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2023.03.28 14:29 shesinmyhead1265 Did a boudoir photo shoot for my partner & have a lot of messy feelings about it

Lots of mixed feelings. I’m coping with the past lies and distance my partner put onto me before coming out. We’ve been arguing pretty frequently as we are both stressed about everything relating to the transition. My partner just started seeing a gender specialist. My brother recently wants to be involved in my life but learned of my partner’s transgender status and is very non-accepting. My mom is super curious and supportive but possibly overwhelming. My partner did not have a great mother figure and I think it might feel like a lot when she’s sending us so many articles about the positive nature of being yourself as a trans person and asking to go shopping with us, etc. My partner recently came out to their sister who is very supportive and loving but she is in a relationship with a dangerously transphobic and conservative man. My partner is also still partially closeted. All of these things have lead to my partner being more reclusive and mimicking past habitual actions that hurt me (withdrawal/agitation/etc.). I can understand them needing time and having low days or even weeks. Currently, they are also much more sensitive to same kind of jokes and frustrations I’ve always had which is only furthering my frustrations.
To kind of smooth out our weekend I suggested we get them all done up in femme clothes and makeup to go out to eat and then finish with a lingerie photoshoot. I thought this might help boost their confidence when it comes to feminine presentation. They got dressed and I found myself so angry (for the second time) that they were wearing the outfit I wanted to wear. We have such a similar style and I hate how obvious it is now that we both present feminine. It’s confusing because I think they look amazing. Maybe it’s because they never made me feel good about my presentation in the past. I was never feminine enough for them which was just a projection of their own desires for themselves and internalized transphobia. They spent so long telling me not look or act a certain way but now that’s what they expect of us both. I feel like my partner subconsciously put me into competition with themselves and I’m just starting to recognize that.
I got over it, we ate and then we took photos. They look SO beautiful. My partner is literally stunning. They were so happy and confident and I loved seeing that. I just wish I felt that way about myself. I wish I had only positive things to say about my relationship, because I am so proud of my partner. I think they have done tremendous work. I think they are very strong. I also think they had many moments of weakness in the past that hurt me. It’s so polarizing. I look at these photos and my heart is so full and hopeful, but my mind just won’t let go of the hurt even if I know it came from a scared and genuine place. I’m just hoping it gets less confusing down the line.
We’re in our twenties, been together for 5 years, been in couples therapy for 8-9 months and my partner has been out for 3ish months now.
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2023.03.28 14:27 thehallsofmandos Hidden Benefits?

I've been diagnosed for about 2 years now and though it can be depressing at times when I think about all of the things that I have to avoid when eating, I've thought that there can be some benefits to this as well. Namely, I am now required to avoid some of the more unhealthy foods in the American diet. I mean, for all intents and purposes fast food has been gone from my diet for 2 years. I have to make most of my own food because highly processed items are a veritable minefield of danger. I've had to become very aware of what I put in my body, and by extension hopefully making better choices. Now, I'm not going to say I don't occasionally open up a package of gluten-free Oreos every couple of months, but by and large I've had to eat cleaner and with more whole food items than I did before. As much as I might miss Hot pockets, they are pretty much garbage and not good for you. I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity sometimes to eat a little bit better than I have in the past.
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2023.03.28 14:26 heyraihey New cat hasn’t peed or pooped yet

Hi all! My partner and I adopted a cat (2 y/o neutered male) from the shelter on Sunday afternoon and since then he hasn’t used the bathroom that we can find (neither litter box nor anywhere else). We have him in a room, where he has food, water, a litter box with unscented clay litter. He’s eating and drinking, greeting us and getting pets, playing, and he even rolls in the litter box, he’s just not using it. The only thing he seems a little peeved about is that he has to stay in the room (we’re gonna let him roam a bit more soon). We figure we’ll have to take him to the vet? This is our first cat (we had a senior medically complex dog who passed last year) and so this is already stressful and I just really wish he would pee 😭
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2023.03.28 14:24 BudgetAd8844 Avocado Pulp in Guacamole?

I’ve been buying guacamole spread for the past few weeks and today I finally decided to look at the ingredients. To my surprise, the first ingredient on the label was “Avocado Pulp” and no other part of the avocado was listed.
A quick google search about avocado pulp didn’t really come up with anything (mostly people talking about eating the seed).
I’m assuming the pulp is used as it’s cheaper and still gives an avocado taste. I’m just curious what the difference in nutrition are between the pulp and the flesh, I can’t imagine they are very similar.
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2023.03.28 14:24 griff2202 I smoked 40 cigaretes a day at 29. I Stopped a few months ago. I don't even think about smoking anymore.

My smoking habit caused me despair much like it caused to numerous others. I was constantly lethargic, had a permanent cough at 27, and was generally unhappy. Due to having to take a smoke break every 45 minutes my performance at work was also something that suffered, and whenever a non-smoker was complaining about my breaks I wanted to strangle him, as the dumbass had no idea how it was. Not to mention it caused me a boatload of health concerns and worries after I grew up a bit and realized I was not invincible.
I have tried to quit at least 10 times before - and all of them have failed. I felt like shit everytime. I tried Alen Carr multiple times, hypnotherapy, CBT online course (I paid it 800 bucks which I thankfully managed to refund), I even tried the patch - this one did curb my cravings, but I was left with no mechanism to replace my habit of puffing/chewing on something compulsively whenever I went for a break.
What eventually worked for me were those swedish nicotine pouches and some willpower. I couldn't have made it without either one of that. NRT lozenges, which I haven't tried by that point, were expensive in my country so I thought I could do the same with the relatively inexpensive nicotine pouches available at every gas station.
I started with the strongest one; It had a grading in dots, with 5 dots being max - so I took the 5 dot one. Whenever I wanted to smoke, I took a pouch. I was thrilled that it actually worked. My cravings did disappear like I thought they world, and what was great is that they disappeared rather quickly.
I did some research regarding it and figured out that the absorption from nicotine pouches is a bit slower - but not too slow, and it also had a smaller top nicotine plasma peak. I assumed that the real culprit in smoking addiction were the big spikes of nicotine concentration in the blood, so I thought that I'll keep chewing on these nicotine pouches for some time, and see if my smoking cravings would disappear.
After a month or two of nicotine pouches, even though I was a hard time smoker, my cigarette cravings went away and were mostly (Bear in mind - mostly) replaced by cravings for the nicotine pouch.
I was already satisfied at that point, I thought that being on the pouch may not be such a bad idea to keep doing for the rest of my life. I digged through research and saw that it was mostly "healthy" (I don't think anything which is addictive can be healthy in excessive amount), however, there were some indications about the potential of gum disease. That caused me to quit taking the pouch. But I knew I needed to do some preparation and to be smart about that, because too much effort went into this try.
Most of my life I was smoking together with drinking coffee, because coffee made me jittery and I found that nicotine relaxed me. Some time ago I did some research about that and found out that cotinine, the primary metabolite of nicotine, lowers the half life of coffee for 50%.
In the mornings, I was feeling like shit after I drank my morning coffee, even though I sucked on a nicotine pouch, which I assumed was probably because caffeine is also being present in larger concentrations in my system.
Before in my life, I also had mental health issues, heavy general anxiety which even caused me to fall into psychosis and end up in the hospital when I was at the end of my university degree, and at that point when I replaced cigarettes with nicotine pouches I was feeling less anxiety generally, but whenever I drank coffee, or whenever there was coffee missing in my system, I experienced anxiety which bordered on paranoia. I kinda went with it because it was like that ever since I was 23 or 24. For context - I was drinking about a liter of caffe latte per day.
So first I decided I was gonna cut the coffee.
The following happened:
On the first day, I felt lightheaded. I haven't felt like that for a long time since there wasn't a single day in my life since 22 when I didn't drink coffee.
On the second day, I started having a headache, which persisted for days. During the morning I had cravings for coffee. It's then that I noticed that caffeine and nicotine, addiction wise, are the older and the younger brother of the same von Shitstain addiction family.
On the third day, and going on for three full fucking weeks I hated everyone and everything, there weren't any cravings except for morning ones, but I felt I was more in line for the funny farm than when I was when I ended up on the funny farm.
Three weeks passed, and I felt relatively like a human again. I could talk to someone without wanting to punch them in the face. My desire to punch them in the face came back whenever I ate a snickers bar or some considerable amount of chocolate, and waited for some time. After I discovered they also have caffeine, I discared that too. (Atleast in high amounts, over 100g).
So now I thought I'm ready for reducing the nicotine strength of the pouches.
I gradually reduced them over the period of two months, and it was painless. Minor nervousness on the first day of switching from the stronger strength ones to the lower ones.
After I reduced them to the lowest one, I stayed at that strength for some time, as I didn't want to rush anything. When I noticed that I am more awake in the mornings and less tired during the day since I quit coffee I decided I'm gonna quit that too, as I was curious what rewards lie after that.
So one day I didn't take the nicotine pouches to work, and it was the same story like when I stopped drinking coffee for three weeks.
But after three weeks, I never thought about smoking, or having a pouch, or drinking coffee, ever again. I drank a coca cola once when I was at my company party because I was feeling sleepy, and that caused me to turn into an absolute hyperactive retard.
During that time, I also found out that I love walking in nature, as it really relaxes me. Even though I still get angry at some unimportant stuff today, it is uncomparable to how I was before, when I was drinking coffee and smoking cigs.
I don't take medications for anxiety any longer. I am much more happier and so is my girlfriend and my whole family. Walking in public spaces sometimes causes me distress, but never before was I able to not give a fuck about anyone around me and just do my thing in public. I also grew patient, and started enjoying reading classical literature.
Overall it's been a nice and interesting journey,
Now I have to find a way to get my metabolism under control. I am older now and live a sedentary lifestyle. I like to walk but I also like eating good food and cakes :). It's gonna be a whole different journey, and honestly I'm not scared of it and I wonder what things will I learn this time.
Much love, take care, and I hope you will end this horrible affliction, as the benefits are not only for the body, but for the mind too.
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2023.03.28 14:22 Ftw_dabs69ish My (33f) boyfriend (38m) doesn’t want to have sex with me

When I initiate he pushes me away or doesn’t respond. It’s been a month now and I’ve tried to give him space to bring it up and talk about it but he seems totally content, happy even. I ask if he’s okay or if anything a wrong and he says no.
We’ve been together a year and a half. I’ve never had this problem in any relationship I have had before.
He used to worship my body and touch me everywhere and tease me and get excited and now he just mashes at my tits.
He said in the past he wants to explore my body and learn all the ways to please me and do anal and all of that? But he doesn’t seem to want to put in the effort?
I am trying to stay in my feminine energy as I’m the only one who ever brings up issues or talks about how I feel. I don’t want to be in charge of fixing everything and maintaining this relationship alone.
But I couldn’t go any longer it was eating me up inside.
So I told him, all of that, last night. And he turned around and threw it at me. Saying that I don’t want him, etc.
I’ve tried initiating several times in the last couple weeks. I got on top of him and starting kissing him, he barely kissed me back and didn’t even touch me while I was on him. So I stopped.
I tell him that I need a lot of “warming up” to be ready for sex and it’s easier for him to get aroused. I need communication and emotional connection, I need passion.
So I tell him all of this hoping to have a resolution and validation and solution to moving forward, and he just sits there and doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t acknowledge my feelings, doesn’t say sorry. Takes no responsibility. Makes no plan for how we can fix this. Just nothing conversation over.
I feel empty, and I’m not enough for this person. He also cheated on me last year, and that’s another block I deal with sexually. So on top of already feeling like he doesn’t want me I know for a fact that I he didn’t at one point because he sought out other women that could satisfy him.
I’m literally begging him to love me and he just stares at me emotionless.
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2023.03.28 14:22 derboos socializing at 15

thanks for all the responses on my last post. my mood has been getting better with exercise and eating more, although i am still painfully lonely. i am wondering if there is any advice i can have on specifically making friends at school or otherwise.
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2023.03.28 14:20 AtMyVeryWurst 31 [M4F] - USA/Anywhere/Online - What's Your Desert Island Meal????

Spoiler Alert: If it's any kind of fruit, we're gonna have an issue.
OK, yes, I'm being silly. But truthfully, food is such a huge way that two people can connect. We all eat - most of us for pleasure - and figuring out what our likes and dislikes are, finding commonalities and differences - can be a starting out point that leads to so many endless conversational avenues.
Realistically, I don't ONLY want to talk about food - I want to get to know you, have some fun banter, some witty back 'n forth. Hey, if we click and get as spicy as habanero, I'm all for it. Just don't ghost pepper me.
I'm single! Thinking it would be best if you were, too.
I'll get my fork and spoon ready while you craft up your opening message.
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2023.03.28 14:18 vexterhyne Is there a non-prescription anti-parisitic drug we can buy from Mercury or other drugstores like the ones Koreans or Japanese people use?

I've read some anecdotes online that certain parasites in the gut can go undetected and may have undesirable symptoms such as unstable mood, unjustified cravings, etc.
EDIT: I've been having these symptoms and is actually diagnosed with anxiety and depression but the meds are not working. I've also have been eating healthy and are tackling the possible causes of my mental disorders but not much have helped.
I've also came across Paraguard and Alanazol being used by people on tiktok.
Any suggestions? Advice? Thanks very much.
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2023.03.28 14:17 princessttthrowwaway Pizza thieves

This is going to be a short story but I’m pretty upset so I wanted to share here. I (21F) still live with my family because of high rent in my city and I dropped out of highschool to work when I was around 16. So my job options are pretty limited.
Recently I’ve been saving up the little money I have. Yesterday I decided to order pizza for a treat. I also ordered a bigger pizza so I can eat left overs later.
I usually put my pizza in the oven at home because I like it to be crunchy. Anyways I was waiting for the oven to heat up and left the pizza on the counter and went to the living room. When I came back the entire pizza was gone aside from once slice.
My parents didn’t ask to have any and I would have shared if they did. I wasn’t upset at first but they were rude to me when I asked what happened to it. They basically blamed me saying I wasn’t going to eat it all, I’m under their roof etc. I’m honestly furious now about it all. I didn’t even eat the one slice left.
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2023.03.28 14:15 _WhisperToTheMoon 32 [F4R] Europe/Austria - fantasy book lover, poetry writer, psychology & board game enthusiast looking for friends for shared creative hobbies

Hi there :) I'm looking for 1-2 online friends who would like to start a shared hobby (playing board games online, reading a book together, or having a book club, reading or writing poetry, starting a small creative project with photoshop, having cofffee and eating cookies while chatting on voice chat about cats or some psychology podcast you just found etc.)
You got a different awesome idea on how to make an online interaction more like “meeting up in real life”? Great – let me know and we will see if we find common ground. :) How do we go about this? I prefer to get to know you better first – so tell me what creative topic do you like to spend your time on? What makes you happy about it? Or tell me what moves you these days in general – what inspires you, what's your passion?
I love nature as well as my own small herb garden. I always feel refreshed after a walk in the woods or having tended to my plants and roses
I don't really like to discuss politics or sports or history, rather talk about psycholoy and focus on the now as this is the only place one can live in :) plus human beings are just so damn fascinating
I love to laugh so funny videos, jokes or pictures? Sure – life is too short for being serious all the time XD
Self improvement - I'm often reading or listening to podcast about what happiness is and how to define it for yourself.
I'm very interested into board games and would love to find people to play those online with. Got board game recommendations? Shoot me a message :)
Besides that, I'm currently looking for somebody to play Stardew Valley with using the mod. Let me know if you are interested.
Rom coms - I am a sucker for movies/series that make me laugh and decompress from daily life :)
I mostly eat healthy and for a while now dairy free and grain free - so if you got recipes for that, let me know :) currently re-inventing how I cook and having a look at vietnamese dishes a lot, even more than before
I want to get more fit again, just recently started doing small exercises again to up my stamina and it feels great to get more and more energy ^
I got a sweet and fluffy cat of which I love to share pictures of :)
I'm a good listener
I'm very interested in animals like which strange creatures live on the bottom of the sea or e.g. sand cats living in the desert. So science in general is something that fascinates me, always open to learning more in this area.
Sadly lately I have not had the mental capacity to focus on writing due to work but I'm currently aiming to get back to that as my (virtual) pen is itching and writing feels so freeing to me
There is much more to add but that's the fun part of getting to know a person :).
Platform of choice would be reddit for me for the first time.
PS: I love really thoughtful messages and I'm super excited to get messages from you so text me.and tell me about yourself : )
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2023.03.28 14:14 Independent-Boat6560 I KNOW I’m on the spectrum… but my former therapist told me I’m not because my social skills are “too good”????

Hi there.
I’ve spent years trying to find out why I can’t function the same way as everyone else. I’ve been diagnosed with c-ptsd, anxiety, and depression. I have a traumatic history and most people assume I’m just messed up from it, but I can’t shake that I check every box for a female with ASD.
I struggle with B&W thinking, understanding social relationships, auditory processing, codependency, physical hypersensitivity (I don’t eat meat because of the texture, wear certain clothes because of the feeling), empathy (I feel it but only when I relate it back to myself and situations I’ve been in, and struggle to express it appropriately). I’m hypersensitive to criticism and “overthink” and over explain everything. I struggle with keeping friends and jobs. I struggle with everyday tasks like driving and hygiene.
I’ve developed a lot of coping mechanisms, a lot coming from theater, so pretty much every social interaction feels like a “scene” to me.
I don’t know how to obtain a diagnosis, because when I talked to my therapist a year or two ago, she insisted that there was absolutely NO WAY I could be on the spectrum. I ended up leaving her when I started dreading the meetings and getting triggered for days afterwards.
I’ve recently moved to a new state and have been having trouble making friends— losing the only friend I had here for being “too emotionally expressive”, whatever that means. I do have a partner who is also suspected to be on the spectrum, and we’ve coexisted together for 8 years with our two cats (not romantically or sexually— we just both can’t exist by ourselves).
I don’t know where to start. I’m 27F and feel I’m just another one of those women who failed to be recognized as autistic because I managed to develop great masking skills.
I feel like I can’t validly and honestly say “I’m on the spectrum” because I’m undiagnosed, so I tell people “I’m not neurotypical”, which seems to get even more judgement because it sounds like I’m just saying “I’m quirky!”
…so what do I do here? Should I seek a diagnosis or just go straight into a support group?
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2023.03.28 14:14 thatterribletwatted Does diet soda (Pepsi) cause weight gain or risk of increased weight?

I’m so scared I’ll become fat if I keep drinking diet Pepsi to suppress my appetite. I am drinking diet sodas to prevent myself from eating, but I’m afraid I’m just stacking more weight on in the process. I searched this on Google and it said that drinking diet soda is linked to obesity and I’m having a full blown panic attack. What are the actual studies on this and can only drinking diet sodas cause weight gain in the future or lead to weight loss?
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2023.03.28 14:12 Dess12271999 One cat won’t let the other eat!! Help!!

I’ve had these two cats since they were about nine months old, they’re 2 now. One has always been a little bit heavier than the other. I keep them on a very strict diet according to my vet’s recommendations. Lately I’ve been noticing that when it’s feeding time, both cats go to their bowls but the larger cat nudges the smaller cat away after only a few chomps.. I also just witnessed it real time a second ago, what can I do to make sure that both cats are eating an equal amount(or atleast have the smaller one eat more) Should I feed them separately? Is there some type of device I could use? Please help.
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2023.03.28 14:11 InformationHorder Building an effective multi-season coop

I'm building a coop this spring (once all the damn snow finally melts once and for all) and I can't seem to find consensus on a design across all the different how-to DIYs all over the web.
My problem: The summers get hot and muggy. August can still be in the upper 80's plus humidity. Winters get REALLY cold- it's not uncommon to have a solid week or two in January or February where the daytime high temp doesn't make it to double digits.
The coop I need to build needs to be able to keep 5-6 chickens warm in the most extreme cold, ideally without supplemental heat, and also have enough ventilation that they won't die of heat stroke in the summer.
A lot of coop designs are raised to have a foot or two of space under them; this seems to me a great way to lose heat through the floor, especially when the wind is whipping under there, so I'm thinking mine should be set on the ground with crushed stone for drainage. But does the coop being elevated really matter?
I'm also considering oversizing the coop a smidge because I've seen some folks who line the inside of the coop in haybales for extra insulation in the winter. Is that a sound idea or a bad way to hide other problems in the hay all winter long? I don't want to have to have extra insulation because then you gotta find a way to keep rodents and the birds from eating at it and that begets extra plywood and cost, and it turns the coop into an oven if you can't remove the insulation for the summer.
I also see tons of advice for square footage per bird for both run and coop, but what about volume of the coop? Staying warm in winter is a matter of the birds being able to heat their space with body heat alone, so how "tall" can I make the coop before it's too much volume for them to self-heat?
Finally, how much ventilation is enough vs too much and letting all the heat out?
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2023.03.28 14:10 thatterribletwatted Does diet soda (Pepsi) cause weight gain or risk of increased weight?

I’m so scared I’ll become fat if I keep drinking diet Pepsi to suppress my appetite. I am drinking diet sodas to prevent myself from eating, but I’m afraid I’m just stacking more weight on in the process. I searched this on Google and it said that drinking diet soda is linked to obesity and I’m having a full blown panic attack. What are the actual studies on this and can only drinking diet sodas cause weight gain in the future or lead to weight loss?
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2023.03.28 14:07 tiddiesmoist My lungs have been making a popping noise, I'm short of breath and my chest burns.

Male, 24, caucasian, UK, 195cm, 105kg (muscular not obese, no steroids)
After tests, one doctor thinks it's pericarditis, while another proclaimed that the other doctor was wrong and it is not.
After a quick google search, it's potentially symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis. Not likely, but not something to ignore either.
Thing is, with pulmonary fibrosis, you can hear consistent crackles on the inhale and exhale through a stethoscope, as heard in the video below. A doctor has checked with a stethoscope, only not when the popping and crackling I hear occurs.
Whereas mine can be heard by the naked ear and is not constant (it's not my stomach gurgling, the noises are very different and distinct.). Sometimes mine is a crackle, and sometimes it's a pop, all from the lungs and upper chest area. I don't have access to a stethoscope to further check my internal breathing sounds during these popping spells.
Sometimes my left lung in particular makes a popping noise and a small air bubble comes up (potentially the stomach as it's located in the same region, but it feels very different to the air bubbles I've been getting from the stomach for the past 24 years, it's not really a burp, more so comes from my windpipe), this is especially prominent in the morning.
I've got shortness of breath that's been getting worse gradually for the last 6 months. (Ex-moderate to heavy cannabis smoker for 12 years.)
Definitely not anxiety, as I've only been anxious about this for the last 2 weeks as I thought this would clear up on it's own. I'm not an anxious person and meditate 30 minutes every day to control my stress response and amygdala activity, admittedly I am more stressed than usual about this, only because it hasn't cleared up while I've been monitoring it stress-free. Not subconscious stress either. I'm hyper-aware of when I am stressed and what's causing it. My breathing rate doesn't really increase when I feel short of breath, only after moderate exercise.
I'm also experiencing the following symptoms:
- chest tightness
- bloating (dairy and gluten-free diet as caused bloating in me during the past, but cleared up after dietary changes. THe variables of my diet have been constant for the last 5 years, no bloating from diet)
- lungs feel raw and burning, especially in the evening.
- increased shortness of breath after a higher carbohydrate meal, lower carb meals tend to be okay.
- dull pain between my shoulder blades, in my abdomen and chest.
- occasional shooting pain on my left side when inhaling deeply
- low appetite (I'm eating about a 2000 calorie deficit each day based on my natural hunger)
- poor sleep quality
- loss of morning erections, indicating downregulated testosterone and sex hormones. (potentially from lower sleep quality. Had this tested in the past with my current diet, no issues before.)
- no wheezing or persistent cough, more so an occasional dry or productive cough.
- daily pain down my left back (usually about 20-50 times per day)
- pain in the left pectoral where the peck joins onto the bone.
- occasions left arm tingling and numbness, distinctively shooting down and finishing between the left finger and the ring finger.
- heart palpitations when shortness of breath occurs.
- shortness of breath when lying down, but clears up after 5-10 seconds of lying down.
- yawning throughout the day. Even after 6-7 hours sleep. But not feeling crazy fatigued.
- being put off intense exercise as it leads to shortness of breath symptoms.
- small meals increase the pressure and tightness in my chest. Feels like my my chest (not stomach) will explode after an omelette for example)
- bowel movements are normal.
- my lungs seem constantly inflated (I think, might be my imagination. But my body fat is in healthy ranges, just seems like I can't suck in nearly as much as I could when I was 18 and they stick out more).
My thoughts are emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, given my childhood growing up and working on a dusty farm. But I'm too young for that I'm sure. So it's a real puzzle.
Doctors say I'm too young to get a spirometry test or CT scan which is fair enough. They have done an x-ray of my lungs and are awaiting the results from a respiratory specialist. They have said anxiety, which I feel is a poor and lazy conclusion based on how much of a happy and relaxed person I am, I frequently feel intense joy out of nowhere, and have healthy micronutrient status, gut and brain health etc. I know anxiety is often a psychological problem, as well as having biological contributors that upregulate your psychological systems like the serotonergic system, and my psychology is solid too, I work on it a lot. Again, I'm not an anxious person and have been observing myself and my symptoms more so like a scientist studying his patient, rather than a paranoid hypochondriac thinking he is dying.
Blood tests indicate no heart troubles.
Any ideas about what is going on with means what this could be?
Think I should push for a CT scan or spirometry test?
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2023.03.28 14:07 SapiosexualGuy 27 [M4F] india/Anywhere - Looking for understanding, acceptance, empathy and good communication to create a lasting bond.

I think having someone in life makes it colorful. Gives us more strength and support to face challenges together and amplifies the joy we receive from indulging in fun activities together, like playing board games, watching movies etc, going on long walks.
We have so many needs as humans, touch needs, emotional needs, social needs. But still, so many people are either in fear of commitment and exploring their dating options, or waiting for that magical time / person when they'd contemplate taking the next step. If we don't expect perfection everywhere, we'll find contentment in the imperfections somewhere.
I don't want kids. If I create two lists thinking of reasons why I should have one and why i shouldn't have, the second list's reasons far outweighs the first. So, i decided it makes sense that I lead a childfree life, for overall contentment, not getting burdened by responsibility and not having the guilt of further overpopulating this world.
About me:
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2023.03.28 14:06 Willing_Front_2125 Getting by with a shellfish allergy in Japan?

Hi all, I’ll be traveling to Japan with my girlfriend who has a shellfish allergy. I’m assuming there will be lots of things she won’t be able to eat because of this (cross contamination is an issue), but are there enough options without shellfish she can readily find?
Also, how difficult is it to communicate on this to waiters/food stalls, etc? Any recommendations/suggestions on how best to get past this hurdle are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.28 14:06 attackondentin1 Building MC Discussion

I've come to a decision following my last post, 3rd esper I'm going to build up for the initial wave of the Esper Era is Monsterized Choze...but now comes the intriguing topic of how to build him! Some info I'm considering:
Ultimate - Scales based on ATK Passive - Scales based on HP
To even consider using Ultimate he needs to have speed on him and would eat 2 energy each turn where I have a Garou-King 1-2 punch that I plan on making use of which would require 4 energy per turn (for the two Ults). Not sure how much energy you can accumulated with Gyoro core but I'm assuming it won't be more than 4 reliably each turn.
So build SPD-ATK or build HP tank healer...thoughts?
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2023.03.28 14:05 Glittering_Young_703 Start the heart all over again (from below zero)

TLDR: I need some advice on rebooting my cardio/health/overall shape and condition.
So I'm closing in on 30 now and from my 18 to my 25 I was always on top of my game. Young, secure, fit both in a cardio sense as in a bodybuilding sense. Always on the move full of energy. Along the way after 25 I kinda lost my drive and interest, gotten an office job that pays very well - my personal life became very comfortable and safe and I found myself quickly moving to a more seated/stationary position.
I always used to have these hobbies that I would try and develop into a full time side gig, kept fitness and health as a main part of my routine and just tried to stay on top of my game in all aspects. Now since these last few years, I started feeling more relaxed, caring less about my physique and my side gigs and just being content with a good full time paying job, a nice little family and just free time. I did used to overwork myself in the past though and now I finally feel free of all that.... At the price of a downside though.
The downside being: I feel exhausted from sitting. I'm around 5ft10(178-179cm) and weighed around 170lbs/77kg at my peak fitness. Now I weigh around 188 (85-86kg) and I feel like walking up the stairs can already exhaust me. I can't find the motivation to hit the gym properly again because I find myself feeling too loose/relaxed from all the sitting around with the job and the lack of my cardio is holding me back to build it back up. To be fair I also feel like I forgot how to build it back because I don't have the same energy as before, so my previous workout experience don't.... Well, work out for me anymore.
I know I have to cut back on my eating habits and develop some more healthy feeding regimens. Luckily, I know my way around that and have started that already... But building my cardio feels like I'm starting below zero and I lost all my strength. Even in the gym the feeling of having to start all over is devastating... Before I start lifting decently again I want to give my heart a head jump this time instead of straight hitting the gym...
Can anyone share some Ideas on some good cardio routines when you're starting out with a terrible cardio level? Like I can run for 1 minute and I'll already have to walk because I can't keep up.

Should I go at it at intervals? Start out with something else? Any tips tricks? Any good cardio regimes for building up from scratch? Anything regarding eating etc?
I'm already working on: - Eating better - Healthy & Consistent sleeping habit - Trying to stand up more often at the desk and stretch a bit

But how to start building that heart muscle in a healthy and manageable way that won't wear my current physique out?
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2023.03.28 14:05 tay_tot Guys I'm just not doing well.

I spontaneously quit my job because I just can't fucking do it. I can't brush my teeth. I can't gwt up out of bed. I only eat bc the baby needs it. I can't. I just can't get up. My husband is pissed at me for doing it because we are poor and can't actually afford for me to quit my job. But I can't fucking do it. I ranted to my mom before I quit because I needed some help and she said "ur not special, don't blame ur mental illness go to work" now im.on the bathroom floor crying and throwing up
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