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2023.03.28 14:59 AdministrationNo283 The Western Murals

Had an idea that they would look great on the wall in my atomic test bunker (if that was even possible). But then I don’t remember ever seeing them at someone else’s camp, or for sale in a vendor. I am almost afraid to ask how rare they are and how much they would cost.
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2023.03.28 14:58 FtmGoodboigamer Am I actually okay?

8 year relationship. Ended. (Me, FTM trans masc) (them. NB) I even saw them post on SC the new person they are pursuing. Yet I still reached out. I asked them flat out if they were seeing anyone and they said No. they even went as far as to say they haven’t been out in months.. which my friend confirmed to be a lie because he also saw them together…I still. Knowing all this. Continued to pursue. I went through a week of actually thinking on my past and how I am going to actively better and I did. I am. I asked if we could have a platonic relationship. I explained what that looked like for me and they agreed to it and everything. We were talking everyday, making plans again, I was sending them money for shit. Even came over. Let me touch them up. Felt on my stomach and everything. Them saying how much they love and miss me. Just to switch over all their profile pictures to this new person in the middle of the night like I wasn’t going to notice? And when I called them out on it. They first denied to back track. They admitted they knew what they were doing but they were finally getting everything from me they thought they deserved and it was just. “So great” and blah blah. Excuses as to why they were selfish. Even saying word for word that they were being so. Deeply apologizing… It didn’t matter. I allowed myself to be hopeful and hold onto someone who already told me it was done. I put in my all for that last little and I’m not going to feel bad for that. It isn’t a weakness to extend your love.. I genuinely feel bad for who they are with because they have already technically cheated on them with me and I never wanted to be that person for someone… it really got me because this year I found out I had BPD and am Autistic.. Started hormones.. I’m finally living as myself and they took advantage of that and my love… and I don’t know if my brain is getting over it solely because they fucked me over or if it’s because it never really mattered in the first place?…
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2023.03.28 14:55 Paneraiguy1 I must have missed the word antifa anywhere in this flyer

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2023.03.28 14:54 TurbulentMost3431 How to handle the duality of transition

So I am 54 yrs old, and started GAHT five months ago. I have known I was trans since 1981, I have always been so terrified of it (Bad Childhood for being trans) that I had never put on a piece of female clothing or makeup. I finally saw a counselor last July, I started hormones then on Halloween. Still would not dress in female clothing. My wife is supportive and has tried taking me shopping each time I would just meltdown more than once she found me sitting in the back of the store in tears. Then five weeks ago, we went to an AIDS benefit and I dressed in really just gender neutral clothes. Three weeks ago I bought a pair of slacks and a top and wore them on a trip. A couple of people came up to me and told me that they liked the clothes and I got my first mam from a barista. Two weeks ago I bought ten pairs of shoes and like eight tops and bottoms. I dressed Fem all weekend. I have been sure that I look like some horrible person but my wife and her friends tell me that they have butt envy and it's not fair that clothes look good on me. I don't believe them at all, but they are supportive and cheering me on from the sidelines.
This weekend I bought more clothes bra's " as my wife is saying I need to be wearing one and just my old tee-shirt looks indecent.
Anyway I dressed all this weekend and was happy. Now I have to go back to work and boy mode. I'm so upset and anxious about boy modding. I can't come out to work for maybe 12-15 months I just can't there a big amount of money at stake enough for FFS. So I have to boy mode. How do I deal with the anxiety and stress of switching back and forth. I still hate myself for being transgendered, but have accepted that is who I am. I get so torn up with the back and forth. I don't pass at all. I am so joyous in my Fem outfits even if I terrified. I am just so never wanting to boy mode and yet I have to. The money for the surgeon D.B. is on the line and I want that so bad! I have a consult scheduled with him in 11 months. How do I make peace with boy mode. I did this for so long and even though I thought about it all the time, I never felt like I couldn't do it. How can I have switched so fast. I just don't understand my own emotions on this. If you do this what tricks do you do? How do you do it?
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2023.03.28 14:47 A_LA_VIE When is face shop's Anniversary sale?

I am waiting for b1g1 on face shop , so when does it go on sale.
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2023.03.28 14:45 Garlicbreadislyf Running a club within a club? What legal structure should I be looking at?

I appreciate this is quite a niche situation so I’ll explain as best I can.
We have a local bowling club in our town. The club is struggling financially and has access to a very large room which it doesn’t utilise at all.
I am looking to rent this large room + an adjoined office and open a pool hall in this room / small office. The proposal I am going to put forward is that I pay a flat monthly rent for the room (the club will continue to pay electric etc and will account for this with the rent charged. Then we split any bar sales 40%-40% with the final 20% going into a fund to restore the restroom facilities and redecorate the club (they are in dire need of modernisation).
I along with a few friends will also join the committee and take over bar shifts as this is currently fully volunteered and the club is only open two days a week.
The club has been a part of my life for a long time. I would like to see it thriving, modernised, with a young clientele and be open 7 days a week taking good bar sales. The town I’m in will benefit massively from the pool hall, which is a very popular sport in this area and has nothing like what I am proposing available so I see it as an opportunity for me to create a nice side income for myself and my friends whilst also helping the club survive.
Just FYI, I would like to open a pool hall / bar in the future and I am also using this as a “proof of concept” learning the ropes with less risks before possibly buying my own venue down the line when I have learnt the ins and outs of running it, because of this, I would like to name the hall and create a brand around it. This will make it easier if I was to relocate to my own premises because I can essentially relocate existing customers to my new venue and the brand will carry the guarantee of good service forward for me - I hope this makes sense.
That’s the backstory. Now how does this pan out legally? I would need a new brand which I assume means a company will need to be set up? Bank accounts etc for the takings from the tables + my share of the bar sales to be paid into.
Can anyone give me an idea of the sort of legal structure I would need for myself and how it would tie into the structure of the bowling club? Also because I’m volunteering behind the bar there I assume I won’t need to be “employed” by the club? But I’m unsure how this will effect tax etc on the bar takings?
As you can see I’m a novice at this so any information would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.03.28 14:43 hatgineer The best thing about HeroQuest is the receipt porn showing off the discount.

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2023.03.28 14:36 Calvina18- I’ m going to most likely detransition, would any of you date a Fem GNC gay guy?

I (22) started transitioning as a teenager but now I’m beginning to realize I may have transitioned out of internalized homophobia, and am now realizing I’m most likely just gay instead of trans ( for a lot of reasons I won’t get into lol) but how would you all feel about dating someone like me if I detransition?
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2023.03.28 14:35 aesceo What does reddit think about this?

What does reddit think about this?
I’ll leave my opinion out of this because I’ll probably offend the entirety of Everskies as well as the entirety of reddit. People be afraid of reality nowadays so.. ☠️
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2023.03.28 14:35 UltimateTraders 3/28/2023 Daily Plays Quiet so far except for BABA but no Chinese ADRs for me, Sold and back in SYF I will try NWBI and NYCB Slight miss on CNM if it falls hard, been watching TITN as it fell to 28, companies that make money, very low PEs, have value, grow at or near 20% top and 10% bottom line

Good morning everyone. Quiet so far today unless you want to trade BABA. I did trade BABA calls last year, smaller bet, like 1,500 when the stock fell to like 70. I don’t really like buying shares of anything Chinese… at least for now. I still own 4,000 shares of EZGO average near 3.80 that I am willing to take the loss around 2. I did bid on BIDU puts a few weeks ago, but Iw ill stay away from shares after getting washed out and taking the loss on about 10 Chinese ADR’s like:
Start of 2021 these companies were executing and the stocks were on the move up. Summer of 2021 saw the IPO of the Chinese Uber $didi and when DIDI came out that July, the Chinese government came down hard on all ADR’s. I had hoped and thought it would boil over, it never did and I sold many of these stocks at 75+% losses, sadly. Largest loss about 30K on TIGR. My net number on TIGR was a slight loss as I made a ton on TIGR in 2020 and 2021. I loved TIGR growth and earnings surprises and was trading it from near 9-10 to 40 before it’s crash landing. I believe some of these Chinese companies will be fine, but I have no confidence in the stocks’ because of the Chinese government and as such I no longer care for BABA or BIDU…. I may want BIDU puts still. I have 1,000 shares of YANG at 13. [Chinese Bear ETF]
Even the banks stocks are a little quiet today. I will sit back and wait. I sold SYF for 40 cents on 1,000 shares. I did a similar trade Friday on NWBI. I am fine trading these types of stocks, they arent exciting, but the companies are executing, have fairly good earnings, good track record, have a PE ratio at 10 or under, grow sales near 20% and earnings near 10%. I can still lose on these stocks but I go into the trade with 90% certainty that if I watch the charts, the news, and get in, I will be able to swing it for a gain within a week.
As I have said in 2019, before the pandemic. This is how I traded. On a Monday, I would buy 2-4 stocks and by Friday sell 2-4 stocks. They would be quality companies. Rarely, growth stocks, and I would trade 1,000-2,000 shares for 20-50 cents. I would rarely buy a stock at that time with a PE ratio over 30-40. [Remember the SP500 trades at about 18 historically.. now near 20! This is going by my earnings of 208 for 2023.] When the pandemic brought on free trading, and tons of retail and I saw days, weeks, even months of speculation, I started to trade stuff like SDC BYND CVNA BILL UPST . companies that were growing at 100% with no earnings in sight… those growth stocks, presented big opportunities for the future..
No one says that NWBI NYCB PSEC SYF CRK is going to be the next AAPL MSFT AMZN CRM NVDA.
So it will always be the case the next tech stock growing at 30+% year over year is going to get the insane multiple. I trade something like that when we have a bull market with no fear!
We are in a bear market with tons of fear at the moment.. So I am happy waiting.
TITN missed earnings last week and got crushed from high 30s. The guidance was cut, but the PE is near 5-6. CNM just missed slightly, still growth and earnings over 20/10, what I look for and a PE about 10. If a stock like this gets hammered I may buy the dip. I don’t want to buy a stock that is decreasing sales or earnings NDVA for example because that generally does not signal the end! CNM just missed consensus but still grew sales and earnings by my metrics. NWBI is cooling off as NYCB as well. These are bank stocks that have steadily gave dividends, had good earnings and stocks were hammered. I feel if you diversify in several of these, you cant lose on them all! PACW didn’t pay that high dividend but of the West Coast Venture Tech banks it is the less riskiest. A lot of the banks on the West Coast relied on clientele of tech companies, silicon investors and are now taking a hit. I am trading SYF because it is a credit card company with consistent earnings and a PE ratio near 5. If I get stuck on these, but have 5-10 of them, I do not feel I will lose on all 10, by diversifying I feel that I will make that 20-50 cents on at least 1 of them and within a week. That is my main strategy in this crazy market..
5 Trade Ideas:
CNM – The water company had a slight miss, if it gets tagged near 20, I may buy shares. I was trading this for a few weeks after they smashed the last report from 19-23. I may have a chance again
TITN – For several quarters TITN smashed. They make trucks, machinery for agriculture and other commercial businesses. I am only interested because even with the lowered guidance. [Still growth but not as good] the PE is now near 5-6
NWBI NYCB PACW FRC WAL – The banks, so far quiet so far today. I traded NWBI for near 80 cents last week on 2 trades. I will look to do the same or NYCB which I did 2 weeks ago
SYF – This credit card company, I am last in 28.40. I would like 25-50 cents again and keep doing it, safety in this market!
IRTC – This cash lower, health tech stock has crossed above 120. I am being teased. It is worth at most 80 and that’s with the speculation. This was 1 of my fave shorts in 2021 and 2022. I traded puts on this between 15 and 20 times with no losing trade!
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2023.03.28 14:29 shesinmyhead1265 Did a boudoir photo shoot for my partner & have a lot of messy feelings about it

Lots of mixed feelings. I’m coping with the past lies and distance my partner put onto me before coming out. We’ve been arguing pretty frequently as we are both stressed about everything relating to the transition. My partner just started seeing a gender specialist. My brother recently wants to be involved in my life but learned of my partner’s transgender status and is very non-accepting. My mom is super curious and supportive but possibly overwhelming. My partner did not have a great mother figure and I think it might feel like a lot when she’s sending us so many articles about the positive nature of being yourself as a trans person and asking to go shopping with us, etc. My partner recently came out to their sister who is very supportive and loving but she is in a relationship with a dangerously transphobic and conservative man. My partner is also still partially closeted. All of these things have lead to my partner being more reclusive and mimicking past habitual actions that hurt me (withdrawal/agitation/etc.). I can understand them needing time and having low days or even weeks. Currently, they are also much more sensitive to same kind of jokes and frustrations I’ve always had which is only furthering my frustrations.
To kind of smooth out our weekend I suggested we get them all done up in femme clothes and makeup to go out to eat and then finish with a lingerie photoshoot. I thought this might help boost their confidence when it comes to feminine presentation. They got dressed and I found myself so angry (for the second time) that they were wearing the outfit I wanted to wear. We have such a similar style and I hate how obvious it is now that we both present feminine. It’s confusing because I think they look amazing. Maybe it’s because they never made me feel good about my presentation in the past. I was never feminine enough for them which was just a projection of their own desires for themselves and internalized transphobia. They spent so long telling me not look or act a certain way but now that’s what they expect of us both. I feel like my partner subconsciously put me into competition with themselves and I’m just starting to recognize that.
I got over it, we ate and then we took photos. They look SO beautiful. My partner is literally stunning. They were so happy and confident and I loved seeing that. I just wish I felt that way about myself. I wish I had only positive things to say about my relationship, because I am so proud of my partner. I think they have done tremendous work. I think they are very strong. I also think they had many moments of weakness in the past that hurt me. It’s so polarizing. I look at these photos and my heart is so full and hopeful, but my mind just won’t let go of the hurt even if I know it came from a scared and genuine place. I’m just hoping it gets less confusing down the line.
We’re in our twenties, been together for 5 years, been in couples therapy for 8-9 months and my partner has been out for 3ish months now.
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2023.03.28 14:22 Mara2507 I need some help please

I (18 afab) am in a crisis right now and I dont know what to do. I am going to go to my psichatrist to be put on medication for anxiety but this is the only thing that is helping me at the moment. All my life I identified as a girl, even tho I was never the most girly type, I would find myself wanting to do stuff that boys would do but not as a boy. I even remember a very distinct nightmare I had where my parents had taken me to get my hair cut and make me look like a boy and then I was put in the boy's section of the breakfast table and I had cried due to people seeing me as a boy. Growing up, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of wearing men's clothes, or my masculine features (I've a bit of hair on my upper lip and cheeks and I have always felt so uncomfortable with that). But since like 4 days or so, I've been having feeling this pit in my stomach where my image of myself is a guy that is a bit more feminine and it is driving me insane. Not that I dont look like that but because I feel like I am that. I feel like I am thinking like a guy when I am alone and I hate it. When I try to imagine myself as a girl, I just see my gross, overweight 8th grade self. When I try to imagine myself as a guy, it doesnt feel right at all and I get more depressed and scared. I have looked at trans men's journeys, how they figured out etc etc and the only part that I find myself relating to is disliking my body (feeling uncomfortable with my boobs per se and wishing they wee smaller but not compleltely gone but also less weight) but that wasnt the case always. Until like 2 weeks ago, I was really happy with myself, I couldn't take my eyes off of my reflection in the mirror, and I was feeling happy with the person I was which was the person I always wanted to be. I dont know why this is happening, and what is causing this kind of drastic change. I keep going back and forth and none of the identities of being a trans man, nonbinary nor cis woman feels right at the moment. And as I look now, everything I have done feels like I was playing a role but I was not, it never felt like I was playing a role or trying to surpress something that was deep down. I had had this kind of crisis once before, after being in online school in quarantine, I started feeling worse and worse and it showed up in this way, but back then I still felt a sort of warmth and being drawn to traditionally feminine adjectives and nouns, now that warmth and being drawn to is dimmed, it's there but it is dimmed. I constantly feel like puking, I just want some relief, I want to feel like myself again
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2023.03.28 14:19 Dimitry_The_Impaler Why can’t Berlin do the same?

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2023.03.28 14:17 zigojacko2 Top sellers showing % of revenue total for organic search and paid search

Top sellers showing % of revenue total for organic search and paid search
I am really struggling getting the dataset that I am requiring in GLS.
I basically need to show which brands on the ecommerce site are generating the most revenue each month and what the split of this is between organic search and paid search.
I have got the top selling brands from GA4 and the amount of revenue they have generated. No problem.
And I can use Session Default Channel Grouping to see how much of these sales are attributed to organic or paid - however, by default it is including all of the groups in the table (making a very big table) - and if I use a filter to only show Organic Search and Paid Search then my 'Totals' will only use these values.
Whereas I want to see the values for Organic Search and Paid Search and the actual Totals from everything which we can then say something like 'monthly revenue for this brand makes up xx% of total'.
See the image below for an example of what I mean...
Alternatively, if there isn't any possible way to achieve this and I remove the filters, is there a way to hide columns from view so they are not actually visible in the table?

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2023.03.28 14:16 Reaper1704 How on earth do I get a Hysto?

TW: AFAB organs
I'm a pre everything binary trans man in the UK. I've known I was trans for 10 years but don't have any paperwork on that as I was a minor in a transphobic environment. I have mild evidence of a social transition going back three years, and full 100% socially transitioned and legal name changed for the past year.
I am getting T, a dysphoria diagnosis and passport gender change in a few months, via genderGP and a private psychiatrist for other UK accepted documents I need.
I DESPERATELY need a hysto. I have many chronic illnesses affecting my health, a high suspicion that I could be intersex although my GP won't do a karyotype because of a lack of physical traits. The pill (progesterone only) is killing me but I need it for my dysphoria over the dreaded cycle, plus its traditional intended use.
I'm 19. The NHS won't do it, as I've shown no health issues with those organs, I can't wait till I'm 30. I've known I was trans since I was 10, even if I was female I have perfectly good reasons to be against having biological children as I would pass down my chronic illness and fatal genetic condition. If I could sterilise myself and render them useless enough to be removed I would.
I mean if I was intersex there's a high possibility they're useless anyway I wish they'd just test for me, I can't afford a private karyotype.
I can't do it. The dysphoria, the cycles, the hormones, the need to constantly be on a pill, its side affects, its reactions to my other meds. The consequences when I forget to take it. Whatever the fuck it will do combined with T. I wanna give up.
Please someone tell me there's a hysto option I haven't explored yet, do GGP offer any referall services for this kind of thing? Does anyone? Is there some kind if referall I can get to send to my gp? Is there somewhere in Europe I can get it done? I know full well with Top being my first priority (broken my ribs twice) I won't be able to afford 8k+ any time soon
NO I will not be getting an IUD, I've tried all the other available options for BC + Cycle Prevention they ALL react terrible.
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2023.03.28 14:15 PackedTrebuchet Making a dead game useful: Free to play? Big update? Sequel? Or just start marketing it 2 years after its release?

Hi everyone,
There are lots of games on the market which are dead, while obviously they haven't really reached their potential. They just weren't marketed sufficiently. Are there a chance for those game to be... useful again? I present you my case, but obviously this topic could be generally useful for us, game developers, I think.So feel free to share your stories as well. :)
I have a 2 year old game, which isn't that old, I know. But it was my first game so obviously I didn't really market it. Thus it didn't become popular, and generated only a few sales. Month after month, there are less and less sales, so I wonder:
Should I make it free to play?
It doesn't generate revenue, so maybe I would be better off making it free to play because it would generate some traffic on its store page, where I would display my new game.
But here's my other idea: could I revive the game?
It obviously could have a more player, I just failed at marketing.Should I try promoting it, 2 years after its release?
What do you think? Am I missing some option?Have you tried one of the options above? How did it go?
Thanks in advance guys, hopefully this discussion will be helpful for a lot of us, newbie developers.Cheers! :)
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2023.03.28 14:05 Oddity_Om Wholesaling Land - Newbie Looking for Guidance

I was following up with driving for dollar leads. Called on a gentleman about a house and he mentioned though the house was not for sale, he and his brother own 5 acres of land nearby (in a desirable area of MA) that they are looking to sell.
I wasn’t sure how to steer the conversation so I asked him some basic questions about it - size, location, when they’re looking to sell, price they have in mind, ownership history. Gathered the info and said I’d call back.
Turns out that it looks like a solid deal number wise. I believe I can get 15-20% above what they’re asking for and am looking to pursue wholesaling the deal.
I’m relatively new to wholesaling, and have never considered pursuing a land deal before. I’d appreciate any guidance/insight you all have as to the best way to approach this. Couple of things I feel I have to work with:
  1. he and his brother own it - so does that mean I have to have them both sign a contract?
  2. Can I use a standard wholesaling contract to pursue this or are there better land specific contracts that should be used?
  3. How much earnest money is appropriate on a deal like this? Would this be refundable if I can’t find a buyer?
  4. How long of a contract period do you think would make sense?
  5. When marketing it to buyers, how much information should I be revealing in my initial post?
  6. I looked for sold lots in the area to help derive what I think the market would pay for it. Any other thoughts on how to price this appropriately?
  7. What type of closing would you pursue - I.e. a double closing, or ask them to pay me an assignment fee separately?
Would appreciate any thoughts on those questions, and any other thoughts that you think apply. Thank you very much!
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2023.03.28 14:02 girlwhomovedon Post-Op Girls: How do you handle disclosure on dating apps?

I'm at a bit of a loss on how to handle disclosure on the apps right now. Back in the days I used to either disclose after matching or even after the first date, but frankly I'm not really interested in wasting my time anymore and I want to be open and honest on my profile.
However, I find that when I put "trans" on my profile, men pretty much assume that I have a penis. Many are put off by that, but others are disappointed that I don't lmaao. So I'm both missing the guys who would be okay if they knew I have a vagina but also attracting the guys looking for pre-ops
My question is how do I put that I am post-op as well on my profile in a way that is tactful? Putting I'm trans on there is one thing but how do you delicately talk about your genitals on a dating profile?
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2023.03.28 14:00 EnbyTrashGirl Trans friendly salons around Easton?

I just moved to Easton and am looking for a trans friendly salon around here. I have a pixie cut and not only have stylists misgendered me in the past when I made it clear I'm a woman, they basically give me a men's haircut when I'm not looking for that and am trying to minimize the appearance of male pattern baldness. My last stylist in the place I lived before was nice, but also had no f**king clue how to do a nape undercut. Help!
Edit: Hey, great to know transphobes are going to downvote me on a sub for one of the queerest cities in the country. 🙄
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2023.03.28 14:00 Verdesause Transgender Creator in need of help

I am a Transgender creator who was recently Banned from Deviant Art... Before I was banned from deviant art I was hit by Pride fall, on June of last year I believe. I need supporters, because after i came out first as trans i lost most of my supporters, then after pridefall they didnt want to support me as right wingers started targeting me. Basically now with my Deviant art account permabanned i have to start rebuilding on another website, but i dont have any supporters anymore. SO this is a passion plea for help i am transgender but that doesnt mean im not human. https://ko-fi.com/verdesause
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2023.03.28 13:56 hiittrainer Cease and Desist Letter for Selling Personal Car on Craigslist

I recently received a cease and desist letter from the "State of Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission." The letter states that following a thorough investigation, they have determined that I appear to be engaging in motor vehicle sales or brokering, which I must stop immediately. I listed a 2012 Fiat 500 for sale in Oklahoma City and listed on Craigslist and FB marketplace, which the letter references. This is my second car sale within a year. The car has been my personal vehicle, which I paid for in cash, and I am selling it to pay off medical debt. I have no idea why I would receive a cease and desist letter. I have emailed the investigator and plan to call them, but I am confused and a little annoyed. Is there any reason they would think I am illegally brokering cars for profit? To my knowledge, I can sell up to five cars in a year without a license, though that is not my intention. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
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2023.03.28 13:53 MoeDantes Simple questions about AVGN Adventures

I bought AVGN Adventures for Switch recently because it was on sale. Loving it, but sometimes I wish games still came with manuals because there's a lot of basic questions I haven't been able to find answers for. So I thought I'd ask:
  1. What's the deal with Shitpickle's appearances? Am I supposed to be able to interact with him or is he just a cameo you can find in each level?
  2. What's the deal with the N-E-R-D cartridges? I've been collecting them because I assume they serve some purpose, but what IS said purpose?
Thanks in advance.
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