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Welcome to /HxHBattleAllStars ! This is a subreddit dedicated to the HxH Battle All-Stars game on Android and iOS. Currently the game is only in Japanese but the moderation team has translated most of the game for the users benefits and are actively working on making a full translation of the game.

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"Free software" means software that respects users' freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Thus, "free software" is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of "free" as in "free speech," not as in "free beer".

2023.03.28 13:04 Hellflinger How would you run ship to ship combat for 300+ entities?

Wall of text warning; tl;dr at the top.
Question: how would YOU represent a party of 5 adventurers, with ~70-130 trained individuals backing them up, fighting ship to ship vs ~200 highly trained enemies after grappling and boarding on the open ocean?
TL;DR The current solutions are taking too long and playtesting each idea takes a long time. Many of the ways to shorten time have their own problems, or remove otherwise viable playstyles. Looking for input from others who have had the same problem. First post here so taking pointers on formatting.

The setup:
  1. Platform is roll20, external character sheets
    1. Problem: Roll20 is really struggling with the scale of the problem, being best case about 100 units across 4-6 level ship dungeon crawls on maps 30*75 or larger, i.e. not what roll20 wants to handle.
  2. System is Pathfinder 1e heavily customized, (~12 years accumulated houserules, Spheres of power content, and other custom subsystems) hence no in-built sheets. The houserules are about neutral on playtime, but as a result there won't be detailed character breakdowns.
  3. What story: Divorced third-stepchild of Skulls and Shackles, which may have dimly recognized its kin in the first few sessions, but not anymore.
  4. What happens? Ships see each other, close distance, sometimes duke it out and sometimes immediately close to 'boots on the ground'.
    1. Ship to ship approach and battle time is fine.
    2. Problem: Boots on the ground combat is taking FOREVER despite streamlined and heavily macro'd rolls. Players are a mix of experience levels, though none are outright green.
Playstyle details:

  1. Rewards/keeps valid all player playstyles
  2. Accounts for equipment and skill of allied and friendly units
  3. Takes a 'reasonable' amount of time
  4. Doesn't slow roll20 to a crawl
  5. Doesn't triple my workload as GM

Proposed answers:

  1. Stock: Campaign book AP says don't even run the encounters as simulations, run PCs vs captains and lieutenants on the deck, that's it.
    1. Good: Time short, roll20 runs better.
    2. Bad: No simulation of crew skill levels or counts. Very little variety of enemy play, no point in designing custom ships for the PCs to battle on, then use later. Necro playstyle not represented. Thing, TWG and BC shred single targets, even if AOE is disabled due to friendlies. That's assuming I still rebuild every single enemy.
    3. Feedback: I refuse to run this, players would steamroll; all counters seem unrealistic.
  2. Players vs the world (PVTW): Ran a few ships of just the PCs vs all of who are onboard. Great for a dungeon crawl, but how many before it gets boring? About 4 it turns out.
    1. Good: simulates players vs the world stealth missions, maximum loot drop, high fulfillment.
    2. Bad: performance, time, boring as a result. Doesn't account for friendly crew skill.
    3. Feedback: It's okay sometimes, but party is advancing in levels too quickly for campaign.
  3. Reduced troop count: As PVTW, but with 1/2 to 1/3 of enemies plus officers.
    1. Good: better performance vs above; abstractly represents friendly crew existing, not their skill
    2. Bad: all the same problems, but a bit faster.
    3. Feedback: It's strictly superior to PVTW, but the problem still persists.
  4. Troops, modified: Enemies and Friendlies (not PCs) are bundled together in 12s and act as one creature. Details of HOW after evaluation.
    1. Good: Performance due to fewer tokens, speed due to reduced count, friendly skill represented.
    2. Bad: rogue playstyle nearly invalidated or forced to one strategy, GM vs GM balls of stats are boring to listen to, movement between floors is tricky to simulate.
    3. Feedback: Untested; trying this next session to see if it's better due to player vote. More overhead, hopeing it's faster.
    4. How: as troop creature type, they attack everything in reach, then shoot in two lines from their squares. Not like troop type: they 'roll' distributed dice , i.e. 20 of them would roll 1, 2, ...20 each turn, then deal minimum (or less) damage to applicable targets for each roll which would hit. In practice this means you get the target's AC and deal damage according to a table. It rewards higher AC without overextending playtime.
  5. Troops, modified, player-led: as above but players customize and make troop decisions.
    1. Good: Seemingly more player agency and tactics better represented on a wider scale. Rogue has options.
    2. Bad: takes longer than above
    3. Feedback: requires more overhead from players, but will be suggested if option 4 goes well next session.
  6. Mass combat, modified: Calculate the differences in positioning and stats for crews, simulate damage using mass combat or troops until friendly troops would disperse, field what's left of enemies + officers. In practice this is done pre-session or expediently using tables, then run ~1 encounter per deck with officers and extra enemies.
    1. Good: performance, speed, crews represented. Random placement representing half a battle of movement keeps encounters interesting.
    2. Bad: too much GM arbitration (arguably), forced narrative cutscenes. Party likely to steamroll.
    3. Feedback: This is as close to stock as it could get and be acceptable.

Which strategy would you use or do you have a better one? (1-6, Stock, PVTW, PVTW reduced, Troops, Player troops, Mass combat -> stock)
Answers to easy answers:
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2023.03.28 12:59 bkruckus So torn between Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE vs Kawasaki Vulcan 600S cafe

Planning to purchase my first bike. New rider, dont even have my license yet, but I am committed to purchasing one.
I am 5' 10", 200lbs.
I like the modern LED headlights on the Rebel, but I feel the motorcycle would be too small on me. The Vulcan seems like a good fit for me but I havent researched too deep into it yet. I'm just in a debate war in my mind. If anyone have any insights of these motorcycles, I would greatly appreciate it.
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2023.03.28 12:13 PlayfulAmount7281 Pyre is ez to play against and if u can’t ur horrible at the game lol

Im 130k points ex poke Main now I play adc so recently I played vs lots of pykes even good pyke players like 200k points plus and like I never got hit in lining phase and in team fights barely in Lawinengefahr phase just be behind minions and even if he e to u justdodge it’s imo one of the easiest projectiles o dodge . Maybe. Ik how to dodge bc I played him but it’s so fcking ez
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2023.03.28 11:45 shimmyshoom02 Mistakes as a New Grad

I’ve been working since December as a new grad in a general peds unit. I’ve been off orientation for about 1.5 months, so I’m still asking a lot of questions/clarification to my coworkers, and they have been super helpful.
However, I made a mistake a few weeks ago with DHE 45. I was to administer my pt’s second dose, but I didn’t monitor my pt’s preadministration VS nor monitor postadministration VS as my hospital policy indicates. My pt was fine with the first dose and with every dose after that, fortunately. Thankfully, my assistant unit manager was really understanding and told me to take it as a learning experience.
A few nights ago (I work nights), I made my first mistake that potentially could harm my pt. I had a 15 month old admitted for a GT replacement. I had her for two nights, and the second night, her new GT had been placed and she had received her first feed (180 cc PO then gavage) during dayshift. The order stated to gavage the remainder over 1 hr, but dayshift told me during report that she ran it over 30 min (105 cc at a rate of 210 cc/hr) and pt tolerated it fine. I should have clarified the rate with the residents during rounds, but I forgot. I ran the remainder of my pt’s 9:30PM feed (110 cc at a rate of 220 cc/hr) over 30 min and pt tolerated it.
However, pt’s mom wanted her 1:30AM feed to be fully gavaged since she does that at home during the night. The residents were ok with this, so I gavaged 180 cc at a rate of 360 cc/hr over 30 min. A couple hours after the feed was gone, I noticed that the pt had a spitup. I cleaned her up only to have her have 3 more episodes of spitups/emesis. I put her HOB up and the break nurse came in and we noticed she seemed to be in distress (fussy, tachycardic/tachypneic, formula coming out of her nose). She had crackles upon ausculation. I was getting flustered and knew that I had made a mistake giving the feed over 30 min. The break nurse guided me and we ended up nasal suctioning her and I called the resident to the bedside because I was afraid she had aspirated. The resident came and calmly stated to keep her HOB up and wait for her to calm down. Couple hrs later, pt is still in distress, and I contact the resident anymore bc I can’t just stand there watching her be uncomfortable. Not much done by doctor.
I went to my coordinator for help and she suggested venting her GT. 40 cc came out… and a lot more could have come out. After, the pt calmed down but still sounded crackly. By this time, it was change of shift so I had to give report and talked to my assistant unit manager and she insisted that I do everything in my power to get rest and come back to work that night as scheduled and that I signed up for this job.
The dayshift nurses saw how stressed I was and offered their numbers for moral support. One of them stayed with me in an empty hallway as I cried because I felt like a terrible nurse. Later that night, a couple nurses texted me (as I was home) and assured me that the pt sounded clear, was at baseline, and that she was found to have enterorhinovirus and adenovirus. I am so grateful for my coworkers. But I feel terrible. I know I want to leave bedside after 1 yr but idk how long I can do this. I feel like management is watching me like a hawk now since I’ve made so many mistakes. I feel pretty shitty knowing that I could have harmed someone.
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2023.03.28 09:12 mrsimpson928 bang

Bullet Club needs a shot in the fucking arm. I am pure heroin. Watch me overdose.

Sakura Genesis
The build to this is exactly the same. SANADA fresh off of a star-making New Japan Cup, Okada running wild with this new edge, it’s an interestingly built match. Things shall only get more interesting. SANADA finally outlasts the Rainmaker for the gold, landing the win to cement him as the fresh new main eventer.
Heading out of this, Okada is in full rage-baby mode, making his Kaito tantrum seem like child’s play as he wrecks everything at the press conference while demanding a rematch. The Road to Wrestling Dontaku tour starts. Over the first three nights, an enraged Okada teams with a skittish Yano as he decimates lower card guys with ease, laying his strikes in stiffer than usual. Following each match, his rematch request is left unanswered. Things get tenser. Okada’s now booked against members of SANADA’s stable on the tour, though not the champ himself. Okada gets stiffer, yet his request is again unanswered. Finally, Okada and SANADA are set to cross paths once more in trios tag competition, with Okada yet again making a rematch request beforehand. It seems to not matter however, as SANADA wins the tag by submitting Yano, seemingly destroying Okada’s case for a rematch.

Wrestling Dontaku
Desperate, Okada once again demands a rematch instantly following the match, however this time his request is answered. NO! SANADA wants Okada to earn a rematch with him if he wants it, but Okada is determined to do just that. An emergency CHAOS press conference is called, and Okada prepares to make the ultimate move, AS HE PREPARES TO PUT HIS CAREER WITH NEW JAPAN ON THE LINE FOR ANOTHER CRACK AT SANADA! The challenge is accepted and the match is made for Dontaku, and Okada seems to tune up the heelishness as he wrestles as cocky and vicious as ever. Unfortunately for Okada, the best is not enough though. The Rainmaker lands flush into the Cold Skull, allowing SANADA a sweet victory as he shocks the nation and runs the top star out of the company. Let the drought begin.

Forbidden Door
After no-showing his scheduled press conference, Okada is not seen until the AEWxNJPW joint show, making his grand return with a return many would believe to be triumphant. It’s announced that a battle royal will determine who joins Bryan Danielson in a trip to Japan to compete in the G1 Climax, and it seems like Orange Cassidy is the little engine that could. He’s like a giant slayer in this match, eliminating Big Bill, the Butcher, and Brian Cage before joining Rey Fenix as the final two. Things only get crazier from there however, AS OKADA STORMS THE RING AND LAYS BOTH EXHAUSTED MEN OUT WITH RAINMAKERS, ALLOWING HIM TO TOSS THEM OVER WITH EASE AND WIN THIS MATCH! Boos rain down on the Rainmaker as he rains spit down on OC’s carcass, but it doesn’t seem to faze our guy, as he’s seemingly fully unlocked a different side to himself as of right now… but is this just the first step?

G1 Climax
The two-block G1 comes around, and in our first match we see Finlay vs. Okada. Heh. Okada obliterates Finlay after a ten minute match, before grabbing a microphone and lambasting the crowd for supporting SANADA as he ran their top guy out of the company. He says that he shouldn’t be back right now, but he must exact vengeance. He says they don’t deserve him, but he’s here anyway. He says that he feels like… an outcast. An outsider, if you may. Snatching the Bullet Club shirt off of Finlay’s back, Okada declares himself the new leader of Bullet Club, demanding that the crew follow him as he can free them from the shackles of previous poor runs. The weak leave, the strong stay, and Bullet Club officially has itself a new leader. Okada proceeds to run through the rest of his block with an 8-1 record, before meeting and defeating Shingo in the finals to win his fifth G1 Climax.

Road to Wrestle Kingdom
With his newfound heelish attitude Kazuchika Okada seems to be heading full speed into his second Wrestle Kingdom main event with Will Ospreay, but before the two can meet, they’ve got a few hurdles to get over. Okada leads Bullet Club to instant success prior to WK, with guys like KENTA picking up the TV Championship while Austin and Bey claim the Junior Tag Titles. He manages to keep the success going on his end too, running the ready-made feuds with SANADA and Cassidy where he retains his briefcase and ultimately makes the match official.

Wrestle Kingdom
We reach our second main event between Ospreay and Okada here, and the two deliver overtime. Ospreay is proud of the fact that he accomplished his goal to win the world title again before the end of the year, but tonight he’s got to overcome the one man he’s got issues defeating in order to keep it. Gedo manages to interfere and cheat Okada to yet another Wrestle Kingdom win here, ending Ospreay’s reign as the young fucker still has a few more steps to take before he’s ready to beat Tokyo Dome Okada, BC or no BC.

Sakura Genesis
Bullet Club is back on top of the world, and it’s all thanks to the man they’ve tried to eviscerate in the past. After beating Ospreay and eventually Goto at New Beginning, Okada eagerly awaits the winner of the New Japan Cup at Sakura Genesis. The winner eventually reveals himself to be Ospreay, and the two have a Wrestle Kingdom rematch here where Ospreay is able to gain his win back and once again become IWGP World Champion.
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2023.03.28 08:42 pig61012 百萬大遊行後 以色列暫停司法改革

百萬大遊行後 以色列暫停司法改革
以色列群眾的大遊行已持續了三個月, 抗議納塔亞胡政府過於干涉司法, 執政黨內也出現了分岐. 昨晚納塔亞胡開除了反對草案的國防部長, 民眾得知後大批湧上街頭, 特拉維夫、耶路薩冷等城市的遊行規模估計在70~100萬人之間, 各派系代表也多有出聲.
稍晚, 納塔亞胡在電視上宣布推遲司改, 不過他仍然在努力爭取黨內支持以期通過法案, 面對政府的緩兵之計___或許抗議潮仍將繼續.
半島1 半島2
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2023.03.28 07:48 mrmrsgoatman reverse chance me- junior

NGL i’ve got zero clue what schools ima apply to. I’m thinking purdue, UIUC, the T20 i’m taking n linear alg at, maybe some UCs and Gtech. and state safeties. any advice would be appreciated
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