocks. They would be quality companies. Rarely, growth stocks, and I would trade 1,000-2,000 shares for 20-50 cents. I would rarely buy a stock at that time with a PE ratio over 30-40. [Remember the SP500 trades at about 18 historically.. now near 20! This is going by my earnings of 208 for 2023.] When the pandemic brought on free trading, and tons of retail and I saw days, weeks, even months of speculation, I started to trade stuff like SDC BYND CVNA BILL UPST . companies that were growing at 100% with no earnings in sight… those growth stocks, presented big opportunities for the future..
No one says that NWBI NYCB PSEC SYF CRK is going to be the next AAPL MSFT AMZN CRM NVDA.
So it will always be the case the next tech stock growing at 30+% year over year is going to get the insane multiple. I trade something like that when we have a bull market with no fear!
We are in a bear market with tons of fear at the moment.. So I am happy waiting.
TITN missed earnings last week and got crushed from high 30s. The guidance was cut, but the PE is near 5-6. CNM just missed slightly, still growth and earnings over 20/10, what I look for and a PE about 10. If a stock like this gets hammered I may buy the dip. I don’t want to buy a stock that is decreasing sales or earnings NDVA for example because that generally does not signal the end! CNM just missed consensus but still grew sales and earnings by my metrics. NWBI is cooling off as NYCB as well. These are bank stocks that have steadily gave dividends, had good earnings and stocks were hammered. I feel if you diversify in several of these, you cant lose on them all! PACW didn’t pay that high dividend but of the West Coast Venture Tech banks it is the less riskiest. A lot of the banks on the West Coast relied on clientele of tech companies, silicon investors and are now taking a hit. I am trading SYF because it is a credit card company with consistent earnings and a PE ratio near 5. If I get stuck on these, but have 5-10 of them, I do not feel I will lose on all 10, by diversifying I feel that I will make that 20-50 cents on at least 1 of them and within a week. That is my main strategy in this crazy market..
5 Trade Ideas:
CNM – The water company had a slight miss, if it gets tagged near 20, I may buy shares. I was trading this for a few weeks after they smashed the last report from 19-23. I may have a chance again
TITN – For several quarters TITN smashed. They make trucks, machinery for agriculture and other commercial businesses. I am only interested because even with the lowered guidance. [Still growth but not as good] the PE is now near 5-6
NWBI NYCB PACW FRC WAL – The banks, so far quiet so far today. I traded NWBI for near 80 cents last week on 2 trades. I will look to do the same or NYCB which I did 2 weeks ago
SYF – This credit card company, I am last in 28.40. I would like 25-50 cents again and keep doing it, safety in this market!
IRTC – This cash lower, health tech stock has crossed above 120. I am being teased. It is worth at most 80 and that’s with the speculation. This was 1 of my fave shorts in 2021 and 2022. I traded puts on this between 15 and 20 times with no losing trade!
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2023.03.28 14:34 ekrubb Nervous for first butch(ish) haircut

Ever since high school, I've always dressed more on the masculine side, and I've leaned more into it since moving away from my hometown and going to college. However, I've always had very long, feminine hair (currently it's almost down to my mid back!).
I have an appointment with a good queer friendly hairstylist near me that's coming up, so I'm not worried about them not giving me what I want, but I'm still scared to actually go in and ask for what I want since I've only ever had one haircut my whole life and this would be a HUGE change for me.
It still seems a little silly to me since I know that it's what I want and I know that I shouldn't let other people's opinions affect what I do, but I've always gotten compliments on my long hair and have always been able to fit the "feminine standard" (whether I've wanted to or not). Plus, my mother's still not too keen with how androgynous I dress and style myself...
There aren't a lot of other gnc/butch people at my college and I know it's stupid but I'm kind of scared that people will judge me or think of me differently.
I just wanted to know whether anyone here has any "first butch haircut" tips and/or advice/words of wisdom!!
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2023.03.28 14:34 ev34jcnw Near accident shook me of the puppy blues

Last night my boyfriend and I were eating dinner on our back deck. Our 16 week old puppy wasn’t feeling herself after some vaccines and was chewing a dental bone underneath us. She finished and got up to wander the deck. She doesn’t show interest in squeezing through the rails or underneath the rails so we will occasionally let her wander (usually we’re in our rocking chairs, not the table). All of the sudden I hear a noise, and I look over and see a hawk on the roof of our house above the deck (maybe 6-7 foot roof above the deck). It had gotten up from its position and started flight, which is the noise I heard, toward our dog!! I shot up and the hawk changed flight.
We were so freaked out. It easily could’ve gone the other way and it would’ve totally been on us that our poor girl was attacked.
Love our girl, but I had been feeling a bit uninspired due to being the primary caregiver (I work from home) and all the work it takes to raise a puppy. Today I’m looking at her with new perspective 🥺
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2023.03.28 14:33 aestarlost unclaimed photobooth pics

so last mar 16 (thursday) my friends and i paid for 3 copies of these 4cut pic things from one of the stalls at the dlsu shs abm bazaar (?) at cads and we still haven't received them 😭 the students said they'll contact me (i left my number w them) but it's been nearly 2 weeks na and still no text 🫠 anyone know how i could just reach out to the students themselves lmao i already paid for those eh 🥹😅
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2023.03.28 14:33 Nalalala19 My uncle is upset I won't let him eat my groceries

So, at the moment I (22f) am living with my uncle (36m) for a temporary amount of time so I can get back on my feet after being in a toxic/abusive relationship where me and my partner were separated for months but he refused to get a job and I continued to have to pay all living expenses on my own (name on lease).
I live in the basement (currently my rent is $340 and $60 for internet, which is generous) and currently work 2 jobs so I can try and save up for my own place. I spend around $150-200 in groceries every 2 weeks due to not having the time to go grocery shopping all the time or having availability to go get my groceries picked up due to working from 6/8 A.M - 10 P.M for both jobs. I would prep my food to take to work that week on my only day off, Sunday, and then go to sleep.
It started off small, I'd notice little things were missing or all my almond milk was used. Or the meat I'd been saving for Sunday to cook for my meals that week was missing.
Then it became more. To the point he was not buying groceries himself and solely using my own and eating all the food I prepped for the week in one night when he got high or drunk and had the munchies. Leaving me to quickly try and prep something or just go lunchless that day. When I confronted him on eating my lunches he told me it wasn't a big deal and that it was good and he hopes that made me feel better. I began labeling my stuff with a sticky note saying "Don't eat please :)"
When I was away for a weekend at my now, current, boyfriend's house, I came back and found all my cat food had gone missing. I specially ordered this cat food for my cat ($40) to help her lose weight as she has issues with her thyroid. I had come home at around 10 P.M and no pet stores were open, and she needed food for the morning as her automatic feeder was almost out. As well, I ordered this food online. I couldn't get it at regular pet stores. I confronted him via text message. I asked him where my cats food was and he said he used it all and he didn't have time to get more for his own cats (which is a lie because he was off that weekend and before I left he was playing Fortnite, high). I told him "That was special food for weight loss and hairball control" he said "The one I just bought is special too, and I didn't see a sticky note saying 'Don't eat please :)'"
I began to tell him how it upset me he used ALL of it in one weekend and did not ask or inform me it was gone so I could order more and have it delivered. That it was expensive and I was upset. He said "You're not usually a cunt like this, are you and your bf arguing?" That's when it got personal. I told him to leave my bf out of it and that I need him to understand that if I'm being a cunt he needs to take a good look in the mirror as to why I am. He then began to go on about how I wasted my time with my prior relationship and how he never judged me for wasting my time, how I was better when I was jobless and not paying rent because now I'm a slob (prior to getting my two jobs I would clean the house frequently, now I just do not have the time), and a bunch more personal things that I'd rather not delve into.
I since then have labelled all of my groceries and since then he has been buying his own groceries. My boyfriend is coming over this weekend for my little sisters baby shower and I labelled a lot of things due to wanting to make sure it's all here and not eaten by the time he comes over.
I woke up that morning with the kitchen and dining room covered in my sticky notes. I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm trying to move out by June but me and my uncle were close prior to this but it's because I kept my mouth shut. He would consistently make comments about my body, my boyfriend, my life, my weight, everything, and I let it slide because I didn't wanna cause trouble. Due to this adding on an extra $150/week as I would have to rebuy all my groceries the next week, it became stressful money wise so I decided to put my foot down.
I don't know what to do. I have pictures of the kitchen and dining room as well as our text conversation, but the subreddit doesn't let me post. :(
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