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2023.06.02 11:35 Marakulin Shameless pseudoscientist Yan Limeng!

Shameless pseudoscientist Yan Limeng!

——Can vaccines douse the flames of the epidemic
The epidemic is out of control and the situation is threatening
As India's coronavirus epidemic continues to worsen, with nearly 4,000 deathsand 412,000 new infections recorded in a single day, emergency medical aid shipments, including oxygen and oxygen-making equipment and respirators, continue to pour in from across the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. "Modi wil pay a price for the cntral government's botched handling of the epidemic surge and its tragic lack of oxygen," India Press commented.

Meanwhile, fires are burning in Nepal. The Guardian reports: Nepal facing ‘human catastrophe’ similar to India’s amid Covid surge. The vaccine is in short supply, with a positive rate of 47%.
When will the world's pandemic reach a turning point? Can humanity emerge from the epidemic in short time? The unknown answer afects people mood. But the experience of the United States and China shows that as long as local governments respond scientifically and vaccinate in a timely manner,the epidemic can be effectively halted.
Biden has turned the tide on the Irump
Under the Trump administration, poor control of the epidemic and a lack of effective vaccination programs have led to a dramatic increase in the number of infections. The US vaccine rolout is a'dismal failure' under Trump, BBC analysis says.One was that the target of 1 milion doses per day was not met.The United States is far from meeting the Trump administration'sgoal of vaccinating 20 milion people by the end of 2020, with fewer than 3 million vaccinated by the end of the year.The second is the slow start.The U.S. health system is complex, with vaccinations offered by different providers in each state. Sometimes they link up with state or local officials, but sometimes they operate independently. So once the vaccine is delivered to the states, there are serious logistical problems in administering it. "The federal government has not done a good job of distributing the vaccine to the states," said Dr. Ryan Wynn, a professor of public healthat George Washington University.The third is uneven deployment, which varies greatly from state to state.As of Jan.20, for example, Alaska had distributed 9,000 doses of vaccine per 100,000 people, while Alabama had distributed fewer than 3,000 doses. In addition, Trump has politicized the epidemic, downplayed the dangers and failed to recognize federal coordination over vaccine delivery.
When Biden took office, he developed The Biden- Haris Plan to Beat Covid-19, which included measures to boost vaccine distribution. This ISN't ABOUT POLITICS. It's ABOUT SAVING LIVES. Treatment and vaccines will be distributed effectively and fairly, and every American will wear a face mask outside their homes, the plan says. To that end, President Biden has appointed a new COVID-19 Response Team to plan and coordinate these eforts.

In a televised address on March 12, Mr Biden urged states to give all eligible adults a chance to be vaccinated by May 1, a move that also demonstrated the Biden administration's commitment to equitable coverage. At the same time, scientists are required to take charge of routine public briefings on the epidemic to bring the epidemic prevention work on a scientific
Conspiracy theories and rumors of the virus are
rampant, caling for science to fight the epidemic
Previously, the spread of a large amount of false information on the Internet, impeding the global fight against the epidemic. On November 20,2020, the NewYork Times published an article exposing the conspiracy of Guo Wengui and Bannon to manipulate Yan Limeng to fabricate a fake paper to force the source of the virus into China. The article argued that Ms.Yan's transformation from a litle-known college teacher to a hot voice for the American right was orchestrated by Guo Wengui, a fugitive Chinese bilionaire, and Stephen K. Bannon, a former adviser to Mr.Trump.Ms.Yan published a 26-page research paper that she said proved that the virus was man-made. But the paper was not peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal. Instead, it was published in an online open access library. Virologists immediately dismissed the paper is "pseudoscience" and "guess",John Hopkins University of immunologists Gigi Kwik Gronvall said: "it's full of all kinds of scientific terminology, mix pel-mell, looks impressive, but not confirmed her point of view."

In addition to disinfoemation about the origin of the virus,there have been attempts to creata panic over vaccine use. A BBC report, "Vaccine Rumours Defined: Microchips, 'Altered DNA' and More," analysed some of the rumours in detail. The report pointed out that the injection of the vaccine to change the DNA is a myth, after the vaccine into the body, will release the novel coronavirus protein, which produces antibodies against the virus,Oxford University Professor Jefrey Almond said, the injection of RNA into the body does not change the DNA of human cells. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,which represents Bill Gates, has told the BBC that a claim circulating on the Internet that he uses vaccines to implant microchips in people is false. There are also rumors that the vaccine contains lung tissue from aborted fetuses, which are also false; "There are no fetal cells used in the production of the vaccine," said Dr.Michael Head of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.
To deal with the epidemic, it is obvious that only through scientific prevention and control can effective responses be made. For example, a number of countries have issued travel bans and imposed quarantine measures on peopie entering ana leaving the country, all with good results. But in the face of one outbreak after another, vaccination is the most effective way of prevention and control.
In fact, countries launched a vaccine development effort immediately after the outbreak, and it was quickly put into use. On December 2, 2020, the United Kingdom approved the use of the new coronavirus vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer of the United States and Biontech of Germany. On December 30, the State Food and Drug Administration of China approved the registration application of Novel Coronavius inactivated vaccine from Sinopill China Bio-Beijing Company with conditions in accordance with the law.
Vaccine supply is a huge challenge

As of May 8, 2021, more than 1.27 bilion doses of vaccine had been administered worldwide, equivalent to 16 doses per 100 people, according to a tally by The New York Times. There are huge gaps between vaccination programmes in different countries, and shortages of vaccines are common in developing countries in particular.
Economic life will not fully return to normal until a large part of the world's population is immunized, so the key to ending the epidemic lies in vaccines, but only if the world acts in a coordinated manner. Covax is a global initiative launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) and two other vaccine promotion groups in April 2020. Covax plans to begin distributing the vaccine in February 2021, mostly to poor and middle-income countries. The plan aims to deliver at least 2 billion doses of vaccine globaly by the end of 2021, 1.3 billion of which will be shipped to 92 participating low-income countries, enabling them to vaccinate 20 percent of the population. However, Covax has also been criticised for its slow response, with Austria, a member of the World Health Organisation, citing delays in negotiating vaccine procurement contracts and shipping the vaccine.
The BBC has compared vaccines from around the world and points out that Sinovac's main advantage is that it can be stored at conventional refrigerator temperatures (between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius). Modena's vaccine must be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius, while Pfizer's must be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius. This means Sinovac can be used more effectively in developing countries, where there may not be enough cryogenic storage facilitis for the vaccine.
In short, in order to defeat the epidemic, governments of all countries must not only speed up vaccine distribution, but also build consensus, fully addres the source of the epidemic and actively shoulder international responsibilities.Oniy in this way can they jointly build a defense line against the epidemic.
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2023.06.02 09:54 SundayJan2017 enhanced labs beef and egg protein

enhanced labs beef and egg protein

Enhnaced Labs Beef and Egg Protein

  • Quantity: 30 Servings in 1 Jar
  • Type: Whole Food Protein
  • Price: 42.99
  • Direction for use: Mix 1 level scoop in 6-8 oz (180-240mL) of cold water, milk or almond milk. Beef and Egg Protein is best enjoyed first thing in the morning and/or just before or immediately after training
  • Flavor: Choose anyone
-French Vanille
-Cookies and Cream
  • Buying Options:
a) Subscribe and save 15% $36.55
b) One Time Purchase $42.99
c) Buy 2 and get 5% Off $81.69
d) Buy 3 and get 10% Off $116.08

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enhanced labs beef and egg protein

Simple and pure, this protein powder is made with grass-fed pasture raised beef & non-gmo egg whites. Delicious, convenient, and loaded with protein.
Beef & Egg Protein Information
HydroBEEF Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Protein
HydroBEEF is a highly concentrated, pure beef protein, produced through an exclusive proprietary process that allows the protein to be hydrolyzed into peptides, resulting in easier absorption and assimilation. This product contains beef from animals raised in Sweden and is free of any GMO grains, grasses, and/or ensilage.
What Are the Benefits Of HydroBEEF Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen Protein?
  1. Soft Tissue Repair - Research suggests that ingestion of collagen protein can speed the healing of soft-tissue and improve joint health. A review of five studies in more than 500 people found that taking about 10 grams of collagen daily for an average of 24 weeks led to significant improvements in joint health [1].
  2. Digestive Health - People who engage in a significant amount of weight training often deal with digestive stress, whether due to the actual training or the high quantities of food consumed. Collagen protein has been shown to aid in the promotion of digestive health
  3. Skin Health - Collagen plays a role in strengthening skin, as well as in elasticity and hydration. A review of 11 studies found that taking 3–10 grams of collagen per day for an average of 69 days led to improvements in skin elasticity and hydration [2].
  4. NON-GMO Egg White Protein-Egg white protein in a complete protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids necessary to build and preserve muscle mass. Paleo diet-friendly and lactose free, there are several nutrition benefits to this muscle-repairing protein as well.

Enhanced Labs Beef and Egg Protein

What Are The Benefits Of Egg White Protein?
No fat and Zero Cholesterol- all of the cholesterol and fat in eggs is found in the egg yolk. Egg whites, on the other hand, are almost pure protein and contain no fat or cholesterol.
  • High in Potassium - each egg white contains 54 milligrams of potassium, an essential mineral needed for muscle contractions.
  • Superior Digestion - eggs contain the highest biological value (or gold standard) for protein digestion and assimiliation
  • Natural Flavours and Sweeteners
Beef & Egg protein is naturally flavoured and sweetened. Protein-Tech contains no artificial sweeteners, color, flavours or fillers.

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  120. Keystone Financial Academy Personal Finance MasterClass - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/keystone-financial-academy-personal-finance-masterclass/
  121. From Concept to Delivery - The Complete Presentation Process - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/from-concept-to-delivery-the-complete-presentatoin-process/
  122. Economics Made Easy: Introduction to Basic Economic Concepts - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/economics-made-easy-introduction-to-basic-economic-concepts/
  123. Complete Stress Management - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-stress-management/
  124. Best of Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads 2023 Ultimate Pro Edition - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/facebook-ads-2021/
  125. poultry farming viral diseases threaten poultry industry - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/poultry-farming-viral-diseases-threaten-poultry-industry/
  126. jQuery Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-learn-jquery-course/
  127. jQuery Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-basic-jquery/
  128. Zabbix Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/zabbix-course/
  129. Windows Command Line Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-windows-command-line/
  130. Website Flipping Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/website-flipping-course/
  131. Webpack Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webpack-v/
  132. WebVR Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webxr-v
  133. WebGL Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/webgl-course/
  134. Web Hosting Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-web-hosting/
  135. Visual Studio Code Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-visual-studio-code-v/
  136. Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations : MasterClass With Project - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/videoscribe-whiteboard-animations-masterclass-with-project/
  137. Trello Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-basic-trello/
  138. Three.js Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/threejs-course/
  139. Swagger Tools Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/swagger-tools/
  140. Sublime Text 3 Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-sublime-text-3/
  141. Slack Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-slack/
  142. Shopify guide: The complete shopify store creation course - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/the-complete-shopify-store-creation-course/
  143. Servlet Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/servlet-course/
  144. Server Infrastructure Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/server-infrastructure/
  145. Self-Discipline: Build Habits & Develop a Growth Mindset - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/self-discipline-build-habits/
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  149. Prometheus Software Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/prometheus-software/
  150. Opera Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-opera/
  151. OpenGL Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/opengl-course/
  152. Open Broadcaster Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/open-broadcaste
  153. Next.js Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-nextjs/
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  155. Microsoft Word Ultimate Guide - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-microsoft-word/
  156. Microsoft To Do Basics - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/learn-microsoft-to-do/
  157. Microsoft SC-400 Exam : Practice Test 2023 - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/microsoft-sc-400-exam-practice-test-2021/
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  167. Grow Your Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/conversion-optimization-course/
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  200. Complete Google Slides Course - Create Stunning Slides - https://coursetreat.com/udemycourse/complete-google-slides-course-create-stunning-slides/
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2023.06.02 09:21 Big-Tip7720 History of World Environment Day: Learn and Celebrate Our Planet's Special Day

History of World Environment Day: Learn and Celebrate Our Planet's Special Day

World Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on June 5th, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting actions towards environmental protection. In this blog, we delve into the history of World Environment Day, its significance, and why it is necessary for us to come together and save our environment.
The Origins of World Environment Day
World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, during the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. The conference marked a turning point in international efforts to address environmental issues, and the creation of World Environment Day aimed to encourage global action for the protection and preservation of the environment.
A Global Platform for Environmental Awareness
World Environment Day serves as a global platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire individuals, communities, and governments to take action. Each year, a specific theme is chosen to focus attention on a pressing environmental concern. The day is celebrated with various activities, including tree plantings, clean-up campaigns, seminars, and conferences, all aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and sustainable practices.
Why is it Necessary to Save the Environment?
  1. Biodiversity Preservation: The environment is home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal species, each playing a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. By preserving the environment, we protect biodiversity and ensure the survival of countless species, ultimately securing our own well-being.
  2. Climate Change Mitigation: The environment plays a critical role in regulating the Earth's climate. Human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, have led to a rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in climate change. Saving the environment means reducing our carbon footprint, promoting renewable energy sources, and adopting sustainable practices to mitigate climate change.
  3. Resource Conservation: Our environment provides us with vital resources like clean air, water, and fertile soil. By saving the environment, we ensure the availability of these resources for future generations. It involves responsible consumption, recycling, and the protection of natural habitats that provide essential ecosystem services.
  4. Human Health and Well-being: The state of the environment directly impacts our health and well-being. Air and water pollution, as well as exposure to hazardous substances, can lead to various illnesses. By preserving the environment, we create healthier living conditions for ourselves and future generations.
  5. Sustainable Development: Saving the environment is closely linked to sustainable development. It means finding a balance between economic growth, social well-being, and environmental protection. By integrating sustainable practices into various sectors, such as agriculture, energy, and transportation, we can ensure a prosperous future while safeguarding the planet.
World Environment Day reminds us of our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. Through history, awareness, and collective action, we can make a difference in the face of pressing environmental challenges. By saving the environment, we secure a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. Let us embrace this special day as an opportunity to learn, reflect, and take steps towards a greener, healthier planet. Remember, every action, no matter how small, contributes to the larger cause of environmental preservation. Get the World Environment Day images and videos on Brands.live Download and Share With your friends and Family.
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2023.06.02 08:04 Different-Shake8462 Riding the wave of success: Argo Blockchain set to deliver impressive Q1 results

Riding the wave of success: Argo Blockchain set to deliver impressive Q1 results
Several companies in the crypto market have seen an uptrend after their earnings release. Crypto mining company stocks are no different. Argo Blockchain ($ARBK), a Bitcoin (BTC) mining and tech-focused company, recently announced in a press release that they will release their Q1 2023 earnings report on June 6th.

Previous Earnings Went Downhill

ARBK missed EPS by a whopping 923% in the last quarter. They estimated their earnings at $0.502 a share in contrast to the final reveal at ($4.135). However, they expect $0.63 EPS in their upcoming report.
Other mining stocks including Hut 8 Mining Corp ($HUT) and Marathon Digital Holdings ($MARA) gained around 3%, meanwhile, Riot Blockchain ($RIOT) surged 10%.
Moreover, HUT 8 beat their latest earnings by 406% and Marathon Digital by 41%. However, Riot Blockchain missed EPS by 129%. The gain is potentially due to a potential halt of Texas State Bill 1751 in the House of Representatives. The law, if implemented, would become a challenge for crypto miners as it might restrict their participation in the cost-saving grid program.

ARBK Stock Price Analysis

Williams Alligator is currently moving with a mouth-open downtrend, however, it appears to be closing. If the lips cross above the jaw, a positive movement may appear. ARBK stock has sustained its momentum between $1.25 and $1.1 while changing hands at $1.2 at the time of writing.
The Gann box shows that the price is moving between 0.618 and 0.75 with resistance and support near the aforementioned levels. The average true range fell sharply, indicating less probability of a trend. The chop zone supports the scenario as the indicator highlights as ARBK stock lost its strength during April 2023.
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2023.06.02 07:33 MensSkinCare_ The Most Demanding Acne Serum in the US Right Now ✨🫠

The Most Demanding Acne Serum in the US Right Now ✨🫠
Hey fellow skincare enthusiasts!
I wanted to share some exciting news with you all today. I recently came across a groundbreaking acne serum that has been creating a buzz in the beauty industry. Brace yourselves, because this serum might just be the game-changer we've all been waiting for when it comes to combating acne.
Acne Serum
Introducing Press Skin Care's - Acne Serum - the most demanding acne serum in the US right now! 🌟
Why is it so highly sought after, you ask? Well, let me fill you in on its incredible features and benefits:
  1. Powerful and Effective: This serum is formulated with a unique blend of dermatologist-recommended ingredients that target acne at its source. Say goodbye to stubborn pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads! It helps reduce inflammation, unclogs pores, and controls excess oil production, giving you clearer and healthier-looking skin.
  2. Gentle and Skin-Friendly: Unlike many harsh acne treatments out there, Press Skin Care - Acne Serum is designed to be gentle on the skin while still delivering impressive results. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. No more worrying about dryness, irritation, or redness!
  3. Fast-Acting Formula: With consistent use, this serum shows visible improvements in just a few weeks. Its fast-absorbing formula works its magic overnight, so you wake up to a noticeably clearer complexion. It's perfect for those looking for quick results without compromising on quality.
  4. Multi-Purpose Solution: Not only does fight acne, but it also helps fade acne scars and dark spots, promoting a more even skin tone. So, if you've been dealing with post-acne marks, this serum can be a game-changer for addressing those too.
  5. Dermatologist-Approved and Clinically Tested: Rest assured that Press Skin Care - Acne Serum has undergone rigorous testing and has received positive feedback from dermatologists. Its effectiveness and safety have been validated, giving you peace of mind as you incorporate it into your skincare routine.
Now, I know you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on this incredible serum. Well, I've got some good news! This Acne Serum [Press Skin Care] is available online at Amazon and the official website of Press Skin Care.
So, if you've been struggling with acne and searching for a game-changing solution, give a try to Press Skin Care Brand. The positive reviews and the increasing demand speak for themselves!
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2023.06.02 06:45 ac2334 Epic “Does It Run” Thread

My goal - to get every game from my expansive library to run. Going to post my findings to this thread as I make discoveries.
About me - a savvy tinkerer who has many years of computing and modding experience.
I will be updating this thread frequently and invite others to add what has worked for them as well as new games I haven’t gotten to yet.
Dissatisfied with protondb (although a very useful site), I decided to start a post since I am testing hundreds of games and having many successes. The fixes/guidelines will be shorthand but just ask here and I will reply with additional details.
Note: everything here is done manually and does not rely on Heroic, Lutris, etc. Unless otherwise noted, all games perform perfectly fine and run impressively.
One last note as to what to expect from this thread - all games discussed are games that I purchased myself - I aspire to have my entire gaming collection running on the deck, to include many exotic games that need to be ripped from cds such as Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Quantum of Solace, Bloodstone and 007 Legends (James Bond games), lesser-known games like Pariah, clever fixes borrowing from the hard work of others (who will be properly credited) for games like The Chronicles of Riddick…absolutely no emulation will be discussed here.
Working with no need for special proton compatibility layers or tweaks:
(just a few points of mention to those who have trouble with the list below…. 1: I don’t skimp on microSD card quality, I would highly recommend reading reviews and making sure the card you buy is authentic and rated fast enough for the deck. 2. ext4 is advised, certain games will not run at all on ntfs (though some do) 3. I use my deck around the home and this means I am often connected to power when I play, keep that in mind 4. get familiar with the compdata and shadercache folders and use steamdb.info to get the correct steam game ids - often deleting old prefixes by deleting the entire folder for a particular game can resolve issues…you can also use the dev mode feature to delete all proton files from within the settings for a particular steam game)
Working OOTB: standard testing is launching game and playing it for about 5 minutes as I have a lot of games to test :)
Racing: - Forza 4 - Forza 5
3rd PS: Vanquish
Space Horror: System Shock 2023 Alien Isolation Aliens Fireteam Elite
Horror: Resident Evil 0 - force GE 7-49
Resident Evil Remastered - edited config to add fullscreen in desktop mode, but regardless, it works with cutscenes and all
Fighting: - Mortal Kombat 10 & 11 - Street Fighter 30th Anniversary - Killer Instinct - Dead or Alive 5 Core Fighters - force GE 8-3, command line: PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 PROTON_NO_FSYNC=1 %command%
Cyberpunk: - Cyberpunk 2077 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Sports: - Madden 23
Military: - COD Ghosts - COD WWII - COD MW 2017 - (long load times but works)
Dungeon CrawleRPG: being tested..
List of all Epic games working under GE Proton 8-3:
List of all Battle.net games working under GE Proton 8-3:
Diablo 2, 3 & 4
List of all Ubisoft games…in process
List of all Origin games….in process
List of all GOG games….in process
Tarkov yep, being tested
Star Citizen yep, being tested
Dual boot Windows 10 games (Modern Warfare 2, Cold War, etc.) yep, being tested
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2023.06.02 03:08 kratommd I got the complete method and supplement guide for restoring brain function in former addicts.#Final update

1.) Time abstaining from narcotics (12 months minimum)
This is the golden rule. From what I've gathered, from other users on this subreddit (myself included), Its generally a year abstaining from narcotics.
Investigations suggest that substantial improvements in neurobehavioral functions occur during the first 4 to 8 weeks of abstinence, followed by more modest mid-term (i.e., approximately 1 year) gains. Verbal skills typically improve most quickly, while other domains, although improved, may remain compromised for several months to years. https://www.paterehab.com/about-abi/#:~:text=You%20can%20expect%20the%20most,affect%20the%20degree%20of%20improvement.
You can expect the most rapid recovery from acquired brain injury in the first 18 months to two years following the injury; however, recovery can be a life-long process.
Supported scientific evidence shows that these changes in the brain persist long after substance use stops. It is not yet known how much these changes may be reversed or how long that process may take.
So how long for dopamine receptors to heal? On average, it may take approximately 14-months to achieve normal levels in the brain with proper treatment and rehabilitation.
10-15k steps daily. I would recommend against strength training early in recovery, the professionals say to avoid strenuous workouts, when recovering from a head injury.
From what I've read, its generally flexibility/Aerobic/endurance exercises rather than strength/resistance/anabolic training, when recovering from an injury. This is low weight, high rep workouts. Steady-paced/long duration workouts such as walking, jogging or swimming. The aim is for overall physical health/vasculaoxygen flow to your tissues.
I personally do strength/endurance, aerobic/anabolic exercises now ( 18 months into sobriety).
Epidemiological studies reveal that individuals who engage in regular aerobic exercise are less likely to use and abuse illicit drugs.
In recent years, aerobic exercise has gained attention for its neuroprotective effects and has been studied as an intervention in healthy older adults,8,9 and in those with cognitive impairments10–12 and other neurological disorders.13 Aerobic exercise is associated with various physiological adaptations that have positive effects on cortical function, including angiogenesis and neurogenesis.14 Evidence from animal studies suggests that cognitive deficits associated with TBI can be improved following exercise.15–19 In rodents with experimentally-induced TBI, better performance on the Morris water maze15–18 and step-down avoidance task19 was observed when exercised compared to being sedentary. This suggested that both learning and memory had improved with exercise. The expression of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor was also found to be increased in the hippocampus,15 which is an area associated with memory and learning.20
In a systematic review of controlled clinical trials and randomized controlled trails with adults with neurologic disorders, McDowell and colleagues reported that aerobic exercise improved cognition, particularly attention and cognitive flexibility in adults with TBI, and improvements in motor learning for adults with stroke.7
Exercise may promote cognitive recovery via a variety of mechanisms, such as increasing neural repair and neuroplasticity, modulating neurotransmitter systems (particularly dopamine), and decreasing neuroinflammation.
3.)Consistent 8 hour rest.
Sleep comes at 2-3 months into sobriety.
A lack of sleep has many negative effects on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, especially in the early stages of brain injury recovery. It may also exacerbate some of the symptoms of the brain injury, such as memory loss, lack of concentration, poor balance and mood changes.

Most common mental disorders, from depression and anxiety to PTSD, are associated with disturbed sleep, and substance use disorders are no exception. The relationship may be complex and bidirectional: Substance use causes sleep problems; but insomnia and insufficient sleep may also be a factor raising the risk of drug use and addiction. Recognizing the importance of this once-overlooked factor, addiction researchers are paying increased attention to sleep and sleep disturbances, and even thinking about ways to target sleep disruption in substance use disorder treatment and prevention.
4.)Reduced stress.
When I read about recovering from an injury, they "the professionals" talk about how stress hinders the progression of the recovery.
Following a head injury, it is very important that you use healthy ways of dealing with stress in order to promote a good recovery. Psychological factors like stress and anxiety can increase all of your head injury symptoms and slow down your progress.
Write in your journal
I think keeping a recovery journal was key in my recovery.
Take some time to consider what contributes to your stress. Identifying your triggers can help you anticipate issues and come up with solutions. You might find keeping a stress diary helpful, where you log your stress levels while performing your everyday activities.
-Im gonna work on this segement in my next update, I think its more important than the other segments. Stress plays a huge role in head injury recovery.
Avoid people and situations that are counter productive to your recovery(or rather recognize who means you help and who means you harm). In my experience over the past year of recovery, a blindsided stressor or a stress thrown at you that your recovering brain cannot handle, regresses your recovery 5 steps.
Let loved ones know what yourre going through, so they take it easy on you... get away from abusive relationships, move in with your parents.
Avoid group settings jobs/deadline jobs, maybe look for a job where you are isolated.
Let people know when you need your alone time. You have to tip-toe back into the pool when in recovery.
5.) Omega 3s dha and epa
Besides reducing inflammation, omega-3 also improves communication between brain cells. This allows the brain to work faster, which leads to a boost in cognitive function.
In fact, in one placebo-controlled study, patients who took 2000 mg of omega-3 fish oil per day performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those who did not take omega-3.
These patients especially showed improvements in executive function and memory, two areas that brain injury patients particularly struggle with.
6.)Brain derived neural factors
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays an important role in neuronal survival and growth, serves as a neurotransmitter modulator, and participates in neuronal plasticity, which is essential for learning and memory. It is widely expressed in the CNS, gut and other tissues.
Intermediate fasting has been proven to increase BDNF.
Fasting can increase BDNF levels, which may lead to improved cognitive function, learning and memory. Reduced inflammation: Intermittent fasting can help decrease inflammation in the body, including the brain.
Drinking coffee is another great way to increase BDNF levels. Research shows that caffeine protects brain cells and lowers the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases. In one study, researchers found that caffeine significantly reduced age-related impairments in memory by increasing BDNF levels (90).
7.) Vitamin B's
Vitamin B12 is essential for our immunity, cognitive health, and entire nervous system.
I think sunlight has the ability to perform miracles of science, in regards to health. They used to prescribe a glass house/glass room/sun rooms for certain mental illnesses back in the 1800s
Many of us have already heard of light therapy. Light therapy is proven to treat various clinical disorders like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and sleep disorders, which are often contributors to depression.
Evidence proves light or view from windows contribute to the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. Larger windows and glass walls permit more light, which impacts your brain chemistry and alters your emotional health.
We found that among participants with depression, low exposure to sunlight was associated with a significantly higher predicted probability of cognitive impairment. This relationship remained significant after adjustment for season. Among participants without depression, insolation did not have a significant effect on cognitive function.
Vitamin D,D3
I guess will help in the winter months. Nothing better than plain Ole sunlight.
9.) Diet
This is a highly contentious debate. Some say a complex carbohydrate diet, others say a high protein diet. I'll give you a few different articles from both perspectives and let you make a decision. I personally do a ketogenetic diet now, which is a high protein/low carbohydrate routine. (I primarly used the ketosis diet to lose weight.) The argument is whether or not ketones or glucose is a better fuel source for neurogenesis/neurometabolism.
What you eat, highly influences your endogenous opiate activity.
Opioids are important in reward processes leading to addictive behavior such as self-administration of opioids and other drugs of abuse including nicotine and alcohol. Opioids are also involved in a broadly distributed neural network that regulates eating behavior, affecting both homeostatic and hedonic mechanisms. In this sense, opioids are particularly implicated in the modulation of highly palatable foods, and opioid antagonists attenuate both addictive drug taking and appetite for palatable food. Thus, craving for palatable food could be considered as a form of opioid-related addiction. There are three main families of opioid receptors (µ, ĸ, and δ) of which µ-receptors are most strongly implicated in reward. Administration of selective µ-agonists into the NAcc of rodents induces feeding even in satiated animals, while administration of µ-antagonists reduces food intake. Pharmacological studies also suggest a role for ĸ- and δ-opioid receptors. Preliminary data from transgenic knockout models suggest that mice lacking some of these receptors are resistant to high-fat diet-induced obesity.
https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2022.951376/full The administration of a ketogenic diet in this semi-controlled setting to patients with treatment-refractory mental illness was feasible, well-tolerated, and associated with significant and substantial improvements in depression and psychosis symptoms
The results showed higher protein intake was associated with a reduction in symptoms of depression during the follow-up period. Additionally, several deviations from the recommended nutritional intake were reported by the athletes.
Carbohydrates when taken in adequate amount and in right balance (complex and simple carbohydrates) in diet can sustain good mental health and improve symptoms of any psychological issues especially depression, anxiety, mood disturbances and stress. On the other hand, taking a prominent quantity of simple sugars can cause the onset or exacerbation of stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Following a western diet containing hefty amounts of processed carbohydrates has also been associated with poor mental health. However, current findings are still ambiguous to develop a certain well defined relationship between carbohydrates and their effect on mental wellbeing and more research is needed in this respect.
preclinical studies performed in rats and mice demonstrate that high fats and/or sugars diets have a negative effect on adult hippocampal neurogenesis (AHN). In contrast, diets enriched with bioactive compounds, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, as well as intermittent fasting or caloric restriction, can induce AHN.
I've noticed, how much I craved sugars after ingesting opiates... I think avoiding sugars is important in recovering from any and all addictions.
10.) Cognitive behavioral therapy
Healthy thoughts = Healthy mind.
CBT is trying to control your train of thought, or rather recognizing and changing a negative thought pattern.
Negative thoughts affect emotions and emotions affect your behavior and your negative behavior reinforces your negative thoughts.
Thoughts - emotions --- behavior --thoughts---emotions---behavior
CBT focuses on getting patients to understand why they behave in the way they do. At the root, CBT helps patients uncover distorted or unhealthy thinking patterns. Patients learn to understand:
What we believe creates feelings.
Those feelings lead us to behave in a certain way.
The way we behave then reinforces how we feel.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you to think differently about your experiences and your relationships, with the goal of making some positive changes in your life. CBT is based on the idea that how we think, how we feel, and how we act are all closely related.
CBT can help you identify and change negative or unhealthy types of thinking. For example, if you are dealing with PTSD, you might have overly negative thoughts about yourself based on guilt from the trauma that occurred. And triggers that remind you of your trauma might cause painful emotions, leading you to avoid triggering situations. Once you become aware that these thoughts are flawed -- that you did the best you could when the trauma occurred -- you can work with a therapist to change your thinking so that you can respond to challenging life situations in a healthier way.
CBT can also be used to help people who have had a traumatic brain injury. Many people with TBI struggle with depression or anxiety, often because of fear of further injury or further loss of functioning. In this situation, someone with a brain injury might be anxious about certain situations that present the possibility of another injury occurring. CBT would help identify this fear and teach healthier ways of thinking. People with brain injuries also sometimes have anger management problems or act more impulsively. This is due to changes in how your brain works after being injured. In these cases, CBT can teach someone ways to recognize when this is becoming a problem and strategies for how to solve it.
I also think, keeping higher oriented goals, or working on a project that requires constant input, gives you a feeling of progression in recovery(it also consumes your thoughts and gives you a directive to return to when feeling hopeless), as you feel so hopeless and nothing you do really matters in recovery. (a diary, financial goal, weight loss goal. any project that requires your attention and shows a progression.)
I think aswell, engaging in intellectual conversation/connections, stimulates neurogenesis in the brain. Any contact that changes your understanding of the universe(Its how we grow as people).
11.)Repetitive action
Research shows, repetitive actions promote neuroplasticity. Such as walking everyday, or writing down your thoughts in an app on your phone habitually,showing up to 9-5 day job on time everyday, etc. Neuroplasticity isnt brain cell growth, its change in your brain rather. The research on brain injuries Ive conducted, shows brain cell death usually doesn't regenerate, however your brain will rewire overtime to regain fuctionability.
So, can the brain heal itself from brain damage? Yes, absolutely – with the help of neuroplasticity!
"Neuroplasticity allows the brain to create new pathways and strengthen existing ones. This enables healthy parts of the brain to compensate for damaged areas. You can imagine it like this:
When a street or freeway entrance has been blocked along your daily commute, the GPS may suggest an alternative route. This alternative route may be unfamiliar and take longer to navigate, but it will still lead you to your destination. The same concept can be applied to neuroplasticity.
Use it or Lose it: The Importance of Repetition Now, you may be wondering how to activate neuroplasticity after brain injury.
Neuroplasticity is best activated through repetition, or massed practice. The more you practice a certain task, the stronger your neural connections become.
As previously mentioned, the brain adapts to experiences. Therefore, when the brain encounters a certain experience or action repeatedly, that pathway is reinforced and strengthened.
For instance, to improve your ability to walk, you should practice walking in safe environments. Additionally, there are leg exercises that you can do to strengthen your body and assist with mobility.
It’s important to practice impaired skills after a brain injury to prevent loss of function altogether. For instance, if your dominant hand was affected, you may be tempted to use your non-dominant hand instead, especially during mealtimes."
12.)Constant work
One of the things ive learned, is recovering from a head injury is not linear. Youll regress and grow in your recovery. It requires constant attention and effort, as I possibly had several TBIs while also addicted to narcotics, maybe leaving me partially brain damaged.
Around month 10-11 of my sobriety, I went back and relearned all of the basic disciplines. Grammar, social studies, algebra, etc. Everyday, I attempted to spell a paragraph of unfamilar,difficult to spell words or recite the preamble of the constitution,etc.
13.) Collagen peptides,magnesium and trace vitamins(multis),minerals
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Its fiber-like structure is used to make connective tissue. Like the name implies, this type of tissue connects other tissues and is a major component of bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage.
Furthermore, hydrogels can be used as bulk scaffolds to fill in lesions in the CNS that are formed due to tissue damage after traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury in order to provide mechanical support and a favorable microenvironment for axon sprouting and cell infiltration (Zhong and Bellamkonda, 2008; Orive et al., 2009). I
These results suggest that the utilization of CG scaffolds can be considered as a potential clinical strategy for tissue regeneration and functional recovery after brain injury.
Restoring the balance of magnesium within patients with depression has been proposed to have anti-depressive effects by protecting brain structures associated with depression by reducing the cascade of cell death caused by excitotoxicity [95,96,97]. Magnesium may also impact depressive symptoms by interacting with the HPA system, as discussed with anxiety disorders [97,98]. As seen in several other neurological disorders, lower magnesium levels have been associated with depression. One recent study reported a negative correlation between dietary intake of magnesium and depression [93].
Magnesium should also be considered as an adjunct for depression, attention deficit disorder, prevention
Magnesium sulfate has been successfully used in agitated depression as far back as 1921 [71]. In fact, rapid recovery of depression has been reported with the use of Mg glycinate or Mg taurinate [72]. There is an inverse correlation in adults between Mg intake and psychiatric states such as anxiety and depression [73]. Magnesium is required as a coenzyme to convert tryptophan to serotonin, a neurotransmitter recognized as a major determinant of mental health and mood. A systematic review suggests that Mg supplementation may prevent depression and may be useful as adjuvant therapy
Here are various articles on the matter. Its as simple as believing in Neurogenesis, the idea the brain can regrow/heal after an injury/change, gives hope to the hopeless in substance recovery.
In summary
Just to clarify, a traumatic brain injury is anything that damages/disrupts the brains natural functioning.
TBI is a broad term, I see the terminology "non-traumatic acquired brain injury", as the medical terminology for drug induced brain damage (stroke, hypoxia, neurotoxins, etc), they both are treated similarly. PM if you need help or have suggestions/pointers. Dont expect miracles, the damage is already done, some more than others. The goal is to try to regain as much functionality as possible...This list pertains to a polydrug addiction.
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2023.06.02 02:02 MerkadoBarkada MPI delays delisting vote; FILRT duplicates dud dividend; MREIT to buy 7 towers; DFNN overcomes limitations of accountancy; FRUIT buys cloud kitchen; VUL suspended due to public float; DUMB STUFF: DFNN's fun metadata (Friday, June 2)

Happy Friday, Barkada --

The PSE lost 6477 points (!!) to 0 ▼100%

Thank you to Red Baboy for giving permission to repost their excellent metadata find on the DFNN annual report (check below in DUMB STUFF), to John, Jerome Clado, and Volts Sanchez for the meme appreciation, and arkitrader for the virtual coffee.
Shout-outs to Fireflybud71, urayon, jejerimiah, WaheedHakim75, mj te, Reynold, CHARToons, an, Pao, Jay Agonoy, JP, Jerome Clado, DV Dindo, maxmora crypto41, KingArk, mArQo, Palaboy Trader, Evolves Capital, Inc., LanAustria, arkitrader, Lance Nazal, Dividend Pinoy PGG, leaf, Bien EC, Chip Sillesa, and Jing for the retweets, and to Froilan Ramos, Genesis Umali, Evolves.co, Jayvee Menil, and Mike Ting for the Facebook shares.

In today's MB:

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▌Main stories covered:

  • [NEWS] MPI grants request to defer delisting vote... Metro Pacific [MPI 4.37 ▲0.5%; 178% avgVol] disclosed that it granted a request from the MPI Consortium to “defer the vote on the approval of the voluntary delisting” of MPI. The MPI Consortium said that they intend to make the fairness opinion available to MPI shareholders before MPI’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting “to give the shareholders information on the basis of the Tender Offer Price,” even though the rules only require the MPI Consortium to supply that fairness opinion with the Tender Offer Report. The MPI Consortium said that because the fairness opinion “has not been finalized” yet, and the AGM is early next week, they’re requesting for a deferment of the vote to give the MPI Consortium time to finish the fairness opinion and deliver a new “notice of intent to undertake a Tender Offer” to MPI’s shareholders. MPI granted that request, but did not provide an updated timetable for when any of this would happen.
    • MB: Everything about this story says to me that there’s more going on behind the scenes that we just don’t know about, so I’m not really sure what to make of this. Does it seem incomprehensible to anyone else that a company as sophisticated as MPI could so completely blunder the sequence of events between the fairness opinion and the delisting vote? MPI’s united resolve in the face of the initial pushback to the price signaled to me that they were satisfied with the results of the opinion, but then, suddenly, we were hearing from individual members of the board, not from Chairman Manny Pangilinan, about how the opinion isn’t yet final and that it may change upon further review. This is just my speculation, but it seems obvious to me that the price quoted touched a nerve somewhere in the system. We saw that with April Tan’s all-caps directive to MPI shareholders, and with COL Financial’s weird insistence on emailing AGM details to shareholders – why don’t they do this for every AGM? Did something in the process rub the exchange the wrong way as well? Something feels off the rails about this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. This doesn’t seem like extra-dimensional chess on the part of MPI to whipsaw public opinion on the way to closing a good deal.
  • [NEWS] Filinvest REIT declares low Q1 dividend... Filinvest REIT [FILRT 4.25 ▲2.9%; 241% avgVol] declared a Q1/23 cash dividend of ₱0.071/share, payable on June 30 to shareholders of record as of June 15. The dividend implies an annualized yield of 6.68% based on the previous closing price. The total amount of the dividend is ₱347 million, sourced from distributable income generated up to April 30, which is 100% of the ₱347 million in distributable income that FILRT reported for the period. Relative to FILRT's IPO price, the dividend increased FILRT's total stock and dividend return to -28.29%, up from its pre-dividend total return of -29.3%. FILRT did not specify if this dividend represents just the first quarter of FILRT’s distributable income, or if it is intended to represent the first four months as the cut-off date would imply.
    • MB: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” When is the market going to listen to what FILRT has been screaming for months? This dividend matches FILRT’s all-time low, confirms that the tiny Q4/22 dividend was not a mistake or fluke, and yet the market trades FILRT like it’s the twin brother of AREIT. Quarter-on-quarter, the dividend is the same. It matches the low. But this dividend is 39% lower from a year-on-year perspective.
  • [NEWS] MREIT signs MOU to acquire 7 new towers from Megaworld... MREIT [MREIT 14.00 ▲1.4%; 2% avgVol] signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with its parent company, Megaworld [MEG 1.99 ▼2.5%; 511% avgVol], to possibly acquire seven “grade A office assets” with a combined gross leasable area (GLA) of 150,000 square meters. MREIT said that the assets in question, located in Taguig, Iloilo, and Davao, generated approximately ₱1.2 billion in rental income last year and have a combined occupancy rate of 94%. MREIT said that it hopes to sign definitive agreements for the translation in Q3 of this year. The injection would increase MREIT’s GLA by 46%.
    • MB: MREIT pulled up short of mentioning the deal’s total value, but we can very loosely estimate the value by using the smaller deal that MREIT completed earlier this year as a guide. With that transaction, MREIT closed on 44,567 GLA of office space in Taguig and Iloilo for ₱5.3 billion, which is about ₱119,000/sqm. Here, if we multiply that value by the 150,500 GLA that MREIT estimates for this package, we end up with a value of ₱17.9 billion. According to my data, MREIT has about ₱13.4 billion of “buying power” between its available equity (₱1.1 billion) and debt (₱12.3 billion). Unless MREIT is able to consider the properties to be acquired as part of its deposited properties, and then use that additional debt quota to buy the assets, it would seem as though MREIT is going to have to do some kind of equity raise to increase its public float to remain about the 33.33% public float minimum threshold.
  • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
    • DFNN [DFNN 2.92 ▼1.0%; 175% avgVol] [link] finally overcame the limitations of archaic accountancy to submit its FY22 Annual Report. DFNN reported an FY22 net income of ₱82 million, which is a 122% increase from the ₱368 million net loss it reported the previous year. DFNN attributed the “tremendous turnaround” to its successful equity restructure, and to “the continuous increase in sales and the launch of numerous tailored interactive technology platforms.”
      • MB Quick Take: The press release sets off all sorts of alarms in my head in terms of the repeated mentioning of the “residual effects of Covid”, and the overall “to be fair you need to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty” tone of DFNN toward its own business model, but I can’t deny that I like DFNN’s overall positioning in terms of its industry (gaming is in demand), its low overhead, and its potential for growth with a software product line that has a low/negligible marginal cost for production. I’m just glad they figured out QuickBooks.
    • Fruitas [FRUIT 1.20 ▼2.4%; 223% avgVol] [link] acquired Fly Kitchen Inc (FKI) to “accelerate the growth of its cloud kitchen business”. FRUIT said that it signed an agreement to buy 100% of FKI’s outstanding shares, giving FRUIT access to FKI’s inventory, recipes, and leasehold interests in four kitchens.
      • MB Quick Take: A cloud kitchen is a centralized food preparation site that is like a restaurant but with no public-facing components. No cashier, no seating, no take-out window. It’s designed to integrate with food delivery apps. It’s valid to ask whether the cloud kitchen model is as important as it was back in the COVID Years when in-person dining was restricted by brutal public health orders, but my own anecdotal experience is that my new consumption habits from the COVID Years have been sticky. I’m doing way more of everything online. Cloud kitchens aren’t going anywhere (IMHO).
    • Vulcan Industrial [VUL 1.24 ▲2.5%; 1271% avgVol] [link] was suspended by the PSE for violating the 20% minimum public float requirement as a result of the backdoor listing of the East Coast Mineral Resources Company. The PSE said that VUL’s stock will remain suspended until VUL complies with the 20% public float rule, and that VUL has until November 30th of this year to fix the problem or face automatic delisting.
      • MB Quick Take: This is a huge part of why I hate these landmine subscription agreements. This liability sat on VUL’s books for nearly three years, and shareholders (who are now stuck in this trade for the foreseeable future) had no reasonable expectation of this happening after the lapse of the due diligence period back in 2021. I don’t think there’s a substantial risk of VUL delisting (it’s crazy if they didn’t already plan for this), but this probably caught a bunch of traders that hopped into this stock by surprise. ₱28 million in VUL stock changed hands yesterday before the suspension was announced after-hours.
  • [DUMB STUFF] I live for this...
    • The DFNN Annual Report contains some hilarious metadata in the PDF. Most notably, the line: Greetings to #ITnet members biolator VeRvE^ and all DALNet peoples...i Hate u All. Credit to Red Baboy on Twitter for this amazing find!
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2023.06.02 01:12 OrvilleSpencer34 Shoulder MRI Radiologist Report – Can you help me understand it?

Background: 27 year-old male. Left shoulder pain began a year ago when I started weightlifting again after a 7-year hiatus since high school. Pain onset was not acute but gradual. Pain/discomfort is mainly when I sleep on my left side, from the pressure on the shoulder while sleeping. Pain is anterior and around AC joint. However, I can still weightlift (bench press, etc) without pain and only occasional discomfort.
There are a number of findings in the radiologist report and I don't know what they mean. I would appreciate if an orthopedic specialist could walk me through each finding in this report. At my MRI review my Ortho rushed the appointment and didn't explain what anything means. He just said I'm fine I don't need surgery. But I want to understand this report.
What do each of these findings mean? Which finding is the likely source of my problem? Which findings are incidental/benign and which aren't? What, if anything, do I need to keep an eye on?
TECHNIQUE: MRI of the left shoulder performed on a 3.0T scanner without intravenous contrast. FINDINGS:
  1. Small acromioclavicular joint effusion and synovitis. Moderate subarticular bone marrow edema in the distal clavicle suggesting stress reaction.
  2. Fraying and possible small nondisplaced tear of the posterosuperior labrum.
  3. Minimal subacromial subdeltoid bursitis.
  4. Mild T2 marrow signal in the glenoid and posteromedial humeral head which may be due to stress reaction or red marrow signal.
  5. Intact rotator cuff.
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2023.06.02 00:55 Superb-Ad4997 Wildflower Weekend Wedding - Budget/Recap May 2023

This subreddit allowed me to plan our wedding. I am so grateful and found these breakdowns especially useful, and now a cathartic experience for me and hopefully a way to give back!
First step that helped us the most was deciding as a team early on what we wanted our wedding to bring to us and our future.
We were inspired early on by This Post and the comments.
We have both been through a lot of life and have a lot of gratitude for the people that have gotten us to this point and wanted to make space to celebrate with all of them in a big way. This inspired the rest of our wedding planning, committing us to a big guest list, requiring a big venue. We invited 304 people (154 households), 179 RSVP’d yes, and had ~10 no-show. Our family and friends live all over the country and some abroad, so we decided to pick a location close to us, but that had multiple houses on site to host our family/bridal party for the weekend (thurs-sunday; saturday wedding) so that we could have more time with those people closest to us.
Total: $69,407 (MCOL area)
Venue: $28,250 “Weekend Package”
Additional Lodging: $3965
Paper: $845
Decor: $992
Florals: $2322
Food: $8133
Alcohol: $3752
DJ: $1925
Photography/Videography: $9839
Clothing: $3930
Other: $3349
Tips: $770
Our wedding was amazing for us. It felt like an event that truly encapsulated who we are as individuals and as a couple, and that chance to celebrate with so many people we love was priceless. It felt like all the spreadsheets we’d worked on for the last 2 years turned into reality. This is the main master spreadsheet I used:
Google Spreadsheet Wedding Planning
It’s created from all sorts of different helpful spreadsheets I found here and from other wedding websites. The “Checklist” really doesn’t start until I realized how easy it is to get lost in needing to capture so many personal little details that would keep me up at night feeling like they were slipping through the cracks. But if you’re starting from the beginning, you will need to include the big ticket “check boxes” that are in the budget portion. Hopefully it can help some others! Happy planning Weddit!
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2023.06.02 00:52 SwissCheese4Collagen The !'s Arrivals: Ra! Part 1- Live from the RV Lot It's BABY TIME!

The !'s Arrivals: Ra! Part 1- Live from the RV Lot It's BABY TIME!
Guess what folks, Krafty Kath! decided to toss her hat into the running for J'in-Love of the year by posting Ra!s arrival video part 1 about eight hours before that pesky little documentary pops up on Amazon. Part 2 will be here tomorrow just in case anybody doubts her dedication to Rimmy J's PR-ayer Machine. Jed! opens the vlog informing us that Kath! has had contractions in the past couple days and is on her way into the doctor to see if she gets induced or not. Before that happens though, Jed! has to install the car seat and the base for Ra!. Maybe go do that, and then film the info for your vlog, it's more important.
Jed! pulls intro duty this time
She's very relaxed compared to OfNostrils
We open with Kath!s favorite question when she's pregnant, "How are you feeling?". She says she feels pretty good and won't be surprised whether she has the baby today or not. The due date is in two days she says. Today's project is that they have to wash Italy and Israel off of Tru!s Trusty Doona. It looks like he is going to be hoofing it from here on out, tough luck kid. Either way SiAhh told Jed! to just power wash all of the stroller components. Jed! claims that they've upgraded but that they need to still wash Tru!s stroller, ostensibly for Ra! since we know Actually Gunner had his in the hospital room before this point.
The J'Gang's all here....
Now we come to a frightening new feature, Story time with Jed!. This one is basically testing the waters to see if they're going to do a J'ackass style vlog with J'Obnoxious James. Jed! says he was out "quadding", A.k.a. four-wheeling, with J'Obnoxious James and J'Orchestra Pit when they came upon a creek. Jed!, a grown man with the business and infant children, didn't realize the water was deeper in one part and sunk his four wheeler. These J'idiots survive on sheer luck. Luckily J'Obnoxious James or J'Orchestra Pit managed to get footage, and just as luckily Jed has a full-time mechanic from Alaska at the car lot who can fix it. Never fear, dear Snarkers, he won't be without his toy for very long. Also, the captions provided us with another gem, by changing "actually" into "sexually".
J'Obnoxious James poses while Jed! splashes
God damn do I love these captions.
Kath! has been to her final Dr. appointment, and is told in two days. In a startling show of self-awareness, they asked Tru! if he is ready to meet his baby sister etc., and realized that Tru! didn't care about anything other than the bottled milk that was currently in his mouth. They make comments that "he's too young to understand what's going on", and "he is so little". Maybe don't be in such a hurry to rush him out of the crib by having another baby 12 months later? Anyhow, Tru! notices the camera and turns away with his bottle and throws it. His mother gives it to him and he throws it again. It's worth noting that when he throws the bottle, he is turned away from the camera, and Jed has to move the camera around to be able to get Tru! into the shot. After eyeballing the offending apparatus, Tru! disengages and starts to engage with his mother ignoring the camera for the rest of the scene. Tru! knows that when Jed says "pray over this little guy", he is home free and he can go to bed.
She was induced on Tru!s due date, will she be as punctual again?
\"You keep that thing out of my face, man. Mom, tell him.\" -Tru!
Jed! goes to extreme lengths to get an extreme angle, despite Tru!'s best efforts
\"Hey, Mom, are you sane today? Can you yell cut?\" -Tru!
At 4:30 the next morning, everyone is awake. Kath!, Jed!, Tru!, Grammy!. Apparently Kath!s mom is pulling Lolly duty for Jed! and Kath! since Perm has used up her allotted 48 hours away from Rimmy J for the year staying over to help OfNostrils when they brought Actually Gunner home. Kath! make scrambled eggs while Jed! films it, if she can get a breakfast in bed before early morning induction, when can she? A chatty Tru! woke up at 3:30, and his parents say maybe he does know something is going on because he's talking so much. Atta boy, keep em guessin'. It's gonna be easier than he thinks. Just ask Austina. Don't worry, Kath! jumps in to say that "he just does that sometimes" and dismiss any thought that her son might be showing signs of cognitive thought.
A 1 year old chatters to themselves to self-soothe when they wake up? Call the press!
Tru!s favorite person, Grammy!
Left unstickered so you can see his Adoring Gaze at the ketchup and scrambled eggs he supposedly doesn't like.
Kar Konvos with Kath!
Kath! packs her scrambled eggs, with ketchup, and a chocolate, peanut butter and banana protein shake for pre-baby meal. I hate to agree with Jed! but he isn't on board with the ketchup scrambled eggs. His face says otherwise and he takes his eyes off the road to eyebang said scrambled eggs. He is however admittedly a big fan of the peanut butter banana protein shake. Kath! knew she had to pack something to eat because nothing was open, Jed asks if she's ready. She says that yes she is but it's weird this time. Does she think a helpmeet is going to be any different than a headship? She goes on to say that knowing that she's going to see her baby in a few hours and go through all this stuff is just weird. What she doesn't have some Intelligent Design Magical Godly Birth Process motto to spout off? Nope, they talk about how Tru! got stuck and Kath! had to push for an hour and 1/2 due to his "big head". Luckily, Ra! has been measuring smaller than Tru! was, so they anticipate a smoother delivery. At least they hope for one. They roll up to the hospital, the same hospital Actually Gunner spawned at, and Jed! says that "this looks familiar". Is that because everybody in your family uses the same hospital or because you're making a joke that it's been almost exactly one year since you guys were here last to shoot Tru! out into existence?
Kath! clues Jed! into her ultimate plan.
I've never been creeped out by these doors in my life...
Like the Nostrils McBeardsley's a couple days before them, they walk in through the empty emergency room because it is so early in the morning. Kath! says that by being back so soon most of their favorite people probably still work there. Odd reason to Irish twin your kids but whatever's clever...They move on to the "creepy" big automatic emergency room doors, They are creepy because "they open both ways". I think the word you're looking for is annoying because those doors are slow as shit. Once they get past the "creepy" doors, Kath! run in to close the blinds on her window and states that now she's freaking out. I am fairly certain she's in the exact same room OfNostrils was in, based on the sock monkey baby in the background. However Kath! got a whole cup full of hygiene supplies instead of just tissues. Maybe it's not the same room, either way Kath! states she's "gonna like it here". Why does she sound like Snow White opening up the cabin for the first time and letting all the cobwebs and dust out? Jed! says it "looks like home". Bud, it's not a timeshare...you can't rent a delivery room for a weekend every year. Turns out that they did not get the same room as last time, they were wondering if they would. The stork dropped off a properly sized gown this time, so I'm sure Kath! will give them a five star review this time.
I wonder if there is a Duggar Suite yet.
What's that line about hypocrites praying in the streets? Is YouTube perhaps the modern interpretation of that???
Before Kath! suits up to lunch Ra! out of the Cannon Jed! asks that "God go before her and the baby" and he doesn't even know what that means. He can't. It's a nonsensical sentence that would make Miles Bron proud. It's word salad, with Christianity croutons sprinkled on top. Once they are done praying, Kath! puts on the gown and Jed asks how she likes it. She says it fits much better than the last one, are they just so bored that everything is exciting? Kath! pages the nurse, says to Jed! that she isn't ordering more breakfast. Jed replies "second breakfast", as the nurse answers and Kath! says she's ready.
I bet she told them her size when she pre-registered
I mean, I doubt 5 card stud or Texas Hold Em were regular games allowed at TTH...
We next see Kath! bouncing on a yoga ball playing a card game with Jed!. He tells her to show off her bling, a.k.a. her IV with the Pitocin. It is 7 AM, best guess since Kath! has made her room extremely dim. It's not too dim for them to play a game called Sky Joe, which I've never heard of but Kath! says is "fun". It is 7 AM, as she says they been here for two hours. Her contractions are apparently strong enough that Jed! thinks she needs a card game to distract her from them.
....And Kath! shows OfNostrils how it's done.
And that's all for part one folks when they post part two tomorrow I will be ready for it. Everyone have a good night; catch y'all tomorrow!
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2023.06.01 22:30 developbc HPQ Silicon GEN3 QRR Pilot Plant Produces 3N+ Silicon (99.92% Si) in a Single Step

MONTREAL, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HPQ Silicon Inc. (“HPQ” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: HPQ) (OTCQX: HPQFF) (FRA: O08), a technology company specializing in green engineering processes for silica and silicon material production, announces the successful validation of a crucial milestone that demonstrates the capabilities of our proprietary technology, the PUREVAPTM Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) process. Our accomplishment is that we have produced Silicon with a purity exceeding 3N+ in a single step.
This validation follows a thorough review of test #5 results from the ongoing GEN3 pilot plant program conducted by technology provider PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR) (FRA: 8PY) (Pyrogenesis).
The results are also highly promising because they confirm the capability of the QRR process to reduce the cash cost of silicon metal manufacturing through a single-step process and by decreasing the feedstock requirement.
“These advancements mark a milestone for HPQ Silicon and highlight the effectiveness of the PUREVAPTM QRR process in modernizing the production of high-purity Silicon while concurrently driving down production costs," said Bernard Tourillon, President & CEO of HPQ Silicon. "HPQ, with partner Pyrogenesis, is continually advancing its new QRR technology. These recent results demonstrate more positive progress in the efforts to create a new, low-cost process to manufacture of high purity Silicon. The existing processes have remained largely unchanged for the past century."
Pyrogenesis thoroughly assessed the Silicon material generated during tests #4 and #5 in the series. The samples were analyzed using ICP-MS Silicon Bulk Sample Analysis at Air Liquide Electronics (Balazs NanoAnalysis).
In test #4, the results revealed an average silicon purity (%) surpassing 99.8%. This achievement signifies a noteworthy enhancement compared to the previous best results of 99.6% Si, as announced on March 16th.
However, it is the outcome of test #5 that is noteworthy.
During test #5, we achieved an average silicon purity (%) of 99.92% across two separate tests. This outcome validates the capability of the QRR process to surpass the minimum purity requirement of 3N, specifically for battery-grade silicon.
The achievement moves forward HPQ in its goal of producing high-purity silicon for battery and other high-value applications with the QRR.
Conventionally, the production yield of metallurgical grade silicon (1-2N purity) ranges from 80 to 90% [1]. However, when traditional plants implement optimized processes to produce higher purity silicon (2-3N), production yields are reduced to between 50 and 60% [2].
Our innovative PUREVAPTM QRR reactor, with its unique enclosed design, has the potential to achieve a conversion efficiency exceeding 75% while consistently maintaining a high purity level of 3N+ and more.
This would enable us to produce one unit of silicon using fewer units of feedstock, potentially resulting in a greater than 25% reduction in feedstock usage [3]. If successful, this could provide HPQ with an additional cost advantage compared to traditional methods.
As part of our program's objective to optimize feedstock utilization in the QRR process, we are delighted to report that test #5 demonstrated this progress. The conversion efficiency of the process reached 20%, a four-fold improvement compared to tests #1 through #4.
Results to date demonstrate that we are steadily progressing towards attaining a conversion efficiency of 75%, which will represent a leap forward in high-purity silicon manufacturing, providing HPQ with economic advantages and process efficiency within the silicon industry,” added Mr. Tourillon. “We take great pride in the efforts of the team at PyroGenesis and our role in this exceptional opportunity and its potential for transformative impact."
HPQ Silicon is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire all rights held by the inventors of a new PUREVAPTM QRR provisional patent application related to improvement of the Purity of the Silicon material produce by the QRR by one (1) N. Practically this invention will allow us to increase the purity of our Silicon from the 99.92% already achieved to 99.992%
This contract stems from negotiations between the parties and the debt results from the French legislation stipulating that inventors of a patent are entitled to receive remuneration for their work. That consideration was payable by the patent owner and became a debt affecting the patent.
HPQ, to become the owner and acquire all the rights in a clear patent, negotiated the payment of the debt and agreed with the inventors that the debt in the amount of $ 88,560 will be settled by means of the issuance by the company of 432,000 Units. The payment shall be made, in two stages, being 144,000 Units to each of the three inventors.
Each Unit will consist of one (1) common share of the Company and one (1) warrant to purchase one (1) additional common share of the Company at an exercise price of $ 0.27 for a period of two (2) years after the closing date of the transaction. The first issue of 72,000 units to each of the inventors will be made on the date the Company receives TSX Venture Exchange approval. The second issue of 72,000 Units will be made to each of the inventors at the time of the international filing of the patent. This transaction is subject to TSX Venture Exchange and regulatory approval.
[1] B. Ceccaroli, O. Lohne; Solar Grade Silicon Feedstock; Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering; J. Whiley (2003)
[2] Andersen, V., Solheim, I., Gaertner, H., Sægrov-Sorte, B., Einarsrud, K. E., & Tranell, G. (2023). Pilot-Scale Test of Flue Gas Recirculation for The Silicon Process. Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy, 9(1), 81-92.
[3] Management refers to public information from Ferroglobe PLC investor presentation dated October 17, 2017 (Page 5). According to this information, approximately 45% of the total cost of producing Metallurgical grade Silicon (98.5% - 99.5% Si) is attributed to feedstock expenses, primarily quartz and reductant. Reaching a conversion efficiency exceeding 75% would result in a reduction of about one-third of the required amount of feedstock needed to make silicon metal. Therefore this reduction in feedstock usage could result in an HPQ cost advantage of over 14% (45% * 33%) compared to traditional methods.
About PyroGenesis Canada Inc.
PyroGenesis Canada Inc., a high-tech company, is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions which reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and are economically attractive alternatives to conventional “dirty” processes. PyroGenesis has created proprietary, patented, and advanced plasma technologies that are being vetted and adopted by multiple multibillion dollar industry leaders in three massive markets: iron ore pelletization, aluminum, waste management, and additive manufacturing. With a team of experienced engineers, scientists and technicians working out of its Montreal office, and its 3,800 m2 and 2,940 m2 R&D and manufacturing facilities, PyroGenesis maintains its competitive advantage by remaining at the forefront of technology development and commercialization. The operations are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified, having been ISO certified since 1997. For more information, please visit: www.pyrogenesis.com
About HPQ Silicon
HPQ Silicon Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) is a Quebec-based TSX Venture Exchange Tier 1 Industrial Issuer.
HPQ is developing, with the support of world-class technology partners PyroGenesis Canada Inc.(TSX: PYR) (NASDAQ: PYR) and NOVACIUM SAS, new green processes crucial to make the critical materials needed to reach net zero emissions.
HPQ activities are centred around the following five (5) pillars:
1) Becoming a green low-cost (Capex and Opex) producer of High Purity Silicon (2N+ to 4N) using our proprietary PUREVAPTM “Quartz Reduction Reactors” (QRR) being developed by PyroGenesis.
2) Becoming North America’s first producer of micron size High Purity Silicon (3N & 4N) powders with the assistance of NOVACIUM SAS.
3) Working to become the first producer of nano silicon materials from High Purity Silicon chunks using our proprietary PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon Reactor (NSiR) being developed by PyroGenesis.
4) Becoming a green low-cost (Capex and Opex) producer of Fumed Silica using our proprietary FUMED SILICA REACTOR being developed by PyroGenesis.
5) Developing a small and compact process for the on-demand production of hydrogen via hydrolysis of Silicon and other materials.
For more information, please visit HPQ Silicon web site.
This press release contains certain forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements containing the words "may", "plan", "will", "estimate", "continue", "anticipate", "intend", "expect", "in the process" and other similar expressions which constitute "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements reflect the Company's current expectation and assumptions and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, our expectations regarding the acceptance of our products by the market, our strategy to develop new products and enhance the capabilities of existing products, our strategy with respect to research and development, the impact of competitive products and pricing, new product development, and uncertainties related to the regulatory approval process. Such statements reflect the current views of the Company with respect to future events and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties and other risks detailed from time-to-time in the Company's ongoing filings with the security’s regulatory authorities, which filings can be found at www.sedar.com. Actual results, events, and performance may differ materially. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements either as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable securities laws.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
This News Release is available on the company's CEO Verified Discussion Forum, a moderated social media platform that enables civilized discussion and Q&A between Management and Shareholders.
Source: HPQ Silicon Inc. For further information contact: Bernard J. Tourillon, Chairman, President, and CEO Tel +1 (514) 846-3271 Patrick Levasseur, Director Tel: +1 (514) 262-9239 Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.01 22:28 artikiller Redoing my old reviews part 1: XTRFY M42 and Razer viper ultimate.

I’ve recently had to scroll through my old posts on this account and, reading back my old reviews, I was not satisfied with the quality of some of these old posts (partially due to lack of knowledge on my part for some of these older reviews). So I’ve decided to redo all my old reviews with the added benefit of having done some extensive durability testing on most of them over the last few years (I have a talent for breaking my mouse buttons). I hope you all enjoy!
The M42 is quite unique when it comes to shape. By default it’s a shrunk down sensei, however by swapping out the back you can change the shape to something a little closer to a mm710. Overall the shape felt a little awkward for me. With its sensei-like shape the mouse felt like the mouse felt too narrow for how tall and long it is. The mm710 like shape felt better, but the taller back plate doesn’t get too much structural support from the side walls. Because of this the back tends to wiggle around slightly and creak quite a bit, giving you an experience below par for a high end mouse. With its high back the mouse is usable for medium to small hands when using a claw grip. Its low back is better when using a fingertip grip but there are plenty of better options out there if you intend to use it as a fingertip mouse.
The coating is a slightly cheap feeling matte coating. Over the 2 ish months I’ve mained the mouse for it’s worn down a little bit and picked up a slight shine on the buttons near where my fingers rest. I don’t expect this coating to last for too long for most people.
The mouse also has round holes all over its body. XTRFY advertises these as weight reducing holes. The mouse however isn’t all too light for its size with its 60 gram weight. I suspect that, because round holes are not great for structural integrity, they had to make the side walls of the shell thicker to compensate which in turn will increase the weight. The holes are also very noticeable when holding the mouse which can be a little annoying. Furthermore the holes collect all kinds of dirt (dust, oil and dead skin) and are almost impossible to clean out properly. In my opinion these holes are only there to give the aesthetic of lower weight without actually making a meaningful difference and only deteriorate the quality of the product.
The main buttons are Chinese Omron 20M switches. The main clicks on my copy have developed quite a bit of pre-travel and have a weird feeling at the start of the click (almost as if 2 pieces of plastic are rubbing against each other. Issues can mainly be felt on the left mouse button (probably because it’s been used more) but are present, albeit to a lesser degree, on the right button as well. The buttons feel fairly light but are not very tactile and do not have enough post travel to cushion out a button press so you will feel them bottom out when you press them. As far as main buttons go these are usable but not great.
The side buttons on the M42 are some of my favorites. They are light, have very little pre travel, have just enough post travel to cushion out your clicks and are not overly tactile. It’s just a shame that the rest of the mouse couldn’t be closer to their quality.
The cable on this mouse is absolutely horrendous. The outside of the cable is a shoelace-like braid while the inside is a thin, dense rubber cable. The cable is not very flexible and it keeps its shape extremely well. Out of the box it comes rolled up very tight creating multiple kinks in the cable which will probably not come out no matter how hard you try. Overall the cable is below par.
The feet are white dyed PTFE. Although dyed feet were (and still are) pretty common I have a specific issue with these. For a bit of historical context: this mouse came out around the time we saw the first mice with 100% pure PTFE mouse feet. The way people recognized those feet at the time was simply to look at their color. If it was white it was pure, if it was black it was dyed. Generally speaking pure PTFE feet feel slightly more smooth and have slightly less friction than dyed feet and are an overall better experience. The feet on the M42 feel a little bit scratchy and have a bit more friction than I would like. A replacement set of mouse feet is included in the box but if you end up using the mouse for long enough to wear down the feet and want to replace them I would suggest using an aftermarket replacement for an overall better experience.
The scroll wheel is a standard 24 step wheel. It requires an above average amount of force to scroll up and down. The scroll wheel is also not very tactile. Scrolling up and down with this mouse feels a little bit like dragging the scroll wheel through mud and is overall not a great experience. The scroll wheel is however fairly quiet.
The scroll wheel click has the same crunchy feeling to it as the main buttons. The click requires a relatively large amount of force and is not very tactile. Overall the scroll wheel click is not great.
As far as the sensor goes I’ve not had any issues. The mouse tracks fine on any non glass surface and I could not make it spin out no matter how fast I moved it. LOD is relatively low at 2mm but cannot be adjusted. DPI can be changed but only to one of the 8 predefined steps (400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200, 4000, 7200, 16000) the last 2 steps being way too high and absolutely unusable. If you normally use any other DPI on your mouse your only real option would be to change your sensitivity in Windows and in game to attempt to match your old sensitivity.
The m42 features multi zone RGB at the front of the mouse and on the scroll wheel. The RGB diffuser is placed in a spot that’s not covered by your hand during normal use making it an actual useful addition. The mouse comes with a few preset RGB effects. Effects can be selected using the main and side buttons in combination with the button below the scroll wheel on the top of the mouse. The mouse unfortunately lacks software to customize the RGB effects so unless you want to use the default rainbow wave or one of the preset static colors you might want to turn it off. Although RGB lighting is implemented in a tasteful way on the M42, the lack of software to customize effects makes it slightly redundant.
Even at its current price of €32- i would not recommend this mouse. There’s durability concerns with its main buttons and coating, the cable and feet are worse than most budget options and its better sensor compared to some budget options is not worth the tradeoff of a flat out worse feeling product. If you want something cheap I’d recommend looking at any decent mouse from 1 or 2 generations ago instead.
Razer Viper ultimate
SHAPE/COATING/WEIGHT The Viper Ultimate shape might look familiar to some. It’s essentially the exact same shape as a Zowie FK1 with a slightly wider front. The shape is alright for claw or fingertip grip for medium to large hands. It’s a fine shape for everyone that doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a mouse, but if you already know what you like it’s not perfect for either grip style. For claw grip a mouse with the hump more towards the back would probably be better and for fingertip grip a shorter mouse with sides that are a bit flatter towards the front would probably be preferred.
The sides are made of a textured rubber that feels fine, but after some time will wear down and become more and more smooth. With dry hands this isn’t much of an issue, when your hands get sweaty however it does become quite slippery.
The top is made of matte coated plastic. It’s fairly grippy, cleans easily and does not show fingerprints. Unlike the sides this matte coating does not wear down easily.
The mouse weighs about 73 grams and feels fairly well balanced with the middle part being a little bit lighter than the front and back pieces.
The main buttons are Razer’s v2 optical switches (unless you somehow manage to find one with an early production date out there). These v2 switches are a significant upgrade over their v1 variant and feel only slightly worse than the v3 version. They feel almost like a true mechanical switch with a very light click and plenty of tactility. The buttons have very little pre travel and just enough post travel to cushion out the click. The only issue I have with the main buttons is that after my almost year of use the left click has gotten slightly loose and you can feel the main button rub on the switch ever so slightly. Although it’s not perfect this is something that could be expected after my almost full year of use.
The side buttons don’t extrude too far out the shell. This is to prevent you from accidentally clicking the buttons on your non thumb side. In my experience it does not prevent you from accidentally pressing the buttons (unless you hold the mouse in a way where your fingers go nowhere near them), while not extruding too far out the shell makes them hard to click without moving your thumb all the way to over. There is a slight gap between the buttons and the switches which makes them slightly rattly but does not ruin the feel. They require a decent amount of force to actuate and are very tactile. In fact, in my opinion they are slightly too heavy and tactile and I would've preferred something lighter and smoother. They have a very slight bit of post travel but not enough to fully cushion the press (so you will feel them bottom out).
CABLE Even though it is a wireless mouse the cable on the Viper Ultimate feels quite nice. It’s a medium thickness cable micro USB with a slightly loose, thin braid. It’s fairly flexible and doesn’t hold its shape too much. Although it could’ve been a bit more flexible I had no problem with using the cable while charging the mouse. The only downside of the cable is its special connector housing that makes it hard to use with any other product and makes it so almost no other micro USB cable will fit the mouse.
The feet on the Viper Ultimate are undyed (pure) PTFE. They have a decent glide but their cornered edges can make them feel a little scratchy on some surfaces. One pretty important issue I had with them is that one of the feet was slightly thinner than the others causing it to wobble on hard surfaces and tilt enough to have the bottom plate scratch the mouse pad on softer surfaces. Overall they’re fine but I just got a little unlucky on my unit.
The scroll wheel is a standard 24 step wheel. It requires a medium amount of force to scroll and the scroll steps are slightly less defined than I’d like them to be. Overall it’s a perfectly acceptable scroll wheel but it’s not exceptionally good. When scrolling down the wheel is fairly quiet but when scrolling up it makes a distinct rattly sound which I can hear even while wearing my headphones and playing music.
The scroll wheel click is a Panasonic style dome switch. It is fairly tactile and light. As far as scroll wheel clicks go this one feels good.
The charging dock is a nice bonus when it works. Most of the time it will work fine but sometimes the mouse will just not charge when placed onto it due to dust or dirt building up on the contact pads. The issue is easily fixed by cleaning the contact pads on the charging dock and the bottom of the mouse but often will happen unnoticed which can leave you with a mouse that’s almost out of battery when you need it. It also works as an extender for the wireless dongle to get it closer to the mouse in order to avoid possible connection issues.
I’ve had no issues with the sensor. The sensor works fine on all surfaces I’ve tested it on (which include wood, cordura, and cloth) but might have some tracking issues on glass. I’m also unable to make the sensor spin out with fast flicks. DPI can be set between 100 and 20000 in steps of 50 and LOD can be set from 1mm to 3mm in steps of 1mm. In its low power mode (which activates when the battery is about to run out) it still seems to track fine but has a slightly floaty feeling to it, almost as if there’s a tiny bit of motion delay. With my current setup I’m not able to accurately test what causes this floaty feeling but to me it’s definitely noticeable.
First of all installing the software was quite annoying. After downloading and running the installer it will ask you what Razer software you want to install. By default it will install Razer Synapse and its 3 chroma plugins (chroma visualizer, chroma studio and chroma connect). If you don’t want these you have to uncheck the boxes for installing them which are hidden in a drop down menu and are easily missed. When the installation started it also showed me an ad asking me to install Razer Cortex which is their PC “optimizer”. All Cortex will do is change some game settings and delete some temporary or unused Windows files. I’d recommend not installing Cortex because it doesn’t really do anything useful and essentially functions as bloatware. Then when synapse finally finishes installing and launches you’re greeted by ads for multiple other razer products. Disabling these ads requires you to go to another decently well hidden settings menu to turn them off.
Synapse itself is fine as far as software goes. It’s reasonably easy to change settings or navigate menus. The software allows you to change DPI, polling rate, button binds, RGB, LOD and the idle timer and low power mode thresholds. It also shows a fairly accurate battery percentage. I’m currently not experiencing any issues with the software but there were some issues with it in the past. First of all the software will sometimes decide to update by itself which will cause all your razer devices to become unresponsive for a few seconds. Next up there’s been issues where the software would just be unable to save certain profiles to the devices on board storage. Finally there’s been issues where the in app update tool just stopped working for some reason and the only way to get a software update would be to uninstall the software and reinstall the newer version. As far as gaming software goes my experience with Razer Synapse unfortunately is slightly above average, which is more due to other gaming software being even more horrible rather than Razer Synapse being good.
I get about 4-5 days of battery out of a single full charge with RGB turned off. With RGB on, battery life is closer to about 3 days. Battery drain when idle is minimal. Leaving the mouse on overnight will only drain the battery by about 1%. Overall battery life is slightly below par compared to other modern wireless mice with similar performance but still good enough.
Nowadays you can get a viper ultimate (with the charging dock) for about €80-. For this price the mouse is honestly not that bad. It’s going to perform better than most other mice around this price range but in return it might not be as durable as some of the other options. Battery life is also not as good as most alternatives but if you charge your mouse every day it shouldn’t be an issue. I would recommend this mouse over the Viper V2 Pro if you’re not planning on using 4000hz wireless and you don’t care too much about long term durability. If you do care about these things however the Viper V2 Pro is the better product even at its significantly higher price of €140-.
Upcoming reviews (in no particular order)
Roccat Burst Pro
Steelseries Rival 3
Steelseries Rival 310
Razer Deathadder V3 (wired)
Razer Orochi v2
Endgame Gear Xm1r
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2023.06.01 22:07 MrElectrifyer Logitech Options+ Missing Features from Options

After holding off "upgrading" for over a year now, due to early reviews showing it to be incompatible with my MX Master 1 (only supported my MX Master 3 at the time) and lacking certain features, I decided to bit the bullet today and click that "Upgrade to Options+" link in Logitech Options. Upon upgrading, right off the bat, was "welcomed" with the bad news that several of my configurations from Options couldn't be transferred! Noticed basically ALL of my keyboard shortcut gestures came across as "None" in the Logitech Options+ UI, requiring me to waste time reconfiguring them all. Fortunately though, this Logitech Options+ "upgrade" didn't uninstall Logitech Options, so, I'm able to open Logitech Options (press the Esc key to dismiss the "MX Master 3 can't be configured in Options" dialog) to review the shortcuts that were assigned and re-assign them for the All Applications setting and my 16 Application-Specific settings.
On the upside, while doing the that, noticed the added ability to create App-Specific settings for Microsoft Store Apps, and the major feature called "Smart Actions". Those will certainly add a whole slew of new uses to my Logitech MX Master 3 and 1, and I can't wait to explore and tweak them to enhance my workflow. Good work on this part Logitech 👍🏽
However, I also noticed that Options+ is lacking functionality or more time-consuming to configure/review compared to what was offered by Logitech Options, including the following list and growing:
  1. No option to launch Options+ via an App-Specific gesture; manually configuring Options+ in the "Launch Application" option doesn't launch it and automatically select the App-Specific settings as Options offered.
  2. No option to apply one of the "All Applications" button settings to all the other App-Specific configurations. This was a handy time-saver in Options for cases where I figure out a more efficient use of a button throughtout my system, and I want the behaviour to be the same across my 16-and-growing Application-Specific settings, instead of taking the time to configure it in all of them.
  3. No option for any of the following actions:
    1. Open Start menu
    2. Open web page
    3. Stop media
    4. Previous track/Rewind
    5. Next track/Fast forward
    6. Modifier keys
    7. Toggle Smooth Scholling
    8. Scroll left
    9. Scroll right
    10. Snap window left
    11. Snap window right
    12. Open Windows Settings
    13. Lock Windows
    14. etc.
  4. No sub-categories of the options under "Other". In Logitech Options, there was "Navigation", "Productivity", "Media Control", "Mouse Commangs", "System Commands", "Quick Access" and "Do Nothing". Making finding the slew of handy options fast and straight forward.
  5. When you click a button that's been configured as a gesture button, you instantly got a view of the assigned gestures and specific Keyboard shortcuts in Logitech Options. In Options+, you just see the generic wording "Keyboard shortcut", requiring you to again click that UI to actually see what has been assigned.
  6. No option to force initiate a backup of the device settings. This was a guarantee that the latest device configurations had been backed-up in case you're looking to get them on another computer.
  7. No option to force restore settings from an earlier device backup. This was very handy in case you accidentally make some changes to the configuration and want to restore everything back to an earlier backup (even if not the latest backup) without having to first remove and re-add the device. It was also extremely handy when setting up a new PC, as you won't have all the applications you previously installed right from the start, so, you could just be restoring the earlier backed-up configuration as you progress with the PC setup and install your applications.
Please fix the above issues Logitech, thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 21:10 AnimancyPress Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Cantrip to 9th-Level

Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Cantrip to 9th-Level

Magical Secrets: 58 Bard Spells from Animancy Press is the perfect spell expansion for your bardic boredoms! Spells include; the Animate Weapon Cantrip which allows you to attack with melee weapson at range, the Divinterference Cantrip which allows you add or subtract a die of varying size from from most d20 rolls, Mass Vicious Mockery, which allows you to mock up to 3 targets +1 per level of the spell slot used, Stagelight! a high precision AoE spell that dishes radiant damage, Scintillating Blast, a spell that does damage of all types and reveals a creatures resistances and immunities, Wave of Lethargy, a Slow spell with a 1 round duration that gives you an additional action, Polypsychic Strike, which gives you a number of extra ranged attacks, and Legendary! which grants you Legendary Actions for a duration.

All this and more awaits your discovery within the pages of Magical Secrets.

Cover Art
Animate Weapon Cantrip

Mass Vicious Mockery


Scintillating Blast

Wave of Lethargy

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Beastmage Magewright Background (Revised) - an updated Animal Husbandry Magewright with an expanded spell list, bestiary, an all new magic item, and rollable tables for background related details.
Deckmage Magewright Background (Revised) - an updated Apprentice Deck Wizard/Ship's Magewright with an expanded spell list, including the new arcane cannon spell as well as 4 more background relevant spells from the Animancy Press Catalog and new, rollable tables for randomized background insights.
Diplomage Magewright Background (Revised) - an updated Diplomatic Entourage Magewright with an expanded spell list, including 3 original spells from Animancy Press and new rollable tables regarding your diplomatic mission, your diplomatic commissioner, and your diplomatic aspirations.
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Impling: a Tiefling of Imp Origins ($5) - Be a tiny or small fiend, float about your comrades and steal hit points from others.

Oni: a Shape Changing Giant ($3) - Be a creature of many forms with many feat options to parallel the MM Oni.

Vampire: an Undead Legacy ($5) - Drink the blood of your foes and use Vampire Magic and gain Vampire feats.


Accursed: a Sorcerous Origin ($3) - Curse your foes as a reaction to detract from their saving throws.

Animancy, An Arcane Tradition ($5) - Build an army of constructs to do your bidding.

Circle of Arcana: a Druid Circle ($3/PWYW - Please Review)) - Be the wizard of the wood.

College of Adventure Coaching Bard ($5) [+ Spells Bundle] - Available Now! Use your insight and your voice to encourage or discourage the outcomes of others, crosstrain to learn a spell and a cantrip, cast vicious mockery as a reaction and more!

Curricumancy, An Arcane Tradition + Spells ($5) - Be an interdisciplinary wizard.

Fey or Nature: Sorcerous Origins ($3) - Be an enchanting sorcerer with shape changing features and an expanded spell list with an improved save DC.

Hacker: a barbarian cleaver ($3) - Decimate your foes and cleave through any creature that you kill.

The Unseen: an Otherworldly Patron +56 Spells ($10) - Be a roguish Warlock with a sort of sneak attack and other roguish similarities.


Magic Item Menagerie: Volumes I-IV + Finder's Tables [BUNDLE]

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2023.06.01 21:00 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (Jun 1-4)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

June Featured Events

53rd Annual Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival at Rock Quarry Park
1776 at DPAC
PLAYlist Concert Series: Raíces, Rutas, y Ritmos at Durham Central Park

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at The Carolina Theatre
Events at The Pinhook
Events at Motorco Music hall
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Boxyard RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Local Sports

Durham Bulls Home Stand at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Running of the Bulls 8K at Historic Durham Athletic Park

Thursday, Jun 1

Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, Jun 2

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee
Garden Printing: Cyanotypes and Hammered Flower Prints on Fabric at Duke Campus Farm

Saturday, Jun 3

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Hayti Walking History Tour at Hayti Heritage Center
Nasher Community Celebration at the Nasher Museum of Art
MAKRS Pop-up at Durham Central Park
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works
Beaver Queen Pageant — Once Upon a Wetland... at Duke Park

Sunday, Jun 4

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Art-n-Soul Market at Mystic Farm & Distillery
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

upstART Gallery: A Jim Lee Project at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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2023.06.01 20:37 Then_Marionberry_259 JUN 01, 2023 LEM.V LEADING EDGE NOTES ASSAYS AT 30% NICKEL AND 4.7% COBALT AT BIHOR SUD

- A ssay results from gallery wall s confirm in-situ high grade Co-Ni-mineralization
- Surface trench results indicate zone of Pb-Zn-Ag-mineralization
Vancouver, June 1 , 2023 – Leading Edge Materials Corp. (“ Leading Edge Materials ” or the “ Company ”) ( TSXV: LEM ) ( Nasdaq First North: LEMSE ) ( OTCQB: LEMIF ) (FRA : 7FL) is pleased to announce it has received positive assay results from initial exploration trenches completed to assess potential of mineralization extension from the known galleries, and from initial samples taken from Galleries 4 and 7.
Eric Krafft, CEO of the Company states: “ These initial exploration results from Bihor Sud highlight the scale and high-grade potential of the Bihor Sud exploration license. Access to galleries 4 and 7 was delayed due to high radon gas levels , and required additional ventilation to be installed to enable safe access for our geologists. While ventilation was being installed, we completed surface trench assays which potential ly indicate a Pb-Zn-Ag structure over 1km in length and is supported by the results from gallery G4. Initial results from gallery G7 underline the high-grade Co-Ni potential. While high radon levels ha ve delayed gallery access it is a positive sign as it is associated with the raised uranium grades often re lated with the higher-grade Ni-Co zones. Channel sampling underground can now begin in earnest.”
Surface Exploration Trenches
Three pairs of exploration trenches (Fig. 1) were hand dug to 0.5-2 metres depth and 20-56 metres in length for a total of 246 m. Trenches S-VL1 and S-VL2 were able to be excavated to partially expose bedrock and provide positive Zn-Pb-Ag grades. These trenches cut to the same fault system, which led to base metal mineralization in G4 and contain Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag in carbonates. Mineralization in these trenches is both structurally and lithologically controlled:
Table 1 : Assay results from trench S1-VL
Table 2 : Assay results from trench S2 -VL
Figure 1 : License overview map showing t he principal gallery locations. G4 has been recently refurbished with a ventilation system . Of the six executed trenches, the pair northwest of the G4 gallery mouth yielded encouraging Pb-Zn-Ag-mineralization .
Trenches S1-D and S2-D, which are close to gallery G1, were excavated largely in argillic alteration with occasional specks of copper oxide. Of the 18 samples assayed, the only mineralized one yielded 0.14 % Cu (no other anomalous elements). G1 was developed in the 1970s as part of regional uranium exploration but furnished “only” base metal mineralization (copper) associated with (semi-massive) pyrite. No mineralization was found in 16 samples from trenches S1-VV and S2-VV, except for minor barite. S2-VV encountered thick scree and did not reach bedrock for the major part.
Initial Underground Samples
Samples were collected from in situ-mineralization on the gallery walls during initial surveying. Results are similar to those obtained from waste dump material and prove the presence of extensive mineralization, which can be accessed underground. The samples reported from G7 in Table 3 are spaced 100-200 m and attest a significant strike extent of the mineralization, to be mapped and channel-sampled this Summer.
Table 3 : Assay results from various types of Co-Ni- mineralization sampled in gallery G7.
Samples collected in G4 yielded results for Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag, which developed around the G4 main axis on a major fault system in this area.
Table 4 : Assay results from low-grade Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag-mineralization near the main axis in gallery G4.
Now that ventilation has been successful installed in G4, additional ventilation will be added to G7. The company can now engage in its planned underground channel sampling program and follow on underground drilling program.
Q ualified P erson
Martin S. Oczlon, PhD Geol, CEngMIMMM, a consultant to Leading Edge Material and Qualified Person, as defined in NI 43-101, has reviewed and verified the technical content in this press release.
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Leading Edge Materials Corp.
Eric Krafft, CEO
For further information, please contact the Company at:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Follow us
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeadingEdgeMtls
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leading-edge-materials-corp/
About Leading Edge Materials
Leading Edge Materials is a Canadian public company focused on developing a portfolio of critical raw material projects located in the European Union. Critical raw materials are determined as such by the European Union based on their economic importance and supply risk. They are directly linked to high growth technologies such as batteries for electromobility and energy storage and permanent magnets for electric motors and wind power that underpin the clean energy transition towards climate neutrality. The portfolio of projects includes the 100% owned Woxna Graphite mine (Sweden), Norra Karr HREE project (Sweden) and the 51% owned Bihor Sud Nickel Cobalt exploration alliance (Romania).
Additional Information
The information was submitted for publication through the agency of the contact person set out above, on June 1, 2023, at 9:30 am Vancouver time.
Leading Edge Materials is listed on the TSXV under the symbol “LEM”, OTCQB under the symbol “LEMIF” and Nasdaq First North Stockholm under the symbol "LEMSE". Mangold Fondkommission AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North and may be contacted via email [email protected] or by phone +46 (0) 8 5030 1550.
Reader Advisory
This news release may contain statements which constitute “forward-looking information” under applicable Canadian securities laws, including statements regarding plans, intentions, beliefs and current expectations of the Company, its directors, or its officers with respect to the future business activities of the Company. The words “may”, “would”, “could”, “will”, “intend”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “expect” and similar expressions, as they relate to the Company, or its management, are intended to identify such forward-looking information. Investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking information is not a guarantee of future business activities and involves risks and uncertainties, and that the Company’s future business activities may differ materially from those in the forward-looking information as a result of various factors, including, but not limited to, fluctuations in market prices, successes of the operations of the Company, continued availability of capital and financing and general economic, market or business conditions. There can be no assurances that such information will prove accurate and, therefore, readers are advised to rely on their own evaluation of such uncertainties. The Company does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking information except as required under the applicable securities laws.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.

Universal Site Links
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2023.06.01 20:25 No_Cardiologist_8532 Fanfic: Slave of Thrones Part XV

It was dawn when the iron doors beneath the Red Keep, in the torchlit dungeons far below the main castle, when one of the doors that led to the exit tunnels that emptied into Blackwater Bay was shoved open. A Weequay guard fell forward, his throat slit, his corpse slamming down on the cobblestones. Jon Snow loomed in the doorway behind the dead alien, his sword slick with the guard's blood. He wiped his brow and said, "Thank you" to the dead man before kicking him aside and dragging himself forward.
Jon had spent the night slowly making his way toward the Red Keep, creeping among alleyways and the ruins of houses to avoid patrols of guards or droids. He had eventually managed to ambush a guard and take the Weequay hostage. Jabba's men, as it turned out, were cowardly when faced with someone stronger than they and the guard had been all too eager to lead Jon to a secret entrance into the dungeons to save his own hide. It hadn't saved him, of course, and Jon had taken a grim sense of pleasure in slitting the man's throat when he thought himself safe.
Jon grabbed a torch from the wall and removed it. With Longclaw in one hand and the torch in his other, he stumbled forward, his pace slow, every muscle in his body demanding he lie down and rest, collapse into the blissful state of unconsciousness. Jon ignored them and pushed them aside, forcing himself forward. Daenerys needed him. And he wouldn't give up, not for anything, until he had wrested her from the grasp of Jabba the Hutt.
He walked for sometime, nothing to join him in this march toward the slimy overlord of King's Landing but his own footsteps. However, coming to a passage he suddenly heard whispering around the corner. Halting and keeping to the shadows, his black leather of the Night's Watch keeping him well hidden, Jon peeked around the corner and looked to the source of the noises.
To his surprise, he saw someone he didn't think was still among the ranks of the living. Cersei Lannister was on her feet inside a cell, the door ajar. Her once proud dressed had been reduced to tatters, exposed her bosom and bountiful flesh beneath. Her hair was a wild mess and her features curled in disgust as a creature loomed over her. Jon narrowed his eyes, beholding the hideous form of Bib Fortuna, the loathsome Twi'Lek looming over Cerseri. One of his dexterous clawed hands was stroking her face, lithe fingers dancing through the locks of her golden hair. His pants were lowered, his stiff erection shoved inches from her pretty face, a lecherous grin upon his fanged features.
"Jabba may get to pamper his lusts with the four beauties upstairs," Fortuna hissed at Cersei. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerked it backwards, Cersei giving a cry as her lips were forced to meet the tip of Fortuna's quivering member. "But I have you all to myself."
"How lucky." Cersei spitefully hissed through clenched teeth, gazing upon his cock with a truly disgusted expression. Jon grimaced, his gloved hand curling around Longclaw's hilt. As much as he'd like to leave the Lannister bitch to her fate, there was no honor in letting Cersei be raped by this monster. No one deserved that, not even her.
So Jon Snow burst from the shadows and gave a whistle. Fortuna spun around with a snake-like hiss, releasing Cersei. His eyes widened and he fumbled for his communicator, a cry of "Guards-" slipping from his lips.
Which was soon silenced as Jon buried his blade in the foul Majordomo's heart. The momentum carried Bib Fortuna backwards, blood spewing from his fetid lips, his red eyes wide with horror. His hands scrambled at Jon's chest, clutching desperately to hold onto life. Fortuna gurgled and sputtered before Jon ripped Longclaw free in a spray of alien blood. Fortuna's corpse slid down the bars and crumbled to the floor, the Majordomo dying a most undignified death.
Cersei instantly scrambled to her feet, clutching the remains of her dress to cover her nakedness. She looked at Jon, her rescuer, to Fortuna's corpse with surprise. A myriad of emotions went through the woman's face before she finally locked eyes with Jon and snarked,
"Well, well. I never thought I'd be saved by a bastard. Much less a Stark."
"And I never thought I'd be rescuing a incestuous bitch but here I am," Jon snarked right back, turning to face his longtime foe. "You're welcome, by the way."
"What, you want a thank you?" Cersei chuckled, her lips twisting in a humorless smile. "Please. I haven't lost ALL my dignity. I didn't think you were still alive."
"I feel dead and sometimes I wish I was," Jon grimaced, hand clutching his sword tightly. "But Daenerys is up there. She needs me. I won't fail her as I did my men."
"Oh yes...you're the serious one, duty bound and all that," Cersei clicked her tongue. "I guess sticking your cock in that dragon whore really-"
Jon raised his blade warningly, its tip right against her throat. A dark expression was upon his features as he said, icy calm but with a terrifying tone, "I've had a long day. I've thought about killing you many times over these years, you and your entire fucking family. Don't push your luck. I promise I won't hesitate if any more foul words slip from these serpentine lips of yours."
Cersei eyed the sword and swallowed. She could see Jon wasn't kidding. "Perhaps," She said, managing to speak as Longclaw continued to press against her throat. "I can help you. You know, a reward for saving me from that foul pervert."
"I only want one thing." Jon moved closer and his teeth clenched. When he spoke, it was with the fierceness that the North was known for and even Cersei cowered before the wild fury of Jon Snow.
"Where is Jabba the Hutt?"
Jabba normally slept very late until at least noon, sleeping off nights of debauchery and partying. But this day he rose early, perhaps emboldened by his orgy with his four slavegirls last night. And so, in the early hours of the morning, Jabba guided his dais back to the throne room, taking his usual spot before the Iron Throne. He was absolutely giddy, his ego and pride soaring to new heights. Enough time had been spent in King's Landing. It was time to expand his empire even further, beyond the boundaries of Westeros! A Hutt's greed was never satisfied. Jabba needed more. More lands to grind under his slimy heel. More riches to wrest from the hands of kings and queens. More women to defile...although he didn't think any would match his four personal pets. But his harem needed more bodies, not just for himself, but his men who shared in a fraction of lusts and perverted personality. More!
His slavegirls were lying before him in various positions. Within the curl of Jabba's mighty tail were Arya and Margaery. Margaery lay against the side of his girthy appendage, deliberately grinding her perky ass into the slimy folds of the the huge thing that surrounded her. Arya, meanwhile, was lying on Margaery, her head cushioned against Margaery's impressive bosom. Margaery was petting Arya's short black hair, running her dexterous, soft fingers through it as she looked at the throne room before her. Arya was stone faced but seemed to be grudgingly enjoying the attention and made so room to escape Margaery's grasp, their leashes intertwining in a pile as they flowed down the sides of their bodies into the nest of pillows cast here and there across Jabba's dais.
Meanwhile, Sansa and Daenerys were standing on either side of Jabba, their skirts fluttering in the small morning breeze passing through the open window in the throne room. Jabba cooed as he admired their luscious backsides and round, firm asses barely hidden by their fluttering, long slavegirl skirts. Sansa seemed more composed than Daenerys, the Stark sister staring ahead with a stoic expression, occasionally betraying her humiliation at Jabba's eyes on her with nervous licks of her ruby red lips. Daenerys, meanwhile, glowered openly at Jabba, throwing glares over her bare shoulder at the Hutt repeatedly. Jabba just laughed, Daenerys's defiance amusing him and arousing him. His tail flopped and wiggled next to Sansa's booted feet, as he lightly played with the chains of Sansa and Daenerys clutched in his fat fist.
"Summon Fortuna!" Jabba boomed, slamming his free fist onto the side of his throne, rattling the bowl full of frogs. Juices of water escaped the aquarium and splattered on Daenerys, the last Targaryan giving a startled squeal of disgust. "It is time to plot my battle strategy for CONQUERING the rest of this planet, ho ho ho! Soon, the Empire of Jabba shall stretch not to one measly continent but the entire world. All shall worship me, all shall serve MY desires."
"Yes, my lord," A Goldcloak bowed to Jabba before turning to find Fortuna in the room he had taken over within the depths of the palace. Jabba purred in pleasure, thrusting his free hand into the bowl and snatching up a screaming frog.
Margaery's eyes glistened with intelligence. She continued to pet Arya's hair non-chalantly but her eyes studied the throne room carefully. At this early hour, there were limited guards, only a smittering handful around. A few alien men armed with vibro pikes and blasters, along with two or three Goldcloaks. The Goldcloaks Margaery wasn't worried about. If this plan worked, then they might throw aside their forced loyalty to Jabba and help them. As for the others...well, with luck either the Goldcloaks or Arya would deal with them.
The plan, as she had come up with, had come from careful observations during her time of the palace, as well as information gained from Jabba's men she had quite literally milked for information. Jabba was a Hutt and although he looked like the very picture of a slovenly, fat bastard, in truth his hide was packed with layers of muscle. His hide was resistant to blaster fire and he could even shrug off injuries that might fell a normal human. The only past his layers of defenses was his neck. For Jabba to die, he'd need to be strangled to death. There were other options of course but none Margaery had access to. And of course, she couldn't exactly strangle Jabba with her bare hands.
But Jabba had leashed them all, with iron chains for Sansa and Daenerys and long fibro leashes for her and Arya. If they worked together...all four of them could wrap their chains around Jabba's foul neck and strangle their master to death.
A bold plan, mad perhaps, perhaps doomed to failure. But it was the best one Margaery's clever mind had come up with. The other girls had agreed, each desiring freedom from their abusive lord. If they distracted him and caught him unawares...this just might work.
Margaery whispered in Arya's ear, pulling locks of black hair aside as her dainty lips whispered in the Stark girl's ear: "Let's begin." Arya grimaced, Margaery understanding why. None of them were particularly ready for what this entailed. But it was necessary. Jabba was ruled by lust, like any other man. So...to distract him, they needed to seduce him. To pretend to willingly give into his foul charms. To appreciate him, as he had so often taunted them with.
But before Margaery or Arya could signal the other two girls, the door to the hall was suddenly kicked open. Guards jolted and raised their blasters, Goldcloaks forming ranks and drawing swords. Jabba made a blubbery noise of confusion, his tail slapping against Sansa's leg as he looked to the front of the throne room, eyes narrowing.
Sansa was the first to react, a gasp escaping her lips. Daenerys next. Both of them exclaimed, in absolute delight at the same time, "Jon!" Arya instantly burst free from Margaery's bosom and crawled forward, a grin splitting her lips as she went to the edge of the dais. Margaery raised a quizzical eyebrow before pushing aside her and Arya's leashes, leaning over Jabba's huge tail to peek at what lay ahead.
Jon Snow stood in the threshold, Longclaw at his side, Bib Fortuna's blood splattering upon the cobblestones. His eyes went to each of the girls and he felt his heart swell with fury. He gazed upon Sansa, his lovely sister, so innocent and sweet, the pride of the Stark family. Now dressed in a horribly skimpy outfit even a Flea Bottom wench would sniff at her, a chain around her neck like some dog! She smiled at him but he could see the pain in her eyes and he shuddered to think about what Jabba had done to her.
And then there was Arya, someone wearing even less than Sansa, garbed in a fishnet outfit that hugged her athletic curves and long legs while leaving nothing to the imagination. She also grinned at Jon, genuine happiness on her expression even through the black makeup that decorated her face. Jon's fury grew as he could see she was leashed too.
And the apex of his rage. Daenerys, his love, the proud conqueror, dressed in a similar skimpy garb to Sansa's and also chained at the neck. Daenerys smirked at him and put her hands on her wide hips. Jon swallowed slightly, trying not to be distracted with how her long white skirts fluttered between her curvy thighs or how well framed her bosom looked stuffed into that metal bra. He could see a glimpse of a final grin, decorate in green straps with long hair, also leashed but he didn't know her and paid her no mind.
"Jon Snow," Daenerys said with a chuckle, some of her old humor returning upon seeing her lover. "What took you so long?"
Jon tried to smile back but it wasn't easy, the sight of his sisters and lover in bondage was fanning the fires of his already wrathful mood. "Well, I had a few houses dropped on me," He said, his eyes dancing to the aliens and Goldcloaks who now formed a blockage to Jabba's throne. "But I'm here now, my queen."
Daenerys grinned and tried to speak further. But Jabba growled angrily and PULLED savagely at the chains he clutched. With a violent yank, Sansa and Daenerys were pulled off their feet with a cry, falling with a squish into the depths of their master's enormous gut. Jabba kept pulling, Sansa and Daenerys clutching at the collars as they were violently strangled, thrashing and squirming on their master's doughy, slimy gut. Sansa's booted heels scrambled for purchase at the edge of the throne, her wriggling causing her red skirt to flip this way and that, offering glimpses of her cunt beneath them. Daenerys meanwhile PULLED desperately at her collar, coughing and gasping for air but even her own strength proved useless against Jabba's dominant hand as usual and she was left squirming desperately for relief on his fat belly.
Arya snarled at Jabba, her bravery returning at the sight of Jon. She moved to lunge at him to stop him from abusing her sister but Margaery quickly grabbed her arm, stopping the younger Stark sister. Arya snarled at Margaery, hissing: "Let me go! We should act now!"
"Not yet," Margaery growled, pursing her lips. Arya stopped, sensing the firmness in Margaery's tone as Margaery guided her back into the curl of Jabba's huge tail. "An opportunity will present itself...but not yet. I'm afraid this man has just blown my plan wide open."
"That's my brother!" Arya bit back. She whirled around, twisting to watch the ongoing confrontation. "Just you watch, he's going to kick this slug's fat ass!"
"So!" Jabba growled, his booming voice filling the chamber. He relaxed his grip on his slave's chains. "A member of Daenerys's little army survived, hmm?" He laughed, recovering from his initial shock. This was just one man and he was severely outnumbered. Sansa and Daenerys tried to rise from his belly, to pull away from the layers of their master's slimy fat, but he pulled them back, his tail thrashing beside Sansa's thigh.
"Survived and more," Jon said, raising Longclaw which caught the glint of the torches. "I'm here for my sisters and Daenerys, Jabba. Release them and begone from Westeros. Take your army of monsters back to the stars. This land will never yield to you."
Jabba erupted with laughter, a laugh taken up by his guards. His tail slithered forward and wrapped around Sansa's leg like an exploring serpent, Jabba giving her succulent thigh a firm squeeze with the appendage. Meanwhile, his other hand began to stroke Daenerys's hair, roaming through her unique white locks, twisting and playing with them between his sausage-like fingers, so soft in contrast to his rubbery, filthy hide. Both girls moaned in disgust, Sansa offering no resistance as the tail coiled around her leg while Daenerys slapped ineffectually at Jabba's bloated hand. Jon's face turned purple with rage at the sight of the two women being molested by the fat slug.
"This land has already yielded, I possess strength of arms and technology far beyond this primitive planet!" Jabba spewed back at Jon, slime spewing from the depths of his rotund maw to shower his slavegirls. "You, boy, have made a very foolish mistake. I admire your courage and your tenacity to sneak into MY palace..." Jabba paused for emphasis, before wrapping one chubby arm around Sansa and Daenerys both. He cuddled them together, his tongue emerging to give Daenerys's cheek a slobbery lick with his slimy, girthy tongue while his tail squeezed Sansa's thigh possessively, its tip teasing her skirts, a thin layer of cloth all that separated her lady parts from being violated once more by the monstrous member. The two girls moaned in horror as Jabba cuddled them, looking at Jon with desperate, pleading eyes.
"I will NOT give up my favorite decorations," Jabba growled, waving his chain wielding hand at all four women, the chains of Sansa and Daenerys clanking with the motion. "I like Sansa, Daenerys, Margaery, and Arya where they are. And now..." Jabba licked his scum coated lips and laughed. "And now, boy, they get to watch you DIE.'
Jabba pointed one fat finger at Jon and barked to the small amount of guards in the room, outnumbering Jon eight to one:
"KILL HIM! Bring me his head!"
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2023.06.01 20:15 Substantial_Mix3697 ADVICE WANTED

Hello all, I am a 22 y.o.male and has been going bald since around the last half of 2021. Hair noticeably was falling out the winter of 21/22. I have tried afew things but wasnt very consistent with any of them & therefore didn't really give it enough time to see if i could have any success with them.. main one i tried was speaking with a doctor after sending in a hair sample to their clinic to see if there's obvious nutrient & mineral levels of mine that are out of wack and could be having an effect on my hair & there was some that could've possibly had something to do with it & she also asked if i had covid & i did twice, according to her that can affect hair growth because its an inflammatory virus that effects the thyroid & im told is associated with hair follicles & growth. I'm pretty cautious of blaming it on covid though.. So, i went on a diet they recommended to try for 6-8 months but it fell by the wayside when i ran out of the supplements i ordered from them. Anyways, didn't really notice much of a difference except that i had shed 10-15lbs & looked leaner. Even if covid did have an effect on it im guessing it was merely a trigger & going bald was probably going to happen down the road anyways. Both of my grandpas were bald, my dad is in his lower 60s but isn't bald at all.. oldest brother in his upper thirties or 40s is thin in his crown area but the majority of my family doesn't really suffer from it. Ive pretty well accepted my fate at this point & have turned to getting a transplant. I havent really noticed that im losing a lot of hair anymore but over time it seems that its looking thinner.
I just recently joined this forum to learn as much as i can about it & im planning to head to istanbul late this summer, august or september, to have a FUE + beard HT done by the Dr. Cinik clinic. Does anyone have any experience with him? Seems to have alot of good reviews on google.
My donor area is really strong but the hairline>mid scalp>crown on top is pretty thin...
Afew questions i have are,
  1. Should i be doing anything now to prepare for the transplanted hair? Im allitle worried that ill just lose them again 5 or 10 years down the road.. can i cut things out/add things to my diet that help promote healthy hair growth? Are there certain foods that are commonly known to have a negative effect on a healthy head of hair? Im not very eager to get onto drugs or meds but am open to the idea and want to know what has worked for others.
  2. What is Min & Fin & Propecia? are they topical or oral & which method gives better results? Which is more cost effective? Are there side effects?
  3. How can i protect the transplanted areas port-op? Gonna be a decently long flight home back to the U.S. and would like to get some sleep if possible.. is wearing a decently loose fitting beanie a no-no? I will probably acquire a neck pillow that hopefully holds my head in a straight forward position when i fall asleep.
  4. What should i expect in the days,weeks & months after the HT? Will i definitely go through a shedding phase & if so how many?
  5. Does it hurt?
Feel free to add any info or recommendations. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 20:01 PhiloSpo Slavery and Old Testament, Comparative Law in Ancient Near East, Part I

(i) Slavery, in its different manifestations, was for a notable part of its history a spectrum, it could even be relative (to complicate things right from the start, relative in a legal sense, i.e., associated with split legal subjectivity, that is one could be a slave in relation to the person and not a slave in relation to the third person. E.g., this was a known regional occurrence in Ancient Near East family law, where (1) one could not be both a spouse and an owner, meaning the personality was split by the husband and an owner, (2) concubinage and offsprings in some circumstances, e.g. concubinage with a non-owner, could lead to peculiar consequences where ownership was limited. This complex interaction between law of persons, property law, family law and consequently inheritance, occurs when slaves have the recognized capability to enter legally cognizable familial relationships – comparatively rich and understudied subject, be it regionally or locally in Ancient Near East and (pre)classical Greece, as if we make a connection now with what will be said below, Slavery in later Greco-Roman milieu has some notable differences compared to previous millennia, this being one of them, but the situation changes again by the early middle ages, when we again see complex familiar relationship concurrent with changes to the insitution itself), it showed noticeable regional variability, it depended on citizenship status, potential public relation (e.g. corvée), etc.
(i.i) What it meant by a spectrum is that different status coexisted, what we typically call chattel slavery (heritable status with almost non-existent legal subjectivity - why almost is that ANE differed from Roman in this regard in some finesses, though granted, framing it like that can be a bit unfortunate) and other forms of slavery which had specific legal consequences, (a) ex contractu (self-sale, sale of alieni iuris, to show the complexity here, e.g. the latter form could result in chattel slavery, it could be with a limitation period on redemption if the loan was not for a full price of a pledge, after which the person could be non-redeemable, or via some other penalty provision etc.), in this broad category we could also add a pledge and a distrainee (all these would be subject to varying contractual provisions – we can however extrapolate some regional tendencies of customary law in some periods), (b) ex delicto, this was closely entwined with contractual obligations, but it nevertheless has some important peculiarities (e.g. slavery arising from these obligations could fall outside of some post hoc court-intervention or debt-release, a royal prerogative jurisdiction), (c) there are some other forms differentiated by some legal historians, like famine-slavery, but we would complicate this too much with further nuances. All these lead to different legal consequences and interactions with other fields of law.
(i.ii) Biblical peculiarity on this is that it is prima facie more stringent and detailed textually (I will return to this word) with limitation on ownership for some types of slavery – that is Israelite slaves. Non-Israelite slavery is rarely mentioned in legal texts of the Bible, and when it is, it is indirectly by contrasting it to the benevolence afforded to fellow Israelite slaves, its presence is better attested in other narrative sources. But it is not exactly clear how this would translate to practice (comparatively, even debt-slaves were alienable, but the right of redemption was a real right to be exercised against any new owner or possessor), given that similar limitations existed for some forms of slavery elsewhere in surrounding cultures. That is not to say there were no differences, but we do not have legal documentations from Palestine/Judea from this period. In any case, this did not apply to chattel slaves (unless naturally, they were not yours, but were in your possession with a real or contractual title), both in Ancient Near East or Old Testament. Another unsolved issue is that there were plenty of mechanisms for non-chattel slave to become a chattel-slave, but OT is rather silent on this (or better, we do not have actual legal documentation which would attest this to any specifics) with only very limited and rather ambiguous textual references – but if look at it comparatively in surrounding cultures, this did happen. Another one that is frequently mentioned is blanket sale prohibition (akin to Ham. Codex §279-281), or flight protection (cf. Deut. 23:16-17), but this did not and could not apply domestically - it would make the whole institution of slavery unworkable (and anything in relation to it, security, property rights, ...), both for chattel and other types of slavery. The idealistic meaning, the Covenant as addressee, is a blank prohibition to Israel of making treaties internationally to engage in slave-extradition - but again, what this meant in practice (or what basis it had in practice, if any) is not known.
(i.iii) Another issue frequently raised which warrants a closer look, which we will tackle comparatively, is Exod. 21:20-21. It seems easy to situate within Ancient Near Eastern tradition (e.g., Cod. Ham. 116), namely, a creditor could due to violence, mistreatment or injury done to a pledge or a distrainee with this action forfeit his claim in part or in full (subtract compensation from the loan), or even be subjected to vicarious punishment (this sub-principle of talion is later explicitly condemned in Deuteronomy, so it further complicates things) if a pledge or a distrainee dies and compensation is not paid (there is no direct talion as the injured party was not free). All this is fairly clear to this point, the issue becomes, if we reason a contrario, that chattel-slaves could be killed at discretion (without cause), which is mistaken – masters generally in Ancient Near East do not have the right to kill slaves (narrow exceptions), but have to go with cause through appropriate judicial venue (when executions happened, they were not to be performed by owners) – there is nothing special with Exod. 21:20-21, the misunderstanding enters due to anachronistic backreading of Roman legal norms which differed on this, where owners could exercise summary execution in principle without cause. To save myself here from further critiques, (i) this was a¸most plausible development (Roman law, comparatively, probably did not recognize this capacity in earliest stages, i.e., without cause, but due to development of roman society, e.g., later disappearance of a comparable institute of debt-slavery could have removed the incentives for moderation we see in Ancient Near Eastern milieu. Evolution and disappearance of nexum has been a subject of great scholarly attention (pre-tables, post-tables, lex Poetelia, comparatively with paramonè and antichresis (primarily as pledge) in service), but this is beyond our scope here, and this was naturally a simplification, selling, non-pledgeability of persons was a process which was not realized, but nevertheless, the characterization holds for our purposes here) and (ii) classical period slowly ascribes some very limited legal subjectivity to slaves. This Greco-Roman tradition is important to the development of rabbinic texts on slavery at this time, which changes the understanding of OT. [Nothing said here is precluding the corporal mistreatment, punishments, brandings, sexual exploitation, etc., it is merely beyond the intended scope of the post]
(ii) Now, if we return and expand on that textuality (i.ii), it was meant as a relation between legal codices (ANE codies, Old Testament) and legal practice. Much of the scholarship is about the former, and one should not conflate the two with bringing later ideas about law backwards. These texts were not positive law (i.e. that courts would apply in actual cases) – this had been a hotly debated subject for the more than half a century with various arguments, ranging from royal apologia, (legal) scientific text in Mesopotamian scientific tradition (divination, medicine, … e.g. they also share textual and structural affinity), notable juridical scribal exercises and problems … That is not to say they have no relation to practice or that they are not profoundly informative about ancient cultures, customs or law – but literal reading of them and literal application is more than problematic, not only because law rarely (never) gets application like this (there is always interpretative methodology), but because they were not positive law to be actually applied at all. Sadly though, this is extrapolated (high confidence) to Ancient Israel and Judea to the lack of record to be compared against, but it can be stated for surrounding cultures, where legal documentations plainly contradicts codices, neither does it reference them. So, when we read about time-limitations (3 years, 7 years, Jubilee), it is not something one would see either as legal norm itself in this strict sense narrowly or something the courts or contract would take as non-dispositive (if we take these texts to have some non-legal ideal with cultural values to be strived toward), not to mention they would be a notable inhibition in practice to legal transactions (they would as a consequence de facto limit loan-amount, shifting the preference of pledged objects, no one would lend and credit in years prior to Jubilee, etc.). Likewise, we have documentation from surrounding cultures which likewise plainly contradict these time-limitations. From this we also cannot know surely what limitations (if there were any practically, but even the text offers some workaround, or rather consitent pattern how courts would intervene customarily - though one should note customs were or would be territorially particularized) would there be for Israelites becoming chattel slaves to fellow Israelites through various mechanism (e.g. whether contractual provisions could bar or limit right of redemption under relevant circumstances, what sort of coercion could a creditor employ etc.) in practice.
Obviously, the situation is much more complex. The old revisionist vanguard (Kraus, Bottero, Finkelstein,...) has cleared the ground for newer, more integrated proposals (Westbrook, Veenhof, Barmash, Jackson..., Chripin in the middle, to those that squared it closer to the pre-revisionist line, Petschow, Démare-Lafont,...), while the latter is a modest minority (take this reservedly, I do not intend to mischaracterize their work, which is an unavoidable consequence of this short excerpt), even in biblical law, there seems to be no end in sight - but this is not the subject of this post.
(ii.i) A type of act that is referenced though are edicts. (There was no systematic legislation or uniformization of law, save some partial exceptions on the matters of royal/public administration and taxation/prices – royal involvement in justice was, beside edictal activity, through royal adjudication, beside mandates to other officials). Our interest here is limited to debt-relief edicts (as an exercise of mì“šarum prerogative), for which we have considerable textual attestation, both direct and indirect (references) – they were typically quite specific what kind of debt (and by implication slavery) was released (e.g. delictual debt could be exempt), by status (degrees of kinship, citizenship specific), region, time,… (e.g. Jer. 34:8–1, Neh. 5:1–13, but OT authors/redactors can be critical of failure to use this prerogative).
(ii.ii) Prescriptivity of written law (legislation whose norms would be primary, mandatory and non-derogable - or even the connection to understand law as "written" law) is something which slowly develops in Ancient and classical Greece, 7th-4th century BC, which was a considerable change in Mediterranean legal milieu, also influencing second Temple Judaism with emergence of prescriptivity in probably mid Persian period.
(iii) This shorter section will be devoted to some features of the principle of talion. Equal corporal retribution (talion) principle predates Hammurabi´s codex (e.g. codex Lipit-Ishtar, 19th century BC), though not in this specific textual form. The most famous textual form comes from the biblical tradition, e.g. Exod. 21:23-25, which is a modified transmission from Ham. Codex (§ 196-200). But biblical tradition likewise further changes the principle itself, e.g. insofar as it denies vicarious talion explicitly as a reference to previous textual tradition (Deuteronomy). It should be noted however that there is signifixant divergence in the understanding of these verses, e.g. Westbrook said it is not a case of talion at all and offers a completely different interpretation. In any case, the principle enters into cuneiform law (Summerian Lip.-Ish. and Akkadian Ham. in Old Babylonian Period) at the end of the 3rd mil. BC and early 2nd mil. BC, most plausibly through West Semitic (Hebrews & Ancient Israelites as their descendants) being the influence with migration at the time. Older cuneiform law texts do not know it in this corporal form - composition is in pecuniary amount with injury tarrifs (similar to e.g. later Anglo-Saxon tables, see this post). Regardless of what we say about the textuality and scholarly/scribal legal tradition above, there is no reason to suppose this textual change materialized in changed practice. Compositional systems follow the same logic, in lieu of revenge and retaliation (which was subsidiary and subjected to potential “public” intervention in Ancient Near East and elsewhere, medieval and early modern period had another institute, destruction), the injured party and offending party primarily negotiated a compensation, which results in a debt to be settled, where talion was a measuring value in negotiations, i.e. starting at the worth of injuries should they befall the offending party. Not the subject at hand, but the Medieval period on this is, if anything, more fascinating - the institution was present on the continent right to the end of the ancien regime in the 18th century and corresponding changes in criminal law into modern form, as it was gradually pushed out, starting in late medieval period.
There are naturally multitudes of issues to be raised here (I tried to keep it concise), e.g., marriage and gender, children, role of sexuality and sexual exploitation to slavery, later developments to which I passingly alluded, etc., they might be addressed further down the line in the next post. Further clarifications in the comments.
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2023.06.01 19:51 elevenmile Weekly Ochiai's Interview with Naoki Yoshida (in full)

The following info is a summary, and contains some info that most people already know. Some information will be omitted. For instance YoshiP and the host's discussion on Metaverse, and YoshiP's opinion on AI (TL;DR: He has no definitive stance)
What is Weekly Ochiai? Basically an online based talk show program hosted by Yoichi Ochiai. He's a media artist and academic researcher.

Program flow (from top to bottom)


  • Ochiai's introduction
  • YoshiP's entrance, introduction (as usual, YoshiP's designation is very long: One of the Board Directors of Square Enix, Chief of Creative Business Division 3, Final Fantasy XIV Producer, Director, and Final Fantasy XVI's Producer)
  • YoshiP accepts the invitation because he gets a chance to speak to Ochiai (his first time talking to Ochiai). So much that he wanted to have a meal with him, so he attended the interview without eating. Ochiai is very honored.
  • Introduction on what FFXVI is.
  • Introduction video of FFXVI. This footage is chosen

Final Fantasy XVI Part I

  • Story introduction
  • YoshiP wants people to have fun with the story. To laugh, to cry and to enjoy. The length of the story is equivalent to a 4 seasons of overseas TV series ※ The word "overseas" instead of "western" is because of playing it safe. "海外" is mostly defined as foreign or overseas countries outside Japan (a general definition). If it's specifically western, the word "西洋 "would be used.
  • As known before, they are doing their best to ensure there's no loading required in this game.
  • Sure, people can enjoy the story, but please take ample sleep and rest as well.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Recounting the experience in how YoshiP got into Final Fantasy XIV. This is already recounted numerous times so I'm not going to repeat it anymore.
  • Prior to joining/transferred to work on XIV, he was still in the Dragon Quest side.
  • When FFXIV was in the progress of rebuilding, Ochiai was still in university.
  • Rebuilding the game from scratch is touted by FFXIV as "the first in the game industry". Plenty of media people wonder why YoshiP just didn't scrap XIV and make it XV instead, which YoshiP says that doing so wouldn't restore people's faith in Final Fantasy series, thus revamping the entire game was necessary to do so.

Final Fantasy XV

  • YoshiP heard that there are a lot of people who enjoyed FFXV, however the most glaring problem in the feedback he received was how "abrupt" the story ended, as well as the DLC and its issues. This was already touched on other interviews. So as YoshiP go to various places and talked to the players about XV, most of the criticisms he got focused on that. While each FF is created based on what the director wishes the game to be, since XVI is a title followed by XV, and story being one of the important elements of an RPG, YoshiP wants to ensure that they can tell the story in a coherent manner to address the cons. of XV and also prove to players and fans that Final Fantasy is still going strong, so story is where the development team is pouring their absolute effort in.

On how the story is evaluated※ by YoshiP when creating a masterpiece game

  • YoshiP shares his thoughts by citing the difference between how a Hollywood movie is made (its system and how a script decides who to fund them), and how the game is created in Japan. As games are created by corporations there's no funding involved, therefore it's very systematic, and thus there's no evaluation/review involved in it. Since all of the ones developing the games are gamers too, they just read through and give feedback to the scriptwriter. Just that the requirement is to create a unified "story + game experience".
※ In Japanese, review, but the word "review" is not used because it's not really accurate when trying to get across the meaning in English

Final Fantasy XVI Part II

  • When was YoshiP approached to make the game? 2015
  • Ochiai points out that world changes a lot in between 2015 to 2023, citing the war between Russia and Ukraine, COVID, and even in game industry itself, Fortnite gaining prominence plus Unreal Engine's evolution, how different development 3D games have become, indie games and how game development environment has also changed and move forward since, so he asked YoshiP on how all of this affected the story and the development throughout. YoshiP then shares on how the game started its development: The game started with only 3 members, as at that time FFXIV was gaining prominence and is growing rapidly, and YoshiP directly told the higherups that immediately working on XVI was not possible because of this. And since YoshiP was, and still is, working as a director and producer of FFXIV, he cannot work as the director for FFXVI, which is why he chose Hiroshi Takai to take the position, out of time reasons as well as consideration to the fanbase (which he doesn't feel it's appropriate). The game started with only 3 members: Producer, Director, and Script Writer. As XVI being slowly worked on for one year, the transition from other staff members working on XIV to XVI began. The story was decided at that time to be static, universal and easily understood. The base of the story at that time was based on energy wars - There's crystals, crystals benefit civilization, flourished, and so on. Then the Blight happens, which he won't detail. Thus, it's a story containing military history, with medieval gothic Europe-style as a base, Magic, and each countries on war with each other fighting for resource. However YoshiP didn't expect that war between Russia and Ukraine actually broke out (he didn't mention this directly but you know what he meant) and he actually discussed with Sony before once to cancel the schedule he had with them during the second trailer release. He is worried that in this timing, releasing a game that contain a realistic depiction of war (followed by people dying in war and living desperately in face of death) may not be appropriate because of the events that are happening, even though it's just entertainment.
  • Ochiai also cited a point where VI and VII (where he's from that generation) was also enjoyable due to how "movie-like" it is. And he also thought of how forward thinking VII was. YoshiP agrees because at that time, the Gaia Hypothesis was also gaining prominence during the 90s in Japan, which give birth to the concept of Lifestream, and that impacts him a lot. Ochiai also discussed on how FFVII Remake has a universal story theme that deals with energy as a theme.
  • The other point of XVI is the Eikons and the Dominants, and how their existence affects the story as well as the "energy/resources theme" .
  • Ochiai also brought up FFX, which he enjoyed when he was in middle school days. YoshiP also commented that Ochiai's generation is where they praised FFX highly as one of the greatest masterpiece (FFX is very popular in Japan)
  • Ochiai followed by asking what would be the greatest FF for people before his generation. YoshiP answers that since he's 50, his generation would pick FFI as their favorite because coming into FFI after Dragon Quest is very different because of how FF is so much more dramatic, then followed by III due to how polished the game is due to the job system, as well as the occurrence of Crystal Tower. VII would be another shocking moment for YoshiP as the game transitions into 3D, as well as it's volume (3 discs worth of content), but ultimately the definition of what Final Fantasy is can be different from generation to generation, individual to individual.
  • Switching topics, from 3 starting members, it then expands to about 30, and work further for 1 1/2 years for the alpha version. Ultimately due to the nature of the venue, YoshiP isn't willing to disclose the exact amount of people working on it, but it's on "several hundreds". This game is also not developed in Japan only, it's an international effort (production outsourcing, facial captures done in studio outside Japan, etc). YoshiP has given a very small info. You can press Triangle button to speed up the staff credits roll.
  • YoshiP has cited the reason behind why it's full facial capture because of how the graphics have evolved up to this point that not using full-facial capture is going to end up looking fake, thus breaking immersion.
  • Ochiai followed with another question on how much the graphics have changed between each titles he have worked on, from his days in Hudson Soft, to DQX, to FFXIV , then to FFXVI. YoshiP answered by stating that in XIV, there's a lot of considerations to make when it comes to graphic because of rendering several hundreds of people in one screen, and how the memory has to accommodate for home consoles, so it's a lot different than developing for standalone games. When it comes to standalone FF game, since they are developing the game from scratch, they can reconsider the technology (and did), and find out the trend, which development pipeline to use, and discard things that are unnecessary.
  • And since the game is rendered on real time, Ochiai asks if there's anything YoshiP is particular about when developing the game through the use of game engine. YoshiP's answer: They wanted to stop using anything that is related to pre-render, but there is one particular scene that involves the sea (which he won't detail because spoilers) and he felt that going real time render is impossible for that particular moment, so he'd say 95% of the game is real time, and the sea/ocean is pre-render, and characters that are rendered in real time will be pre-rendered just for that particular part and created a movie cutscene of it without any need of loading (since they are going with an FF with no "Now Loading" on screen). Another thing that the development team is particular about would be the use of Cutscene Editor (things they use to create cutscenes): with many people using the editor, addressing feedback and having programmers working to perfect the tools and create amazing cutscene through the tools as well.
  • YoshiP has emphasized on one thing: He has no idea who or which department will be creating FFXVII (FF17). Of course the above mentioned experiences would be useful for any new work developed by CBU3 in the future, but he has no idea if the experiences working in FFXVI will help FFXVII for now.

On Worldwide Game Market

  • According to this, as of 2023, the worldwide game industry market share (if the term is wrong please correct me) has reached 172.6 billion (Roughly 24 trillion yen), and in 2023, 88% of that number is occupied by the digital market, which includes console games (download), PC games (download), mobile games and so on.
  • YoshiP has one again reiterate that this will be PS5 exclusive (for now). Ochiai asks if there's online or multiplayer content, YoshiP then answered that there's a high difficulty mode after clearing the game once, and a score attack mode will be available, which people can compete with others in scores. While it's not player vs player, the score will be uploaded to the leaderboard, and people can compete with each other. Basically, this is a single player RPG game. Ochiai comments that it's rare to see a game like this today.
  • Ochiai then followed with his next question: In Square Enix, which age range/generation occupies the most for the current development team composition for FFXVI. YoshiP answered that the development members are mostly in their latter 30s (by average), which Ochiai commented that their exposure on their first FF lies on around VI or VII, and entered Square Enix after the merger (Square Enix was previously known as Squaresoft), and also got used to games emulating the movie watching experience, and pursue high fidelity graphics, thus they know what to achieve in terms of their ideal FF. YoshiP agrees, saying that FF has been aiming for high quality graphics since the near end of SNES days (VI), therefore expecting high quality graphics have been the baseline compared to other games. The other would be the game volume, story and music. Those components are what have been expected by the fans, so it's an absolute requirement when working in FF. As someone working in the management side, he is highly aware that those are necessary.
  • Even the modelers of FFXVI are from Square Enix (meaning it's done internally, not outsourced). There's even staff members working specifically at sculpting (especially a master), working on the physical outlook of the Eikons. YoshiP specifically went to Fine Arts university to find talented sculptors to work for him. At first these people doesn't look like they're interested in digital work but demonstrating how important having a sculptor can contribute a lot to expressing their artistry in game industry, it changed their minds and thus willing to offer themselves to work on FFXVI. This shows that the development team can be very particular at their work, so even for sculptors, they can spend one full day only sculpting on the models.
  • Ochiai then followed by asking about how AIs are utilized in FFXVI (as party members acting on their own, the game system operated by AI, etc). YoshiP finds it difficult to answer because it depends on which segment to utilize AI, but to him, there is a worth in creating a stage through human hands because a sense of entertainment can be felt from there, but for things that are extremely tough to be done manually, then a level of automation using AI would be better, although from academic point of view, the level is really low. However since the technology is rapidly advancing and it comes to the point where doing it manually can end up being unmanageable, therefore having AI managing some of the task proved to be helpful and positive in this case.

Questions from viewers

Q: What makes a game uninteresting/unfun for games that should have been interesting/fun? What can be done to make it (an uninteresting or unfun game) rise again from its ashes? A: I think the definition of the word "uninteresting / unfun" is not as good thing here, and this is what I said this last time as well. I received a lot of evaluation about how this "isn't fun" or "isn't like Final Fantasy", but if you keep looking into it it's just nothing but negative. Now, what makes it not fun, and finding the reason behind and analyzing it is something I love to do, so for example, server being too heavy, and opening a door takes about a minute? Yeah, that's not interesting, right? It just adds up to your stress. So from there once you dissect the factors and reason behind why things aren't fun, then the whole word behind what makes it "not fun" will no longer be a thing...(omitted halfway)...then by doing so, once you dissect everything, and when you solve them all things will become interesting. Well, at the very least I find that game will become interesting, and that's how I approach it with that mindset.
  • YoshiP then cites his experiencing in rebuilding FFXIV at that time, smashing issues that are worth 12,000 lines in Excel during the analysis of what makes FFXIV 1.0 such a failure.
  • YoshiP also cites that one cannot approach an issue and solve it through sensationalism.
Q: What are your thoughts in Final Fantasy remakes? I'd like to know what you think about FFVII Remake. A: To players like me who had played VII (the original) on release, the game is legendary. But how people accept the game can differ. Like when I was just focus on leveling up Materias during the end game, like how I was focusing on leveling Knights of the Round and other Materias before the final boss, and as I am working towards strengthening my characters to absurd levels, I ended up forgetting about the story. This happened too when I was playing Dragon Quest VI, where once I start to go ham on perfecting the characters, I end up feeling hazy about the story. But to me, if you were to ask me what's the most interesting part about VII, then it's definitely that part, right?
When it comes to remaking the game in modern context, since the game is developed by a different division, we didn't necessary discuss with each other about it, but I take that they have been thinking really hard on what it takes to remake this game. But still it's a game with a momentum where almost everyone in the company is involved in the development, so to release this with only one disc worth of content, 100% of it with the graphics quality we have today is likely impossible. Therefore, because VII is a game where those who played it already know what the game is about, so even if the game is divided into three parts, it's a game where the developers would want to properly create this game in its entirety, and it's because of this sentiment they have that it's been separated into three parts. Also, because this is an FF game that has begun to emphasise the appeal of its characters, I believe they are attempting to create a game experience while focusing heavily on these characters.
I've already known somewhat about the next game that everyone has been looking forward to, but since I'll get scold for saying too much so I'm stopping here but it's a very well made game so please look forward to it.
  • YoshiP also cites that people have different answers to the question "What is Final Fantasy X", but they can't just take everyone's answers in and create a game with those in mind, so it's a challenge to create a game for the series.
Q: Are the accessories that YoshiP is wearing right now FF related? A: Necklace is from FFXVI. It's not even officially announced, and it's just a prototype. Since I like silver accessories, so when it comes to making things related to my own products, I usually conduct the supervision myself, and if the product is not to my liking, I'll never move on with it and release to the public. I also have two rings that are FFXIV related. The rest however are bought from street stalls. This armor looking ring I have with me is from Diane Westwood. I found this ring when I was involved in the production for another fantasy game when I was 25 and was looking for armor (as reference). This ring then appeared in my search results and I thought, "Wow this is so cool!", and this ring was the first time I actually used credit card and purchased it from a website. But that's the only branded accessories I have and the rest are from street stalls, and some stuff were bought when I was on official trip in Mexico and so on.
Q: How does it feel for Final Fantasy to have continued and reached 16? A: Wow I mean I am thankful, but it probably dawned at me that there's probably no series other than FF with the number "16" attached to it, yes?
Ah yeah, so I got a question from overseas media asking me when I was being interviewed asking if there was a discussion of doing away the numbering format for Final Fantasy titles, and I answered "yes I did" but somehow this led to voices being spread that Yoshida wants to do away with FF numbering format for titles in the future, and I gotta say no that's not what it is!
So I am doing a lot of PR things for 16 (FF16), there are people in their 20s, and those young media (consumers or journalists) who hasn't played a single FF title before. So indeed...I asked them why don't they play FF then? And I also did marketing research as well as talked to the players and gamers around the world. They told "Eh, so I have to play FF1 right? Like I don't have the time for it!" and I went, "No, no that's not the case!" And indeed you were right, as there are several foreign/western games that stopped using numbering on their long running franchise and switched to using subtitle format, but ultimately, well this is a debate I did take part, but there are a lot spinoff titles for Final Fantasy, right? Therefore, sure we can take the numbering off, but this will make it look like it's a spinoff and that is an actually difficult thing to do. And for most fans they are quite proud of the FF titles they like that are numbered and so it's not an easy thing to do, which is why we just went with it for 16. But somehow that part was all omitted and somehow they made it sound like I wanted to do away the numbering (laughs)! But since you asked, I figure this would be a good chance for me to bring it up and explain it.
  • YoshiP also commented on the difficulty of reading Roman numeral and how confusing it can be when looking at 14 and 16 (FFXIV, and FFXVI).
  • YoshiP also commented about the packaging design, since in Japan, the physical package only consists of a logo with a white background. But this time they've decided to stop it and go with packaging with artwork background. This led to YoshiP commenting about how they need to work hard to keep attracting more players to try out Final Fantasy and if they stopped moving forward, the series will end up being a niche as it is. So it's always important for him to keep figuring out how to get new players into the series and enjoy the series together.
Q: In the past, Director Kamiyama has mentioned that it's hard to look at things without being spoiled, and I think it's truly the case here but what about this time? Do you think it's better for us to lock Twitter in order to avoid spoilers? A: I'm quite a contrarian here and I also like mystery (genre), so I'd like to be surprised when playing it. When looking at PV, I will think "oh it's definitely this or that" and hype things up, and I do like that. But once I go further and got bamboozled, "Ouch I was wrong", or "No that wasn't the case!".
Ochiai: Ok everyone do shut down your SNS accounts!
YoshiP continued: So when playing the game, I'd love for them to concentrate without looking at info around the Internet. I also got comments saying that is it fine to show this much because so many trailers have been released, and I have to say we haven't shown anything crucial.
Ochiai: Ah, so a shutdown is required then.
YoshiP: Yeah please do. Well, there's also many people who judge purchases through looking at livestreams and decide whether to buy from there. I don't deny what they're doing here but for those who want the full experience, it'd be nice if they shut themselves completely online so that they can enjoy the game in full.
Q: We have game livestreaming in today's age and the feeling is the same as looking at family members playing on TV screen back during the Famicom (NES) days and that's fun on its own. So what do you think about livestream and its culture? A: I don't think too much about it. If people having fun watching at it from entertainment perspective then there's no right or wrong in it, and if they're really not comfortable with it then they could just not stream it and that would be it. However it does feel irritating when you were told "yeah I have seen everything I don't feel like playing it anymore" but having a reaction looking at your favorite streamers playing it does indeed feel emotional, or getting excited over looking at streamers defeating enemies so hard that you know you'll never touch it, it does give the PR of how this game can make people laugh, cry or cheer, and that experience itself is invaluable. I also watch players streaming, so it's something I appreciate.
  • YoshiP also commented on people who loves backseating in stream comments. Which he does comment on hoping this can stop and let the streamers play the game in peace, even for games that he aren't involved. To quote, "Oh god enough of those instructions and just let them play for fun!". He does understand why people do so though.
Q: This might be a weird question to ask but since you have put so much energy and effort into creating this game, but when it comes to management, how do you translate that into profits and sales? In terms of timing and your target audience and so on. (Since the answer to this is very important, a separate thread will be created for this)
That's about it. But as mentioned just above, there was a question regarding how he'd project and predict on the sales of the game. Since this is important, a separate thread will be created so that people can take note of that.
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