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Xeni’s Bingo Wrap-up - Hard Mode Card with mini reviews and some stats

2023.03.28 14:52 xenizondich23 Xeni’s Bingo Wrap-up - Hard Mode Card with mini reviews and some stats

Yet another bingo review thread! This is my 3rd year doing bingo and I’m still a fan. I was going strong until October, when my computer died and with it all my bingo spreadsheets and data. I gave up on completing my card(s). Until February, when my computer was fixed and I recovered my file. I’d missed out on a good 4-5 months of reading (I think I read 2 books in that entire time period due to other issues in life) and I had a lot to catch up on.
I started out February with 11 squares to fill in on the two cards I set out to complete (disability-themed card and all-HM card). Over the course of the month I read 9 of those books but decided to replace a couple of others and entered March with 8 books left to read to complete my two cards. Thank goddess for audiobooks, because I don’t think I could have finished all of them otherwise!

Finished Card

All Hard Mode Card; my other card: disability card thread

Some Stats

Individual Reviews

Links go directly to my full review on Goodreads.
LGBTQIA List (HM: Book / series with 10 votes or less) - Witchmark by C. L. Polk - 3/5
Weird Ecology (HM: Not written by Jeff VanderMeer or China Miéville.) - Red Sister by Mark Lawrence - 4/5
Two or More Authors (HM: 3+ authors) - Clockwork Cairo by Various - 3/5
Historical SFF (HM: Not based in Britain or Ireland.) - Bee Sting Cake by Victoria Goddard - 5/5
Set in Space (HM: Characters are not originally from Earth.) - Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott - 5/5
Standalone (HM: Not on Fantasy’s Favorite Standalones List.) - Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman - 4/5
Anti-Hero (HM: YA book) - HIVE - Higher Institute of Villainous Education by Mark Walden - 4/5
Book Club OR Readalong (HM: Participate in current discussion) - Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel - 5/5
Cool Weapon (HM: Weapon has a unique name.) - The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley - 5/5
Revolutions and Rebellions (HM: It is the main focus of the plot.) - Darknet by Matthew Mather - 3/5
Name in the Title (HM: Character’s first and last name.) - How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K Eason - 4/5
Author Uses Initials (HM: Initials are a pseudonym and not from the author’s actual name.) - Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher - 3/5
Published in 2022 (HM: Debut novel) - The House Witch by Delemhach - 3/5
Urban Fantasy (HM: LGBTQ+ POV character.) - Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya Mistful - 4/5
Set in Africa (HM: Author is of African heritage.) - Last Gate of the Emperor by Kwame Mbalia - 2/5
Non-Human Protagonist (HM: Non-humanoid protagonist.) - The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie - 5/5
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (HM: No time travel) - Murder at Spindle Manor by Morgan Stang - 4/5
Five Short Stories (HM: Anthology or collection) - Crucible by Mercedes Lackey, etc - 3/5
Features Mental Health (HM: Not The Stormlight Archive or any books in the linked list.) - Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir - 5/5
Self-Published or Indie Publisher (HM: Self-published and has < 100 ratings on Goodreads, or an indie publisher that has done an AMA with Fantasy.) - Some By Virtue Fall by Alexandra Rowland - 3/5
Award Finalist, but Not Won (HM: Neither Hugo-nominated nor Nebula-nominated) - All the Murmuring Bones by Angela G. Slatter - 4/5
BIPOC Author (HM: A book written by an Indigenous author.) - VenCo by Cherie Dimaline - 5/5
Shapeshifters (HM: Most prominent shifter is not a wolf/dog shifter.) - Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep - 3/5
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts (HM: Title is three + words) - Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone - 4/5
Family Matters (HM: Features at least 3 generations in a single family.) - A Strange and Stubborn Endurance by Foz Meadows - 4/5


My favorite books this card were: Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott, VenCo by Cherie Dimaline, and Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir.
I found the Set in Africa square to be the hardest to fulfill HM for. It’s the last book I read. I found most of the books that fit this square to be dark, brutal, or too grim for my tastes. I was disappointed over and over again by all the suggestions I found. It should not be this hard to find a SpecFic book set in Africa, written by a person of African heritage that is not full of extreme violence! (I think it’s pretty sad, yet understandable, that most of them include so much intense violence). I ended up going to middle grade fiction to find a book I could finish.
Other squares I found more difficult: Cool Weapon (it seems magical named weapons crop up most often in epic high fantasy, a sub-genre I don’t enjoy reading much anymore), LGBTQIA List (I’ve read a ton on this list already! It needs an update badly), and Author Uses Initials (I dislike both of the authors that have pseudonyms with initials and couldn’t find any other though I searched up and down).
On a side note I want to express my annoyance with the BPIOC HM square (indigenous author). I spent a lot of time this last year trying to figure out who is an indigenous person. It seems there’s a lot of different definitions and I don’t understand which one to use. On the one hand this includes the native people who were conquered by white folk, but that doesn’t cover everyone and leaves certain groups out. The UN says indigenous people need to be accepted by their community as one of their points, however Rebecca Roanhorse is not accepted by the NA tribe she says she is a part of and everyone seems to be fine using her books. I was going to use an author from India, but for some reason (even though they were conquered by the British and could trace their roots thousands of years in the subcontinent) they don’t count as indigenous people. I found this a very confusing square to know what to do with.
The easiest squares by far were Historical and Urban Fantasy. I don’t seek out these stories but there are a lot that incidentally fall into these categories. Same with the Mental Health square - so many books just happened to fit it as well. I was surprised at that since older fantasy books seem to insulate their protagonists from mental (if not physical) harm. This is trend I am enjoying reading!
On a happy note, I realized that I actually like sci-fi this year! Previous years I’ve resented those squares a lot. I’ve had a few duds but more overall great sci-fi reads that I wouldn’t have picked up without bingo encouragement. Only took 3 years of bingo for my tastes to change!
Now it’s time to take it easy until April 1. See you all for the next bingo round! (And yes, I submitted my cards in the official thread).
Have you read any of these books?
Did you feel the same?
Any that you want to read?
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2023.03.28 14:52 Anxious-Elderberry54 Enmeshment

I’ll start off by mentioning that this is an alternate account since my family knows my main one.
While searching for advice about my (strained) relationship with my sister a few days ago, I came across the term “enmeshment.” After doing some research on the term, it hit me like a ton of bricks - I’m part of an enmeshed family.
My sister is approximately 3 years older than me. Throughout our childhood, there were lots of issues including physical violence (hitting, hair pulling), intimidation, and jealousy. I would say my parents were caring parents overall but didn’t do much to curb the problems between sis and I (I’d get the “just ignore her” when she treated me badly).
Since it was just my sister and I - no other siblings - we did pretty much everything together. She didn’t have many friends so I was her primary friend/source of entertainment. I began to develop a codependent relationship with her during my childhood.
Sis had a big problem with me having friends while growing up. If I’d bring a friend home from school, she would storm off to her room and slam the door. She called them stupid and ugly. She would make me feel guilty if I wanted to hang out with my friends over her. It got to a point where I pretty much cut most of my friends out of my life for fear of hurting my sister. My parents knew she acted this way but did nothing to stop it.
After high school, things got a little better between sis and I. We were both starting to carve our own paths (attending college, getting jobs, boyfriends, etc.) However, I seemed to “bloom” at a much faster rate than she did which caused a lot of jealousy on her part. I moved out of the house/into my own apartment first, and also got married shortly afterwards. Sis is still living at home with her boyfriend and my parents.
The codependency issues still exist even though I’m no longer around my sister on a daily basis. She seems to think that I need to invite her everywhere (i.e., if I tell her about a new restaurant my husband and I tried, she’ll act all hurt that I didn’t invite her along). I always feel bad when planning trips or vacations without inviting her because she’ll get upset.
Her newest thing is to say that we should put our money together to buy a house. The first time she brought it up I told her that my husband and I value our privacy so that wouldn’t work. She got all hurt and basically said I can’t ever move away because she’ll miss me too much. Now when she talks about buying a house together, I become a spineless little girl and don’t speak up for myself since I don’t want to upset her. Sometimes I feel like her emotional support animal.
I’ve always known something was off about our dynamic but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. People always say how nice it must be to be so close to my sister but this is just overbearing.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister. She’s generous, funny and caring. I have good memories. But I always feel like a child when I’m around her even though I’m a full fledged adult.
I’m also enmeshed with my Mom, just not as severely as I am with my sister.
So I guess I just need to know where to go from here. I don’t want to go no contact at this point but want to start limiting our time together (either in person or by text). I also know I’m going to need therapy to sort this out.
For those in similar situations, what worked best for you?
I see myself exhibiting codependency traits with my husband which freaks me out now that I know why I’m like this (i.e., I always feel like I’m responsible for his moods and need to fix them, etc.). I must get myself sorted out.
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2023.03.28 14:50 International-Can921 Does it ever get better ?

I’ve been a fairly shy person growing up. But always struggled to make friends. I was bullied quite a lot in secondary school, I went to an all girls and all girls were good for is spreading rumours about me. Then I finally settled down with a group of people. Who I had to suppress my personality with. They weren’t very active. And talked about things openly it was just see each other at school and that’s it. I was further isolated outside of school as they’d literally never meet up. And if I was to make plans they’d very likely be rejected, as they barely acknowledged me throughout those 5 years.
Then came college. I was running on the constant advice people would give me “it gets better” or “you’d find your people”. And it was the most humiliating 2 years. All the “friends” I had made new ones and moved right on. I’m not going to lie, I was very anxious and scared the whole time and would close myself off to avoid rejection.
Today. I’m 18 years old and have made no friends in all my life living in the same place. It’s deeply embarrassing for me. And I have no idea what to do. Now my main concern is no one would want to be friends with someone who has none. But I am desperate none the less.
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2023.03.28 14:49 rainais here we go again

hdbdggs i can't believe i'm writing this again. medyo nahihiya ako sa mga friends ko magkwento so dito na lang :)
anyway, so i just got home from school and i'm so fucking nervous rn 😭 i alr posted a lil background about this story last sunday. this is just like a continuation ganon or like an update (??) summary abt my last post: there's this one guy i met on omegle and we lost contact a few months ago and the rest is history. we remained mutuals but that's just it. anyway, so balik na nga sa nangyari sa school. so hindi ko nasabi sa post ko last time na same univ na kami ngayon ni let's just call him X. i almost met him earlier like as in in person. i never met him in person, like ngayon pa lang siguro kung sakali. so nung nag-uusap kami hindi naman kami completely anonymous kasi we exchanged names and he sent me pics and yung ginagamit kong profile is of course picture ko plus we have a mutual friend pa so hindi talaga kami completely strangers (??) So syempre kapag nakasalubong kami if ever sa campus we can somehow recognize each other. So there's this one guy (let's call him Q) na naka-interact ko nitong mga nakaraan, friendly interaction lang naman no malice kasi sikat siya online and sa univ na rin so basically it was just nothing. Eh dumaan sa feed ko picture ni X and I saw Q's comment. Turns out they are blockmates wth and close friends pa yata :>
And I don't know bro i mean i'm well aware naman na i can't hide forever but the thought of seeing him in real life actually makes my heart race like crazy. I know it sounds so cheesy 😆 kasi before sabi ko sa sarili ko ang laki and crowded ng Manila imposible na mameet ko 'yun but right now parang papaliit nang papaliit mundo namin. And the more I hide, the more na lumalapit lang ako lalo sa mga tao sa paligid niya. not really expecting anything naman na atp, whatever happens, happens.
so ayun thanks for reading and happy tuesday. gonna go back to studying na 😣
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2023.03.28 14:49 Forsaken_Yoghurt_136 child abusers

first call of the day and it’s this mother clearly calling on behalf of their daughter but insists they are calling for themselves. whatever- i can deal with a dumbass, entitled customer who thinks they run the show. the problem is she needed her daughters help and she said and i quote “im about to make this little girl get out of my car and walk in the rain if she don’t start helping me!”
I QUICKLY told her that’s some shit we are not about to do. that shits not gonna fly empty threat or not.
she then continues to belittle the little girl:
“i need the back of an earring even if that means you have to take it out of your own ear” “you see i hurt my hand earlier trying to get you to school. the least you could do is help me!”
“i used all my PTO trying to help y’all and now i have none left for me. what am i gonna do? and you can’t even help me?!”
y’all the call was only like 6 minutes. 4 lines of abuse in 6 minutes. it’s been 20 minutes since and all i can think about is that little girl. I am definitely triggered as this hits VERY close to home. my god. what is WRONG with people!
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2023.03.28 14:47 WeWantDick Niner Nation Gives Opportunity

Niner Nation Gives Opportunity
Hi Niners!

I hope this post finds you well. For those of y'all who don't know who I am, my name is Dick Beekman and I had the privilege of serving as your Student Body President during the 2021-2022 academic year. Following my time in office and graduation, I stepped away from this sub in order to focus on the next chapter of my life (currently law school at Wake Forest). But now that Niner Nation Gives is back, I wanted to come on here and share an opportunity with y'all that I'm super excited about. Before I get into it, I want to preface that anything in this post is reflective of me and my opinions and does not reflect the thoughts of the university or the Student Government Association.

Following my time in office, I felt compelled to give back. Serving as your Student Body President was the honor of a lifetime, and I really wanted to come up with something that encouraged student advocacy while also providing opportunities to give back to current Niners. With all of that in mind, I worked closely with the school to create and launch the Dick Beekman Scholarship for Student Advocacy.
In my time in Student Government, I met a number of student advocates who cared deeply about the student body. Unfortunatley, financial needs and hardships caused a number of these advocates to have to step away from the organization to focus on jobs in order to make ends meet. This scholarship aims to encourage and recognize student advocacy by awarding a deserving and need based member of Student Government with a scholarship so that they can continue their advocacy work without having to worry about finances.

Over the next couple of days you're likely to be inundated with a number of great opportunities to give back and support Niner Nation. While I would encourage you to check them all out and support the ones you feel most drawn to, I would humbly ask you to consider supporting this new giving opportunity. This sub meant so much to me during my time in Student Government, so I wanted to be sure to come on here to directly ask you for your support. As an added bonus, I'm personally matching all donations up to $5,000 for this scholarship. If you're able to do so, please consider making a donation at this link. No amount is too big or too small, but if you're unable to make a donation I would really appreciate it if you could send that link or the attached pub to your circles.
I really do appreciate this sub and all of the support you provided me during my time in Student Government. Any support you can provide in this new opportunity would be much appreciated! As always, thank you for the continued opportunity to serve the Niner Nation community. Thank you, and Go Niners!
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2023.03.28 14:47 JournalistWorth5559 Recent grad, Wants to move but have limited resources/opportunities

I'm 21 years old, and I am a recent grad (of almost one year now). Currently, I am living at home and working as a freelance writer ( I work on some journalism projects, and some marketing, and dabble in photo and video editing) I have been trying to land a "real" full-time job for basically this whole year but it has been hard.
I am from a really small town and the cities that I want to live in (Austin, Chicago, DC, Boston, etc) would not hire someone from the middle of nowhere with little professional experience.
I've been saving, and I really want to move out of my parent's home. They suggest the capital city of my state, but I want to go somewhere totally new. I've considered grad school, but probably a little too late as the applications are now closed. The thing is, I have some fears surrounding moving with no job. On the other hand, however, I realized I am never going to get a job by staying where I am. What would you do as a 21-year-old with no job prospects who want to move to a larger city for opportunities?
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2023.03.28 14:46 JournalistWorth5559 What would you do as a recent grad who wants to move to a big city with limited resources or opportunity?

I'm 21 years old, and I am a recent grad (of almost one year now). Currently, I am living at home and working as a freelance writer ( I work on some journalism projects, and some marketing, and dabble in photo and video editing) I have been trying to land a "real" full-time job for basically this whole year but it has been hard.
I am from a really small town and the cities that I want to live in (Austin, Chicago, DC, Boston, etc) would not hire someone from the middle of nowhere with little professional experience.
I've been saving, and I really want to move out of my parent's home. They suggest the capital city of my state, but I want to go somewhere totally new. I've considered grad school, but probably a little too late as the applications are now closed. The thing is, I have some fears surrounding moving with no job. On the other hand, however, I realized I am never going to get a job by staying where I am. What would you do as a 21-year-old with no job prospects who want to move to a larger city for opportunities?
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2023.03.28 14:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
Get the course here:
[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
About The Course:
This course outlines the systems and secrets I used to make over $300,000+ in my first year with entrepreneurship
While I was still 17 years old…
And was also a high school dropout…
So what’s your excuse? It’s time to crush it.
I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where you could…
Never worry about money ever again. Build a six figure marketing agency and the best part? it’s a reality that all of my students are living RIGHT NOW. Take care of your family & loved ones. Yeah… this is something close to my heart. My marketing agency finally allowed me to take care of my mom and the people who believed in me when I had nothing. Travel the world, anytime! Yes… that’s right. After this course you will have the location freedom to travel anywhere in the world you want!
Now, who is the genius (kidding… kinda) behind this whole course?
Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.28 14:40 dreftzg [Daily News] Watches And Wonders, Day 2. Chrono JLC Reverso, Stunning Patek Enamel Dial, Retrograde Spreads Through The Vacheron Line and Oris Creates a Real Kermit

It's Tuesday and the second day of Watches and Wonders. Most of the reveals took place yesterday, some after I posted and some just didn't fit in the post. So here we go, a roundup of everything that's happening at Watches and Wonders, a bit shorter, but with more watches.
Also, thank you everyone for the reactions to yesterday's post. A couple of huge rewards and all the comments were amazing! Hope you enjoy today's roundup:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces the Reverso Tribute Chronograph, the Duoface Tourbillon and Colors For the Reverso Small Seconds
Patek Philippe Introduces The 5178G-012, A Stunning Minute Repeater With a Flinqué Enamel Dial
Vacheron Constantin Introduces Three New Retrograde Models In The Traditionelle, Overseas, And Patrimony Collections, As Well As New Sizes
Chopard Shows Off The Ultra-Thin, Salmon Dial Chopard Alpine Eagle 41 XPS, the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF in Titanium, the L.U.C 1860 In Steel And A Crazy Imperiale High Jewellery Watch
The New Oris ProPilot Altimeter Is Back Thinner Than Ever, And An Official Kermit Watch
Parmigiani Fleurier Flys Under The Radar With A Slew Of Very Interesting New Watches
Hublot Announces A LOT Of Watches. No, Really… 17 New Pieces
Beloved Independent Czapek Introduces A Skeleton Antarctique Révélation
The New Ulysse Nardin Freak ONE Adds Boost To The Brand’s Futurist Mission
Frederique Constant Offers An Apology With A Real Tourbillon
Laurent Ferrier Introduces The Classic And Square Micro-Rotor Watches In Evergreen
F.P. Journe Delivers Biggest Joke Watch Of Watches & Wonders
Kudoke Introduces the Kudoke 3
The Hamilton Wandering Earth II Is A Limited And Off-The-Wall Chinese Movie Tie-In With A More Tame Version For The Rest Of Us
The Louis Erard Excellence Marqueterie Is Likely Your Cheapest Way To A Handmade Marquetry Dial, If You Can Get It
De Bethune are releasing its 31st in-house calibre in the DB Eight Chronograph Monopusher At An Eyewatering Price
The Byrne GyroDial Zero Is Very Funky, Very 70s. Very Futuristic And Very Cool
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.03.28 14:39 anxiettttyy i’m struggling with feeling secure in friendships

After high school, I had a friend breakup with one of my friends. I felt disrespected for months and after getting yelled at I kind of just like couldn’t deal with it anymore so I distanced myself and in turn she talked about me to two of my other friends and they went to her side (sides are stupid) without hearing me out or deciding to keep both of us as friends. They were kind of my main friend group at the time and because of that I really lost my close high school friends. I’m a sophomore now and have college friends, but it feels like everyone constantly talks about their high school friends and how their “best friends” are their high school friends and it makes me insecure because I don’t feel like i have close high school friends or even “best friends.” Hearing everyone talk about their best friends every day has made me feel a huge importance surrounding the topic of having best friends and now im so insecure and don’t know how to combat it especially when I hear people talk about their super close best friends from high school every day. i want to reach out to other people i know from childhood and high school but i am nervous and i feel like I need to have a tight knit close group or best friend from high school or i’m not valid.
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2023.03.28 14:35 Swagblanket When you love guns so much that you turn Liberal

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2023.03.28 14:35 PutinsMomma Local news front page has all but buried this Nashville shooter in less than a day

Was on my local news website this morning and was very surprised to see 1 tiny little article on the shooting from Nashville. If the shooter was a white male there'd probably be 4 articles at a minimum
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2023.03.28 14:33 AlternativeOk7108 My girlfriend of 3 years gets jealous every time I spend time with my friends yet avoids me when I try to spend time with her.

I 19F have been with my girlfriend 20F for just over three years. She moved to my school in grade 10 and we immediately clicked becoming close friends until we started dating just before our last year of school. We are both currently at uni but go to two different ones in the same city.
We have never had any serious issues in our relationship before as we are both the type of people to communicate as soon as there is an issue. She has always been transparent whenever she feels upset about something (she is a psych major and literally perfect for her choice of field) and I really try to work through it with her so it doesn’t become an issue in the future. This is how I have always felt until a couple of months ago.
We’ve had the same friend group for years but at the end of last year I became quite close with a few girls from my course that had a lot more of the same interests and it's been really cool going out doing things that my other friends don’t really enjoy. I still adore my other friends and make time to hang out whenever I can but it has been a bit harder for all of us to get together because we're all doing different stuff right now.
My friends and I went out a lot last year and my gf only came out a few times because it’s not really her thing. My friend Lydia was broken up with by her gf (of 2 years) a couple of months back and since then we have started going out to a local lesbian bar which is one of our favourites. At first my gf didn’t care but I stayed over at Lydia's one night because she lives close and my gf was really weird about it. It annoyed me a little because I had stayed over many times when Lydia was with her ex and it was fine but now suddenly she’s single and she thinks I’d be the one to do something. Since then she’s been weird whenever I'm alone with Lydia even though I've told her so many times that I'm not interested. Lydia has even told her she’s not interested in anything other than a friendship especially since she still loves her ex. She also is weird about me needing to go to a lesbian bar when I could go to any bar. I don’t know why she’s suddenly jealous because she’s never acted like this with any other of my queer friends. I’ve tried to sit down with her so many times and she agrees and says she understands but I can tell that she doesn’t like it. I even asked her if she wanted to come with us and she always declines.
This past month since uni started back I’ve heard less and less from her and she keeps saying she’s busy whenever I ask to hang out, but whenever I'm doing something with my friends she texts me the entire time and calls if I don’t answer. I don’t know what to do to make her understand that there is nothing going on and I don’t know why she is now avoiding me. I have tried talking to her about it but she keeps insisting that nothing is wrong.
How do I fix this when she is refusing to talk to me?
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2023.03.28 14:32 thehighshibe 23[M4R] UK/EU medschool is kicking my ass I need backup!

Hello! I'm just gonna get straight to it
I'm a 23 year old dude, and live(d) in England my whole life, but ended up moving to Prague for (wait for it) more work.
I went to university in the UK to do biomedical sciences last year but wasn't a big fan of it. Still graduated with a CertHE but I've moved onto bigger things (literally) by switching to medical school in Europa, which I admit is kicking my ass right now.
Big fan of dark humor but not all dark humor (you know what I mean), here's a handy chart I made ArT iS mY pAsSiON, no but I like drawing things very very very poorly on my iPad with Apple Pencil ™ ™ ™ ™ and I’ll draw stuff for you too because why not, I like drawing things and they become less terrible as time goes on, you'll be able to see the improvement in (sorta) real time!
Now my main redeeming characteristic is my dog, this clown called tyson is my dearest friend and closest ally, bar none
Music is a tough one, to name a band I like off the top of my head and my favourite artist from that genre I'd have to say, Ki: Theory for electronica and Watsky who makes phenomenal concept albums and got me through some very tough times. I also play Guitar & Piano and had planned to pick up violin soon but I've been longing it off. Favourite song right now is Conversations by watsky. Also Cid Rim, also Four Tet, also so many others.
I speak, English, German, Czech and Latin, in that order of fluentness and I'm learning Spanish. I've learnt German as I want to move to Germany of them after I'm done with med school and single handedly save the NHS from the brink of collapse somehow, if there's any of it still left. We are taught Czech in class because we have to but that's through my university not as a hobby, it's hard but I can just about make sense of it. I also learnt latin in both high school and university because the medical system in mainland Europe is all in latin. Also trying to bolster my portfolio by learning c++ on the side too, but I feel at home with C-sharp and python the most.
Movie and TV fan would be an understatement, but wouldn't say I'm a critic. I LOVED Better call Saul even though I didn't want to buy into the hype initially, I begrudgingly admit that it is infact an incredible piece of media. So is Bodyguard on Netflix (which I highly recommend, it's got that guy who looks like he's always got a hamster in his mouth). I also watch and rewatch The Kingsman movies almost religiously, and I credit them with changing the trajectory of my life. I watch a lot of Mustard and Dankpods on youtube too, and Drew Gooden, cos he's Drew Gooden. Planes, defunct consumer electronics and over analysis of instagram ads is what I call peak media.
I love reading, Particular favourites are Fahrenheit 451, nineteen eighty four, the giver, brave new world and more! I just like the dystopian genre, it really sucks you in. I like the Halo novels too, been reading them since I was a kid. I'm just a fan of all things Halo, even the objectively bad rubbish. I'm a fan of dystopian sci fi whatever the medium i suppose. Also I don't care what anyone says the Kindle is better than real books, it just is. I've been told my accent is a bit odd because it's a mix of british and american (I don't know why, I've never been to the states) I assume since I'm learning more languages I'm sure it'll be even more of an amalgamation/abomination.
Any chance I get I'm trying to be mr worldwide and just go travelling anywhere and everywhere to see what the world has to offer, but I've been stuck to continental Europe for a while now :(
If you've gotten this far, then here's a very important very interesting tidbit: Me and my friends call tyson tyson the bison because he looks kinda like a bison if you close your eyes and imagine a bison. Let me know if you're down to talk! I'm not an expert on anything but can keep a conversation going on almost everything. Also more tyson pictures that's my main export, and that's probably definitely maybe not a bribe
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2023.03.28 14:26 seraphhgly Feel ko na ayaw sakin nung classmate ko.

So ngayong araw may pa-activity na by pair so as an introvert na walang kaibigan sa room, isa ito sa pinaka-ayaw ko kasi alam kong walang pipili sakin.
Pero i was wrong kasi yung katabi ko mismo na sobrang bait at talino ay niyaya ako na maka-partner nya, so nagulat ako kasi katabi lang din niya yung bestfriend niya, napatanong tuloy ako sa kanya kung sure ba siya na ako yung partner niya, nag yes lang siya. Sobrang nakampante agad ako.
Pero maya maya lang ay inaya naman siya ng bestfriend niya na sumali nalang sa kanila ng boyfriend niya, para trio sila. (Kasi may isang magtatatluhan) Kahit pa ALAM niya na ako na yung pinili.
Pero sabi nung katabi ko ay ako na nga daw ang ka-partner niya. Tapos pabiro pang sinabi sa bestfriend niya na ayaw niya yata akong ipartner sa kanya tapos natahimik nalang yung bestfriend.
Idagdag ko pa dito yung nangyari nung isang araw, nung pe namin at badminton ang laro.
Yung katabi ko na iyon ay niyaya din ako na makipaglaro(graded na yung laro) sa kanila ng bestfriend niya. Balak niya ay by four kami kaso di pumayag yung bestfriend kasi mas madali daw kapag duo lang. I mean oo tama naman siya pero sana iconsider niya man lang na kailangan ko din na magka grade. Isang laro lang naman yun eh.
Sobrang nasaktan ako sa mga actions nung girl classmate ko a.k.a the bestfriend ng sobrang bait kung seatmate. Tbh close kami noon at nakakakwentuhan ko din siya pag minsan, di ko alam nangyari.
I guess dahil sa iniwan siya nung dati nyang bestfriend? Takot sya na baka sakin sumama yung katabi ko, na sobrang imposible namang mangyari kasi ang habol ko lang naman ay grades para di magkulang activities ko.
Kung ano man ang reason ay sana marealize niya kung anong impact nung simpleng ginagawa niya sa sensitive person na tulad ko. Wala na nga akong friends, at marami din akong problema sa bahay, nakakawalang gana na tuloy pumasok sa school. Yun lang hehe, I just want to get this all out.
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2023.03.28 14:23 Ok_Regular_5830 I don’t wanna be a scientist anymore, I just want money. What can I do?

Hi guys, not sure if anyone can actually help me with this but it’s worth a shot. I’m 20 and summer of next year I’m graduating with a biomedical science (Genetics mod b.a) degree from the top rated school in my country (in Europe but I’ll leave for cash). My original plan was to do postgraduate medicine but I realised big fat no. I then considered genetic counselling but the world of science and academia isn’t me. I considered dropping out a couple months ago for that along with a myriad of other reasons (including how shitty my course is) however I decided to just graduate so I can say I haven’t wasted 3 years of my life. My issue is with my degree there isn’t much I can do without a phd or at least a masters other than being a lab tech and earning close to nothing in this current economy. My question is what job or career path can I get or work towards that won’t require me to get another bachelors and will make me money. All I want in life is financial stability. I have no passions in a work sense so I doubt I’ll find anything that’ll ever really fulfil me but if I can use it to fund my passions I’ll be happy. Any help would be wildly appreciated
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2023.03.28 14:21 snail_luv3r69 Help me identify this strange eye-shaped symbol my friend saw

Help me identify this strange eye-shaped symbol my friend saw
So last week my friend told me that when I went to the bathroom while in school he closed his eyes and saw this weird symbol. (See photo below) It was an outline of an eye with a pupil inside it and under the eye was a straight line that had some smaller lines that looked like eyelashes. The background was this vibrant yellow color and the outline was black. I drew it digitally and he confirmed that it looked exactly like that.
Then comes the weird part of the story. The next morning I was showering when I noticed something strange on my chest. I saw the same symbol marked on my breasts. It is right in between them and it was symmetrical. Like I drew it on one breast and the ink transferred to the other one symmetrically. I have no idea how that got on my skin. It didn't hurt or feel like anything. It was just a red outline of the symbol. I'd show the actual picture of it but I'm a minor so I drew what it looked like from above when I looked at it. You can see in the picture that it wasn't the same symbol but it's quite similar. The mark was on my skin for a few more days then it went away.
I have zero ideas about how that could have gotten on my skin. If you recognize the symbol I would appreciate it if you let me know what it means!! My friend and I are both into witchcraft and are into spirituality but I don't know if it has anything to do with that. Feel free to ask any questions if it may help you!
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2023.03.28 14:17 MCDOTNow [Deadline is this Friday] Montgomery County accepting submissions from High School Students for ‘Heads Up, Phones Down’ Teen Video Contest through March 31, 2023

More details can be found here.
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2023.03.28 14:16 EBHLS_R Digital test reform doesn’t really make sense

I’m currently a high school student studying in Shanghai, China. I took my essay test last year and it was awful. Therefore, I took the digital test on March 11 this year. I have to say that I don't feel that the digital SAT test has improved any of the problems I had before.
Before I start to explain the whole thing, I have to make it clear that I am not here to complain about the shortcomings digital test, I just want to point out that it does not solve the problems I encountered previously in the paper exam.
The first thing is the problem of offline exams. Since CollegeBoard does not offer service in the Chinese mainland, I had to bring my own computer, take an airplane to Macau, and take this test on my own computer. I don’t really get the idea, can’t I just take it at home? What’s the difference? In fact, there are already many digital exams that can be taken at home, and they have well-established supervision plans to prevent cheating. The whole process of SAT computer-based exam is completely same as other standardized tests, such as TOEFL, except that it must be taken offline, which means I still had to travel long distances with great hassle to take the exam.
And they now cut the test time and the amounts of questions to make the test less stressful and easier. Granted, the time is much sufficient, for the essay test I seldom reach the history passage (I did the science passages first, then the novel, and finally the history one), while now I am able to finish almost all questions. But I really doubt they are making this test less stressful. The inconsistency of passage bothers me, every passage along with its corresponding question is a completely new topic, and I have to constantly pay close attention so I can switch from one topic to another rapidly. THAT IS EXHUASTING. Also, in the digital test if you get a few (six I think) questions wrong, then 700 will be your maximum English score, which makes me really tense during the test.
CollegeBoard also said that SAT is transforming to digital test partly because they hope student won’t have to wait long before they get their score, that “student and educators will receive scores faster- in days, not weeks.” That was really inspiring to hear at first, it usually took about two weeks to get my score, and man I felt so nervous during the wait. But when the test is over, I was told by bluebook that I still have to wait for two weeks to get my score. All right, so I waited for two weeks, and I was told again that my score is now pending for some reasons and I have to wait for three weeks to get the score and I still don’t get my score today. Say, that is even longer than before, what are they literally changing?
Another thing, is it really fair to give every student a unique test form? I know all the vocabularies in my classmate’s vocabulary questions, while all choices in my test are strange to me. And I’m pretty sure we are all in hard division. Am I unfortunate so I’m receiving a test form harder than others? This idea really upsets me.
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2023.03.28 14:14 randomstuffy9 The difference one student can make

One of my behavior students had a pretty good morning yesterday. He didn't do his science work (even though we did it whole class) but he put his head down and stayed quiet instead of having an outburst.
At lunch they have assigned seats. He sits by one of his close friends. Apparently the friend said something he didn't like and put his hands around the friend's neck. The lunch monitor told him to stop and when he wouldn't she told him to go to the office. He stormed out and tried going out the back door.
He's suspended for the rest of the week. It's more work for me to send his mom stuff for at home, but at least he won't bother me or anyone else during school. Happy almost spring break!!!
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2023.03.28 14:11 FrEnchFriesOnyOu As someone who was raised with a single parent I can confirm the "daddy left the chat once the baby was born.'' Narrative as true (I guess this could have also happened to you). Here are some of the many irresponsible things my dad has done.

Before I was born and my parents were married, my mom told me that she used an IUD for some time. But then my dad told her that she was better off without it, because she "didn't know if she was fertile or not'' and that if she didn't want to get pregnant she should just follow her natural cycle. Well, one of those days of natural cycle they forgot she was fertile and she got pregnant. My dad was the kind of man who would always say that he wanted children and would love them. I was born, and he didn't even pay much attention to me. This is irresponsible, because he put his wife at risk of pregnancy when he actually wasn't interested in being a parent like my mom.
He even felt a bit jealous of me, I know this because my mom said that one time my month old self, her, and dad got back home after long work hours, and we were all hungry and tired. However, mom had to change my diapers, and wasn't making any food for anyone except me first. So my dad lashed out at her saying things like "why does she always come first?'' "Why do you take care of her before my food?'' ( I think this is what my mom said).
When they got divorced I was one month old, or maybe two? The thing is, I remember my mom saying to me honestly "when we divorced, the only things he cared about keeping was his car, and the things he bought during the marriage.'' After this divorce he disappeared out of my life, he didn't even care to be present at all for at least the first 3 years of my life. Mom said that he lived close by to us but never even cared to check on me.
After I was 3 years old, my dad had gotten married again, and had my sister. Basically, he didn't even pay attention to his first kid and is already trying for a second. Nice choices we're making. Close to this timing, one of my aunts (also his aunt) and my grandmother (who is his mother), kind of persuaded him to show up back into my life, so he decided to file a lawsuit against my mom for "separating me from him'' which he lost. However, the judge did agree that he should take some responsibilities because after all he was my parent. They suggested him that he should take me to school, or go visit me more often. However, he refused this and said that that would be too much of a waste of gasoline which is expensive, he even had the audacity to demand in court that my mom PAID HIM gasoline to go see me.💀 However, even if he felt like he couldn't do these tasks, he didn't feel much like volunteering for any other expenses or responsibilities. He just wanted control over a kid but without making much sacrifices. He later disappeared again like he always does, like he knows I exist but ignores it.
When I was a kid growing up, the school staff from my kindergarten noticed that I drew weird family pictures whenever they asked us to "draw our family'' because I never drew my dad in it. So they started to ask "where's (insert name)'s dad?" And my mom had to tell them the truth. Sometimes throughout my childhood I did compare myself to other families who did have a dad and wondered why I wasn't like them. When I was around 8, dad was still absent like always but I did go out with him a few times, almost all of the times that I went out with him were because I had to request my mom to see him so that I could tell him (through a call) that I wanted to go out with him. I WAS A KID MAKING THE FIRST MOVE ON COMMUNICATION WITH THEIR PARENT WHEN IT SHOULD BE ALL THE WAY AROUND. FYI I forgot to mention that these going outs kept happening until I was 10.
After some time I moved from my country of origin, which is where he lives, and I finished getting raised in the US. After my teen years I started noticing all of the reasons that make my dad bad parent. When I ask him why he's always been absent in my life he always puts the same excuses of "your mom and I were divorced'' or "she was getting you away from me.'' FYI my sister did have a close relationship with him because they lived together until she was 7, and after his divorce from her mom they kept contact. So at least I know that he didn't make with her all of the mistakes he did with me. However, I can't judge how well his parenting was with her because I don't know too much behind appearances.
I have expressed to him many times how I feel after I started realizing that he isn't a good parent, every time he wants to talk to me I'm so prideful and so defensive, I just don't trust him. He has even apologized to me for being "a bad parent''. I know he's never gonna change, he's never going to be like my mom, a real parent. He's the kind of person to say hello today and then never talk to you again for months. And on top of the fact that I know the way he is, he still has the audacity to say "I love you"? Excuse me? How does that make sense? It gives me cringe whenever he says that and I never wanna say it back.
yesterday I was talking to my mom about how ironic it is for men to want to have children they don't want to take care of after we casually mentioned my dad, she replied "And you're telling me? Most men are that way.'' To all women out there, there is no way of surely foretelling if this "daddy left the chat'' narrative will happen to you if you want a baby with someone, due to the fact that everyone is different. When you choose to have children, besides considering all the sacrifices you are going to have to make as a mother, also consider that your husband who supposedly "loves you'' today, can have a bad relationship ending with you at any minute and leave the responsibilities of being both mother and father only to yourself. :)
FYI: All of the crudely truthful things my mom told me about my dad were after I was teen and started asking some questions about dad, beforehand I didn't think about any of this much. This info I tell is based on what mom has told me and some of the things I know myself from experience.
Sorry for the long thread, thank you for reading!
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