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2023.03.28 13:16 Verrgasm Shriekers

I stared out into the gray of another bleak winter morning and found myself lacking once again. Slamming the door closed, I reluctantly resigned one more day to the coward's ash pile of which I was a regular contributor. All those fleeting moments, minutes, hours… years… All wasted under the perpetual fear of an unknown evil, all the while knowing that the weight of responsibility fell squarely on my head alone.
The very last one…
I hadn't left my house in weeks. Months, possibly. The passage of time had slowed to an agonizing crawl, giving the impression of far longer. The isolation had near driven me mad, my hands giving into shakes whenever I'd hear noise from outside. The only comfort I found was within my own reflection, the remaining evidence I had that I was still a human being.
"There's nothing left for me out there..." I affirmed in the mirror, my daily mantra, as if trying to convince someone other than myself.
"Nothing at all."
I peeked through the blinds and watched a former neighbor shuffle down the street in a monstrous, shambling gait. The mangled stump of its foot dragged listlessly behind as it sluggishly made its way round the bend into the next street and out of sight. They were everywhere, waiting and ready in the shadows where I couldn't see. Shrieking. Every night was the same. Their bizarre mating calls blared out into the otherwise dead twilight, rending me from any peaceful sleep I might have possibly enjoyed. It was blood-curdling, like they were being flayed alive… and yet still with something joyous and terrible simmering underneath. Their crying wails are one of ecstatic, starved hunger.
They called me mad when I began fortifying my home, all the locks and shutters. Well, who's mad now? The shriekers, that's who. Utterly insane, driven only by their base instincts and a desire to destroy and assimilate. They wish to take me as well. I was so afraid, but I knew what needed to be done from the very start. I had to go back outside.
I had to burn them in their nest.
Summoning up all the spine I could muster, I silently slipped out through the front door and over to the one across the street on that freezing dark night. I could hear them moving around inside, yelping and shrieking as always. A thick sliver of disgust overpowered the terror as my jittering hands fumbled with the lid on the petrol canister. I regained my composure as I focused on my mission, allowing the revulsion to drive me. It spun off, clanking against the cold metal body of its host noisily, I swallowed a lump in my throat, reassuring myself that I was still as of yet unseen.
I attached the plastic hose and the pungent liquid flowed freely through the thin metal letterbox. I made sure to be quick about it, one slip up and it'd all be over. They'd be on me like a pack of wild dogs to a feast. The canister ran dry… anand so I pulled out the lighter. I flicked its ignition repeatedly before finally striking flame, and after one last frantic look around, in it went.
The house immediately erupted in flames and I retreated back to safety, desperate to get inside before the swarm arrived to salvage its sickening brood. I observed half in glee and half in a growing dread as the nest was engulfed. Then just as expected, they arrived. Their awful wailing tearing through the night. I shuddered as I closed the blinds, hoping this would at the very least thin out their numbers, if not force them to move on from the area entirely. How I longed for the day when I could venture out without fear of an attack… to rebuild, and to restock my ever dwindling supplies. The start of a whole new world, a better world… like the old one. My eyes began to close as I fell into a deep sleep, the shrieking outside now just a familiar white noise of sorts, lulling me.
I awoke to a loud banging on the front door. They'd found me. I loaded the cartridges into my revolver, rounds spilling to the floor from their box as I panicked. More banging, I couldn't ignore it this time. They were never going to move on. Not until they had me. I knew it in that moment, I wasn't going down without a fight.
Through the shuddering sight I stared down the barrel of the revolver as I descended the stairs, growing closer and closer. The rattling pounded its way throughout the house, each knock making me flinch and throwing off my aim. I fired three shots through the door. The knocking stopped, but they weren't done.
A while later, they returned. I could hear an immense growling emanating from the street outside and I took position, gun trained shakily on the entryway. But it was no use.
A blinding flash filled the room and I dropped my weapon after only one misguided discharge. I was rushed by the horde and was sent tumbling to the floor, screaming 'till the very last. I felt something sharp prick my neck, and all went dark.
That was some time ago. A long time ago. Many years in fact. I'm still in their cage, but they'll never get me. I won't fall for their tricks. They've taken the form of human beings, a sick mockery of their former lives as normal people, in their never ceasing attempts to assimilate me. The pills and potions fuelling their petty illusions.
They tell me that I'm a murderer, that I'm 'very unwell'. That I'm in a hospital and that the 'doctors' are here to help me. They even dressed up one of their own as my brother, my fucking brother, who perished in the initial outbreak. Lies, all lies. They know that when I, the last one, am assimilated that they'll finally be able to cover the planet entirely.
They underestimate me though. My resolve is strong. And when I escape this place, I'll burn them as I find them until they are no more. Until not a single shrieking demon remains.
I'm not scared anymore...
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2023.03.28 13:15 Ok-Abies8656 Leaning in to get the surgery...

Male in young 30s. This surgery has been on my mind since high school, but I avoided it because I wanted to preserve my candidacy to do some things while in military service (major surgery often sidelines anyone for a substantial chunk of time, and certain surgeries can disqualify you from certain roles). IIRC, I had Haller Index of ~3.6 which I got measured in 2019 during a surgery work-up while I wanted to learn about my options for surgery. The surgeon I had available was even willing to do the surgery, but more or less told me it wouldn't make a huge difference; he warned me about how there might be some sternum sticking out from the plane of my chest after the surgery, making it uncomfortable to lie on a surfboard (who cares?). I also decided I didn't want to be bed-ridden for several months, wanted to stay available for work, and a few of my close friends assured me that my chest didn't look bad, and a doctor friend warned me about pain med addiction. I posted here during that time (I've since deleted those posts), and the community here basically told me my chest wasn't severe and someone even said something like "who ever told you to get surgery is unethical." :D
I had a vacuum bell back in high school, but I remember reading some stuff online about how they didn't work, and also it got to the point where blood was pooling above my skin during and after use, and little progress was seemingly made. It seems like the VB opinion has evolved a bit, and that it can be effective for a lot of folks. That's okay; I just wish maybe I had spent more time thinking about all this back then. I didn't want to get a periodic physical exam and have to explain why my chest was bruised.
Well, I appreciate the support I had back then, from friends, doctor, reddit, etc., but four years later, I am just increasingly tired of the idea that I decided against surgery, even though this issue still feels like it plagues me. Aside from some chest pressure, and feeling like I often have chest soreness after exercise, I don't know if I'm physically impeded. I was never a good runner amongst my peers; in fact, I was damn near the worst. But I've survived some pretty challenging physical evolutions where I had to perform and I know my heartrate was jacked for several minutes. I feel like I've tolerated shortness of breath my whole life; I haven't collapsed or anything extreme, but it's never made sense to me how my surgeon was like "this surgery will make no impact on your cardiovascular health." I have a heart arrhythmia, and have chronic issues with choking on meaty chunks of food, both have which were cast aside as not at all related to PE. Of course, I want to be healthy, and that is the priority for me, above aesthetic reasons.
What I struggle with now is that any time I'm feeling sorry for myself, or depressed, whatever, it mentally comes back to the PE. It's almost like I can feel my chest more when I'm feeling sorry for myself. Like it's become this psychosomatic thing for me. First I feel down, or upset, and then I think about my chest, and it becomes this free-fall of negativity. I haven't gotten social attention for my chest since high school (where people very much made fun of it), but it's very often on my mind: how I look in shirts, avoid any reason to take off my shirt, don't like people poking me, etc. I'm SO tired of being preoccupied with it. I'm tired of not being able to just turn off my neuroticism and focus on something I *can* control, or at least embrace the (not so) harsh reality. I've had therapy and it really hasn't helped much, other than just normalizing the experience to myself. It actually generally makes me feel like a prick, because in the grand scheme of body issues any of us can have, I have it easy.
Once I get back from an overseas thing I'm doing right now, I intend to do whatever I can to get the surgery. Basically put the surgery consult as the priority, and do whatever gig jobs I can to comfortably live. I cannot rationalize that the surgery's pain, pain meds, or several weeks in bed outweigh the mental shenanigans I feel any time I start feeling sorry for myself.
What scares me, though, is that my PE is simply the "face" of my frustrations, my scapegoat for lack of confidence, my scapegoat to have not been more socially outgoing, etc etc. I don't think a surgery would fix social issues. But even so, it seems like surgery is straightforward enough that there's little downside. I don't want to live with regret about not getting the surgery in 2019; I have to trust my decision-making from back then. But it seems like things are more straightforward now, both with the surgery and my attitude. Thanks -- reading everything here has been really helpful and balanced.
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2023.03.28 13:13 Thick_Experience69 About

hello, i'm 37 wm 5ft 9in and 180 lbs with a 7.5in cut cock. i'm a laid back responsible adult and have a lot of real life experiences from serving in the military. i am drug and disease free. i socially drink and i'm clean cut. i shower regularly, take care of myself and trim regularly as well. i love playing with couples and am a great pleaser with stamina. Ive been meeting couples for about 5 years. i am excellent at oral and nothing get me more excited than pleasing a sexy couple until they cum! i've played with couples before and always have had a blast. i will follow your rules. i can travel or host near doral area. let me know if you are interested and want to meet up!
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2023.03.28 13:13 Decersss [EU] UK Silver 2 LFP for MM


I used to play CS:GO a lot from 2014-2016 where I got up to rank Supreme (Never hit GE :( ), with the recent hype I have decided to play the game again. Hopefully to grind back up to somewhere near where I used to be. I have played a few games and I'm still trying to get used to the game again. I'm not interested in toxicity and I won't get angry if you make mistakes, we all have rough games especially me.

I'm just looking for people around the same rank to play MM with, I will mainly be on in the evenings around 8pm. Everyone has bad and good games, so please no toxicity in MM. If you are interested please add me on steam Decerss. I'm 28 years old, so ideally people somewhere around this age.
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2023.03.28 13:12 WorriedAstronomer Car wrap

Need to get my Honda City dashboard wrapped in carbon fiber
Guys please tell me the best person to do this near Johar town, Gulberg etc
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2023.03.28 13:12 ganerfromspace2020 Here's my Wishlist for Aircraft for this year

Disclaimer: This is just a wish list not a leak list.
Some aircraft should be added later than others like F18A might be able to fit the game meta near the end of the year. I'm also assuming were going to get FOX 3 missiles like AMRAAM this year. What planes would you like to see in war thunder?
Also this is just my opinion so don't stab me for it.

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2023.03.28 13:11 SnooPets6234 Comparing the 2023 MXLR to the 2022 MYP, and why I'm going to sell my X

I purchased a new 2023 MXLR about a month ago after driving a MYP for a little over a year and really enjoying it. I wanted to share my thoughts now after having some time with both cars incase anyone else is trying to decide if the switch is right for them.
Things I really was excited about with the X: 1) The automatic door features. Both the falcon door functionality and the automatic driver side door opening/closing hands-free. 2) Comfortably seating 6 adults 3) Smoother suspension 4) Quieter Cabin 5) Extra screen in front of the wheel/yoke 6) Cooled seats 7) I like the look of the X better than the Y both for interioexterior
I'll go through each item and share how it stacked up with my expectations, and then I'll mention a few other things I didn't know about/think about prior to purchase.
1) The automatic door features. I was probably unreasonably excited for this one and I don't know why. But it is also one of my biggest gripes with the X.
When you're in a garage or inside, the falcon doors automatically open halfway. So if a passenger or the driver presses the open button, they will open enough for my kids to get out and have to duck, or for adults to have to awkwardly kind of shimmy out. The only way to get them to open all the way is for a passenger to press the button again to open the doors, which will make them finish opening all the way.
The drivepassenger door also frequently just cracks open for me and won't actually swing open to let me get in hands free. Instead, the door will crack and I have to kind of force it open manually, which ends up being less nice than just opening a normal door that doesn't fight you. Because if you haven't messed with the doors on an X, the drivepassenger door have a kind of resistance to being closed/opened manually. But if it just cracks open and you press the button on the door, it'll close first and make you have to press the button again to open it. About 50% of the time I walk up to the car in a parking lot, sometimes even when nobody is parked near me, the door just cracks open as well and won't swing open for me to get in.
I was also really excited about the falcon doors in general, and I think they do deliver on some of what I was excited about, but also come with some downsides as well. The biggest is probably just for me. I find myself feeling embarrassed getting in/out of the car when I have to open the falcon doors for my kids or passengers. I figured I'd get used to it, and maybe spending longer with the car would help, but so far I haven't. It just draws a lot of attention and that doesn't really fit my personality.
It's also a little awkward trying to make sure nobody is lingering near the car before closing the doors. They do sense with cameras, but if someone is standing in certain blind spots, the doors will only close if they make contact and feel resistance of hitting someone. It's not going to send anyone to the hospital, but getting whacked in the head or shoulder by the door just adds to my feeling of everything being a little awkward.
Overall, the door thing has stood out as probably my biggest disappointment with the car. With all that being said, if the car was 70k or 80k, I don't think I would let the issue convince me to sell it. But it's the premium price tag combined with this and a few other nagging issues that are pushing me to my decision. 2) Comfortably seating 6 adults. This one is a big win. The car feels very very spacious, especially considering when you look at it from the outside, it doesn't look bigger than a model Y. The feeling in the driver seat is even nicer with the way the window extends out of your view and doesn't have the cross bar that the Y and 3 have before the sunroof. It's just big, spacious, and feels very luxurious inside. My FIL who is 6'3 climbed in the back yesterday and was comfortable sitting for a relatively long car ride. Though I'll say if you have the 7 seat configuration, there would be some leg room problems. With the 6 seat/captain chair setup, people can stick one leg down the middle aisle, which significantly adds to the feeling of having enough space back there. Headroom was no problem for him, either.
It was a little hard for older people with some mobility issues to get into the very back seats, but that's likely going to be true of any 6 seater car and I don't consider it a knock on the X. 3) Smoother suspension. Another big win. The X feels significantly smoother than my Y. In combination with the reduced cabin noise, you really feel like you're in a luxury car with the way this one drives. 4) Quieter Cabin. The cabin is noticeably quieter than my Y. Of course, if you've driven in a Y, you know that's not exactly saying much, haha. But I'd mostly been driving my Y for a while now so the difference was really pleasant once I started using the X. It's very quiet and the sound system is great. 5) Extra screen in front of the wheel/yoke. I think this one is 50/50 for me. I thought it would feel like a huge quality of life improvement to have my speed right in front of me like in a normal car. I also was looking forward to the extra functionality of having more main screen space since some info could be on the mini screen.
I've become more used to splitting my attention between both, but I think I still prefer having one screen for everything like in the Y. Both screens just make things a little redundant in some cases, like how there's a mini navigation preview on the yoke screen as well as a bigger version on the main screen. I also don't know that I prefer the 3d visualization being so small on the yoke screen instead of the main screen, because I like to glance at it after checking my mirrors/cameras when switching lanes. Being smaller on the yoke screen, I feel like it's just a touch harder to interpret at a glance the way I prefer, and I've found myself only using mirrors and then the camera when changing lanes. 6) Cooled seats. These work fantastically. You can feel them kick in a second or two after activating the feature and they really move a lot of cool air through the perforated seats. 7) I like the look of the X better than the Y both for interioexterior. I still like how the X looks, haha. The interior is really nice and feels a bit more upscaled than the Y. The only minor gripe I have with the interior of the X is that the center console part I usually rest my right elbow on is a little less plush and soft than the one in my Y. Also with how much wider the X is, it's more of a chicken wing kind of pose to rest my elbows on things because the door and center console are farther away. That wasn't a big deal to me, though.
Things I didn't think about: The seats feel more comfortable to me in the X. I didn't expect to really have much of a preference, but the seats in my Y are slightly more stiff. The material seems like it will be easier to clean in my X, too, but I could be wrong. My Y's seats already have a little light wrinkling in the leather after a little over a year, even being a garage car. I don't picture the perforated leather wrinkling as easily.
The yoke steering was a tiny adjustment, but not too bad. It took me maybe two drives to not think about it. It also seems better at recognizing my hand is on the wheel, so auto driving doesn't chirp and remind me to put pressure on the wheel as much as the Y.
The rear screen is cool for my kids, but I was too scared to let my dogs in the car because it's right near the top of the center console they would use to climb from the back to the front. I can't imagine having dogs in the car for very long before that would wind up getting scratched. But that may just be my dogs who are always traveling back and forth when they're in the car.
The automatic driver door tries to open for me any time I walk in the garage. Going to put out the trash cans? My X door pops open and music starts blaring (if I was on the phone with my wife and turned up the volume when I parked, it keeps that volume and uses it for spotify). I do back in right in front of our garage door, so if you don't park directly in front of where you go in and out of the garage, this one probably wouldn't annoy you.
It's a little harder to drive and park. This one is probably obvious to most people, but I just didn't think about it before buying. The X is noticeably longer and wider than the Y. It's less forgiving when parking if you get too close to one side of the lines because you will eat up much more of the parking space. It's also longer and wider, so you'll feel the difference driving around. To me, it makes my Y feel more nimble and easy to drive in some ways or less stressful to drive. It actually feels a bit like a van, in terms of the size and shape of the X. Like a really, really expensive van lol.
Last gripe is a long story that I don't want to go into all the details of, but basically I had some (to me) severe panel gap and alignment issues at pickup. I was told to put in a ticket and they'd fix it at my local SC. My local SC essentially said the acceptable tolerances on an X are greater than what most people would like because the falcon doors are so complex and didn't fix any of the issues I was told they'd fix. I've also had three errors pop up that needed service already in a month. I had a camera go out on the right, a tire pressure monitoring fault, and some captain chair seats no longer adjusting like they should from the buttons. Those issues were another relatively big part of my decision to sell, because they undermined my sense of the quality of the car and the value.
Final thoughts and why I'm selling it
Ultimately, I wasn't buying this car with pure "screw it" money. 120k is a lot of money to me, but affordable if it is something I really want and think I'll enjoy every day. So the biggest consideration for me is that it's right at that level of cost where I've found myself constantly asking if it's worth it. If I had more money on hand and didn't feel remotely taxed by the decision financially, I'm sure I'd stick with the car and ignore my complaints.
But because I'm at the point where I want to feel like I fully got 120k worth of car and features for my money, I've ended up feeling like I didn't. It's a really awesome, cool car. But is it a 120k car? Not for me. I think if this car was something like 70-85k, I would feel like I got my money's worth.
I think my advice to someone trying to make the same decision as me would be to decide if the amount of money it costs is comfortable for you. If you feel like the cost is no problem, then I think you'll be happy with the car. If you're hoping it's going to be so amazing that it justifies the expense, but you sort of *need* it to feel justified, then I would maybe consider just sticking with a model y or a model 3.
Bonus note: if you are going to pick up an X from the dealer and see any panel gap/alignment issues you aren't happy with before taking delivery, make them fix it before you pay. If that's not feasible, get someone to provide a written document stating they'll fix it somehow. I was told by two different people they'd fix everything I took pictures of at pick up and that didn't seem to matter for anything when I showed up at my SC. Just something to keep in mind.
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2023.03.28 13:10 accruedasset 28 [R4F/M] LF: Discord Server Members

Hi! We have a newly-created server mainly for sponty ganaps, chika, and co-working.
About the server:
For now, we’re opening the server to 30 [hopefully] active members and we’ll prioritize those that will meet the following requirements:
Would like to emphasize that this is a newly-created server so it’s pretty empty. We’ll also do open cam interviews. But if you’re not comfy, voice interview is okay, but we’ll still request to quickly open your cam.
If you’re interested, just send me a DM with the following details:
Why do you want to join
DC username
I won’t entertain anyone who’ll request to join without sending the details above.
Also, kindly expect a delay in my response.
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2023.03.28 13:10 Schweinelaemmchen Looking for advice on my first cosplay

Hello guys! For more than 10 years I always wanted to cosplay the female ice mage from NosTale. Unfortunately I have no sewing skills and I don't have the slightest clue where to start. In high school I tried to sew a Kagome cosplay but I chose the wrong fabrics and it turned out horrible. So I don't know what I need in the first place and I also have no idea how I'm supposed to make boots or what to pick for her collar.
Actually I'd love to sit down with experienced people and talk about the process of making cosplay while everyone is working on their own piece. Maybe have someone help me finding the right fabric. Is there some kind of groups like that? How do I find them? Living in Germany in the Rhine-Ruhr area in north rhine-westphalia - maybe there is a known community for working together on cosplays there?
I'm happy about any advice!
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2023.03.28 13:08 deepanshu9205 Mera ek dost ara h kerala se to puchra tha konsa hotel sahi rahega for stay.

Btao koi atcha hotel jisme reh chuka ho tum me se koi.
OYO nahi chlega thoda atcha sa hotel hona chahiye 2k-5k budget me
Location near north campus ho to or atcha
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2023.03.28 13:08 kolbyt My nearly 2.5yo doesn’t like other kids

He goes to childcare 4 days a week while I do my degree. He is an only child and I am a single mum. He also has a fantastic relationship with my mum and we see her almost every day.
He’s shy around adults he doesn’t know but has no problem socialising with them once he feels a little more comfortable. Kids on the other hand are an entirely different story. If another child comes near him while he’s doing something he shouts “no!” or “go away!”. I believe this has something to do with not wanting to share, but it is beginning to happen more frequently. If we’re at the playground he wants to be the only kid on that piece of equipment which obviously can’t happen. Same thing at Kindergym. Basically unless the other kid stands back and waits for their turn he gets very defensive very quickly.
He seems to get along better with older kids. He will play with slightly older kids at the park and say hi to them. I guess he doesn’t see them as a threat? He has some cousins who are a few years older than him and he loves them.
What can I do so that he doesn’t feel put off by his peers? Childcare has spoken to me about this issue a couple of times and I just don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.28 13:07 CombatWombat828 Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are overrated

The writing is definitely superb and by no means are either of them bad shows, but I don't think they are "masterpieces" like many people claim them to be. Lots of people like to pick through the minute details of the dialogue but what ruins it for me is the absurd high jinks that basically turns the whole thing into a comedy sketch. I'm definitely biased but the weird parasocial element of the hardcore fans is also a major turn off where people overanalyze the plot and imagine character developments and nuanced details that foreshadow the upcoming events when there aren't any. I felt like I should like it because everyone else does, only to realize it's really not for me; in my eyes it is not nearly as clever, funny or entertaining as many people say that it is.
Edit: Not at all trying to throw shade on the creators or the fans. You like what you like and that's totally cool. I thought they were both good, just highly overrated
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2023.03.28 13:07 veredainteriors Luxury Interior Designers in Delhi

Kitchens are reasonably slighter these days and adjusting everything in a insignificant space can be worrying. That is why using flexible and planetary-saving cabinets, cupboards and furniture are the perfect options to make your kitchen look less cluttered as it will allow you to store things in a well-planned manner. You can look up “interior design firms near me” and get roughly of the best design ideas through them.
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2023.03.28 13:06 ArpitDigi1 Join Me on a Journey to Leh-Ladakh: Discovering the Beauty of this Majestic Land

Join Me on a Journey to Leh-Ladakh: Discovering the Beauty of this Majestic Land

Leh-Ladakh, located in the northernmost part of India, is a mesmerizing land of beauty and adventure. It is a unique destination that attracts travelers from around the world with its rugged landscapes, ancient monasteries, and cultural diversity. If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous journey to Leh-Ladakh, you must explore the various places to visit in Leh-Ladakh, and check out the Leh-Ladakh tour packages.
One of the most iconic places to visit in Leh-Ladakh is the Pangong Tso Lake. This breathtaking lake is located at an altitude of 4,350 meters and stretches for about 134 km across the India-China border. The crystal clear blue water of the lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains provides a stunning view that you cannot miss. The lake is also known for its changing colors throughout the day, making it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.
Another must-visit place in Leh-Ladakh is the Nubra Valley. It is a high-altitude desert that lies in the north of Leh at an altitude of 3,150 meters. The valley is known for its double-humped Bactrian camels and sand dunes. The unique landscape and serene surroundings make it a perfect destination for nature lovers.
Leh-Ladakh is also famous for its ancient monasteries. One of the most popular monasteries is the Thiksey Monastery, which is located 19 km east of Leh. It is an impressive twelve-story complex that houses numerous stupas, statues, thangkas, and a huge Maitreya Buddha statue. The monastery also provides a panoramic view of the Indus valley and the surrounding snow-capped mountains.
If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you must explore the Magnetic Hill. It is a gravity hill located near Leh, where vehicles appear to roll uphill in defiance of gravity. The phenomenon has not been fully explained by science, but it provides a thrilling experience for visitors.
To make your journey to Leh-Ladakh memorable, you can choose from the various Leh-Ladakh tour packages available. These packages offer a wide range of experiences, from camping in the desert to trekking in the mountains. You can choose a package based on your interests and budget.
One popular tour package is the Leh-Ladakh bike trip. It is a thrilling adventure that takes you through some of the most scenic routes in the region. You can ride through the winding roads, cross the high mountain passes, and explore the remote villages. The bike trip also offers a chance to interact with the locals and experience their culture.
Another tour package that you can consider is the Leh-Ladakh jeep safari. It is a comfortable and convenient way to explore the region, especially if you are traveling with family or friends. The safari takes you through the rugged terrain, providing stunning views of the landscape. You can also visit the monasteries, lakes, and other attractions along the way.
If you are looking for a more personalized experience, you can opt for a customized Leh-Ladakh tour package. You can choose the destinations, activities, and accommodations according to your preferences. This type of package offers flexibility and allows you to explore the region at your own pace.
In addition to the places to visit in Leh-Ladakh and the tour packages, there are some essential tips that you should keep in mind while planning your trip. Firstly, you should acclimatize yourself to the high altitude by spending a few days in Leh before venturing out. Secondly, you should carry warm clothing, as the temperature can drop drastically at night. Thirdly, you should also carry necessary medications, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harsh sun and cold winds.
Furthermore, it is important to respect the local culture and traditions while visiting Leh-Ladakh. The region has a rich cultural heritage, and you should be mindful of the local customs and beliefs. Dress modestly while visiting the monasteries and other religious sites, and do not disturb the wildlife or litter the environment.
In conclusion, Leh-Ladakh is a magical land of adventure, beauty, and culture that offers a unique experience to travelers. From the picturesque Pangong Tso Lake to the serene Nubra Valley, and the ancient Thiksey Monastery to the thrilling Magnetic Hill, there are plenty of places to visit in Leh-Ladakh that will leave you awestruck. You can choose from the various Leh-Ladakh tour packages and embark on a journey that suits your interests and preferences. However, while exploring this majestic land, it is important to be respectful of the local culture and environment. So, pack your bags, get ready for an unforgettable adventure, and join me on a journey to Leh-Ladakh.
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2023.03.28 13:06 the_arbitrage_guy Webscraping/ automation project

Hey, I have been web scraping using selenium and beautiful soup for a bit now, however, I am nowhere near the level I need to be at to undergo this project. If you are highly skilled scraper please drop me a message and we can talk about my idea. Thanks
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2023.03.28 13:04 TechCastle What are the shortest and deep meaningful quotes?

It’s a quote by a painter called Pierre-Auguste Renoir that deserves to be much more famous than it is: “The pain passes, but the beauty remains.” I felt that one in my bones when I first heard it. Stirred something deep inside me.
See, Renoir was a great painter. But for the last fifteen or so years of his life, he was struck with arthritis that crippled him. His bones grew deformed, his hands gnarled, his fingers crooked and his spine a poor imitation of man’s anatomy. He was in severe pain, almost with every movement. His family expected him to retire… but he kept painting. He kept creating beauty.
Nearing the end of his life, the elderly artist needed his assistant to place the brush gentle in his hands, and navigate his dying, tortured body towards the canvas. And still he painted. Beautifully. He could have gone to bed, drank some sweet wine, eaten some tasty food, and closed his eyes. He could have passed away, gently, and left behind his earthly remains. No more pain. Just, let go… but Renoir didn’t want to let go. He wanted to make beauty that would survive him. Even if the price he had to pay for creating that beauty, was terrible pain and discomfort
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2023.03.28 13:03 throwawayacc24526 Why does games such as Hearthstone and Wotlk randomly uninstall from my computer?

Every 2-3 days either hearthstone or wotlk (only 2 blizzard games I play) randomly uninstalls and I have to fully download the game every single time.
It has gotten very annoying due to the fact that everytime wotlk uninstalls I have to spend 3 hours setting up my addons making the gaming experience near unenjoyable for me.
Could someone pls tell me what am I doing wrong. I also have put in a lot of money in both games.
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2023.03.28 13:02 sunusalandscaping What are the best lawn care and mowing services near me in USA?

What are the best lawn care and mowing services near me in USA?
Maintaining a lush, green lawn is a dream of every homeowner. However, with busy schedules and lack of expertise, it can be challenging to keep up with the regular maintenance that it requires. That's where lawn care and mowing services come in. But how do you find the best providers in your area? In this guide, we'll share some tips on how to find the best lawn care and mowing services near me in the USA.
best lawn care and mowing
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2023.03.28 13:00 Far-Childhood9338 If we can all help we will make it not so hard to Ukrainians

I m European already send clothes to Ukraine a full truck, but now its worst, its winter.
those 2 people will manage pictures and social media plus all the accounting and money donation.
The idea is
  1. we will get a few trucks full of clothes( free ) and get that till Ukraine
  2. we will stay there for about 5 to 6 months doing volunteer work, helping with evacuation of civilian, helping with distribution of food and other things.
spoke with a few people and its possible to take a few trucks and a few SUV, ambulance, mobile clinic,
(I am not sure if op needs or already has:)
Now the main objective is to go to towns that are recently liberated or on the front line, take civilians out, leave food in, take wounded out, take them to treatment in our safe back place, and do first aids, then take them to hospitals far away from front lines.
All that will be filmed and put in web social media, creating revenue with donations.
Clothes can get a truck loads per month for free, donations,
drones will give us safe places and safe roads in front of us and in towns before we go in,
communications, so no one stays back or not informed,
security so when we take the trucks full of stull food and clothes, there are no panic or disorder,
Now if there are people that can help to increase visibility of this post, I did some work like this in Africa and South America, but will need a strong team. Training can be provided after the wester border in an academy for 2 weeks for some of the people that have no training, if you can help please send me an email
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2023.03.28 12:59 Ebbii55 Should I stop caring about friendship and start becoming selfish?

So I only have this best friend and we are both introverted so we only meet up like twice a year but we do drop off stuffs often at each other houses. I have been trying to make new friends but no one really clicked with me as her. These days exam is near and maybe she is busy herself but I feel like she never really cared for my feelings. I think I am more on a talkative type and I would wait for replies to the point I closed my notifications because I know she is not texting. I been telling myself to stop caring about her but whenever she pop up after not replying for like 12-24hrs, I would fall back into talking with her again. Whenever I open up to her, she sometimes care but sometimes she is very dismissive and just overall make me feel worse. Like what just happened, exam is in a month and I haven’t studied but I been super sick for 5 days and I told her “maybe things could be worse” and she replied “or you are just lazy” (which is fine because we tend to be sarcastic most of the time) so I wanted her to know I was serious so I replied back “ I went to the doctor thrice, I am actually really sick” and all she said was “ok” and left the convo I don’t even think it is her fault but I think I should just close all tabs because I just get super stressful with these friendships, my friend claims she overthinks but I am here writing this because I am so tired. The problem is I can’t stop caring unless I completely cut them off and start acting dismissive(which I think will just estrange the friendship)
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2023.03.28 12:59 clerbird321 What could this rash be?

23F, ~270lbs, 5’5”, taking 75mg Sertraline, syeda (BCP) and esomeprazole every day along with probiotic, multivitamin, iron supplement and occasional Xanax, Zofran, Promethazine
USA, eastern WA
I’m kind of at a loss for what this is. I get this dry, nasty feeling, painful and itchy red rash around my mouth and in the corners of my mouth every once in a while, usually a couple times a year. It sits around the perimeter of my mouth, lines my lips and sits especially in the corners, and sometimes spreads all the way up to near my nostrils and bugs the crap out of me. Always lasts at least a week but can last up to a month I’ve noticed, slowly getting better over time. I can always tell it’s going to happen when my lips get a little extra dry and they start to burn a bit. Once this happens the rash usually flares up within a few hours. I’m trying to think of anything different I might do, eat, or drink, but there’s nothing. What the heck could this be??
Sorry the pics aren’t great. And gross as hell😂😂 It’s hard to capture on camera. First pic has nothing on it and is from at least a few months ago, there was more rash above the lip that time. Second pic is has Vaseline and triamcinolone on it and is from today, and the rash is more focused on the corners of my mouth so far this time, it just fully broke out tonight.
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2023.03.28 12:59 Lazy_Silver_9740 Callboy near me-callboy job chennai

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