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2023.03.28 14:39 D3moknight Can WCL tell if a taunt missed or the boss was overtaunted and immune?

I was tanking Algalon last night with my guild 10m on my alt DK tank. There were a few pulls we did that I tried taunting the boss for Phase Punch and I was seeing Immune pop up. I used Dark Command first, then Death Grip, then Dark Command again when it was back off cd before he would finally pull to me. I looked on WCL, and I can only see my taunt casts, but I can't see the hit/miss/immune from Algalon himself.
We got the kill in the end, but I am trying to troubleshoot why this wasn't working for us every pull. It was nearly every other pull that I was seeing Immune when trying to taunt. I confirmed with our Pally MT that he wasn't using Righteous Defense after he got 2 Phase Punch stacks to make sure the boss wouldn't be overtaunted when I needed to pick him up. I am over hitcap with the Dark Command glyph, so I know I wasn't missing.
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2023.03.28 14:38 ImClvudii No Assessment Email

So I've applied to 5 different Retail Sales Associate jobs near me & I've filled out the application but haven't received the automated assessment email that you get when you submit your application. Does this automatically mean I was rejected for the position?
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2023.03.28 14:35 cagonzalez321 [Cold Open] Frank Becomes a Father

Frank Becomes a Father
Title: 10 am
Title: On a Monday
Title: Philadelphia, PA
Over titles we hear:
FRANK: Charlie, I didn’t bump into you on purpose.
CHARLIE: C’mon FRANK! You know we’re naked when we go down there. And we agreed on a minimum of 10 feet apart so nothing like this would ever happen!
FRANK: It was dark! And you know I don’t see too well.
CHARLIE: Dude! I don’t care…your dick and balls touched my ass! Pay attention next time!
Fade In: Int. of Paddy’s Pub
FRANK is sitting at the bar and CHARLIE is using the bar sink to wash off the sewer grime. DENNIS, DEE, and MAC walk in.
DEE: What’s up bitches?
DENNIS: I told you million times not to use the bar sink for your sewer baths!
CHARLIE: You don’t know what happened down there!
MAC: What happened?
CHARLIE: FRANK nearly ass raped me.
DENNIS: Sounds about right.
FRANK: Don’t listen to him! It was dark and couldn’t see where I was going! I accidently bumped into CHARLIE when I was trying to find a way out. My dick and balls touched your ass, so what?
MAC: Did CHARLIE get aroused when you made contact?
FRANK: It mighta jumped.
CHARLIE: My dick did not jump!
The door to PADDY’S opens. A nicely dressed middle age woman pushing a baby in stroller walks in.
DENNIS: No babies in the bar, lady!
DAISY: Frank?
FRANK: Yeah? What do you want?
DAISY: Do you remember me?
FRANK: Uhhh, no.
DAISY: I worked at Deliah’s on Columbus Blvd. I was going by Lips LoveBoxxx then. My real name is Daisy. I’ve turned a new leaf since my son was born.
FRANK: Oooo, I remember now. What do you want? I ain’t giving you shit unless you do that thing with the bottle and yogurt again.
DEE: Jesus, c’mon FRANK!
FRANK: You should have seen it! It was something else! The yogurt would ooze down her…
DEE: Enough!
DAISY: I don’t do that anymore, FRANK. I found the Lord when he was born.
FRANK: Geez, I don’t need to hear your life story. If ya ain’t going to do the yogurt thing, get out!
DAISY: FRANK, I have something to tell you.
FRANK: You don’t have AIDS do you?
FRANK: Phew! Dodged that bullet!
DAISY: This is your son.
FRANK: Ha! That’s not going to work again.
DAISY: This child of the Lord is yours. I want him to know his Father.
DENNIS: Wait, wait. Are we supposed to take the word of an ex whore? The kid could be anybody’s!
DAISY: No, I stopped the life style after a holy vision I had. The Lord told me to stop being a whore and raise this child properly. FRANK was my last customer.
MAC: As resident Bible scholar, I can say this is possible under the Lord’s rule.
FRANK: MAC, shut up. I’m not the Father!! You were banging 10 dudes a night. It could be anyone.
DAISY: FRANK, gaze upon your son’s face and tell me he isn’t yours.
FRANK walks to the car seat. He folds back the blanket. An epiphany occurs.
FRANK: Ohhhhhh…it’s like looking in a mirror.
DEE: Babies look like old, bald men when they are first born. This proves nothing! DENNIS and I are your true children!
DENNIS: Yes, Papa! Look upon us with joy!
CHARLIE: You guys are pathetic.
MAC: Children are a gift of God. Let us rejoice!
FRANK: The Reynolds resemblance is unmistakable. This is my one true heir! I shall raise him right this time and pass on my fortune to a worthy child.
DENNIS/DEE: Oh Goddamn!
Cut to titles:
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2023.03.28 14:35 UltimateTraders 3/28/2023 Daily Plays Quiet so far except for BABA but no Chinese ADRs for me, Sold and back in SYF I will try NWBI and NYCB Slight miss on CNM if it falls hard, been watching TITN as it fell to 28, companies that make money, very low PEs, have value, grow at or near 20% top and 10% bottom line

Good morning everyone. Quiet so far today unless you want to trade BABA. I did trade BABA calls last year, smaller bet, like 1,500 when the stock fell to like 70. I don’t really like buying shares of anything Chinese… at least for now. I still own 4,000 shares of EZGO average near 3.80 that I am willing to take the loss around 2. I did bid on BIDU puts a few weeks ago, but Iw ill stay away from shares after getting washed out and taking the loss on about 10 Chinese ADR’s like:
Start of 2021 these companies were executing and the stocks were on the move up. Summer of 2021 saw the IPO of the Chinese Uber $didi and when DIDI came out that July, the Chinese government came down hard on all ADR’s. I had hoped and thought it would boil over, it never did and I sold many of these stocks at 75+% losses, sadly. Largest loss about 30K on TIGR. My net number on TIGR was a slight loss as I made a ton on TIGR in 2020 and 2021. I loved TIGR growth and earnings surprises and was trading it from near 9-10 to 40 before it’s crash landing. I believe some of these Chinese companies will be fine, but I have no confidence in the stocks’ because of the Chinese government and as such I no longer care for BABA or BIDU…. I may want BIDU puts still. I have 1,000 shares of YANG at 13. [Chinese Bear ETF]
Even the banks stocks are a little quiet today. I will sit back and wait. I sold SYF for 40 cents on 1,000 shares. I did a similar trade Friday on NWBI. I am fine trading these types of stocks, they arent exciting, but the companies are executing, have fairly good earnings, good track record, have a PE ratio at 10 or under, grow sales near 20% and earnings near 10%. I can still lose on these stocks but I go into the trade with 90% certainty that if I watch the charts, the news, and get in, I will be able to swing it for a gain within a week.
As I have said in 2019, before the pandemic. This is how I traded. On a Monday, I would buy 2-4 stocks and by Friday sell 2-4 stocks. They would be quality companies. Rarely, growth stocks, and I would trade 1,000-2,000 shares for 20-50 cents. I would rarely buy a stock at that time with a PE ratio over 30-40. [Remember the SP500 trades at about 18 historically.. now near 20! This is going by my earnings of 208 for 2023.] When the pandemic brought on free trading, and tons of retail and I saw days, weeks, even months of speculation, I started to trade stuff like SDC BYND CVNA BILL UPST . companies that were growing at 100% with no earnings in sight… those growth stocks, presented big opportunities for the future..
No one says that NWBI NYCB PSEC SYF CRK is going to be the next AAPL MSFT AMZN CRM NVDA.
So it will always be the case the next tech stock growing at 30+% year over year is going to get the insane multiple. I trade something like that when we have a bull market with no fear!
We are in a bear market with tons of fear at the moment.. So I am happy waiting.
TITN missed earnings last week and got crushed from high 30s. The guidance was cut, but the PE is near 5-6. CNM just missed slightly, still growth and earnings over 20/10, what I look for and a PE about 10. If a stock like this gets hammered I may buy the dip. I don’t want to buy a stock that is decreasing sales or earnings NDVA for example because that generally does not signal the end! CNM just missed consensus but still grew sales and earnings by my metrics. NWBI is cooling off as NYCB as well. These are bank stocks that have steadily gave dividends, had good earnings and stocks were hammered. I feel if you diversify in several of these, you cant lose on them all! PACW didn’t pay that high dividend but of the West Coast Venture Tech banks it is the less riskiest. A lot of the banks on the West Coast relied on clientele of tech companies, silicon investors and are now taking a hit. I am trading SYF because it is a credit card company with consistent earnings and a PE ratio near 5. If I get stuck on these, but have 5-10 of them, I do not feel I will lose on all 10, by diversifying I feel that I will make that 20-50 cents on at least 1 of them and within a week. That is my main strategy in this crazy market..
5 Trade Ideas:
CNM – The water company had a slight miss, if it gets tagged near 20, I may buy shares. I was trading this for a few weeks after they smashed the last report from 19-23. I may have a chance again
TITN – For several quarters TITN smashed. They make trucks, machinery for agriculture and other commercial businesses. I am only interested because even with the lowered guidance. [Still growth but not as good] the PE is now near 5-6
NWBI NYCB PACW FRC WAL – The banks, so far quiet so far today. I traded NWBI for near 80 cents last week on 2 trades. I will look to do the same or NYCB which I did 2 weeks ago
SYF – This credit card company, I am last in 28.40. I would like 25-50 cents again and keep doing it, safety in this market!
IRTC – This cash lower, health tech stock has crossed above 120. I am being teased. It is worth at most 80 and that’s with the speculation. This was 1 of my fave shorts in 2021 and 2022. I traded puts on this between 15 and 20 times with no losing trade!
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2023.03.28 14:34 ekrubb Nervous for first butch(ish) haircut

Ever since high school, I've always dressed more on the masculine side, and I've leaned more into it since moving away from my hometown and going to college. However, I've always had very long, feminine hair (currently it's almost down to my mid back!).
I have an appointment with a good queer friendly hairstylist near me that's coming up, so I'm not worried about them not giving me what I want, but I'm still scared to actually go in and ask for what I want since I've only ever had one haircut my whole life and this would be a HUGE change for me.
It still seems a little silly to me since I know that it's what I want and I know that I shouldn't let other people's opinions affect what I do, but I've always gotten compliments on my long hair and have always been able to fit the "feminine standard" (whether I've wanted to or not). Plus, my mother's still not too keen with how androgynous I dress and style myself...
There aren't a lot of other gnc/butch people at my college and I know it's stupid but I'm kind of scared that people will judge me or think of me differently.
I just wanted to know whether anyone here has any "first butch haircut" tips and/or advice/words of wisdom!!
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2023.03.28 14:34 ev34jcnw Near accident shook me of the puppy blues

Last night my boyfriend and I were eating dinner on our back deck. Our 16 week old puppy wasn’t feeling herself after some vaccines and was chewing a dental bone underneath us. She finished and got up to wander the deck. She doesn’t show interest in squeezing through the rails or underneath the rails so we will occasionally let her wander (usually we’re in our rocking chairs, not the table). All of the sudden I hear a noise, and I look over and see a hawk on the roof of our house above the deck (maybe 6-7 foot roof above the deck). It had gotten up from its position and started flight, which is the noise I heard, toward our dog!! I shot up and the hawk changed flight.
We were so freaked out. It easily could’ve gone the other way and it would’ve totally been on us that our poor girl was attacked.
Love our girl, but I had been feeling a bit uninspired due to being the primary caregiver (I work from home) and all the work it takes to raise a puppy. Today I’m looking at her with new perspective 🥺
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2023.03.28 14:33 aestarlost unclaimed photobooth pics

so last mar 16 (thursday) my friends and i paid for 3 copies of these 4cut pic things from one of the stalls at the dlsu shs abm bazaar (?) at cads and we still haven't received them 😭 the students said they'll contact me (i left my number w them) but it's been nearly 2 weeks na and still no text 🫠 anyone know how i could just reach out to the students themselves lmao i already paid for those eh 🥹😅
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2023.03.28 14:33 Nalalala19 My uncle is upset I won't let him eat my groceries

So, at the moment I (22f) am living with my uncle (36m) for a temporary amount of time so I can get back on my feet after being in a toxic/abusive relationship where me and my partner were separated for months but he refused to get a job and I continued to have to pay all living expenses on my own (name on lease).
I live in the basement (currently my rent is $340 and $60 for internet, which is generous) and currently work 2 jobs so I can try and save up for my own place. I spend around $150-200 in groceries every 2 weeks due to not having the time to go grocery shopping all the time or having availability to go get my groceries picked up due to working from 6/8 A.M - 10 P.M for both jobs. I would prep my food to take to work that week on my only day off, Sunday, and then go to sleep.
It started off small, I'd notice little things were missing or all my almond milk was used. Or the meat I'd been saving for Sunday to cook for my meals that week was missing.
Then it became more. To the point he was not buying groceries himself and solely using my own and eating all the food I prepped for the week in one night when he got high or drunk and had the munchies. Leaving me to quickly try and prep something or just go lunchless that day. When I confronted him on eating my lunches he told me it wasn't a big deal and that it was good and he hopes that made me feel better. I began labeling my stuff with a sticky note saying "Don't eat please :)"
When I was away for a weekend at my now, current, boyfriend's house, I came back and found all my cat food had gone missing. I specially ordered this cat food for my cat ($40) to help her lose weight as she has issues with her thyroid. I had come home at around 10 P.M and no pet stores were open, and she needed food for the morning as her automatic feeder was almost out. As well, I ordered this food online. I couldn't get it at regular pet stores. I confronted him via text message. I asked him where my cats food was and he said he used it all and he didn't have time to get more for his own cats (which is a lie because he was off that weekend and before I left he was playing Fortnite, high). I told him "That was special food for weight loss and hairball control" he said "The one I just bought is special too, and I didn't see a sticky note saying 'Don't eat please :)'"
I began to tell him how it upset me he used ALL of it in one weekend and did not ask or inform me it was gone so I could order more and have it delivered. That it was expensive and I was upset. He said "You're not usually a cunt like this, are you and your bf arguing?" That's when it got personal. I told him to leave my bf out of it and that I need him to understand that if I'm being a cunt he needs to take a good look in the mirror as to why I am. He then began to go on about how I wasted my time with my prior relationship and how he never judged me for wasting my time, how I was better when I was jobless and not paying rent because now I'm a slob (prior to getting my two jobs I would clean the house frequently, now I just do not have the time), and a bunch more personal things that I'd rather not delve into.
I since then have labelled all of my groceries and since then he has been buying his own groceries. My boyfriend is coming over this weekend for my little sisters baby shower and I labelled a lot of things due to wanting to make sure it's all here and not eaten by the time he comes over.
I woke up that morning with the kitchen and dining room covered in my sticky notes. I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm trying to move out by June but me and my uncle were close prior to this but it's because I kept my mouth shut. He would consistently make comments about my body, my boyfriend, my life, my weight, everything, and I let it slide because I didn't wanna cause trouble. Due to this adding on an extra $150/week as I would have to rebuy all my groceries the next week, it became stressful money wise so I decided to put my foot down.
I don't know what to do. I have pictures of the kitchen and dining room as well as our text conversation, but the subreddit doesn't let me post. :(
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2023.03.28 14:33 North_Juice_2453 How many Sheetz cards do you have?

Every time I go in the store I just ask for a new card. I don't carry keys and I'm not putting the card in my wallet. Why do they insist on marking up everything and making me make them waste a new card? Extra funny because they would try to charge me a nickel for a plastic bag where I am, but I bet the card has more plastic in it than a bag does.
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2023.03.28 14:33 rwklfnlk I still feel so confused when I think of my parents

My parents essentially ignored me since birth, never really spoke to me or knew anything about me but expected me to present happy/perfect families to the outside world. One day when I was 15 or 16 my mother told me that my grandfather had SA'd my cousin, asked me if he had ever done anything to me (he hadn't), and then never spoke of it again. But the thing is, my grandparents lived with us (Asian "culture"), and I had to live at home for the next 8 years until I saved up enough to leave. I then returned after a year overseas, confronted my parents for making me and my younger siblings knowingly live with a paedo, after which they told me that the grandfather on the other side was also a paedo. They let us visit him and sleep over his place regularly too. The thing is I know that letting their kids near known abusers is beyond horrifically wrong, and this clearly shows that they didn't care about their children. But when I say this to them, they keep insisting that they care about me and love me. I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around it. They didn't love us right? They are lying right? I feel so much hatred for them
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2023.03.28 14:32 JamesThePanther Why is nest tracking so hard??

I’m decent at stealth and my teammates are (usually) the same, but every time I do nest tracking me and the team are somehow found by every Archean near us! Some tips or a answer to this question would be appreciated (returning player btw)
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2023.03.28 14:32 DetachableWenis My ideas on what would've saved RDO (LONG)

What a phenomenal game. Right? We'll skip past the part where we lament about expectations, wasted potential, massive let downs and betrayal. For the sake of this one I'm also going to skip past the usual suspects in the department of desired content, i.e. properties - communal and player owned, or other things we all either were promised or expected.
In today's fast, consumption based gaming world, content is everything.
• We start by releasing, even as a steady paced drip, all NPC clothing items (like hats for example) and ALL HORSE SKINS that have been unavailable to the player. Speaking of horses, we re-spec the horse system where stats are horse based, NOT skin/coat based. Keep the tiers for price points but allow free range of coat selection - just like buying a car. Easy. I'd wager these two things would've kept a lot of us on the game for a lot longer.
• GENERAL STORE - hear me out. Instead of the "store" option we have now, which is essentially a cattle funnel that leads us all to a blatant microtransaction page for buying gold bars, we have an actual store! In this GENERAL STORE we have perhaps bi-weekly or even monthly content released for us and then put into a timed or seasonal rotation for our consumption.
What would be in the store, you ask?
Why of course the most popular crap to hit gaming since downloadable map packs: SKINS!
This is how the money is made and this I'm certain would've kept most of us around.
We know Rockstar (which in this post will be henceforth represented by " R* ") has the clout and the money to have some real star power and licensing success in their games. Think of all the people and songs you may have enjoyed in their other games like GTA. Samuel L. Jackson, Bas Rutten, David Cross, etc. What R* does, with a little investment on their end, in addition to ORIGINAL CONTENT, is negotiate licensing for the GENERAL STORE.
A lot of us like RD and RDO because of the set piece. I'd wager a lot of use like westerns new and old. Tombstone, Quick and the dead, Young Guns, Django (yes, Django), 310 to Yuma, nearly all of the Eastwood classics like Josie Wales; Good, Bad & Ugly, Fistful of dollars and A few dollars more etc. This is R* throws their weight (money) around a little to garner some licensing and make content packs based on iconic characters from these movies! I don't believe they should sell skins to make us look like Clint Eastwood's Blondie, just make available a clothing pack that would allow us to dress like him. I've seen some impressive recreations here over the years but imagine if we could purchase the real deal, licensed from United Artists.
Then maybe the next week/month we have the Tombstone theme pack made available. We'd be able to dress like all of our favorites from what is arguably the best modern western movie to date! I'd pay to dress up like Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday or as Wyatt Earp himself! Maybe even include some of the Cowboys clothing like Stephen Lang's Ike Clanton.
By using some of R*'s own star power in the popular culture arena I don't think that this would've been beyond the realm of possibility. The GENERAL STORE idea paired with some original content like PERIOD SPECIFIC clothing (not the weird voodoo clown suit) or weapon skins like Wild Bill Hickock's silver Navy Revolver, I think it would've generated enough revenue to keep us all in the budget for years to come!
Otherwise, keep gold bars as is, play a little bit bigger part in the community (like when they were freeing up clothing items based upon our own player created outfits), team up with content creators like Man v. History on Youtube, themed events, and of course expand upon the RDO story or maybe even finish it. I need to know what happens with Mrs. LeClerk and how HORLEY was behind the whole thing because he wanted to be with her! (just my fan theory lol)

TL;DR - R* should've made a microtransaction based GENERAL STORE page with a steady rotation of original and period specific content in addition to Western themed content packs based on western pop. culture, movies and history, etc.
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2023.03.28 14:31 four536 I'm tired...

Throughout highschool, I have done my best in academics (1500+ sat and Top 10 out of 500), and extracurriculars (with a interest toward engineering) including leading a STEM club, Engineering camp volunteering, and winning a national science competition on my own. However, because of the strict covid measures in my family, my ECs were empty for freshmen and sophomore years and I basically had no social life or any friends.
In terms of college, I have only been accepted to my state schools, which is actually fine with me. But the cost of it just makes me feel like crap. Though my household income is 100k It's going to be 15k/year in loans for me because I'm not going to get any support from my family. Being in the right in middle class income and not so ideal demographics, I doubt I'll get any of the private scholarships I've applied for...
And unfortunately for me, even if I go to community College, the price would nearly be the same because I wouldn't qualify for the 10k per year state scholarship if I transferred. But actually I might still just go this route if I'm able to just work constantly during cc to save up 60k for transferring. At this point, I just feel empty inside. Where did I go wrong?
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2023.03.28 14:31 Dino7813 First boat, go big or go home? Does that ever work out?

I got bit by the sailing bug at a late age, the half century mark. I took the ASA 101, and I’ll go back for the 103/104 in just a couple months. I’ve quietly lurked here and I’ve seen a pretty high prevalence of people getting starter-boats and upgrading later. I’m basically looking at a 30-35’ high performance cruiser.
We’re moving the family to the water, eventually, we’ll have our own dock on the property for sure, though right now we are only 35-45 minutes from the nearest marinas on the Chesapeake. However, that move may not happen for a couple years when the real estate market settles down some.
I would be buying something new or only a few years old. I could/would spend $200k, I would put 30k down and finance, or I pay cash. If I pay cash I’d have to liquidate investment assets and with the market as it is, I’m not feeling like that’s a great idea At the moment. I’d rather finance with no early payment penalty and see how the market settles in the next couple years, then pay it off.
I’m really stuck on this decision. I saw a beautiful mini-12 meter, all wood, no motor, simple as can be, trailerable and easily taken to the closest slip and stored at home, for about $20k. Something like that would be really cool, but it wouldn’t be the “full” experience I truly want for me or my family. We could day-sail, but I feel like it would be mostly for me. I also saw the exact boat I want, in my budget. That would open up the possibility for overnight adventures, long weekend trips, bringing our friends aboard. Of course in the back of my mind is a lingering fear: what if I make a bold move and then later feel like I’m not into it.
I’d love to hear from those of you that decided to go big and it all worked out, as I imagine the folks it didn’t work out for are not on the sub anymore. Did anybody have an upgrade phase and it was a good thing for you ?
TLDR: first boat, buy a little one or a big one?
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2023.03.28 14:31 corran11 Hogwarts Legacy golden vinyl

Dears, Have any of you seen preorder of Hogwarts Legacy in European store? I’ve seen it in Mondo US only but this will kill me with taxes and shipping fee :(
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2023.03.28 14:31 ThrowRAntHands Five months of long distance messaging. I think I’m (34F, US) going to need a definition from him (36M, UK) soon.

I (34F) started messaging with another Redditor (35M) five months ago. He lives in the UK, I’m in the US. We chat almost everyday; some days are lengthy conversations while others are just a quick catch-up. And yes, some has been sexual let’s move on. There are times when a day or two passes with nothing from him, which drives me nuts. It makes me anxious and insecure (hence, why I’m here). Two days of silence seems silly to weep over after this long, especially when he always comes back, but that’s just the truth. I keep it to myself because it seems burdensome to pelt him with messages if he’s busy. Life happens and that’s understandable. Not everyone is attentive to their phone (right?) I know “if he wanted to, he would” but also if he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t. Being an ocean away would make it really easy to cut ties and bounce if he wasn’t interested. At the same time, why does it feel like I’m thinking of him way more than he’s thinking of me? Is this just a difference in personality? Is it cultural?
I know I’m emotionally invested, perhaps foolishly so, but here we are. I really enjoy him. I have some weeks left in me before I have to ask what we’re doing here, but I know I’m nearing my limit before I explode with— Is it just me that feels a connection, am I a hobby when you’re bored, are we ever going to FaceTime or meet, is there an end goal or are we just going to be own pals? It’s bizarre to feel like a trembling terrier over someone I’ve never met and try to have some chill when I’m just dying to message him until he answers.
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2023.03.28 14:30 EighterThot2515 AITA for wanting to look good at prom?

mandatory apology for formatting since i’m on mobile.
I (16F) recently received all my jewelry and my prom dress in the mail. i was super excited and decided to facetime one of my closest friends (16F) to get her opinion on it. she immediately went to trashing me. like legit before i even said anything, she said “those nails are ugly and that dress makes you look fat”
she said the dress was ugly (which i don’t get because earlier that day she’d sent a dress in our group chat that was nearly identical to mine, just a different color, and asked if she should get it cuz it was cute.) she said the jewelry looked cheap and you could tell it was from a chinese website, especially the pearl necklace. i informed her that the pearl necklace i was wearing at that moment was an authentic one, gifted to me by my dad and only worn on special occasions. she sort of stumbled over her words and tried to defend herself, saying that wasn’t what she meant and i was crazy. i hung up the call after a while, but not before she made some snarky comment about how i would look so good they (her and our friends) would have to beat their dates off of me. i laughed awkwardly but she didn’t.
now, literally just a couple minutes ago, i got to school and went to her car to chill and do my makeup, and we were chatting for a bit until she brought up the topic of prom. she did the whole “hey girlie no offense” thing and said it was kind of shitty and slutty of me to look so good knowing all the other girls in our group were bringing dates, and how obviously i wasn’t bringing a date so i could fuck their boyfriends. i legit gasped and started crying. i asked her why she thinks i would do that and she said because she doesn’t trust her boyfriend, so i shouldn’t try to tempt him more. for context, her bf has cheated on her before and we all advised her to dump him but she didn’t. she also said it’s obvious i have a crush on him. her evidence? the fact that i say hi to him whenever she’s on the phone with him. just hi.
i left her car and went to come cry in mine, but now i’m wondering if what she’s saying is right? i see how it could look like i wanted to be the prettiest in the group, but i just wanted to look good at my first prom. so aita?
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2023.03.28 14:29 Majestic-Cream9498 Selling Fortnite account inactive +100 skins +100 backpack +200 dances Lvl 1172 / Epic Games Store with +60 games. DM me for PRICE$$ here or discord: 7suite#9701

Selling Fortnite account inactive +100 skins +100 backpack +200 dances Lvl 1172 / Epic Games Store with +60 games. DM me for PRICE$$ here or discord: 7suite#9701 submitted by Majestic-Cream9498 to FortniteAccountsSale [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 14:29 Wild-Fishing9319 I want to save myself

Just learning about you. Husband talks to me like I’m an employee. He has told me multiple times he has lot of resentment because he works and I don’t do enough.
As a result, he often talks to me like I’m an employee “this needs to be wiped. Fridge needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis”…which I don’t like. Or.,”can you not see these stains that need to be cleaned?” Or just fill out “I can’t eat this dish you made. There’s not enough salt, spices…and why didn’t you put coconut milk? You need to get the right ingredients when you go to grocery store”
I hate being talked to like this and I’ve had enough of the complaining and criticism.
I have not voiced myself well. Didn’t know how to articulate. I’m learning. My son used to get distressed watching his dad talk to me like that, then got yo a point of hating his dad when he was 10-11 ..and eventually he got annoyed at me for not fighting back ..being too soft. As I would freeze internally..,feel so victimized, hurt..angry. I would Take it so personally that I lost ability to articulate.
Son just turned 12..and he has toughened. He now looks more up to his dad.I think he appreciates his tough directness and doesn’t respect me for not standing up for myself and being my husbands target. It’s like son needs to find reason to not like me so he can admire his dad. But my husband doesn’t bad mouth me to’s not that bad. And he has other sides that i really admire,
But he has issue w me about how I keep house etc. and his way of directing anger at me is in a blaming, reprimanding, accusatory way. Ie., it doesn’t feel like how a husband should be addressing his wife. And that’s what my son has seen for several years and now is mirroring.
I’ve let this go on for too long. I was trying to figure out what to do and find my voice.
I let him mistreat me for so long, now I want to figure out what to do to move forward.
First..i’m getting to know myself..becoming aware of my thinking and behaviors that don’t serve me.,so I can be more internally strong. A few weeks back my husband told me I need to make changes. I told him I’m doing my best..I care for him, the kids, the house, and I’m doing my best. He said it’s not even close and that’s an excuse. I just need to do better job of decluttering and kitchen clean..and then he’ll be fine. Then he’ll be happy..
Another time when I told him I don’t like how he’s talking to me he asked me what I can do so he doesn’t have to talk like this..
I told husband I can’t make him happy. I love and care for him..but I can’t make him happy. For so long I wanted to find my inner strength and make this marriage work. But I found myself saying to him that I don’t see any good in continuing fir another ten years like this.
Going forward, I know I need to tell the truth more often rather than trying to overlook the bad behavior.
I’d love your thoughts on what I can do to save myself..and do best for my son and all involved.
In meantime I’ll be listening to your stuff and how to get strong.
Thank you
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2023.03.28 14:29 Prudent-Concert1376 Shouldn't have gone out

I pulled a real kook move a few weeks ago and was thinking how supportive and forgiving this sub is, so I thought I'd share.
I went to my local (1.5 hr drive) when the report said it was too big. For once, MSW nailed it, and it was indeed too big. The parking lot was packed and there was basically nobody in the water, mostly people weren't even getting changed. The few dudes out there were either catching life changing waves or having careeer ending wipeouts.
I was standing watching the waves for a while and trying to pump myself up, when an older guy saw the look on my face and I told him I was trying to talk myself into going in he was like "I've been surfing here 20+ years, there's a reason nobody is getting changed. Don't do it."
Of course I'm not going to let some guy tell me what to do just because he knows what he's talking about and I'm just a moron with death wish, so I immediately went and put my wetsuit on, paddled out into the river mouth (not even close to the break) and realized I was fucked...
Literally nowhere near any breaking waves but the water was just churning and moving so much I realized I was not really in control. I turned around after 5 minutes of getting heaved and it took me 20+ mins of hard panicky scratching to get back to shore.
I managed to get smacked on the leg hard by my fin while flailing and inhaled alot of seawater, and I'm lucky that's all that happened. I can't even begin to think how bad it could've gotten if I'd made it out to the break.
The moral of my story is I'm a fucking kook and should listen to the grouchy old guys in the parking lot if I'd like to live to be one of them one day.
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2023.03.28 14:28 Large_Call_3933 Me[29M], my brother Bill[38M], his newlywed wife Jane[36F], and the entire family situation is turning toxic, awkward, odd, and off putting.

Here is what is happening with my thought process in regards to the situation in my family.
I have 4 older brothers and my parents. The second and third have moved out. My oldest brother, the fourth, and me(the youngest) along with my parents live under the same household.
Beginning in 2020, my parents were asking their relatives around for any recommendation regarding a potential wife for my oldest brother(Bill). A relative reached out to them and recommended someone(Jane) that was traveling overseas from a foreign country for vacation. My parents decided to move forward with the process and allowed her to live in our house and work at our family owned business.
My mom had a stroke mid 2021, which caused her to be paralyzed on the left side, needing assistance for moving around, and doing daily activities. Our family has not been the same and the situation affected all of us. My mom is in bed most of the time and speaks to whomever she can speak with especially with our family and Jane.
Within 1 year, Jane eventually got to know our family and got closer to Bill. They both decided to get married in late 2021 with the support from our family.
Jane and my mom would have conversations about my mom's worries and concerns for her family's future for more than 1 year because my mom is mostly in bed most of the time and not completely there anymore.
My mom most likely asked Jane to look/recommend someone for me. Jane sees an opportunity to recommend one of her sister that is currently living in her country because this will align with her main agenda to continue onto bringing her family members over to the US because the living standard is better over here than in the other country, she would be given praise from her family and extended family that she is capable to do such a thing in a small amount of time. At this point, she is making a power play to bringing at least one of her sister over to the US for a better future. And she sees me as a potential candidate to do so. She would have more control, power, and influence over our family near the future.
Jane has 1 older brother, 3 older sisters, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters. Their mom had a stroke awhile ago like my mom. While their dad passed away about 10 years ago. Jane and her oldest sister is living in the US.
My mom is in agreement with her because my mom is liking Jane's recommended sister to my family and from how this sister is religiously devoted. In actuality, Jane and her oldest sister truly love their family that is overseas, and feeling obligated with responsibility to do anything to bringing one of their sisters over to the US for a better future.
So they orchestrated an overseas trip and brought me along so I can get to know their family and especially their recommended sister.
After 3-4 months from the overseas trip, my parents have been insisting I do it rather I like it or not because they realized the overseas trip potentially didn't bring any connection/meaningful relationship with the sister they recommended.
Jane and her oldest sister were having long conversations with each other before traveling overseas, I guarantee this was one of the subject of discussion and if they played it right then they could narrow one of their sisters for me without me suggesting any other options for me. There plan was to want more from our family and trick/brainwash my mind to doing such a thing for their family without having to directly ask me and reveal their true intentions. I believe this has to do with wanting more from my family and human nature to take advantage of someone.
If I do bring one of their sisters over to the US and things fallout between the relationship then it would have been still a win-win situation for her family because she would had the opportunity to stay in the US.
The positive consequences for Jane and her family far out weigh the negative consequences with bringing one of her sister over to the US.
Also, Jane is currently working with high motivation and lots of interest because she is having things tax incentives with being married to Bill. She is saving her money and she will most likely be in control of the family business with Bill near the future. So, she is sitting pretty well by staying with my family for the past 3 years, rent free, utilities free, and support from the family. She certainly wants more because she sees the opportunity and the power she has on the family. Having money, living in the US, sharing it with her family shows where she stands with her family and her influence on the people around her after coming to the US. Almost like showing dominance over another individual or family household.
I do respect Jane because she is hard working, dedicated, and a highly motivated individual. However, I believe she is asking for too much at this point. Her oldest sister's agenda and her agenda is not right when you incorporate more things that involve families from our family because I believe it is wrong on so many levels, it would be better if it was someone outside her family members or not have even planned it out to begin with. Things need to happen organically not forcefully or manipulatively because the relationship will not last long term. Jane and her oldest sister needs to be thankful for what they currently have because it can all slip away easily.
Bill is potentially compromised because he is now married to Jane and you usually love your spouse more than anybody else. My brother might slip up and say things to her because she wants to know more things about our family with high interest for herself and her family members overseas.
My mom is out of the picture because of her illness and can be highly influenced in her current state. She is extremely devoted to religion along with Bill and Jane.
My dad doesn't care much, but is still trying to do his best to mediate the situation for what happened before the overseas trip, during the overseas trip, and up until now.
At this point for me, I'm willing to do things because it has some meaning or associated with things I love near to my heart. At this age, I believe you either have high interest or doing it out of love. I made some silly mistakes because their was a point in my brain where I stopped caring about anything due to my neck issue/health. I potentially gave mixed messages during the overseas trip when Jane was pushing for one of her sister onto me. I believe all of this is highly manipulative, toxic to a certain extent, odd, and not great for the long term aspect. While I was overseas with Jane and her family I did feel a little bit disrespected, pushed, and slight bad vibes.
Tl;dr: I need help with inputs, opinions, and suggestions from anyone, if what Jane was doing is extremely wrong, toxic, or just using me and my family. It seems like she is desperate to bringing one of her sister over because her family is having no luck, so she is trying to push her luck onto her family that is overseas. I'm over here realizing this now or it could be a distraction for something else. Like she wants control, obedience, loyalty, and cooperation from my family despite knowing our family in such a small amount of time.
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2023.03.28 14:28 Minimum_Ad2529 I hate how my mom prioritises religion over her own kid.

The amount of money she has put into taking care and buying food for the temple is excessive, too the point she is trying to build a house near the temple that Costs $200000+ and due to that she is left with a large amount of debt.
She is now asking me to use my life savings to pay of her loans. She is slowly destroying the relationship with my dad because of her religion, she doesn't work or have the skills to (she never studied past year 10), therefore her source of cash to spend comes from my dad, he is no longer paying for her.
My mum is slowly crippling her life and mine, sacrificing her relationship just for religion.
It makes me sad that she thinks religion is more important than her only child, her relationship, her life, those around her. I'm tired, Im too young to have to worry about these things, its stressful, she never stops even when I tell her, try to talk to her but she still does reckless decision and her impulsive spending on religion.
Eventually she will keep getting more debt and dad cut ties with her, we'll have nothing, and I'll have no choice but to suffer the aftermath of her decisions.
I might as well just end it all now, theres no point after all, she will never learn, she had no education to work a job when dad leaves us, no family to go to because they barely earn enough to live, I'm too young to make enough money to go school or help us survive.
If I'll suffer living a painful death and die knowing so, I have nothing to lose anyways.
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