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Cabarrus County is a county located in the south-central part of the U.S. state of North Carolina. This is for all redditors who live there!

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2023.03.28 03:33 Faithful_Husband Can anyone explain what the difference between a tax mapper and a GIS tech in a tax office is?

Some counties only have mappers, some only have GIS techs, some have both. What's the difference?
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2023.03.28 01:36 mapped_apples Data Sourcing Help?

I’m using ArcGIS Pro in my free time to work on a project for work, but I’m in need of specific data to work with and I’m having trouble finding it so wanted to see if anybody here has suggestions.
Looking for either US-wide or Wisconsin specific age, median household income, and employment status for census tract or county.
I’ve tried census dot gov but nothing seems to have all of the data combined. Any suggestions?
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2023.03.27 20:38 stenuto Best way to download merged publicly-available geo data?

I'm pulling large amounts of county parcel data from a few counties using several Arcgis REST service endpoints. Once downloaded as GeoJSON, I use `ogr2ogr` to normalize the field names it and join it with similar datasets from other counties. From there, I import it into a PostGIS database to integrate into my application.
I'm needing to do this weekly and am looking for ways to automate it.
Would utilizing Arcgis Pro make this process easier? Or should I focus on writing scripts that automate this?
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2023.03.26 09:08 turkeyhunter2 County GIS Tech versus Cartographer

Hello. I am hoping for some career advice from some fellow GIS folks in the public sector, if that is okay.
I am considering a job offer in a small(ish) county assessor’s office as a GIS Cartographer. I currently work in a smaller county as a GIS Tech in an IT Dept.
My current role is pretty much what you’d expect. I clean up feature classes, perform boundary changes, etc. I also get to do some web mapping projects, and genuinely enjoy the work. I’m given a lot of autonomy, but that is largely because I am a self starter and my manager is the former longtime Tech who was given the promotion and just has no mgmt skills. She mostly does Amazon reselling and scrolls Facebook all day to paint a picture. But the work itself is the perfect balance of short term and long term projects, creative and data entry, and it pays well.
The cartographer position is something that interests me and the pay scale is higher. I’m almost topped out in my current pay scale and this cartographer position’s step 1 is equivalent to my current salary. I’m just not familiar with the day to day. Sounds like it will be mostly deed-related data entry and creating/updating tax maps. There’s some pet projects that may develop over time like taking over parcel fabric updates.
I’m hoping there’s some public sector cartographers out there who can provide an idea of your day-to-day. Maybe some opinions from others on the career path comparison. Thank you for humoring me y’all, I appreciate your time.
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2023.03.24 03:05 Jelfff How to download ArcGIS data directly into ATAK/WinTAK via KML network link

Below is a link to a PDF brain dump on downloading KMZ data from ArcGIS servers directly into ATAK and WinTAK in the form of KML network links. There are a few things to know but the learning curve is more like a mole hill and less like a mountain.
Example KMZ download links are included for:
State lines
County lines
Various weather watches and warnings
Weather stations
Coastal marine zone forecast
Standard multi-day forecast
Fire weather forecast
Any of this data can be downloaded directly from the ArcGIS server hosting the data and into ATAK and WinTAK.
Details are included showing how to tweak the download links to only select a subset of a GIS layer.
Links are included pointing to additional sources for useful KMZ data.
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2023.03.23 14:28 PaleontologistOk8454 Pet Sitting PSA

First off, I want to start off by giving a heartfelt "thanks" to this sub. You guys are amazing and your support and kindness over the past 3 months is more than I've felt in the prior 3 years.
I'm posting to follow up on the serial neglect by a local pet sitter folks have posted about here: and nicely summarized by CVILLE weekly here: Those of us who are animal advocates know folks like this are intransigent which is what makes them so dangerous. Coupled with weak or frankly, any effective non-commercial animal care protection laws, they feed on opportunities to exploit pet owners and online pet sitting portals, operating with impunity relying on passive complicit people around them, no shame, no accountability. That said, they will soon be coming to your neighborhood, moving on like the scammers they are. So I wanted to take the time to share some insights, a sort of PSA, to help save the next pet. If your potential caregiver balks at any per below, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET WITH THEM.
**Always obtain confirmation of their legal name and the legal names of all responsible for care provided, and google it to include an online court history search. For Charlottesville/Albemarle: **Confirm your pet sitter owns their property. You can research this through your locality GIS. For Albemarle county: If they do not own the property, contact the property owner directly to confirm if the property is zoned for and licensed to operate as a business. **If you found your sitter through an online pet sitting portal, NEVER accept payment off the site. Know that this is a critical violation of terms and if your sitter is willing to cheat that way, this could be a red flag that they'll be dishonest in the care of your pet as well.
**Make sure your pet sitter is bonded. You want to make sure there is an emergency plan should your pet get sick/injured in their care and that they have financial resources and the ability to take them to the vet, emergency or not. Otherwise, you may come home to a sick/injured/dead pet.
**Online reviews mean nothing; bad actors will create fake FB, etc accounts to write their own glowing reviews and immediately delete all negative ones.
**Do not assume authorities can help. Of course, always contact your ACO and don't be shy about filing a complaint with the magistrate for any animal abuse/neglect concerns. But know, when our community first tried to get judicial intervention, 3 total complaints heard altogether with ACO support, the judge rolled all 3 into a single fine of $50. And they were not first offenses.
**The reality is, animal protection laws in Virginia are lacking.For example, there are no requirements for what constitutes "adequate confinement". In this case, a flimsy outdoor 3ft construction fenced area was used for 4-5 dogs, small dogs kept alongside mid to large dogs altogether without direct supervision, close to a moderately busy road. A puzzled collateral in a recent investigation surmised - essentially the way the code is written, you can build a dog fence made of dental floss.
**Of course, always make a visit to the site prior to each and every drop off, including a full tour inside and out of the location (even if you've done business before with them). If you cannot or do but when you arrive, things don't look 100%, PLEASE, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET THERE.
Finally, could I ask that you contact our elected BOS representative, Ann Mallek: as well, the property owners, Veliky Rentals: Both have been aware of concerns for several years, yet by 2023, more than a few dead/injured/lost dogs during this period at the hands of these pet sitters. Their contact information is public knowledge but feel free to DM me if you need the email addresses. Little will change unless both parties hear from us to say "enough; we won't stand for this in our community". Woof ^;;^
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2023.03.18 18:07 clydebarrow24 Retirement destination that's not "traditional" but w/multiple concerns for future

We're ~5 years out from retirement, at which point we should have about $500K in home equity and about $2M in 401K. I have major concerns about the environmental/social/political future though so very specific desires for a destination:
Would also like:
I'm thinking we may buy a lot or a small acreage (1-2 acres) within a couple of years, then plan to build an accessible age-in-place house just before we retire. We'd be <60 still so hoping to have 20-25+ years in this home. I've been working on a GIS map that takes this to a county level and am now looking for insights into specific locations.
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2023.03.17 17:50 14MTH30n3 I need to help on how to find property address based on Lot information

How do I find the postal information, or at last a map reference, for the lot as per below information
"Lot 67, Grove Point Village, Unit 2, according to the map or plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 47, Page 23, Public Records of Hillsborough County, FL"
EDIT. In Hillsborough County, this is the website for appraiser office. I typically can find any existing home here, but not sure how to find land.
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2023.03.17 17:29 Electronic_Cat_4248 Off-Leashed Trained Pitt Available For Adoption!

Hallie is a super-sweet and energetic pitty that has over 4 weeks of extensive training from Zanesville Board and Train! Hallie is the longest-time resident at the Muskingum Country K-9 Adoption center and was donated a training package to help her get adopted!
Contact the Volunteers of the Muskingum County K-9 Adoption Center to learn more and give Hallie the loving home she deserves! Contact them at 740-453-0273!
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2023.03.16 23:47 hoodtan Mapping a boundary based on bearings and distances

I have been tasked with creating a boundary based on the text I have included. There's also a deed with the boundary shown. It's from around 1966. *edit - I have chosen not to include the image of the boundary for privacy reasons.
I've tried to tackle this using the distance and direction toolset in ArcGIS Pro but my result certainly looks nothing like the boundary shown in the deed.
I'm just wondering how the skilled members of this sub would tackle such a problem. It seems like a very basic task but honestly have never been exposed to anything like this through my education or work experience.

Beginning at a point on the southern boundary of the road leading from TOWN A to ROAD A distant one thousand three hundred and twenty feet southwesterly along said boundary from its intersection with the southwestern boundary of the road leading from TOWN A to TOWN B in the County A;
From thence to run by Astronomic Bearings North eight degrees thirty minutes West five hundred and sixty-one feet;
Thence South sixty-seven degrees thirty minutes West two thousand nine hundred and seventy feet;
Thence South sixteen degrees thirty minutes East two thousand two hundred and eighty-four feet;
Thence North eighty degrees thirty minutes East two thousand five hundred and seventy-four feet;
Thence North eight degrees thirty minutes West two thousand three hundred and seventy-six feet to the point of commencement.
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2023.03.16 20:21 extremenachos Bikes Reported Stolen in Indianapolis, 2021

I grabbed the crime data for stolen bicycles reported in Marion County, 2021 and mapped them in ArcGIS Pro.
Address is reported to the nearest block (100 E Washington, 500 North Girls School Rd, etc) instead of the actual address of the person reporting the bike stolen. This only represents the total number of reported bikes stolen. I think it's safe to assume plenty of stolen bikes go unreported so I wouldn't use this to decide whether or the area I'm in is safe enough not to lock my bike up :)
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2023.03.13 18:30 GY- Physical or PDF versions of "Official Tax Maps" Prior to digitization to GIS?

As the title above says, my company and I are looking for copies of the original tax maps for any county in Illinois prior to the more modern and more frequently updated GIS systems we all normally use.
We use them mainly for book keeping purposes as opposed to keeping a digital ARCGIS type system.
If anyone knows, or has any idea of, where we could track down some (physical or pdf) versions of the now outdated tax maps I would be very appreciative
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2023.03.09 21:44 QueeLinx Completed pop. density gis map using ‘20 census data and python 3. So simple but so clean (Washtenaw County MI) @jaj__up Tweeted

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2023.03.09 16:23 hellomello1993 I cannot seem to get a job. I have: GIS cert, 2 months away from Masters in urban planning, StoryMap/portfolio, 6 month internship w/ county govt. what could I be doing wrong?

I am happy to answer any questions. I have been applying for about 8 months now and have nearly exhausted all options in my region (Central Florida).
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2023.03.08 18:11 geomatica Which surveying environment would you prefer?

Which surveying environment would you prefer?
It's lunchtime and I've already searched my section and found eight aluminum disks for section and quarter corners and 15 accessories, all referenced in corner record forms, a Record of Survey, and County Surveyor field books.
My field work is done!
It's taken me all morning to search within a 300 foot radius of my stake out coordinate derived from GIS linework, but I've already found one 5/8" rebar with no cap, a 1" iron pipe with no cap, and a fence corner, all of which have flagging, none of which are close to each other, and none of which fit the GLO field notes from 1882.
I'll be out here all week!
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2023.03.08 13:18 yung__jibblets Roads Question -- Relearning GIS & trucking across the USA

Hey everyone!
I have several months set aside before I start grad-school. Even though its corny, I'm living out of my truck and driving around the good-ole US of A. I'm using QGIS to plan my trip, since I want to relearn the software anyway, and there's way more flexibility than Google Earth. I've just started importing data from NPS, USFS, BLM, etc. Now, I'm starting to think about navigation and roads data.
I'm planning to use the TIGER data (unless you all have other recs), but I'm unsure of how to organize my project's roads. I'm assuming downloading every single road generates a cumbersome dataset, and my laptop would probably puke? Plus, I'm only planning to spend time in ~7 states. Here's my plan as it stands:
  1. Download the primary and secondary roads for each of the 7 states, that I'm visiting. Since some of the states (like Montana) are vast, it will be good to have the major roads for reference.
  2. Download specific datasets with detailed road maps for the counties/national forests where I'm planning to spend most of my time.
Am I on the right track here? Let me know if you all have any other advice for a GIS newbie planning my trip.
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2023.03.06 23:42 Affectionate_Ant_ Reference Check a Good Sign?

Hey all. I had my interview with a state position a week ago and it went really well. I’d interviewed for this position last year so I was already familiar with the team and the process. I feel better about it this time as I’m now in grad school directly related to the position (GIS) and worked a related county job in the summer.
I heard from my last employer that they reached out for a reference check on Friday (which is when they said they’d likely be making the decision), who I have no doubt gave me a positive reference.
Anyways, I’m trying to stay realistic. Does anyone have any insight to what stage in the process a reference check takes place? I’ve never had a reference actually called so I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or just a normal thing. Thanks!
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2023.03.05 13:49 Jelfff Step-by-step instructions for adding basemaps to ATAK, iTAK and WinTAK

edit: I expanded the scope of the report to include an introduction to using tiled ArcGIS data as overlays. New link: The original link now points you to the new link.
Original post:
Each basemap that can be displayed by ATAK, iTAK and WinTAK requires its own xml file. These are small text files that include the address for where the basemap data resides on a server.
Some xml files are built-in to each version of TAK. Anyone can add additional basemaps to ATAK, iTAK and WinTAK by (1) making an xml file and (2) adding that xml file to your device. Below is a link to a PDF file that walks you through the process.
The PDF also shows how to search federal/state/county/city ArcGIS servers to see if they have basemap data that can be displayed by TAK software.
I anticipate producing a second report after I learn more about writing xml files for GIS data hosted on WMTS and XYZ servers. The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has a large amount of data as does NOAA, NASA and Iowa State University (Mesonet).
Open PDF:
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2023.03.04 13:55 hsaufo Osceola was one of 4 counties that shifted over 20 points for desantis

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2023.03.04 00:31 FMSTard What Should I be Making?

Graduated with a degree in geography with my GIS certification. I work in Charlotte as a Fiber Optic design engineer (I draw the maps that construction crews use to put fiber in the ground, as well as the permits that get sent off to the city, state, and county for permitting.
I've been working the job for 2.5 years, and have been moved to quality control and training while still doing new designs in my free time.
I started the job in 2020 at $18/hr and currently make $25/hr
Boss recently told me he wants to pay me more but that means he needs to pay the rest of the team more. Boss is a good boss. I trust him. We started this job together. I got my raise before he became boss, and he told me this before I even asked.
I want to move on. This job has been a good starting point, but I'm looking for a lot more than $50k/year. I dont know my next steps. Any advice?
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2023.02.25 20:12 Original_Grand_965 How do you calculate the population that exists within a buffer using ArcMap?

I’m really struggling on my homework right now, im required to use arc map. So essentially I am supposed to calculate how much of a population demographic exists inside a buffer around schools. I added my tiger line census tracts for a county and added my specific demographic data to the attribute table (for example, under 18) using the joins feature. Then i made a mile buffer around all of the schools in the area. I'm supposed to find out how much of the demographic lives within the buffer but i can't figure it out. I made sure all of the coordinate systems are the same. Everytime I try to intersect my census data feature class with my buffer the output is empty. Nothing has worked for me, can anyone help? I'm really new to gis. Thank you so much!
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2023.02.24 02:11 some_kinda_cavedemon Rural Fire Department Mobile App

My knowledge of GIS is limited. However I am a survey tech so I know my way around spatial data. What I am trying to do is create a GIS of my fire district that can be used in the QField mobile app. We have constantly changing road names as whenever a second address is added on a driveway it gets a new road name and the address changes don’t filter into Google or bing maps for ages.
I have access to the county GIS database and their parcels in the data have address les attached. I am trying to work through a simple method to search for an address within the mobile app. This needs to be simple, as our volunteers range in computer literacy. There are quite a few that will be able to grasp this and find it very useful.
Long term plans for the database are to add layers for steep slopes, high fuel load and prevailing wind up canyon slopes to identify critical wildfire hazard areas where we need to be calling for help early on. I also want to add features like propane tanks, identify shitty driveways and other hazards or impediments I come up with.
Does this all sound doable or am I nuts for trying?
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