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If you and your couple consider holding a wedding, getting Wedding Rings is one of the first things that you must consider. Post here what wedding rings that you want, post here if you think you have the most beautiful wedding rings, and post here your stunning beautiful wedding rings

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A place for brides and grooms to plan their dream wedding with a budget of $10,000 and up!

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So now that you’ve got you’re engagement ring, your wedding band is next! This is a place for us all to share our wedding bands, look for inspiration, ask for opinions.

2023.03.28 13:49 jerjo71 Has joining LIV ruined Phil Mickelson’s legacy?

3 Green Jackets, 2 PGA Championships, one Open Championship, and 45 career PGA wins. And he got the majority of his wins playing in the same era as peak Tiger. Growing up a lefty golfer, “Lefty” was my role model (don’t know if that statement rings true anymore) and one of the biggest reasons why I stuck with golf for 15+ years. I would hope that joining LIV didn’t ruin his legacy, I don’t think it will, but I wanted the communities take on this. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.28 13:49 ritwiiiiiii Should I take collagen supplement?

Hello ! I am 27years old woman. I have my wedding in Nov. I have heard and read that taking oral collagen supplement can help with skin , hair , joint health. The thing is , I just recently heard that the collagen that we will be taking through supplements is mostly used for our joints by our body and very lil for skin and hair. My major concern is hair though. I wanted to have the supplement for my hair health more than skin health. So , can anybody help me decide if I should take collagen supplement for my upcoming big day ?
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2023.03.28 13:49 no_botox_club Destination Wedding "Catholic Gap"

Hello, Wedditors!
This is a bit of a doozy so bear with me please.
Wedding schedule: Friday - Welcome dinner Saturday - Wedding (ceremony and reception) Sunday - Farewell lunch
My fiancé and I are getting married in Italy next September. The Church we want to get married in is 45 minutes away from the reception venue and has given us two options for the Mass: 11 am and 4.30 pm. Originally, we had decided to have the Mass on the Friday (before the welcome dinner), but this felt a bit as though we were relegating it to a level of lower importance, so we decided to move it to Saturday, which for all intents and purpose was and remains our "wedding day."
Herein lies the problem. Take the 11 am Mass option and you are left with a ~4 hour "Catholic gap." Take the 4.30 pm option and you are left rushing and scrambling through photos and outfit changes (not to mention having to forego cocktail hour overlooking the Tuscan hills).
Before you yell "bridezilla," let me explain why my partner and I want all the frills of a relaxed, sophisticated, enjoyable evening reception: 1. Secularists who have the luxury of having their ceremony and reception in the same venue shouldn't have all the fun. 2. We have saved for three years (four by the time of the wedding) and deserve the wedding we have worked so hard to have. Which is to say, we are not going to give up the evening reception (so please do not suggest it), nor are we going to give up the Catholic Mass (so please do not suggest it).
Regarding the "dreaded Catholic gap," my questions are as follows: 1. If you were a guest at my wedding, would you prefer to RSVP separately to the Mass and the reception? Transport to and from all events will be provided.
  1. We intend on giving guests the option to be dropped off and picked up from the nearest town before the reception (instead of going back to their hotels). If you were one of our guests, would you be offended if we gave you lunch and gelato vouchers, and tickets to the local museum? A family member commented that this might be offensive given that people will be able to afford a 2 EUR gelato and a 5 EUR museum ticket (and even a 15 EUR lunch) and the vouchers will make it seem as though they are at a theme park.
  2. Should we be apologetic about our Catholic gap? I know that some people find it frustrating when they are traveling from out of town for a wedding, but in this case, every single one of our guests will be traveling from overseas and will have a hotel room to go back to in case they want to nap/freshen up.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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2023.03.28 13:46 suhiab1 [Store]Store of TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

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2023.03.28 13:45 acartier1981 Cutting out a printed pattern without using print and cut?

My fiance and I are working on our wedding invitations. I want to print on the cardstock first before scoring and cutting it. The problem is all the text does not fit in the space given for print and cut, 6ish X 9ish. I'm sure other people have done this, printed something then cut it work reasonably reliable alignment. I am wondering what your process was and any tricks you might have learned along the way
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2023.03.28 13:45 oldirty99 Anyone else getting this today

Anyone else getting this today
I am trying to join the level 10 tourney for my daily ring attempt and this is all I get? Closed all apps on my iPhone and tried again, no luck. Sits here for forever until I kill the app.
Anyone else getting this today?
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2023.03.28 13:44 utzcheeseballs What specific input device are you using? Would you recommend it?

I’m using the Razer Wolverine v2 chroma. I like it a lot. It’s my first roller with paddles. I feel the placement of the paddles is not the most optimal. That’s the only reason I’m tempted by either the elite 2 or a scuf.
I would recommend mine if wired is not a deal breaker for you and you have medium-large hands. I believe the best hand placement requires middle and ring fingers to all rest on the centered paddles.
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2023.03.28 13:43 Next_Yesterday_451 What would you do, as a tenant, in this rental situation?

I've been a good tenant of 5 years in my current home. I've never had a conversation with the landlord who has always used an agent to communicate with me. I've now received notice that the landlord wishes to sell the property.
Initially I was told they were considering remortgaging. Yesterday I was told they were seeking an "investment" buyer with a view to keeping me on as tenant. Today when I spoke to the sales guy from the agent he let slip that "if a first time buyer came along then we'd have to look at eviction". So, from assurances to eviction in a couple of days.
Now ofc the agent wants access to do photos, viewings etc. My worry is that I will comply with the all their demands and they'll still just sell to whomever comes up with the cash. This provides no security for me whatsoever, just months of worried wondering whilst helping the agent sell the house.
I can move and begin another tenancy elsewhere, I have the funds. Should I just give up on this flat and make a move? If I choose that option then I will refuse to allow photos and viewings as it offers me nothing. There are only a few months left on the lease as it is. I don't think the landlord is vindictive enough to seek eviction through the courts (I hope) and frankly I think it would be stupid of them because by the time the court made a judgement I would be out of lease anyway.
I just expect them not to consider me at all in this, except to find ways to make it more convenient for themselves. This really pisses me off tbh, given I've stuck £60K in their pocket over the past 5 years whilst keeping their "asset" warm and dry.
What would you do?
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2023.03.28 13:42 AnderLouis_ Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Chapter 9.2

Today's Reading, via Project Gutenberg:
Edward was in his tower, and, wandering about the park, I thought how he had gone back to his original self since his mother death. The schoolboy was a Republican, but the Church is not friendly to free-thought, and the prestige of his mother's authority had prevented him from taking any active part in Nationalist politics during her lifetime. The wild heather, I said, is breaking out again; and I stopped in my walk, so that I might think how wonderful all this was—the craving for independence, of a somewhat timid nature always held back, never being able to cast out of the mouth the bit that had been placed in it. These weak, ambiguous natures lend themselves so much more to literature, and, indeed, to friendship, than the stronger, who follow their own instincts, thinking always with their own brains. They get what they want, the others get nothing; but the weak men are the more interesting: they excite our sentiments, our pity, and without pity man may not live.
Then, a little weary of thinking of Edward, my thoughts turned to Yeats. He had come over to Tillyra from Coole a few days before, and had read us The Shadowy Waters, a poem that he had been working on for more than seven years, using it as a receptacle or storehouse for all the fancies that had crossed his mind during that time, and these were so numerous that the pirate-ship ranging the Shadowy Waters came to us laden to the gunnel with Fomorians, beaked and unbeaked, spirits of Good and Evil of various repute, and, so far as we could understand the poem, these accompanied a metaphysical pirate of ancient Ireland cruising in the unknown waters of the North Sea in search of some ultimate kingdom. We admitted to Yeats, Edward and I, that no audience would be able to discover the story of the play, and we confessed ourselves among the baffled that would sit bewildered and go out raging against the poet. Our criticism did not appear to surprise Yeats; he seemed to realise that he had knotted and entangled his skein till no remedy short of breaking some of the threads would avail, and he eagerly accepted my proposal to go over to Coole to talk out the poem with him, and to redeem it, if possible from the Fomorians. He would regret their picturesque appearance; but could I get rid of them, without losing the poetical passages? He would not like the words poetical passages—I should have written beautiful verses.
Looking up at the ivied embrasure of the tower where Edward was undergoing the degradation of fancying himself a lover so that he might write the big scene between Jasper and Millicent at the end of the third act, I said: He will not come out of that tower until dinner-time, so I may as well ride over to Coole and try what can be done. But the job Yeats has set me is a difficult one.
Away I went on my bicycle, up and down along the switch-back road, trying to arrive at some definite idea regarding Fomorians, and thinking, as I rode up the long drive, that perhaps Yeats might not be at home, and that to return to Tillyra without meeting the Fomorians would be like riding home from hunting after a blank day.
The servant told me that he had gone for one of his constitutionals, and would be found about the lake. The fabled woods of Coole are thick hazel coverts, with tall trees here and there, but the paths are easy to follow, and turning out of one of these into the open, I came upon a tall black figure standing at the edge of the lake, wearing a cloak which fell in straight folds to his knees, looking like a great umbrella forgotten by some picnic-party.
I've come to relieve you of Fomorians, and when they've been flung into the waters we must find some simple and suggestive anecdote. Now, Yeats, I'm listening.
As he proceeded to unfold his dreams to me I perceived that we were inside a prison-house with all the doors locked and windows barred.
The chimney is stopped, I said, but a brick seems loose in that corner. Perhaps by scraping—
And we scraped a little while; but very soon a poetical passage turned the edge of my chisel like a lump of granite, and Yeats said:
I can't sacrifice that.
Well, let us try the left-hand corner.
And after scraping for some time we met another poetical passage.
Well, let us try one of the tiles under the bed; we might scrape our way into some drain which will lead us out.
But after searching for a loose tile for an hour, and finding none, all proving more firmly cemented than any reader would think for, the task of getting Yeats out of the prison-house which he had so ingeniously built about himself, began to grow wearisome, and my thoughts wandered from the Fomorians to the autumn landscape, full of wonderful silence and colour, and I begged Yeats to admire with me the still lake filled with broad shadow of the hill, and the ghostly moon high up in the pale evening, looking down upon a drift of rose-coloured clouds. A reed growing some yards from the shore threw its slender shadow to our feet, and it seemed to me that we could do nothing better than watch the landscape fixed in the lake as in a mirror.
But Yeat's mind was whirling with Fomorians, and he strove to engage my attention with a new scheme of reconstruction. He had already proposed, and I had rejected so many that this last one was undistinguishable in my brain from those which had preceded it, and his febrile and somewhat hysterical imagination, excited as if by a drug, set him talking, and so volubly, that I could not help thinking of the old gentleman that Yeats had frightened when he was staying last at Tillyra. The old gentleman had come down in the morning, pale and tired, after a sleepless night, complaining that he had been dreaming of Neptune and surging waves.
Last night, said Yeats, looking up gloomily from his breakfast, I felt a great deal of aridness in my nature, and need of moisture, and was making most tremendous invocations with water, and am not surprised that they should have affected the adjoining room.
The old gentleman leaned back in his chair, terror-stricken, and taking Edward aside after breakfast he said to him: A Finnish sorcerer; he has Finnish blood in him; some Finnish ancestor about a thousand years ago. And with the old gentleman's words in my head, I scrutinised my friend's hands and face, thinking them strangely dark for Ireland. But there are Celts with hair of Oriental blackness, and skins dyed with Oriental yellow. All the same, the old gentleman's reading of Yeats's prehistoric ancestry seemed to me like an intuition. His black hair and yellow skin were perhaps accidents, or they might be atavisms. It was not the recurrence of any Finnish strain of a thousand years ago that tempted me to believe in a strain of Oriental blood; it was his subtle, metaphysical mind, so unlike anything I had ever met in a European, but which I had once met in an Oriental years ago in West Kensington, in a back drawing-room, lecturing to groups of women—an Indian of slender body and refined face, a being whose ancestry were weaving metaphysical arguments when painted savages prowled in the forests of Britain and Ireland. He seemed to be speaking out of a long metaphysical ancestry; unpremeditated speech flowed like silk from a spool, leading me through the labyrinth of the subconscious, higher and higher, seemingly towards some daylight finer than had ever appeared in the valleys out of which I was clambering hurriedly, lest I should lose the thread that led me. On and on we went, until at last it seemed to me that I stood among the clouds; clouds filled the valleys beneath me, and about me were wide spaces, and no horizon anywhere, only space, and in the midst of this space light breaking through the clouds above me, waxing every moment to an intenser day; and every moment the Indian's voice seemed to lead me higher, and every moment it seemed that I could follow it no longer. The homely earth that I knew had faded, and I waited expectant among the peaks, until at last, taken with a sudden fear that if I lingered any longer I might never see again a cottage at the end of an embowered lane, I started to my feet and fled.
But the five minutes I had spent in that drawing-room in West Kensington were not forgotten; and now by the side of the lake, hearing Yeats explain the meaning of his metaphysical pirate afloat on Northern waters, it seemed to me that I was listening again to my Indian. Again I found myself raised above the earth into the clouds; once more the light was playing round me, lambent light like rays, crossing and recrossing, waxing and waning, until I cried out, I'm breathing too fine air for my lungs. Let me go back. And, sitting down on a rock, I began to talk of the fish in the lake, asking Yeats if the autumn weather were not beautiful, saying anything that came into my head, for his thoughts were whirling too rapidly and a moment was required for me to recover from a mental dizziness.
In this moment of respite, without warning, I discovered myself thinking of a coachman washing his carriage in the mews, for when the coachman washes his carriage a wheel is lifted from the ground, and it spins at the least touch of the mop, turning as fast as Yeats's mind, and for the same reason, that neither is turning anything. I am alluding now to the last half-hour spent with Yeats, talking about his poem; and thinking of Yeats's mind like a wheel lifted from the ground, it was impossible for my thoughts not to veer round to Edward's slow mind, and to compare it to the creaking wheel of an ox-waggon.
If one could only combine these two—one is an intellect without a temperament to sustain it, the other is a temperament without an intellect to guide it; and I reflected how provokingly Nature separates qualities which are essential, one to the other; and there being food for reflection in this thought, I began to regret Yeats's presence. Very soon his mind would begin to whirl again. The slightest touch, I said, of the coachman's mop will set it going, so I had better remain silent.
It was then that I forgot Yeats and Edward and everything else in the delight caused by a great clamour of wings, and the snowy plumage of thirty-six great birds rushing down the lake, striving to rise from its surface. At last their wings caught the air, and after floating about the lake they settled in a distant corner where they thought they could rest undisturbed. Thirty-six swans rising out of a lake, and floating round it, and settling down in it, is an unusual sight; it conveys a suggestion of fairyland, perhaps because thirty-six wild swans are so different from the silly china swan which sometimes floats and hisses in melancholy whiteness up and down a stone basin. That is all we know of swans—all I knew until the thirty-six rose out of the hushed lake at our feet, and prompted me to turn to Yeats, saying, You're writing your poem in its natural atmosphere. To avoid talking about the poem again, and because I am always interested in natural things, I begged him to tell me whence this flock had come, and if they were really wild swans; and he told me that they were descended originally from a pair of tame swans who had re-acquired their power of flight, and that the thirty-six flew backwards and forwards from Coole to Lough Couter, venturing farther, visiting many of the lakes of Galway and Mayo, but always returning in the autumn to Coole.
We struck across the meadows to avoid the corner of the lake where the swans had settled, and Yeats proposed another scheme for the reconstruction of his poem, and it absorbed him so utterly that he could feel no interest in the smell of burning weeds, redolent of autumn, coming from an adjoining field. Yet it trailed along the damp meadows, rising into the dry air till it seemed a pity to trouble about a poem when Nature provided one so beautiful for our entertainment—incense of woods and faint colours, and every colour and every odour in accordance with my mood.
How pathetic the long willow leaves seemed to me as they floated on the lake! and I wondered, for there was not a wind in the branches. So why had they fallen?... Yeats said he would row me across, thereby saving a long walk, enabling us to get to Tillyra an hour sooner than if we followed the lake's edge. Remember, it was still day, though the moon shed a light down the vague water, but when we reached the other side the sky had darkened, and it was neither day-time nor night-time. The fields stretched out, dim and solitary and grey, and seeing cattle moving mysteriously in the shadows, I thought of the extraordinary oneness of things—the cattle being a little nearer to the earth than we, a little farther than the rocks—and I begged of Yeats to admire the mystery. But he could not meditate; he was still among his Fomorians; and we scrambled through some hawthorns over a ruined wall, I thinking of the time when masons were building that wall, and how quaint the little leaves of the hawthorns were, yellow as gold, fluttering from their stems.
A ruined country, I said, wilderness and weed.
Yeats knew the paths through the hazel woods, and talking of the pirate, we struck through the open spaces, decorated with here and there a thorn tree and much drooping bracken, penetrating into the silence of the blood-red beeches, startled a little when a squirrel cracked a nut in the branch above us, and the broken shells fell at our feet.
I thought there were no squirrels in Ireland?
Twenty years ago there was none, but somebody introduced a pair into Wexford, and gradually they have spread all over Ireland.
This and no more would he tell me, and as we fell into another broad path, where hazels grew on either side, it seemed to me that I should have walked through those woods that evening with some quiet woman, talking of a time long ago, some love-time which had grown distinct in the mirror of the years, like the landscape in the quiet waters of the lake. But in life nothing is perfect; there are no perfect moments, or very few, and it seemed to me that I could no longer speak about Fomorians or pirates. Every combination had been tried, and my tired brain was fit for nothing but to muse on the beauty that was about me, the drift of clouds seen through the branches when I raised my head. But Yeats would not raise his eyes; he walked, his eyes fixed on the ground, still intent upon discovering some scheme of recomposition which would allow him to write his poem without much loss of the original text, and before we reached the end of the alley he delivered himself of many new arrangements, none of which it was possible for me to advise him to adopt, it differing nowise from the half a dozen which had preceded it, and in despair I ran over the story again, just as one might run one's fingers down the keys of a piano, with this result—that in a hollow of the sloppy road which we were following he agreed to abandon the Fomorians; and discussing the harp of apple-wood, which could not be abandoned, we trudged on, myself held at gaze by the stern line of the Burran Mountains showing on our left, and the moon high above the woods of Tillyra. How much more interesting all this is than his pirate! I thought. A shadowy form passed us now and then; a peasant returning from his work, his coat slung over his shoulder; a cow wandering in front of a girl, who curtsied and drew her shawl over her head as she passed us.
Yes, that will do, Yeats answered. I shall lose a good many beautiful verses, but I suppose it can't be helped. Only, I don't like your ending.
The poem has since those days been reconstructed many times by Yeats, but he has always retained the original ending, which is, that after the massacre of the crew of the merchant galley, the Queen, who lies under the canopy when the vessel is boarded, is forced by spells, shed from the strings of a harp made of apple-wood, into a love so overwhelming for the pirate, that she consents to follow him in his quest of the ultimate kingdom in the realms of the Pole. My ending was that her fancy for the pirate should cool before his determination to go northward, and that he should bid her step over the bulwarks into the merchant galley, where the pirates were drinking yellow ale; and then, cutting the ropes which lashed the vessels together, he should hoist a sail and go away northward. But Yeats said it would be a disgraceful act to send a beautiful woman to drink yellow ale with a drunken crew in the hold of a vessel.
So did we argue as we went towards Tillyra, the huge castle now showing aloft among the trees, a light still burning in the ivied embrasure where Edward sat struggling with the love-story of Jasper and Millicent.
He, too, is an inferior artist; he will not yield himself to the love-story. Both of these men in different ways put their personal feelings in front of their work. They are both subaltern souls. And my thoughts turned from them to contemplate the huge pile which Edward's Norman ancestor had built in a hollow. Why in a hollow? I asked myself, for these Norman castles are generally built from hillside to hillside, and were evidently intended to overawe the country, the castles lending each other aid when wild hordes of Celts descended from the Burran Mountains; and when these raids ceased, probably in the seventeenth century, the castle's keep was turned into stables, and a modern house run up alongside of the central tower. Ireland is covered with ruins from the fifth to the eighteenth century.
A land of ruin and weed, I said, and began to dream again a novel that I had relinquished years ago in the Temple, till rooks rising in thousands from the beech-trees interrupted my thoughts.
We'd better go into this wood, I said. Our shadows will seem to Edward from his casement window—
Somewhat critical, Yeats answered; and we turned aside to talk of The Tale of a Town, Yeats anxious to know from me if there was any chance of Edward's being able to complete it by himself, and if he would accept any of the modifications I had suggested.
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2023.03.28 13:40 LongjumpingProgram98 Old doorbell box is making rattling, buzzing noise (?)

I recently installed a WYZE doorbell. After installing, the old doorbell box for the ring continues to make a rattling or buzzing noise. I’m not sure if I somehow messed up the installation and the wires are causing it to rattle/buzz? Is there somehow a way to fix this?
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2023.03.28 13:40 matheuspomp Help with a Wedding plan $15k Budget 30/40 Guests- Sydney

Hi there. I'm a total newbie regarding wedding. Would you have any suggestions of what type of wedding and venues for hiring that can potentially be under the budget? What is the most expensive part of the wedding that I can cut and still have a good time?
Any creative ideas?
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.28 13:39 Master-Mixture9417 Girlfriend's family refuses to pay for the marrage and give sagan -- what do I do?

So I've been dating this girl for the past 3-4 years and last week I proposed to her. She said, yes. Soon after, our families got involved and they are in agreement too.
After that the conversation shifted to wedding expenses and that's where things got rocky.
So in our family, it is tradition that the girl's side pays for the wedding. All functions -- engagement, cocktail party, wedding, reception. But the girl's side is saying that the want to split the expenses 50-50. They are also saying that the will not put any sagan. I mean how is that possible? First they want to split the wedding expenses and on top of that no sagan also. This is a total departure from our Indian values and traditions.
Now my girlfriend and I are in love. But these problems are coming in the way. Could you suggest some ways so that we can handle this situation and come at an agreement? We want to get married this year as both of us are getting old. And don't want any more of this family drama. What do you suggest I do in this situation?
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2023.03.28 13:38 YouAndMaybeMe 28 [TF4R] England only - Romantic & Passionate woman looking loyal individual

Hello stranger danger,
Have you ever wanted to get to know someone with passion that burns like the sun with hands and feet that needs constant warming? What's that you say? You always wanted to be burnt alive by one? Well look no further!
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2023.03.28 13:35 Alternative-Mirror70 Tell me you fishing without fishing for items

Tell me you fishing without fishing for items
Yall know she knew exactly what she was doing. "I'm gonna post this and maybe someone will send me some" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I wish life was that easy for all of us 🥴🥴🤡 But some folks have to work for what they want
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2023.03.28 13:35 MissMyBoy45 AITA for not telling my son about my new family?

I've always had a complicated relationship with my son (28M). My ex-husband (52M) worked long hours, so it was often just the two of us. I always wanted the best for him, so I would nag him about things like finishing his homework, eating healthy, and going to bed on time. I never really listened to what he wanted, and I can see now that that was a mistake.
Things got worse when my husband had an affair with his coworker, and we got divorced when my son was 16. My son wanted to live with his dad and stepmom, who he felt were more laid-back. They didn't force him to contact me, and over time, we lost touch. It breaks my heart to admit this, but I cried nights on end after my son moved out. I missed him terribly and didn't know how to reconnect with him. I was devastated when I found out he had changed his number and moved out of state.
Over the years, my former in-laws became my rock. They would give me updates on my son's life, and I would cry tears of joy and sadness when I heard about his accomplishments and milestones. I cried during my wedding and during my youngest son's birth because I missed my oldest son so much.
Recently, I was invited to my ex-husband's parents' anniversary party. I decided to go, hoping to reconnect with my son. I didn't expect him to be happy to see me, but I was shocked by his reaction. He was angry that I had remarried and had a 5-year-old son. He felt like I had replaced him with a "perfect, well-behaved kid." I tried to say that I had wanted to tell him, but I didn't know how to reach him. He yelled at me and then left with his dad and stepmom.
I feel terrible about what happened. I was hoping to reconnect with my son, but instead, I made things worse. I miss him so much, and I saw the dinner as a way to try to bridge the gap between us. But it didn't work out that way, and now I don't know what to do. AITA?
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2023.03.28 13:34 tonearm Jello Biafra with the Melvins - Sieg Howdy!

Jello Biafra with the Melvins - Sieg Howdy! LP
This is one of two album collaborations between the iconic Jello Biafra and the world's most unstoppable band, The Melvins. If neither of these names ring a bell with you then you are ripe for a crash course in music history. The best part, you get to hear it all for the first time! These two collaborative albums are tighter than a banjo string and more rocking than anyone could have expected. These folks are the type to start their own record label, create art for the sake of art, do the things that make them happy as musicians, constantly create, often get shit on for it and then suddenly folks realize they were awesome all along. Go figure...
Physical Shop: @collectiveclothing Web Store: Weekly Podcast:
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2023.03.28 13:34 heatherispurple94 I (F27) want to propose while my (M29) boyfriends brother (M23) is engaged - bad idea?

My (F27) boyfriend (F29) and I have been dating for over 3 years, we live together and are very serious about our future together. I planned to propose on a trip last year, but due to a period of ill health I changed my plans to propose on a trip this summer instead. However, in the meantime my boyfriend's younger brother has gotten engaged (about 6 months ago) - I'm super happy for them but a little worried about what this means for my plans.
I obviously don't want to upstage their wedding planning time - most of the discussions with family at the minute focus on their Dec 2024 wedding planning and I can tell they're really excited. I don't want the focus on me instead of my future sister in law as she's the kind of person who has a dream wedding plan and I can see it's a big deal for her.
My bf and I have discussed it and we're really not fussed about having a big wedding (or even a wedding at all - we're thinking courthouse, throw a party and announce it there that we're married kind of thing) so it's not like we'd take the focus away from his brother and their planning. And of course I would never dream of getting married before they do.
However, I really don't want to have to wait until Summer 2025 (I'd like to propose while we're travelling somewhere and summer is the only holiday time we get) to get engaged. I'm not upset at the idea of a long engagement but we've discussed it and we'd both like to be engaged soon.
I'm worried that my bf's family will be upset if we get engaged this summer as they'll expect us to follow the traditional '18 months of wedding planning/start planning right away' and feel we are taking away from his brother. I don't want to damage future relationships esp with my mother in law and sister in law who are very traditional when it comes to how weddings/engagements/planning go. However I am a good 4 years older than his brother and I don't want to put my life on hold until he's married. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! We've considered a secret engagement but I really don't know!
TLDR: planned to propose last year, delayed it due to ill health, bfs brother got engaged in the meantime - is it rude to propose during their engagement?
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2023.03.28 13:34 tonearm Jello Biafra with the Melvins - Sieg Howdy! LP

Jello Biafra with the Melvins - Sieg Howdy! LP
This is one of two album collaborations between the iconic Jello Biafra and the world's most unstoppable band, The Melvins. If neither of these names ring a bell with you then you are ripe for a crash course in music history. The best part, you get to hear it all for the first time! These two collaborative albums are tighter than a banjo string and more rocking than anyone could have expected. These folks are the type to start their own record label, create art for the sake of art, do the things that make them happy as musicians, constantly create, often get shit on for it and then suddenly folks realize they were awesome all along. Go figure...
Physical Shop: @collectiveclothing Web Store: Weekly Podcast:
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2023.03.28 13:33 corruptboomerang Sci-Fi / Fantasy Series? (That are finished.)

Looking for another series recommendations, a few series I've read and enjoyed:
Queen’s Thief, Red Queen, Throne of Glass, The Expanse, Song of Ice and Fire, Hyperion Cantos, Three Body Problem. A lot of the Classic SciFi & Fantasy Series (think Lord of the Rings, Dune etc).
I prefer longer series. And I really don't want to listen to a series that's not completed.
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2023.03.28 13:33 DaZegru Since my parents won't buy me femboy clothes, I have been gaslighting my sister into thinking she should wear such clothes so that I could secretly wear them behind her back but now i feel disgusted with myself

The weird thing to me is that it has worked? her amazon wishlist is full of femboy wearables (skirt, straps, thigh highs, you name it). she told me she will get dad to buy this stuff tonight but i dont feel right about this somehow
i turned her into a femboy fanatic by rigging up her amazon recommendation and complimenting everytime we'd come across fem clothes saying "this would look so good on you!!" and it all just feels so evil to me... i just look at my sister now and imagine her dressing like a generic e-femboy like i want to and it makes me cringe
i know it shouldn't matter what she dresses like and i shouldn't judge and sure i would love to wear them as well but not at the expense of mentally manipulating my sister into liking these clothes. it's just that i loved talking to her everyday for hours about how pretty fem clothes like skirts, the thigh highs, the panties, the hoodies, everything look and our conversations just felt so fun but this doesn't feel right to me...
please consol me, help me know what i should do...
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2023.03.28 13:32 vphammy Where to find vietnamese tea ceremony items for wedding??

Hello all I am located in Manchester, NH and I have been looking to find the mam qua trays with the sheet to cover the trays that the groom uses to bring gifts to the brides family. I haven't had much luck in my search online. Is there a place nearby or online I can rent from or buy? When I my sister had her tea ceremony, she rented from a place in Dorchester, MA but has since lost their information. Any advice appreciated!
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2023.03.28 13:32 bird-m AITA:My mom told me to shut up and I reacted badly

I (30F) just got back from a trip with my family and fiance to check out a wedding venue.
My dad, fiance and brother went out on the Sunday evening while future MIL and my mom stayed in the rented holiday house. We got quite drunk and got back to the house about 11.30pm, where my mom was waiting.
I anticipated her being annoyed so went to speak to her when we got in. I thanked her for staying up late to let us in but told her she really should have just left the key in the lock safe or hidden it outside somewhere so we could have let ourselves in. She said she couldn’t have done that with no real reason other than ‘No I couldn’t have, it’s a rental’. So I said she could have and then just messaged us to tell us what she was doing, to which she responded, ‘shut up Megan’ in a real nasty tone.
I got upset and told her she shouldn’t speak to me like that and that I don’t tolerate people telling me to ‘shut up’, especially when I wasn’t being loud or hadn’t done anything wrong. She then went to speak to my brother / dad. I went into the kitchen to tell my partner and make a sandwich. I got upset and started to cry as this isn’t the first time she has spoken to me in this disrespectful way and treated me like a child as a fully grown woman, so I obviously have a thing about it. The drink obviously didn’t help either.
So she comes in and says ‘sorry… but’ aka. not a real apology. This makes me even more upset AND angry. So I probably go a bit over the top, cry harder, and tell her she thinks she is better than me and doesn’t respect me as an adult, puts her nose in the air about people. Then my dad steps in and tells me not to speak to his wife like that and she’s the best mom etc, and gets upset - which is heartbreaking in itself as he rarely cries - but he was SUPER drunk. I tell him I never said she was a bad mom, all I said was that she can’t speak to me like that. She wouldn’t tell her friends to shut up so why can she say that to me? I’d never even dream of saying that to her. Everyone gets upset, and I go upstairs (and I’m ashamed about this bit) physically move her out of the way as she was trying to block me from going upstairs, which I know is wrong. We all apologised to each other in the morning but I don’t know who is being the asshole in this situation. Her? Me? Bit of both?
TLDR; my mom told me to shut up, I got upset and was consequently quite mean to her.
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