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2023.03.02 21:58 Awkward-Ring6182 Think this is a good deal?

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2021.12.13 07:59 quirkynature I replaced an apple with an orange! Err, a crossover with a convertible!

Disclaimer: This is a long post, and is rated PG-13.
Pre-Requisite Visuals: Outgoing 2018 CX-5: I’ll miss the candy apple red exterior, and the cream interior. Incoming 2018 Mustang: Orange. Mustang. Convertible.
Brief History: I bought the CX-5 primarily for the higher seating position - was in a white 2016 Honda Civic before that - and secondarily for the gorgeous Soul Red, in the Touring trim with the Preferred package. The CX-5 was great for roadtrips, minor off-roading (read: non-paved roads in national parks), being very visible on the road to other drivers, had a robust safety suite (forward collision warning, blind spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alert - but no parking sensors for the 2018 Touring), and the candy apple red was a remarkable conversation piece. At the time it was a great deal and good value for the money (~$34k OTD).
The hankering for a convertible hit me when I saw a Mercedes-Benz drop its top at a stop light. The morning was sunny, wind was pleasant, outside temp was a breezy 70 (Fahrenheit). The idea - once taken root - never quite let go from 2019. I opened the sunroof on the CX-5 at most available opportunities anyhow so I began my…
Research: I didn’t take action until the CX-5 was paid off (and driven nearly 46k miles) , but once it was I began looking. Unfortunately the pandemic was (is?) in full swing, and used car prices were (are) through the proverbial roof - more so for convertibles (pun intended :D).
I didn’t consider any Germans because I rode the ‘Germans expensive when broken’ bandwagon - although:
I created a generic ‘convertible’ search filter on Autotrader and subscribed to the running list to be informed of any used vehicles. The main criteria with which I was looking for a convertible was:
The last point is important, because safety features in a car are a secondary layer of protection against my idiocy and tech features are quality-of-life increases, so I want to expand on it a little. My CX-5 had the following, and therefore set a semi-flexible bar on safety and tech features:
Lure: Miata is always the answer - except when it doesn’t accommodate the wifey. We tested a fair amount of them with her as the passenger and driver - NBs (model year 1998-2005), NC (model year 2005 to 2015), and a ND2 (model year 2019 to current). Our primary issues were that:
Well, since Miata isn’t my answer I expanded my search to other convertibles and we tried out more cars:
The biggest problem I could see brewing was that safety and tech features were missing or virtually non-existent in a lot of the more older ‘verts (read: more economically-priced, closer to ~$10-15k OTD on COVID-19 prices), so I needed to either expand my price range or lower my expectations.
Before I lowered my expectations I had to find out what the CX-5 was worth, which is what I did. Virtual estimates from, Carmax, Caravana, and Vroom were in the ~$21k range, with ~14-15% variance up-or-down (Carmax’s in-person estimate was the lowest, while’s in-person estimate set the higher end). Hence I refined and resumed my search. The estimate I received was lower than expected because the CX-5 was rear-ended by a F-150 back in 2019, but them’s the breaks.
Hook: It seemed I was being organically nudged to the Mustang by The Universe because:
The picture from Autotrader was low res, but the musculature of the body was apparent. The flowing lines of the hood in the sun, the hawkish face, the spike of the windshield over the relatively flat silhouette, the running pony, and the sparkling orange…mmm. I went in for the test drive same evening I received the notification, was satisfied with the ride, and wanted a PPI done which the dealership readily agreed to. The PPI took nearly a week to coordinate because there was interest in the car from other parties.
Line: While I was waiting for the PPI I researched ‘2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost’ further. This 2018 is the 6th model generation, called S550 during development. The 6th generation model for the EcoBoost is split into 2 - 2015-2017, and 2018+.
There is also a High Performance EcoBoost - with a different engine, and other bits and bobs, but since I’m not getting that I didn’t research it.
The 2018+ stock EcoBoost makes 310 HP at 5500 RPM and 350 lb-ft torque at 3000 RPM. The torque curve is available and can be modified by tunes (‘tuning’ is arguably an umbrella term encompassing everything from installing basic performance modifications such as intake or exhaust system to modifying ECU calibrations for performance-oriented throttle response).
The biggest changes I cared about in the 2018 refresh are to the front and rear fascia, and the introduction of the 10-speed automatic transmission. I watched u/SavageGeese’s 2015 and 2020 EcoBoost Mustang videos to familiarize myself with the platform, and purchased a tee from his website as thanks for his and Jack’s expert advice.
I much prefer the look of the refreshed Mustang because:
The 10-speed auto (during development called 10R80) has a few cool facts:
Tom Barnes retired earlier this year in March 2021, so a huge shoutout to him for all the work he’s put in for the Mustang brand over the years - and a personal thanks from me for making a truly memorable car.
The fastback (AKA coupe) is ~3500 lbs while the ‘vert is ~3600 lbs, for the 4-pot. This makes sense because:
The V8 engine would add ~200 lbs to each aforementioned figure.
In terms of safety and tech features, my Mustang would come equipped with:
Sinker: Once the PPI came out clean FOMO hit me like a truck. The CX-5 is admittedly a lot more ‘car’ than the Mustang, and I hadn’t yet discovered/researched all the compromises beyond just the lack of a roof. So while there still terabytes of data required before the actual ownership experience for a convertible could be defined, sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.
Eureka!: A hill I will die on - if you bought a convertible you need to put the top down. There are some other extenuating circumstances (rain/snow, top is wet and needs to dry, mechanism is broken, passenger discomfort, etc.), but otherwise you should have bought a coupe. Fog? Top down. 97 degree (Fahrenheit) afternoon? Top down, hat on, AC on. 44 degree (Fahrenheit) night? Top down, neck warmer and beanie on, heated steering wheel on, heater on.
I realized that I’d need to protect against the elements since everything was pretty much in my face now: heat, cold, light, moisture, sound, wind, smell…
To account for the world I had to gradually accessorize:
If all of the above is too much, I strongly recommend at least a fleece-lined hoodie. Everything else can be arguably materialistic wants.
I want to expand on the wind deflector because of its utility in/for the convertible. It installs and uninstalls fairly easily, and I too recommend using carabiners to act as extensions because the car seat hooks are embedded deep in the upholstery (shout out to Amazon reviewer Mark Edwards for this protip). Cable ties to keep excess fastener rope tied down are optional but highly recommended because at speed those will fly about uncontrollably. The deflector comes with a plastic cover and the product is compact enough that it can be stored in the trunk in the cover if you do want to use the backseats.
The ~$400 price point is a tough pill to swallow but the benefits are well worth it:
So…why didn’t I opt for a V8?
I’ve driven the car with the top up only a handful times at night in my few months of ownership, so I have a few comments:
Stock Driving Experience: Stock, the car drives pleasantly enough. There are a few drive modes it comes equipped with to talk about:
There are also 3 steering modes:
What took getting used to was the lack of:
Motoring musings:
Modifications: The S550 generation is a looker - so there’s not much in the way of external mods I want on this car. I have only blacked out the hood vents so far.
The tribar pony grille is so classic that I’m disappointed it’s locked behind trim packages. So ultimately I hope to:
A week or two after the purchase I reached out to several auto shops to receive estimates, then settled on one that offered the best deal for and ordered:
The above items cost me ~$3k (parts and labor).
Tuned Driving Experience: It’s said on the forums and subreddits that the Ford Performance tune ‘wakes the car up’ and makes a ‘night and day difference’. 100% true, and 100% recommended. It drives like a very different car now.
You must use 91+ octane gas, or risk engine damage. Once the tune is installed it takes some time for the transmission to adapt to the new tune - Ford told me that it takes ~500 miles for the ECU to ‘learn’ the horsepower and torque gains, but I felt the difference in throttle sensitivity almost immediately. My MPG also increased to ~24 - city and highway driving.
Speaking of the modes:
Digital Gauge: After the road the 12-inch gauge is the next thing I look at the most while driving, so I want to expand on this nifty piece of technology. It’s available as an add-on while speccing out a new Mustang, or as an aftermarket piece - costing ~2-3k for install (parts and labor).
Some quick facts about the digital gauge cluster:
I often toggle between Info and Gauge modes.
Gauge displays 3 configurable choices from the aforementioned list, and I keep up (as ordered):
The gauge also has an analog readout which displays numbers instead of the symbols, but is tougher to read while driving.
On the Info side I’ll usually keep up the MPG meter - typically on highway drives to watch my throttle input. It also displays the G skidpad, and per-tire pressure - although I wish the Mustang in that image was orange, not ‘default’. There’s also a trip meter.
Please enjoy this animation when going from Normal > Sport+ > Track, essentially highlighting that Sport+ is the bridge between Normal and Track modes.
The digital dash can change with drive modes, or stay in one of the pre-configured layouts (Normal, Sport+, or Track).
Looking Forward In terms of the criteria I was looking for, the ‘vert meets most of them. It’s a quiet, comfortable cruiser (my 90-something grandfather rode in the ‘Stang for a 2 mile round-trip drive and he said “the seats are very comfortable” - so here’s an available feather for the appropriate engineer’s cap) that is relatively easy on gas, has an inviting interior and a very attractive exterior, features a simple top operation mechanism, has a partially present safety-and-tech suite, and was arguably within my price range. In these COVID times I feel like I chanced upon a unicorn and was blessed with it.
I’d definitely recommend owning a convertible - but I understand that’s not a lifestyle for everyone.
Thanks for reading!
Edit: I use this Scoche mount stuck near the bottom right of the screen, and since I have Android Auto I prefer to keep the phone hardwired to the car via a cable.
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2021.08.10 14:13 gliz5714 2022 Nissan Frontier - Video Reviews

Thought I’d collect them all in one spot! See below for the various reviews from the Hands On by Nissan a few weeks back!
The Fast Lane Trucks
Alex on Autos
Raiti’s Rides
Redline Reviews
Ben Hardy
Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk
Prime Autotainment
Big Truck Big RV
If there are others that I missed, please drop in the comments and I can update the post!
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2021.08.10 14:12 gliz5714 2022 Nissan Frontier - Video Reviews

Thought I’d collect them all in one spot! See below for the various reviews from the Hands On by Nissan a few weeks back!
The Fast Lane Trucks
Alex on Autos
Raiti’s Rides
Redline Reviews
Ben Hardy
Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk
Prime Autotainment
Big Truck Big RV
If there are others that I missed, please drop in the comments and I can update the post!e post.
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2021.08.10 14:10 gliz5714 2022 Nissan Frontier - First Drive Videos

Thought I’d collect them all in one spot! See below for the various reviews from the Hands On by Nissan a few weeks back!
The Fast Lane Trucks
Alex on Autos
Raiti’s Rides
Redline Reviews
Ben Hardy
Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk
Prime Autotainment
Big Truck Big RV
If there are others that I missed, please drop in the comments and I can update the post!
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2021.07.20 16:51 sudz3 [Canada] Whats the best site to find used trailers?

All I know of is the RV tab of Autotrader.
We have a popup... I spent last summer under it fixing floor rot. (what an ordeal) Decided... not for us. Call us snowflakes but waking up in 100% humidity on a 2 inch mattress... Not for us.
We're looking at getting a large travel trailepark model and I can't seem to find too many. Any other sites other than Autotrader? (Looking in Ontario, Canada)
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2021.02.02 23:24 Paradox-Socratic Researching Buying New - A lesson in frustration

Hey all,
I've been lurking for a few months now. I enjoy the pics y'all share and have learned a good deal from the questions that have been answered. Thank you.
My wife and I are talking about picking up a Rockwood 2509S or Flagstaff 25BRDS sometime in the next year. Ideally, I think we'd prefer to buy used to avoid the immediate depreciation hit. But times being what they are used trailers, especially if you're looking for a specific model, are very hard to find. Even comparable models from other brands are few and far between, and so we are considering purchasing new.
I spent a good chunk of 2019 and 2020 spec'ing out and eventually buying my first new truck. I made heavy use of manufacturer websites, dealer websites, and tools like or It took some effort time and cost comparisons to find the right deal.
I am blown away at how bad most RV manufacturer, dealer, and aggregation (rvt, rvtrader, etc) websites are.
It gets to be really frustrating to use.
I've read that you can often negotiate down 30% from MSRP. But since those numbers appear to be completely random you could still be overshooting your sale price by several thousand.
I guess I'm just curious what everyone else's experiences were like when buying new. Did you price compare across multiple dealers? Through multiple states? How successful were you at negotiating the price down? How confident are you that a dealer didn't just add $4k onto the MSRP and pass it on to you at sale time?
It has been annoying enough that I've considered building a new website/service where people can submit the details (specs and price) of a new vehicle or trailer purchase just to return average sales points on specific models vs time and location. The information is out there, but it seems dealers and manufacturers don't want to provide it.
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2021.01.13 22:39 leurognathus F150 hybrid

I figure you guys have already seen the hype on these, but has anyone taken a hard look at using one for a smallish travel trailer? Is anyone doing this? We are still several years out from an RV purchase, but are starting to think about tow vehicles. The 2021’s are running 73-74k USD on Autotrader, so if I start saving now, I might be able to afford a used one in 3 or 4 years😂
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2020.01.20 00:13 whatssocomplicated F150 / Tundra and other used truck purchasing questions

been researching trucks a lot the past couple months. never owned an rv or a truck before. we realized we were initially thinking too big, size and money-wise, and are now focusing on a TT somewhere around 26-28' and up to around 6k lbs. we're shooting for a brand new TT and used pickup. was hoping to get a used half ton truck on the newer side where it still had a good amount of warranty left. the more i read though, the more discouraged i get. besides being able to do the job of towing well, my biggest priority is reliability.
wife has been focusing more on researching the rvs and i've been focusing on the truck. most recently i've been zeroing in on an f150 or tundra between 2016 and 2019. i get it that with any vehicle you research, you're going to find common problems. hoping some of you experienced rv and truck owners can answer any of these questions and share your insights.
  1. anyone experienced or know about the tundra's cam tower leak issue and know if toyota ever fixed it in the newer trucks? i saw where someone's 2018 had it. seems the problem is pretty damn prevalent. i've read someone saying they checked several trucks at a used car lot where they worked and a bunch of them had the leak.
  2. for the 5.0 L coyote engine in the f150, anyone else hear about how the engine was changed in 2018 and now has all kinds of problems? i've read where people claiming to be ford techs or know a ford tech say the engines are terrible since 2018. tons of tsbs and something with excessive oil consumption and the tsb fix is to completely replace the engine. someone said how the dealer they work for is now pushing for buybacks because the problem comes back after replacing the engine. someone else was saying the 2015-2017s were the best bet if you were going to get one.
  3. thoughts on longevity of the 3.5 ecoboost? i was leaning towards the 5.0 because it seems an engine with twin turbos would have more issues eventually. anyone with an eb engine with high miles want to share your experience?
  4. how much lower than list price on a used truck can you realistically expect to get? not sure what i should be shooting for.
  5. thoughts on buying a former lease vs commercial vs rental vs personal? with the fords, most of the trucks i was seeing on autotrader were former rentals (already posted a question about that), along with rentals though, i'm wondering if people think i'd be less likely to end up with a truck that was someone else's problem that they unloaded if i were to go for a former lease or commercial.
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2020.01.03 02:44 razgrizzeroone BKCFF Fundraiser Wrap-Up

First off: all of us mods want to thank everyone who donated to the fundraiser to honor the memory of u/KesFan_NavyVet. We are thrilled with how successful this fundraiser was.
Together, we raised $1,128.22 for Brad Keselowski's Checkered Flag Foundation!! Since the strawpoll was even for most of the run, and with facing a deadline of 12/31, we decided to add any additional names that were requested as well as have anyone who donated $100 or more have a name of a veteran added. Altogether, five (real, not online) names will be on Brad's Autotrader car at Atlanta:
The remaining $628.22 was then made as a general donation to BKCFF with the subreddit as the listed donor's name.
Believe it or not, we only had five people who wanted to enter the raffle! I had the sheetmetal donors pick a number to determine the winners. u/JJPHRD chose 3 for Dale and u/MrDingus84 chose 2. u/XxSaint_JimmyxX won the signed bumper from u/JJPHRD and u/mizman24 won the pillar from John Hunter Nemechek's 2017 Dover truck from u/MrDingus84!
Thank you again to everyone.
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2019.04.15 14:25 CatastropheJohn Buying Advice

This post isn't looking for help on what to look for in an RV, but where to find one.
I've been searching since last summer. Ten months, every day. I find at least three good solid candidates listed every day. Without fail, the unit is sold within minutes of the ad being published. That's approximately 900 units I've missed out on.
At first I suspected dealers were beating me to it, but there's no one anywhere around here selling them used, so that theory doesn't hold water.
Typically I see the ad within a few minutes of posting. F5 for life. I message, as per the guidelines, and get no response. The ones that post a number, I call. Voicemail is full. Every. Time. I text; no reply. And then they leave the ad up for six extra weeks.
The last two have just about snuffed out my desire. Second last one, the lady actually responded. Told me someone's already coming to look - tomorrow. I say, "but I have cash in my hand, right now". Oh no, I promised the other guy. "what if he [a] doesn't show [b] doesn't like the unit [c] wants to pay you less than me [d] doesn't have cash money?" Oh dear. This is so complicated. "No. No it's not. First come, first served" is pretty standard stuff.
The last one was listed at 5:30 am today, and I called at 7:00. Ignored messages, and Voicemail full.
If anyone knows of a Class C Under 30 feet and under 10K in Southern Ontario that is in reasonable condition and drivable I will buy it today. Any brand; any year. Water damage and broken appliances are fine, if the price reflects that. Also, if you know of somewhere other than autotrader and kijiji to search I'd love some alternates.
Cheers. Thanks in advance for any leads, and my apologies for sounding salty.
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2019.03.02 19:41 bluegold4 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series paint scheme chart updated through the Pennzoil 400 Presented by Jiffy Lube

Fully Updated
Race Winners Advance Auto Parts Clash-Jimmie Johnson Gander RV Duel at Daytona #1-Kevin Harvick Gander RV Duel at Daytona #2-Joey Logano Daytona 500-Denny Hamlin Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500-Brad Keselowski
Paint Scheme Chart
Aric Almirola 10 10 10 10
Ryan Blaney 12 12 12 12
Alex Bowman 88 88 88 88
Clint Bowyer 14 14 14 14
Chris Buescher 37 37 37
Kurt Busch 1 1 1 1
Kyle Busch 18 18 18 18
William Byron 24 24 24
Landon Cassill 00 00 00
Ross Chastain 15 15 15
Matt DiBenedetto 95 95 95
Austin Dillon 3 3 3 3
Ty Dillon 13 13 13
Chase Elliott 9 9 9 9
Joey Gase 66 66
Brendan Gaughan 62
Denny Hamlin 11 11 11 11
Kevin Harvick 4 4 4 4
Daniel Hemric 8 8 8
Jimmie Johnson 48 48 48 48
Erik Jones 20 20 20 20
Brad Keselowski 2 2 2 2
Parker Kligerman 96 96 96
Corey LaJoie 32 32 32
Kyle Larson 42 42 42 42
Joey Logano 22 22 22 22
Michael McDowell 34 34 34
BJ McLeod 51 52 52
Jamie McMurray 40 40
Casey Mears 27
Paul Menard 21 21 21 21
Ryan Newman 6 6 6 6
Ryan Preece 47 47 47
David Ragan 38 38 38
Tyler Reddick 31
Garrett Smithley 77
Reed Sorenson 77
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 17 17 17
Daniel Suarez 41 41 41 41
Matt Tifft 36 36 36
Martin Truex Jr 19 19 19 19
Ryan Truex 71
Bubba Wallace 43 43 43
Cody Ware 52 51 51
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2019.02.24 05:01 bluegold4 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series paint scheme chart updated through the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

Race Winners Advance Auto Parts Clash-Jimmie Johnson Gander RV Duel at Daytona #1-Kevin Harvick Gander RV Duel at Daytona #2-Joey Logano Daytona 500-Denny Hamlin
Paint Scheme Chart
Aric Almirola 10 10 10
Ryan Blaney 12 12 12
Alex Bowman 88 88 88
Clint Bowyer 14 14 14
Chris Buescher 37 37
Kurt Busch 1 1 1
Kyle Busch 18 18 18
William Byron 24 24
Landon Cassill 00 00
Ross Chastain 15 15
Matt DiBenedetto 95 95
Austin Dillon 3 3 3
Ty Dillon 13 13
Chase Elliott 9 9 9
Joey Gase 66
Brendan Gaughan 62
Denny Hamlin 11 11 11
Kevin Harvick 4 4 4
Daniel Hemric 8 8
Jimmie Johnson 48 48 48
Erik Jones 20 20 20
Brad Keselowski 2 2 2
Parker Kligerman 96 96
Corey LaJoie 32 32
Kyle Larson 42 42 42
Joey Logano 22 22 22
Michael McDowell 34 34
BJ McLeod 51 52
Jamie McMurray 40 40
Casey Mears 27
Paul Menard 21 21 21
Ryan Newman 6 6 6
Ryan Preece 47 47
David Ragan 38 38
Tyler Reddick 31
Garrett Smithley 77
Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 17 17
Daniel Suarez 41 41 41
Matt Tifft 36 36
Martin Truex Jr 19 19 19
Ryan Truex 71
Bubba Wallace 43 43
Cody Ware 52 51
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2019.02.12 20:27 Fourseventy Any suggestions for where to find Campervans and RVs in the lower mainland?

I'm looking at buying a used Campervan or RV for a cross Continental road trip.
I've check out the usual suspects Craigslist, Kijiji, Autotrader for listings, with limited success. Does anyone know where else to look? I'm also finding it super frustrating how slow/no responses I'm getting from these sources.
I have a 20k budget for a vehicle so I'm looking for something that is functional but not worried about it being fancy. Water damage/mould seem to be a huge issue with units I've seen. I'm hoping there is some untapped resource out there that I have missed. It doesn't help that snowmageddon is really making it difficult to inspect important bits like RV rooftops.
Thanks all!
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2018.11.21 14:42 p01ntless Updated October 31st timeline

who's who

Oct 31st


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2018.11.18 17:30 p01ntless October 31st timeline questions

I've been constructing a timeline given the new angles and affidavits and provides references and pointing out inconsistencies.


Oct 31st

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2018.11.07 17:24 p01ntless The Mexican Dassy standoff

Trying to construct the timeline based on some strange proceedings to see what story we can get from that. I am trying to follow line of events KZ could be laying out. Need to know who's who? check here.

On BoD

BoD and his evident obsessions with extreme pornography involving violent porn, mutilation, dead bodies, skinny (skeleton) and underage girls, combined with his experience with (deer) hunting, calls for a closer look.
From the search records, searches like 'flamed knife', 'knife through skin', 'gun to head', 'car accidents' don't appear until 2006 well after the murder. Although prior to the murder he did search for terms like 'skeleton' and 'alive skeleton' and 'under age girls', he also searched for 'rotten' a site containing gruesome death related content. I believe the PC had such graphic gruesome pictures stored to HD (outside the browser cache).
At this point in time, I am not aware of any indication (other then SA's statement) that BoD knew TH. He had seen her a number of times before though.
BoD's and his brothers and ST provide shaky, changing and some evidently false statements, show either they are covering, or 'bending the truth' to fabricate him an alibi.
The Labrador puppy scratches on Bobby's back are disputed as a forensic pathologist says they are not from a Labrador puppy but human.


I've been constructing a timeline given the new angles and affidavits and provides references and pointing out inconsistencies.


Oct 31st

Nov 1 & 2

On 1st RH called TH cellphone but the inbox was full. That call lasted 4 seconds, the exact time of a full inbox message. Another person too reported the inbox being full on the 1st. On the 2nd, TH cellphone is reported to no longer being full as someone called and left a voicemail after the phone rang a number of times. RH is one of the few known to have access to TH' voicemail. Although perhaps the message was auto deleted.

On RH:

RH is an abusive ex-boyfriend of TH. RH injected himself into the investigation. A senior ex FBI investigator reports that it is highly unusual that LE allowed RH, with his known abusive ex-relationship to TH, to a crime scene on multiple occasion including at least one where he gave a false name (false entry). It is also unusual that RH neither provided nor was asked for or had recorded an alibi for the 31st.
What's more, on Mr. Hillegas' left hand scratch marks were found that a Pathology Forensic Expert reports says is consistent with abrasions inflicted by fingernails.

On Colborn & Lenk:

LE officers Colborn and Lenk both had a conflict of interest in the TH investigation given their involvement to his prior case. They were not only deposed from "Avery's $36M lawsuit within three weeks before Teresa Halbach disappeared.", they themselves volunteered to inject themselves in the TH investigation and flung themselves on SA. Noted from the previous Trial Defense Counsel.

Nov 3rd

Nov 4th

Nov 5th

Nov 6th

Nov 7th

Nov 8th

Larger human bones were found in the Dassey burn barrel. 3 piles of human bones were found in the Manitowoc County gravel pit. A leading fire forensic expert later reported that no human body was burned in the Avery burn pit. They had to have been moved there. The question is who. Potential bone planting occurred 7/8th? something's fishy about the dig up and barrel shifting anyway.
JR reports witnessing activity at the Manitowoc pit just prior to when the the pelvic bones were found at ASY, he believes they were moved from the Manitowoc gravel pit.

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2018.05.29 14:54 grunge615 Looking to get started

My wife and I are looking for an RV to take our kids camping. Is a website or an app similar to Autotrader that will allow us to look at both dealer and individual listing for RVs?
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2018.01.31 08:53 mlpiceking [For Sale] Winnebago Vista 35F, 5500 Miles TAKE OVER PAYMENTS FROM BANK
5,500 miles TAKE OVER PAYMENTS AVAILABLE Winnebago Vista 35 F Year: 2013 Model: 35 ft Engine: V-10 Mileage: 5500 miles Gasoline Fueled (cheaper than diesel) Class A RV
Personal Sale by owner. Take over Payments: call for details Phone number: 602-370-2908 Leave a message if there is no answer.
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2016.08.14 09:22 xmastreee [FOR SALE] 2006 Triumph scrambler. (Lancashire)

I'm reluctantly selling my Scram. Low (9200) mileage, plenty of accessories, take a look at the Autotrader ad for more details.
Edit: picture
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2015.01.09 20:06 meowzah Wanting to live an RV life, where do we start?! (British Columbia)

My boyfriend and I currently live at home with our parents and I am graduating from University this spring. We want to save up to eventually build a small house on some acreage and we thought we would rather buy an RV than pay rent for an apartment. My career will most likely involve a lot of relocation so the RV would be perfect for that and it just gives us that feeling of owning our own place!
We were thinking we would try it out for the summer and see what happens once fall comes. The weather here is pretty mild so I don't think winter living would be an issue but we really just don't know yet! My grandparents do a lot of travelling to the states and live out of their travel trailer so we've been talking with them but I was hoping the folks on here could help us with just WHERE DO WE START!
I've been watching nomadic fanatic, looking up what to look for in a used RV, looking on craigslist and autotrader, reading tips on renovating and winterizing rvs but what should we actually do to get started? Do we just go out and buy one and hope for the best?! We think we have a place to park it before we start living in it and for any renos we need to do. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!
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2013.02.18 01:31 dynamicstereo What should I look out for in an '04 TJ Wrangler that I'm hoping to purchase?

Hey everyone, new here but hoping to get some info. I currently have a Honda Element that I'm looking to sell and pickup a Wrangler. As I was walking home the other day I saw a 2004 Wrangler for sale right in front of my building. I got in touch with the owner and it's a 2004 Wrangler Sport 5-speed with 50k and he's asking $12,000. It looks absolutely brand new, I asked why he was selling it and he mentioned that he used to have an RV that he towed it behind, but had recently gotten rid of the RV and bought a Mercedes so now he doesn't need the Jeep.
I've done a little research on AutoTrader to see if that was a fair price and it seems pretty fair. Is there anything I should look out for? This will be my first Jeep. Thanks for any help or insight you can give!
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