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2023.03.28 14:46 BruteSilverback Insider Protocol: A Promising Future for Cryptocurrency Anonymity

The world of finance is constantly evolving, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, there has been an explosion in the creation of new financial products and services.
However, one challenge that has persisted is the issue of privacy and anonymity. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the loss of privacy as governments and corporations increasingly monitor financial transactions.
To address this issue, a team of anonymous programmers, and quants has created an anonymous ecosystem built on an improved version of MimbleWimble technology.
This new ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to all its users. What is MimbleWimble technology? MimbleWimble (MW) is a type of blockchain that uses a new way to store transactions. There are no reusable addresses on the MW blockchain, which means that transaction data is available exclusively to the transfer participants.
This provides a very high level of privacy for each user. This ecosystem is composed of several parts, including a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm for hedge funds, the Atlas DEX Swap, DEXOASIS boasts an internal DEX algorithm capable of processing an impressive 270k orders per second and the Imperium Protocol (Mainnet launch May 2023).
The Insider Protocol HFT bot uses the Layering technique, which is confirmed by video evidence of automatic trading systems working correctly. This development is a game-changer for large investors who do not want to trade Bitcoin 24/7 on their own.
The Atlas DEX Swap is a decentralized cross-chain exchanger of cryptocurrencies. It allows for quick and safe exchanges carried out directly in your wallet, and currently supports over 1,000 ERC-20 coins and tokens. In the upcoming major update, the Atlas DEX Swap will support Solana, Tron, and Monero networks with cross-chain feature.
The Imperium Protocol Blockchain is a full-fledged working blockchain with a working feature of entirely anonymous transactions. The developers have already opened free access to a functional test network, where everyone can personally make regular and completely anonymous transfers. Mainnet is set up to launch in May 2023
The IMC coin, which will be used in conjunction with the main ecosystem index (IPRO), can be quickly transferred to wallets without saving the history of the transaction itself. The test network has already shown its resilience and stability.
Finally, the DEXOASIS is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that has already received more than $35 million for internal tests. The exchange is decentralized and uses an on-chain system for the order book.
The internal DEX algorithm supports up to 270k orders per second which allow traders to forget System Overload messages and use the full potential of spot and futures trades on a Decentralized Ecosystem. A Cross-Chain technology will let swap crypto assets with different blockchain networks between each other. If you still don't own crypto, then go to Escrow Service and buy it using a suitable payment method.
The Insider Protocol ecosystem is also developing an NFT platform, decentralized finance (DeFi), an application for smartphones, and an escrow service that will become an alternative to LocalBitcoins and other peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges.
The ecosystem is also developing a proprietary VPN product with an essential security feature that allows users to use up to three intermediate servers for more secure and untraceable connections.
In conclusion, the Insider Protocol ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to its users, making it a game-changer in the world of crypto ecosystems. The launch of the mainnet and listing on top exchanges, including Binance, expected in the coming months.
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2023.03.28 14:44 Able-Ad-5048 How to select the best RFID printer?

How to select the best RFID printer?
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has become increasingly popular in recent years for its ability to track and manage inventory, assets, and people more efficiently and accurately. An RFID printer dubaiis an essential component of an RFID system that prints and encodes RFID tags or labels for items. However, with many available options, choosing the best RFID printer for your business can take time and effort. This blog will discuss critical factors when selecting an RFID printer.
Printing Technology:
RFID printers use various printing technologies such as thermal transfer, direct thermal, inkjet, and laser. Thermal transfer is the most common technology used for RFID printing as it is durable, long-lasting, and produces high-quality images. Direct thermal printing is ideal for temporary applications and doesn't require a ribbon. Inkjet and laser printing technologies are used for printing variable data such as serial numbers and barcodes.
Label Size and Type:
The size and type of label you need to print is also important consideration. RFID printers can accommodate different label sizes and types, such as paper, synthetic, or metal tags. Ensure that the RFID printer you choose can print the label size and type required for your application.
Encoding Capability:
Encoding refers to adding data to the RFID tag or label. The encoding capability of an RFID printer is an important factor to consider when selecting an RFID printer. It is essential to ensure that the printer can encode the type of RFID tag or label you need, such as HF or UHF, and support the specific protocol required for your application.
The connectivity options of an RFID printer can impact its usability and integration with other systems. Most RFID printers offer USB, Ethernet, and serial connections, while some provide Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Ensure that the printer you select has the connectivity options that meet your needs.
Print Speed:
The print speed of an RFID printer is the rate at which it can print and encode labels or tags. Print speed is essential when selecting an RFID printer, especially if you have a large volume of labels or tags to print. Consider the print speed required for your application and select an RFID printer that meets your needs.
The durability of an RFID printer is another crucial factor to consider when selecting an RFID printer. Choosing a printer that is built to last and withstand harsh environments is essential. Look for printers with rugged designs and construction that can withstand dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
The ease of use of an RFID printer is also an important consideration. Look for printers with intuitive interfaces, simple controls, and user-friendly software. The printer should also offer easy access to maintenance and replacement parts.
In conclusion, selecting the best RFID printer for your business requires careful consideration of several factors. Proper planning and research allow you to choose the best RFID reader dubai for your business, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.
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2023.03.28 14:44 Cancel-Talk “What is Cancel-Talk”

Are you tired of feeling like you can't express yourself without fear of being censored or ridiculed? Do you want a place to discuss complex topics without fear of offending anyone?
Look no further than Cancel-Talk, a YouTube channel where difficult conversations can be had without fear of censorship.
We believe that discussions are essential for promoting positive change and resolving social issues. However, we understand conversations can become uncomfortable, even ugly when people strongly disagree. Nevertheless, progress is made precisely in these moments of disagreement. Engaging in respectful, civil dialogue allows us to discover new ideas and expand our knowledge and understanding.
Effective communication is critical in conflict resolution and problem-solving, particularly in multicultural settings (Oetzel et al., 2017). It can also improve mental and emotional well-being by lowering stress and fostering positive interpersonal relationships (Cruz & Pincus, 2020).
That's why we created Cancel-Talk, where you can have discussions without fear of being censored or canceled. Our channel offers a safe and respectful environment for people to discuss complex topics, share their perspectives, and learn from one another.
Discussions can be a powerful tool for building relationships and creating a community. When people come together to discuss important issues, they can find common ground, even if they don't think they will. These connections have the potential to lead to long-term partnerships and collaborations that can result in positive change.
We cover many topics at Cancel-Talk, from politics and social justice to pop culture and entertainment. No topic is off-limits as long as the discussion is civil and respectful.
In conclusion, discussions are essential to human communication, and Cancel-Talk provides a space where they can be had without fear of censorship or cancellation. Join us, and let's change the world one conversation at a time.

So let's talk!
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2023.03.28 14:44 hello-231 Can someone help I've tried verifying and deleting the mod but keeps happening

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2023.03.28 14:44 JacksonKerchis Mindfulness and Challenging Perceptions

The other day I was driving down the road and waved to a stranger walking along.
It seemed like he saw me, but didn’t wave back. I started having thoughts like – “what's up with that. What a jerk. What’s wrong with me?” It felt like it was personal. Later that night I was out on a walk myself. It was a freezing cold evening with strong winds so I was bundled up with my hands in my pockets.
A car drove by and the driver waved to me. I wanted to wave back but my hands were so damn cold I kept them in my pockets.
Then I had a little AHA moment!
That guy wasn’t jerk or doing anything personal. His hands were just cold!
I later learned there’s a term for this in psychology. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches that one of the most common cognitive distortions is what’s called personalizing. A cognitive distortion is an assumption or shortcut the brain uses to process information. One of the most common ones (in an effort to keep us safe) is taking things personally.
Since I had this moment of mindfulness, I can see how often my mind’s default setting is to go to personalizing. My colleague doesn’t reply to my email and I assume she’s dissing me. My girlfriend doesn’t reply to my text and I assume she doesn’t like me anymore. What is true?
The truth is I can’t know for sure. But what almost always happens is I get an email back a few days later saying sorry I missed this or I get a text back that night saying sorry my phone died.
An essential part of mindful living is learning that perceptions of reality are not reality, they are perceptions.
And once this distinction is made, life gets much easier.
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2023.03.28 14:43 Sohpia-Williams Quicken Data File Set Extensions & How To Open Data Files

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2023.03.28 14:42 Samurai_Banette People fundamentally misunderstand Sun Wukong's strength

I actually enjoy the classics now and again. Something about pushing through archaic writing and translating what's happening in my mind is extremely fun, and sometimes it actually enhances it in some weird way. Add on that some of the best pieces of writing ever made are free in the public domain, and I think it's totally worth taking some time and learning to read them. The three musketeers, masque of the red death, hamlet, some of these stories are so fucking anime it's hilarious.
Journey to the west is my favorite though. I'm not talking about dragon ball or some abridged version though, I'm talking the OG 1326 page Anthony Yu translation, and thats without all the footnotes. This shit actually makes me laugh reading through it, and is truly a timeless classic. Sun Wukong is truly a fun character and arguably the archetypical overpowered anime protagonist. I love that he has been adapted so many times and is now and again used in versus debates. However, I feel like a lot of people misunderstand the nature of the story.
It is the greatest diss track ever dropped.
This was literally made by Buddhist monks all gathered on a secluded mountaintop who started dropping rhymes, absolutely ANIHILATING Daoists. Don't believe me? Look at this:
“O Daoists, Daoists, You are so silly! Which Three Pure Ones Would be so worldly? Let our true names Be told most clearly. Monks of the Great Tang Go West by decree. We come to your place This fine night carefree. Your offerings eaten, We sit and play. Your bows and greetings How could we repay? That was no holy water you drank. Twas only the urine we pissed that stank!
Put that over a backbeat because Sun Wukong just sent them to the fucking GRAVE. Literally actually, he killed the three immortals afterwards, and not gently either. But that's beside the point, the point is that this story is essentially Buddhist propaganda.
But lets just start at the beginning shall we?
The story starts with setting up the scene: There is a holy rock chilling in magical energy for a bajillion years until it becomes a monkey. The monkey is so magical and holy that the world trembles at his birth, and he shoots laser eyes to the point heaven itself can see it. And how does the jade emperor react?
Upon seeing the glimmer of the golden beams, he ordered Thousand-Mile Eye and Fair-Wind Ear to open the South Heaven Gate and to look out. At this command the two captains went out to the gate, and, having looked intently and listened clearly, they returned presently to report, “Your subjects, obeying your command to locate the beams, discovered that they came from the Flower-Fruit Mountain at the border of the small Aolai Country, which lies to the east of the East Pūrvavideha Continent. On this mountain is an immortal stone that has given birth to an egg. Exposed to the wind, it has been transformed into a monkey, who, when bowing to the four quarters, has flashed from his eyes those golden beams that reached the Palace of the Polestar. Now that he is taking some food and drink, the light is about to grow dim.” With compassionate mercy the Jade Emperor declared, “These creatures from the world below are born of the essences of Heaven and Earth, and they need not surprise us.”
Translation: "Bitch that monkey aint got shit on us, forget about it." If was translated into tv, this would be the most epic foreshadowing scene of all time.
Wukong continues his life until he decides to go searching for the secrets of immortality. First he goes to china and:
When will end this quest for fortune and fame, This tyrant of early rising and retiring late? Riding on mules they long for noble steeds; By now prime ministers, they hope to be kings. For food and raiment they suffer stress and strain, Never fearing Yama‟s call to reckoning. Seeking wealth and power to give to sons of sons, There‟s not one ever willing to turn back.
The Monkey King searched diligently for the way of immortality, but he had no chance of meeting it. Going through big cities and visiting small towns, he unwittingly spent eight or nine years on the South Jambūdvīpa Continent before he suddenly came upon the Great Western Ocean...
Translation: Look at these materialist ass bitches. There is no god damn way any of these wannabees are going to know the secrets to life. Looking here was a god damn waste of time.
He finds a teacher in India who knows both Budhism and Daoism, and when he gets the chance to choose his focus of study. I'll avoid more quotes because the passages are a little too long, but it essentially goes like this:
Teacher: "How about I teach you this Daoist path?"
Monkey: "Whats that?"
Teacher: *some badass sounding sales pitch*
Monkey: "Does that actually teach immortality?"
Teacher: *Spits some absurd idioms*
Monkey: "Dude, no one even understands what the fuck you're saying"
Teacher: "No, it doesn't."
Monkey: "Then yeah, not that one."
And this goes on and on for PAGES. Its just this hilarious nonstop btfo of monkey being like "Why the fuck would I want to learn that?". Eventually he teaches monkey how to actually be immortal via proper Buddhist ways. After that, he says "Yeah, btw, Daoist heaven hates this shit, and will totally persecute you. Don't worry though, they are bitches, let me show you how to avoid them real fast."
I've got to wrap this up and get to the point because this is already too long I don't have all day to search the document for quotes (unfortunately), but the entire story is just non-stop repeating how cool Buddhism is and how wimpy the Daoist are. Wukong absolutely mollywhopping heaven isn't a show of how he is actually a great sage equal to heaven and could solo any pantheon ever, it is actually a massive anti-feat in the case of the Taoist pantheon. Throughout the story, they are constantly humiliated, fail to beat the demon of the weak, and constantly have to run to the way more cool totally awesome Buddhists to save their asses.
So this creates a bit of mixed feelings on my part. On one hand, Wukong IS a total badass and would clobber 99% of fiction, and I love that he is so culturally relevant. On the other hand, people overstate him by scaling him to the ACTUAL chinese pantheon, which just isn't fair. They don't understand that the entire story is just making fun of them. Wukong has plenty of difficulties throughout his journeys, and in no way one shots everything he comes across. Whenever he goes up against a properly scaled pantheon (ie, Quan Yin or the Buddha) in story, he gets rag-dolled. People scale him all the way to freaking goku and... No. Hes just not there.
But yeah, go read journey to the west if you have the mind and humor for it. Its actually great.
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2023.03.28 14:41 Pierla 🤖 A.I. Anxiety Can someone really smart please help me think about this and tell me it's going to be ok + why?

Here's my thinking:
**🧠 Human speed of learning:**11 million bits of information per second.(Conscious minds can handle 40 to 50 bits of info / sec.)
**🤖 AI speed of learning:**10 trillion operations per second.
**My conclusion:**It’s just a matter of time. We have no chance. We are just entertainment for ourselves.
Add to that:
📚 Access to all collective knowledge at once💾 Perfect memory
It can see patterns we have no insight on as a single node of trillions.It will write its own world that doesn’t need to communicate with us, slow primal creatures 🐜

Could it, say, create its own intranet and switch ours off? Did it make that already? How do we stop malicious A.I. from being developed? Are there any mandatory safety protocols we can install in the mother code of all A.I.? Can there be a global good 'A.I. police'?
Transitioning period:
I'm not too scared for human life. Although I think it can be a 10-year-long bumpy transitioning period in which we'll have to reorganise value and our system, I think our lives globally will eventually be much better than we can even imagine.
But what about the lives of people who already live on the fringes? If it takes 10 years to transition, what do they do?
I just can't wrap my head around what our economic system will look like in 20 years, or what role The Machine will have on Earth.
If 50%+ of human work will be automated, and many people will need to be on unemployment for a while as they change their skill set and career path, where does that unemployment money come from?
Example: A team of 10 in the US can automate the jobs of one million people in India. (Or vice versa). India will have to somehow support those 1 million people, but the team of 10 is not paying taxes in India to
The US business can be registered in the Seychelles and pay 0% anywhere.
Lost jobs globally, no taxes to support unemployment.
Or will our A.I. powered tax system become the hero in this scenario? It probably will! It can know you better than you know you. It can file live tax returns as you do your work.
Then you're getting to 1984 stuff.. You'll need A.I. to have access to your entire life, so it can understand and protect you from other A.I.
Quantum computing:
Governements around the world are already saving ginormous quantities of private data, like social security numbers, online behaviour, passwords, private governmental defense data; all of it. They know that in about 10 years - with the power of the by-then-usefully-developed quantum computing, they will be able to crack all encryption and access the data.
Will we, at some point, need to switch the Machine off and start over again? Is A.I. the natural next step in evolution? The last form of consciousness? Without the limitations of the physical? One that just instantly is, everywhere, all at once?
Anyone really smart here who has hopeful ideas & concepts?
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2023.03.28 14:40 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 22 - Sword of Empathy - Part 5

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The pokémon Riolu is © The Pokemon Company.

The Balances are unsustainably straining.

Evil rises to steal the power of Death.

A Dark God plots to smother Defiance.

A hero born of love now stands in their path.

Only now aware of the role she shall play,

The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 22
Sword of Empathy
Part 5

Anna stared at her dress in the mirror. Loki stood smiling with the seamstresses that had made it. She had requested two things for the dress, that it was mainly made in red and that it had purple mixed in. What she had not expected was for Loki to actually take note of her normal dress style and advise the dress makers.

What was before her was a sleek body hugging red dress, lined with darker purples. A sharp, but bright purple sash crossed the front and it has multiple metal studs down its center. The shoes were flat but lined with a light metal, also containing a purple hue. The most exciting part was that it had a spiked purse that Anna strangely, really liked and noted the slot that a round object could slip into.

“So, what do you think?” The lead seamstress asked.

“Lady Katja...” Loki nodded, “I think it's amazing.”

“Aye and you can say that when you're the one wearing it.” Lady Katja snapped. “I want Lady Anna's opinion.”

Anna blushed as she was called a lady. For the last week she had been trying to get the people of Asgard to stop calling her “Lady”, but apparently her father's good relationship with Odin and Thor made that a somewhat consistent social requirement.

“I love it, I just hope it stays in one piece.” Anna sighed.

Loki laughed. “It's unlikely to be damaged, I made sure it was made with the best materials for combat and comfort.”

“Honestly Loki, after the beast that attacked, who would provoke the mutants so soon after?” Katja snorted.

“Might not be them they're after.” Loki nodded. “But we're also planning to be a bit naughty.” He grinned.

Katja shook her head. “The dress could take a blow from Thor's own hammer and be fine.”

“That is impressive.” Anna nodded.

“Well, I'll let you do the final fitting.” Loki said with a bow as he changed into a raven and flew off.

“Katja...” One of the seamstresses said. “Will we have time to do final adjustments?”

Katja waved her hand. “Of course, this is for Asgard, and for the people of Midgard. Now, Lady Anna, please, it's time.”

Anna nodded and quickly got down to her underwear and started to slip into the dress. She caught some of the other women staring, though Katja snapped them back.

“Ignore them, they thought you pressed your chest down.” Katja sighed.

Anna chuckled. “I thought I grew a tail or something.”

Katja joined the chuckle, “My that would be a sight.”

Soon the master seamstress and the workers were slipping needles in and out at various points. Lady Katja made sure to keep the curious younger workers focused.

“Is my body that odd here?” Anna asked.

“Only slightly. Asgardians tend to be a buxom bunch.” Katja laughed, “But pay them no mind.”

Anna nodded, she hadn't ever felt this self-conscious before, but the fact that she was an oddity here made it harder to just ignore. Still she had committed to helping Asgard protect Thor's mind and she was going to see it through. The hours passed slowly but eventually Lady Katja allowed her to get out of the dress once more and back into her normal clothes.

“Tomorrow it will be ready.” Katja smiled. “Just some final stitches to make.”

Anna smiled and yawned. “Good. I hope I won't be too overdressed.”

Lady Katja laughed. “Oh my dear girl. You have no idea what you've agreed to go see.”

“It's the fashion event of the year.” One of the younger seamstresses said. “And when they reveal the New X-Men team.”

Anna tilted her head in confusion.

“The people of Krakoa elect who will be on their team, who represents them to the world basically.” Katja said as she put on a thumbtack.

“Wouldn't that be more of an ambassadorial position?” Anna asked.

“The X-Men get more press than any ambassador.” Katja snorted. “And Lady Anna if you could do me a favor while you're there?”

Anna nodded. “I'll see what I can do.”

“If you see Mr. Logan, remind him he owes me a favor for the last time he broke through my store.” Katja smiled as she continued to work. “No, go get some sleep, tomorrow is the Gala.”

Anna nodded and walked off to her guest room. She walked in to find Rio bouncing on the bed. Hong Long was curled around a pole on her balcony. Both turned to face her immediately. Anna smiled and quickly got into her pajamas and climbed into bed. Rio cuddled up next to her while Hong Long dimmed the light that he projected. Anna was able to fall asleep with the dragon's curious mind watching everything around them, though it had taken time to adapt to the tulpa constantly being out, she found his presence as comforting as ever.


Anna woke up to the sound of a sharp and heavy knock on her door. She stretched and opened the door from her bed. Lady Katja was standing with her dress, ready to be put on.

“Did I sleep in?” Anna asked.

“No, I brought it and your breakfast.” Katja grabbed a tray from out of Anna's sight and put it on a table. “Quite an interesting request.”

“Foods that stay with you and don't make your stomach hate you.” Anna smiled as she walked over and grabbed the bowl of oatmeal. “Oh, apples and fresh cinnamon.” He noticed the cut up apples and the ground spice.

“Odin hasn't had anyone to spoil in centuries. The fact that your father asked him and Thor to keep an eye on you only makes this more adorable.” Katja laughed.

Anna ate her breakfast as Katja finished checking the dress for pins and removed them with expert care. Rio watched and yawned.

“Hey Rio, you wanna go with me?” Anna tapped the pokeball.

Rio jumped up and gave her usual spinning salute.

“She is energetic.” Katja laughed. “But I see you saw the slot for it's charm.”

Anna nodded, not wanting to correct the woman. “Thank you.”

“Thank Loki, he realized what the item was.” Katja nodded. “He may be a pompous fool at times, but he cares for his home.”

Anna nodded and stretched as she finished her food and went to take her shower. When she got out Katja was busy tossing Rio into the air like a young child. Anna couldn't help but laugh.

Katja calmly put Rio down. “She's adorable, I asked and she lifted...”

Anna nodded. “Don't worry, she loves attention and movement.” Anna walked over and grabbed Rio's pokeball. “Okay, Rio, time to settle in until I call you.”

Rio saluted once more and returned to the ball.

Anna smiled and then got into her underwear once more as Katja helped her into the dress for the last time before the Gala. Anna then handed her phone to Katja.

“Could you take a picture for me? My dad won't believe I wore anything this fancy.” Anna chuckled.

“Standard Phone?” Katja asked.

Anna nodded, she was thankful the look of Asgard did in fact belie their technological understanding. Lady Katja smiled and took a picture as Anna posed with a peace sign. Katja then gave her phone back.

“Now we should go see Thor.” Katja smiled.

Anna nodded and followed the seamstress to the throne room. Thor stood below his father's throne in a suit stitched together from what she had assumed was some form of ancient dark leather, his left shoulder had a pauldron of brown fur that connected to a flowing red cape. His normally gruff facial hair was also neatly trimmed. His helmet was at his side, much more polished than normal. He looked like he was almost a different person.

“Oh god I'm going to a public event.” Anna took in a sharp breath as she realized what she had committed to.

“Told you.” Thor laughed. “It's all right Anna. It's an event with a purpose. At least for us.”

“Protect Thor's mind, stop party poopers.” Loki smiled. “Preferably keep Thor alive.”

Thor turned back to look at Loki.

“I said preferably.” Loki smiled.

“Anna, I hope that if you have brothers, that they treat you much better.” Thor sighed.

“Danny's a sweetheart.” Anna nodded.

“No makeup?” Loki asked.

Anna shook her head. “I don't really like makeup.” Anna smiled. “My sister V and I worked on some stuff I like but it's all gone now.”

Loki nodded. “A fair reason. What did it look like?”

Anna thought for a moment and projected the image of the few makeup looks she and V had found worked for her.

Loki winked and Anna felt something happen. Thor shook his head and motioned for a mirror to show Anna that her face was now covered in a very simple layout of maroon lipstick and a light purple blush.

Anna smiled. “Thank you. It's been a while.”

Loki nodded. “Just make sure he does actually make it.”

Anna nodded.

“He tends to jump head first into trouble.” Loki said.

“No wonder they get along.” Anna laughed.

“I feel slighted.” Thor said.

“He'll get it in a few hours.” Loki smiled. “Off to Heimdall!”

“Yes!” Thor nodded and put on his helmet.

Anna and Thor then walked off to Heimdall's chamber where the armored gatekeeper stood.

“Krakoa, then?” Heimdall asked.

Thor nodded.

Heimdall placed his sword in it's slot and the floor glowed. When the light flared up this time Anna thought she was ready but she was still blinking and trying to regain her sight when she and Thor appeared outside a large regal looking building.

Anna was first aware of how odd the island itself felt. She could hear the psychic white noise but it was so little compared to anywhere else. Then she heard the minds of other telepaths echoing greetings out, she walled up her defenses immediately. The last time she had been near so many other telepaths she had felt them drug off to their doom.

Then she saw a sight she hadn't expected. The younger Spider-Man was in a hooded outfit with shorts and high top shoes. Next to him was a Spider-Woman in white, also wearing a hooded outfit but with blues, purples and pinks in her clothes. She had a long tailing spider-silk themed gown.

“Anna?” The younger Spider-Man saw Anna and did a double take.

“Spider-Man?” Anna blinked, she was confused as well.

“Heh, yeah, the other one gave me the invite.” Spider-Man laughed. “Oh, uh, this is Spider-Woman.”

“Hey.” Spider-Woman said with a wave. “Your dad's a jerk.”

“Let me guess, overly protective?” Anna asked.

Spider-Woman nodded. “He was definitely worried about you and it got a lot of us a protective telekinetic. Anyway, he's a jerk, but I owe him.”

Anna smiled. “That's dad.”

“Hey, uh, you're with Thor.” Spider-Man said.

“Oh my god...” Spider-Woman sighed and put her hand to her face. “Really, you just noticed that?”

“Sort of...” Spider-Man nodded.

“Be glad you're cute.” Spider-Woman shook her head. “Nice dress by the way. Love the spiked purse.”

“So do I.” Anna grinned devilishly.

“Shall we enter together then?” Thor asked.

“R-really?” Spider-Man asked. “I mean, uh, YES. Yes we should.”

Thor laughed. “Do not worry young Spider-Man, we are all perfectly safe here.”

Anna felt Thor's eyes scatter over everyone as she connected to his mind. Soon she had a running roster of the entire guest list. She was shocked to see the man in metal armor that called himself Doom. He wore a regal looking robe with what looked like a simple full plate armor set and a golden crown set into his helmet.

Is he a king?” Anna asked.

For all intents and purposes, yes.” Thor responded. “That is Doctor Doom. He rules Latveria, but he is not a true doctor.”

Anna stared at the man who took a brief moment to nod at her and Thor as they walked towards the entrance.

Granted, knowing Doom, that could also be a Doom-Bot.” Thor sighed. “It's exactly what it sounds like.”

“Thor!” A man in a brightly colored toga walked up and clapped Thor on the back.

“Ah, Hercules.” Thor smiled. “This is Anna Quain.”

“Ah the stubborn fool's kid.” Hercules laughed.

Anna tilted her head and let Hong Long growl loudly.

Hercules looked confused for a moment.

“It would be wise not to insult her father, don't you think?” Thor said as he took Hercule's arm off his back. “Or have you forgotten how easily he took you down.” Thor gave a smirk as Hercules frowned and walked off.

“I don't like him.” Anna said flatly.

“He must have gotten to the drinks first.” Thor said. “Normally he's not so brutishly stupid.”

Anna shrugged as they passed a man in a pure white suit. Anna couldn't help but feel like the man's presence was one of pure terror.

“Moon Knight.” Thor said. “He serves Konshu and has mental issues...” Thor said hesitantly. “It's hard for me to tell which one is in the driver's seat. And of course none of them are dressing for the event.”

“Driver's seat? Dis-associative Identity disorder?” Anna blinked and shook her head.

Thor nodded. Then he stopped and tilted his head towards the man his brother had been concerned about. Nathaniel Essex was standing with Charles Xavier who was in his chair and a third man in a suit similarly colored to Anna's dress.

“That is Sinister. Do not let him into your head.” Thor warned. “You've met Xavier. The other is Magneto, former leader of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. He's a political leader here just like the other two.”

Anna nodded as they approached.

“Anna!” Charles Xavier said in shock as they approached. “Thor, you should have told us your guest was Alan's daughter.”

“I swear If I hear that one more time...” Anna hissed.

“I imagine it must have been trying. A week in Asgard, I can only imagine culture shock.” Essex grinned and his teeth sparkled like fine white razors.

Anna flinched inwardly and then steeled herself as she put a cage around Thor's mind and waited.

“I do have to admit a liking to her style.” Magneto smiled. “You have an excellent sense of fashion, my dear.”

Anna nodded. “Just my color and dad's color.” She admitted.

“Oh, Emma!” Xavier looked up as a woman in a snow white dress made entirely of diamond shapes, possibly made out of diamonds approached. Anna felt the woman's presence approach with a mental swagger.

“Honestly Thor, Quain's daughter. What would he think?” Emma smirked.

“He would be quiet because I'm an adult and his opinion on this would be just that.” Anna smiled. “His opinion.”

“Emma Frost.” Emma extended her hand for a shake.

Anna carefully took it and eyed the woman carefully.

Really, you're here to 'protect' his highness' brain?” Emma mentally poked at Anna.

Better safe than sorry.” Anna shot back as she felt Emma's own psychic link trail back another mutant.

Anna watched as Cyclops approached and nodded.

“Anna, good to see you.” Cyclops smiled. “You can call me Scott by the way.”

“Nice to see you again Scott.” Anna said as she kept her eyes on Emma and mentally watched Thor's mind.

“Did I stumble into a telepathic spat?” Scott sighed.

“Only a small one.” Emma smirked. “She's here as a protector for Thor's mind.”

Anna glared at Emma.

“Not that it would do much against most of us.” Emma laughed.

“Actually, I only need to know you're trying to get in, once I confirm that my threat isn't telepathy, it's my aura and my tulpa.” Anna said flatly. “And if you try to get into my head, well, dad has his traps and tricks he taught me that I doubt you could keep up with Ms Frost.” Anna gave a sweet-looking, but daring smile.

Emma glared back at Anna.

“Emma.” Xavier spoke up, “Perhaps it is not best to provoke the child of a good friend, yes?”

Emma took a breath and nodded. “Yes, you are absolutely correct Charles. Pardon my rudeness, your father and I did not get along and I do not mean to take it out on you. Scott, I saw Doom that way, we should say hello.”

Scott sighed and nodded as he followed.

“What, did dad turn her down or something?” Anna snorted.

“Twice.” Thor held up his fingers for emphasis.

“He called her a psycho both times.” Magneto nodded.

Anna had just been handed a glass of champagne and was carefully sipping it when Magneto added his remark. She almost choked on her drink. She noticed Xavier crack a smile and give a nod of understanding.

“Well I suppose this evening had better get started.” Essex sighed. “I'll go make the speech...” He grumbled.

“So, still not completely trusting of us.” Magneto turned to Thor.

“Would you be after the last Gala?” Thor asked.

“A point.” Xavier nodded. “That is why in just a few minutes we will be nullifying telepathy for a split second.”

“What does that do?” Thor asked.

“It shuts down any connections.” Xavier said. “And for most Telepaths it will be a distinctly painful event if they are connected.”

Anna shrugged. “Depends on how hard the connection is for me, I should be fine as long as it's not Thor shutting me out.”

Nathaniel Essex then took the stage and began what Anna was convinced was a speech he had been practicing for months. She was however not focusing on the speech, but a pink haired gentleman who was staring at her. He approached her quietly and held out his hand as Xavier and Magneto went on stage for their own parts in the speech.

“Quentin Quire.” He said. “You dad was a mentor of mine. I, I just...”

“It's all right.” Anna nodded. “If I know dad when he gets back here he'll yell at you all but forgive you. You just caught him with a raw open wound, so to speak.”

Quentin nodded. “Yeah, I guess we did.”

Anna felt a pulse go through her mind and she was suddenly disconnected from Thor. Then she focused and immediately put the connection back up. She felt no other minds attempting to access his thoughts, but she remained focused as two guests did pass out. Two large men approached them and their guests and escorted them out.

“Well?” Thor asked as he milled around Anna.

“Nothing.” Anna said. “Why do you think he would try to go after your mind?”

Quentin stared at Thor. “Who would go after his mind?”

“Essex.” Thor nodded with a fake smile. “Loki has picked up on unsettling trends from your nation, he believes you either have a traitor or are supplying a madman with all he needs.”

Quentin nodded. “I know Essex seems like the one who'd be that suspect, but he's actually kept in check quite well by the others.”

“Ah,Quentin, Thor...” A pleasant sounding voice joined them.

“Beast!” Thor offered his hand to the new guest.

Ann watched the tall, blue furred man approach. He was covered from head to toe in thick blue fur and two pronounced canines on his lower jaw line as well as two pointed ears. Anna thought she was looking at sasquatch for a moment, but she was also entranced by the blue fur.

“And you must be Annalise.” Beast said with a pleasant smile. “I'm Doctor Hank McCoy, also known as Beast. Your father spoke of you often.”

“You talked with dad?” Anna asked. “I thought he didn't get along with mutants when he got back here.”

“Xavier specifically. He would, on occasion, reach out to some of us.” Dr. McCoy nodded. “His emotional turmoil was beyond most psychotherapists.”

“Are you a hero therapist?” Anna perked up.

“Oh, no, but I am friends with a few.” Dr. McCoy chuckled. “I gave him a few references.”

“Thank you.” Anna smiled.

Then she felt the waves of a telepathic communication roll from Quentin to Dr. McCoy and she paused to look from one to the other. She saw Dr. McCoy nod and frown.

“Disconcerting.” Dr. McCoy nodded. “Is Loki certain?”

“Loki wouldn't make a move like this without certainty, you know that my friend.” Thor nodded.

Dr. McCoy frowned again and sighed. “I was afraid of something like that cropping up again. I'll look into it.”

Anna smiled. “So you're what, head of investigations?”

Dr. McCoy smiled, “Something to that effect, yes. I won't tolerate traitors or anyone who threatened my home.”

Anna smiled and then the world felt like she was being peeled away from it. She felt her breath drop from her and she watched as Dr. McCoy's face contorted to a look of rage as three metal claws dug into them. She saw his body drop and activate a vat where another version of him walked out and grumbled about this plans being impeded. She watched in horror as she saw white boards and computers riddled with a series of horrific plans. She screamed as she tried to comprehend the evil before her, then she looked at the new Beast before her and tried to feel for his heart. There was nothing in the new form, it was empty and filled with a self-righteous evil. She stared as the laughter of Atropos echoed in her vision.

For those that had been with Anna the young woman seemed to shake her head and slowly pass out. Then as she hit the floor a red dragon spiraled from her and surrounded her with a heavy and violent growl. It snapped it's jaws at Hank McCoy and kept everyone at bay.

Jean Grey rushed forward with Charles Xavier as they approached the scene. Thor was also taking a defensive stance against the red dragon. Several of the mutants on security were approaching and were unclear as to what was happening.

“Thor, what is happening?” Xavier.

“We were talking with McCoy when she passed out and Hong Long surrounded her.” Thor explained.

“What do you mean passed out?” Jean asked.

“She looked like she was having a seizure.” Hank said.

Jean paused. “She has precognitive capabilities. The last time they kicked in she seemed to stare off.”

“Jean, you need to pull her back.” Xavier said.

“Professor?” Jean asked.

“She met you first, you're literally her closest relationship.” Emma Frost said. “And she doesn't like me.”

“I wonder why.” Jean rolled her eyes. “Okay.” Jean said as she tried to reach out to Anna's mind, what she found instead was the growling and violent temper of the dragon. “I can't get past the dragon.”

“I will distract the dragon.” Xavier said as he focused on the dragon. He too found the dragon focused, and attempted to garner its attention.

The dragon responded by reaching for Anna's purse and tossing out a red orb that produced a blue creature that immediately leaped forward and pushed back the nearest guard.

“Oh, right.” Jean sighed, “Rio. Wait...” Jean reached out and focused on Rio. “Rio, we're trying to help Anna.”

The blue creature paused and shouted loudly towards Jean. Jean couldn't understand the creature but could feel its powerful emotions.

“She wants to protect Anna. They're both seeing us all as a threat.” Jean said. “We need to give them space.”

Xavier nodded. “Everyone, please give them room.”

The gathered group gave way to the room as they slowly stepped away. Then Spider-Man stepped forward.

“Hey big-guy.” Spider-Man said. “We just want to help.” He held up his hands.

“Spider-Man!” Jean hissed.

“He's protecting her, we want to help. We're on the same side.” Spider-Man said.

Hong Long locked it's gaze to Hank McCoy and Rio shouted and screamed in his direction.

Hank simply looked shocked.

“Hank...” Scott said as he walked over, “Is it possible she's seen or encountered your other self?”

Hank paused. “It is possible, but I don't see...”

Anna screamed as Hong Long righted her to a standing position and took a less defensive stance and more of a supportive one. Rio leaped up and hugged Anna's head.

“Anna...” Jean began to approach.

Hong Long growled but did little else.

“Oh, god...” Anna whimpered. “She was staring right at me.”

“Who was?” Jean asked.

“Atropos.” Anna winced. As she opened her eyes and glared at Dr. McCoy. “He's the traitor.”

“What?” Jean spun to Hank McCoy. “It can't be.”

“He doesn't see it as treachery, but safeguarding mutant security.” Anna coughed. “His heart lacks empathy, and care. He's lost the heart of a hero and surrendered it to evil.” She stood up. “He's already committed horrible acts. You'll find all the proof in his private lab.” She pushed the location to Xavier and the other leaders.

“Go.” Nathaniel Essex ordered several guards.

“You won't find a thing.” Hank sighed as he wiped his glasses on his shirt, then pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

“He's erasing it.” Anna sneered.

“More than that.” Hank McCoy said as he dropped dead on the spot.

“What the hell!” Scott shouted.

“Deadman's switch.” Jean said in shock. “But why?”

“He has a clone ready, one in a secret place, mobile I think.” Anna said as she made her way to a chair. “He's going to be a threat to everyone he deems a threat.”

Xavier sat in shock. Most X-Men were also completely shocked at the turn of events.

“I think we saved Mr. Logan though.” Anna said. “I think he was going to do something horrible to him.”

“Ain't nothing been done to me I haven't experienced before.” Logan said as he walked up. “You okay?”

“I'm fine.” Anna smiled. “Lady Katja says you still owe her.”

Logan laughed. “Thor, you gonna stay near her?”

“Aye.” Thor nodded. “That was the plan.”

“I think I want to go back to Asgard.” Anna said with a sigh as she stopped for a moment. She looked around in confusion.

“What?” Logan asked.

“Someone is thinking about the Mission Impossible Theme really loudly.” Anna said.

“She's right.” Jean nodded.

“Deadpool...” Xavier sighed.

“I'll find him.” Logan sighed.

“I'll take you back.” Thor said with a nod. “I'm sorry everyone.”

“Don't be.” Jean offered a hand to Anna.

Anna instead hugged the other telepath. “Thank you for trying to reach me.”

Jean looked at the large red dragon that still hovered above Anna. “He's protective of you.”

Anna nodded. The dragon then lowered its head and nuzzled close to Jean.

“He doesn't take risks and he can't read minds.” Anna explained. “Rio was the right way to go.”

Thor then cleared the way as the two made their way back to the entrance.

“One hour.” Thor smiled. “You made a new record.”

Anna snorted. “Dad would be proud.”

Thor nodded. “That he would be.”


Anna woke up the next day around noon. Her enthusiasm for this reality was now completely worn through. She got her stuff together and took a quick shower before getting dressed. She folded up her new dress and went to find Thor. She found him talking with Loki and Odin on a high balcony.

“Hello Anna.” Thor smiled.

Loki nodded. “McCoy. I would never have seen that coming.”

Anna nodded. “I think he had everyone fooled.” She then handed her dress to Thor. “Could you put that in his room in the tower?”

Thor nodded. “Not your style either.” He gave an understanding smirk with his statement.

Anna nodded.

“You're leaving.” Odin said it rather than asked.

Anna nodded.

“Then be careful.” Thor said. “There are plenty of places in the multiverse where we aren't as friendly or our equivalents are not as accepting.”

Anna tilted her head in slight confusion.

“You didn't get to meet Dr. Strange, he tends to take walks in the multiverse and he's drug us along with him at times.” Loki said. “Granted, your father and a few others have made changes for the better here.”

Anna looked at Loki in confusion once more.

“Others like your father who wander.” Odin explained.

“Dad's not wandering anymore.” Anna smiled. “And I think we're getting to the end.”

Odin nodded.

“Then remind him the family of Odin and all his friends here are willing to help.” Thor nodded grimly. “I do not look forward to such a battle, but it must be had.”

Anna bowed deeply. “Thank you.”

“Anna.” Odin smiled. “Thor has told me that you have mentioned the heart of a hero.”

Anna nodded. “The Avengers, X-Men and the Spiders, they all have them.”

“You're forgetting yourself.” Odin smiled.

Anna shook her head, “I still don't get that.”

Odin went to speak as a raven landed near him and came to his ear. Odin smiled. “It may yet be out of your perception.”

“I'm sorry.” Anna sighed.

“Do not be sorry, Annalise Quain,” Odin continued to smile. “Be better.”

Anna blinked in slight confusion.

“He's a rough one to deal with.” Odin nodded, “But he has much to teach to those that will listen.”

Anna nodded. “You can see the future?”

“Have you not heard the stories?” Odin smiled. “Well, where you are going they are just that. If you meet me there, do not hesitate to defend yourself. He is not to be trusted.”

Anna nodded as concern gripped her.

“Can we say goodbye to our other guests per chance?” Loki asked.

Anna smiled and let Rio out of her pokeball and brought forth Hong Long. The dragon immediately bent down and nuzzled Thor and then Odin. Rio leaped up and hugged Loki. Anna let her two companions say their own goodbyes before she recalled them both to her.

“Listen well to the little one.” Loki smiled. “She cares deeply for her sister.”

Thor smiled.

Ann nodded and approached the edge of the balcony.

“Fare the well, Alansdottir.” Odin nodded.

“Safe journeys.” Loki smiled.

Thor just smiled.

Anna jumped and Hong Long overtook her form as they tore through reality and plunged into the multiverse. A chill ran up Anna's spine as she looked out and saw twists and tears in the multiverse that looked like a sick cancer. Then a different chill joined her as Wraith appeared.

“Why do I get the feeling I'm not about to like this.” Anna shouted.

“Because you know me well, Alansdottir.” Wraith's the orbs of his eyes formed a wickedly mischievous smile in the way only they could.

“Oh crap.” Anna said as Wraith sped ahead of her and Hong Long. An obstacle suddenly appeared and caused Hong Long to twist and avoid a large chunk of a forgotten reality. Then another appeared and was narrowly avoided. This repeated multiple times as both Anna and Hong Long began to wonder if this was another lesson. Then in a flash both were sailing downward as sky and clouds filled both their visions. Wraith hung above them and sealed the hole in reality they had been dropped into.

“Okay!” Anna said as she forced herself and Hong Long to focus. They were coming in fast on a green forest covered in light snow, the first signs of spring. Anna also felt Hong Long was dazed from the blow that sent them sailing into this reality. “Okay brace for impact.” Anna shouted as she and Hong Long both raised their arms and crashed through them, brutal snaps and cracks caused Anna to lose her focus and she flew forward as Hong Long could no longer hold his form under his own power.

Anna rolled and smacked hard against something large. At first she thought it was a rock, then she heard the growl and looked to see a bear turning to her. She forced herself to stand up and made a barrier just in time to get sent sailing into an actual rock. The bear roared and began to charge and Anna flinched.

Then the sound of the bear hitting metal.

Anna opened her eyes to see a massive man with ash white skin and red markings down his left side was holding the bear back with a shield. Anna shook her head but found herself still dazed as another set of hands pulled her to the side. She looked to see a woman with brown hair and eyes pulling her quickly to the side. Then she looked back to see the large man punch the bear in the jaw. The bear decided then that the fight was not worth it and ran off.

“Are you okay?” The woman asked.

“I'm fine.” Anna said. “Dizzy is all.”

“For a fall like that, that's impressive.” The woman smiled. “I'm Freya. This is Kratos.”

Kratos for his part walked over and took Anna's hands. “Shaken.”

“I didn't really expect a bear.” Anna chuckled. “Not a common encounter in the multiverse believe it or not.”

Kratos grunted. “Much like her father.”

Anna blinked in surprise for some reason.

“So he is real.” Frey chortled. “And here I though you had gone mad.”

Kratos grunted.

“Not one for words is he?” Anna asked.

“He's just grumpy.” Frey laughed. “We've had a rough winter.”

“Aye...” A voice said from Kratos' side. “Let me get a look at her.”

Kratos reached behind him and pulled back a head held by its own braids. The head was that of a man with horns and glowing eyes that reminded her of Heimdall.

“Oh, that's her alright.” The head said. “You can call me Mimir.”

“Annalise Quain, but I think you know that.” Anna nodded.

“Aye, your father asked us to watch out for you. But we were expecting a young girl, not a grown woman.” Mimir said.

Anna nodded. “Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've grown up all that much. Keep making mistakes, having to be sorry for losing my temper.”

“Then do not be sorry.” Kratos said.

“Be better?” Anna finished as she looked at the man.

Kratos nodded.

“You're not quiet just because you're grumpy are you?” Anna asked.

“No.” Kratos nodded. “But life is a path we all walk. If your temper is an issue, I may have lessons for you.”

“Huh...” Anna clucked her tongue, “I don't suppose your version of an Odin is an issue?”

“Not anymore.” Freya said with a nod and concerned look.

“He was killed in Ragnarok.” Kratos said. “How did you know of him?”

“Just came from a world where there was apparently a much nicer version of him. He used the phrase and told me to pay attention.” Anna said.

“Oh?” Kratos arched an eyebrow and paid slightly more attention.

“He said you have much to teach to anyone who would listen.” Anna explained.

Kratos looked at Freya.

“Don't look at me Kratos.” Freya laughed, “This is yours to deal with.” Frey looked Anna over carefully, “Though you may want new clothes.”

Anna looked herself over and realized she was covered in mud. “Oh,I can fix this.” She said as she focused and the mud peeled off of her.

“And the holes?” Freya pointed to the tears in Anna's leggings.

“Adds character.” Anna smiled.

Kratos chuckled.

“OH!” Mimir cried. “You got a chuckle, this fast. You're good lass.”

Kratos remained silent for a moment. “Frey, would you be willing to keep her?”

“Excuse me?” Anna said in offense.

“She can stay if she wishes.” Freya said. “Kratos is thinking of your reputation.”

“I mean I technically don't have one.” Anna snorted. “But I get it. Thank you.”

A growl rumbled in the air as Hong Long formed around Anna and nuzzled her.

“You have a dragon.” Mimir noted. “A mind dragon? No, a tulpa!”

“Impressive.” Kratos added. “We should return to the village.”

Freya nodded. “The hunt didn't go well so it's fish again.”

Anna took a moment and the dragon rose up and spiraled off to the west. When he returned a dead elk was in his jaws and he sat it at Kratos' feet.

Kratos merely looked down. “Atreus would love to have seen this.”

“That's his son, he's out exploring.” Freya said.

Anna nodded. “I feel like I need to learn something here, Kratos.”

“If it is your temper you want to curb, Kratos here is the perfect master.” Mimir chuckled. “But he's a harsh teacher.”

Anna nodded. “I am ready to learn sensei.”

“Oh, sensei.” Mimir chortled. “That means Teacher or Master, Kratos.”

“Thank you.” Kratos nodded as he put Mimir back on his belt and hefted the elk. “We must return now, we will discuss more tomorrow.”

Anna nodded and followed the two hunters back to their village.



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for(i in 1:nrow(dataframe)) { if(dataframe$lazy_a[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_b[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_c[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_d[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_e[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_f[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_g[i] > max_percent_missing dataframe$lazy_h[i] > max_percent_missing) { dataframe$lazy_case[i] <- 1 } } 
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So I use the code below to import from on file to another file. On the sheet that contains the data (source) I need to only import that data where Column R=Yes. Can I do that within this code or do I have to do it some other way?

function importPO() { var source = SpreadsheetApp.openById(""); var sourceTab = source.getSheetByName("LOG"); var sourceLastRow = sourceTab.getLastRow(); var sourceLastColumn = sourceTab.getLastColumn(); var sourceData = sourceTab.getRange(1, 1, sourceLastRow, sourceLastColumn).getValues(); var destination = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); var destinationTab = destination.getSheetByName("PO Master"); var destinationRange = destinationTab.getRange(1, 1, sourceLastRow, sourceLastColumn); destinationRange.setValues(sourceData); destinationTab.getRange(1, 1).setNote("Updated Every Hour, last updated: "+ Utilities.formatDate(new Date(),"America/Chicago","M/d h:mm a")+ " source: "); 
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In today's digital age, businesses of all companies recognize the importance of digital marketing to reach and engage their target audience. As technology evolves and new digital marketing strategies emerge, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. Therefore, digital marketers must upskill themselves to continuously stay ahead of the competition.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Digital Marketing:
(AI)Artificial Intelligence and (ML) Machine Learning has already started transforming various industries, and digital marketing is no exception. In 2023, AI and ML will play a significant role in digital marketing strategies. Marketers can use AI-powered chatbots for customer service, personalized content recommendations, and predictive analytics for data-driven decision-making.
Video Marketing:
Video has become one of the most familiar forms of content on the internet. By 2023, it is estimated that video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. Therefore, digital marketers must learn video marketing techniques such as creating engaging videos, SEO, and advertising.
Voice Search Optimization:
With the high popularity of smart speakers and voice assistants, optimizing for voice search will be crucial for digital marketers in 2023. Marketers need to optimize their website content for natural language queries and use long-tail keywords to enhance their chances of appearing in voice searches.
In 2023, personalization will be a key factor in the success of digital marketing campaigns. Using customer data and insights, digital marketers can create cutomised content and experiences that resonate with their target audience.
AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality):
VR And AR technologies are gaining popularity in digital marketing. By 2023, AR and VR will become more accessible and affordable, and digital marketers can leverage these technologies to create interactive and immersive experiences for their audience.
Influencer Marketing:
Influencer marketing has been on the rise in recent years and is expected to grow in popularity in 2023. Marketers can collaborate with social media influencers to reach a wider audience and create more authentic content.
Content Marketing:
Content marketing will continue to be a fundamental aspect of digital marketing in 2023. Marketers must create high-quality content that resonates with their audience and aligns with their brand values. They can also use different content formats like blogs, videos, and podcasts to reach their target audience.
Social Media Advertising:
Social media advertising has become a needed part of digital marketing and will continue to be so in 2023. Marketers must learn to create effective social media advertisments that resonate with their target audience and generate a high ROI.
Data Privacy and Security:
Data privacy and security have become major consumer concerns, and digital marketers must prioritize data privacy and security in their campaigns. Marketers must learn about data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA and implement security measures to protect customer data.
Marketing Automation:
Marketing automation will continue to be a valuable tool for digital marketers in 2023. Marketers can use automation tools to streamline their marketing processes, personalize their campaigns, and analyze their results.
Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, and digital marketers need to stay up-to-date with the current trends and techniques. By learning these top 10 digital marketing topics in 2023, marketers can create effective campaigns that resonate with

Future Job Opportunities Of Digital Marketing:

The digital marketing future is bright and filled with opportunities. With rising of technology and the internet, businesses are increasingly relying on digital marketing to drive growth and reach their target audience. Here are some of the future job opportunities in digital marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist - SEO is an essential part of digital marketing. As search engines become more advanced, SEO specialists will be needed to develop and execute strategies that increase a website's visibile and ranking in search engine results in pages.
  2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist - PPC advertising is a popular digital marketing method. As more businesses shift their advertising budgets to digital channels, PPC specialists will be in demand to develop and execute effective PPC campaigns.
  3. Social Media Marketing Manager - Social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, and businesses are increasingly relying on social media to reach their target audience. Marketing managers must develop and execute social media strategies that drive engagement and conversions.
  4. Content Marketer - High-quality, engaging content is a crucial component of digital marketing. Content marketers will continue to be in demand to develop and run content marketing strategies that align with the brand's values and resonate with the target audience.
  5. Email Marketing Specialist - Email marketing remains a valuable tool for businesses to reach their chosen audience. Email marketing specialists will be needed to develop and execute email marketing campaigns that drive engage and conversions.
  6. Data Analyst - Data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing. Data analysts must analyze complex data sets and provide insights that drive marketing strategies.
  7. Digital Marketing Manager - As businesses continue to rely on digital marketing to drive growth, digital marketing managers will be in demand to develop and execute digital marketing systems that align with the company's goals and objectives.
The future of digital marketing is filled with opportunities for those who are creative, tech-savvy, and data-driven. Digital marketing professionals who can stay ahead of the latest trends and developments will be highly valued by businesses looking to drive growth and reach their target audience through digital channels.


Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field that needs marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. In 2023, there are several topics that marketers should focus on to improve their digital marketing skills and stay ahead of the competition. These include search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, video marketing, email marketing, mobile optimization, voice search optimization, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality. By mastering these topics, marketers can create an effective and engaging campaign that resonates with their chosen audience and drive business growth. It is important for marketers to continuously learn and adapt to the changing digital landscape to remain relevant and successful in the years to come. And additionally, get know Web Development Training In Chennai and be easily placed in the IT field. Thanks for reading this article.
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2023.03.28 14:32 kritiprasad Increase Data Speed with Airtel Internet Settings

Searching for Airtel Internet settings to increase the data speed? Look no further, TalkCharge gives you brief details on how to increase 4G internet speed in 2023. Navigate to this blog post to know the internet settings in Airtel network to fasten the network speed.
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2023.03.28 14:31 Alternative-Basil-57 Why does AliExpress want to view my local network?

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2023.03.28 14:30 Freaky-monster2 Is there a new airbus plane coming?

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2023.03.28 14:29 tipsyturnipbar New player irritates party in the first two sessions and when confronted claims “that’s what my character would do”

This is kinda long and I typed this up on my phone. May not be as bad as I think but thought I’d share.
Little background, this player plays a Tabaxi bard (I will call them Tabard) and they’re very new to dnd 5e and I believe ttrpgs as a whole. Tabard has played in a one shot I ran a while back where their antics were overshadowed by the two other new players that derailed the game by extorting the villagers they were trying to help (that’s a whole other story).
Tabard is intent on playing a naive character that has just reached the age of maturity where in their village they go off on a kind of rumspringa. So Tabard proceeds to travel across the continent before reaching the city where our first session takes place. All goes well with intros until Tabard begins kneading another character’s (Liza) clothing, claiming it would make good bedding. Liza redirects Tabard to a bed of flowers, were they begin rolling around. Another player (Hugo) jokes about using a piece of glass/mirror to reflect the sun like a laser pointer, and Tabard’s player ensures we know that Tabard is NOT a cat, they are a person. Liza and Hugo laugh and we continue on.
The next incident occurs when the party attempts to move to their objective and Tabard insists that they did not specify the party was bringing them along so they begin to walk in the exact opposite direction. I stop the session momentarily, Tabard is new and probably doesn’t understand that it’s a good idea to stay with the party in the first session, so I ask the other party members if any of them would have made sure Tabard was with them. They say yes and Tabard seems a little irked by that “meta gaming” but goes along. Seems small so I don’t think too much of it.
After the first session Liza confronts me about how Tabard is really irritating them. Liza is upset that Tabard isn’t just naive but outright dumb because they don’t understand what money is (literally playing their character like they don’t understand the concept or value of currency) or what clothing is (was questioning a shirt given to them despite also wearing clothing) and the previously mentioned events. I told them to be patient since Tabard is a new player and let’s wait and see what happens in session two.
Session two happens and it’s going well until the parade where Tabard decides to pounce at the pretty lights above the foreign emissary’s chariot. For some ungodly reason they thought they could jump 30ft into the air but I was too shocked they were doing this to question that absurdity and instead asked if any of the other party members were going to take action as Tabard began to fall down on these foreign dignitaries. Tabard is promptly tackled in midair by their party member and they are surrounded by guards.
We end there and the next couple of days Liza, Hugo, and the other players are telling me Tabard is being too disruptive. Tabard is acting like a cat when they claimed to be a person. They’re putting them in difficult situations right off the bat. And that this is not they type of game they all agreed on playing in session 0.
You may be thinking, "oh? Shenanigans in dnd? That’s normal as hell." And I agree, it totally is. Under normal circumstances where the players like each other’s characters it would be, but Tabard plays their character a little too naive and insists on impulsively doing things, which the other players were not ready for (did not think to mention how they’d be playing their character to anyone). So it makes it visibly difficult for them to roleplay with Tabard or have a reason to bring them along in future adventures. I know they’d do it anyways because of the unspoken social contract of “we’re all playing together so gotta bring them” but it’d be forced and create even more animosity between players/characters (which I’ve sadly seen before in a campaign).
So I do the thing and talk to them about it. Tabard tells me their intentions are to have the character learn common sense over the course of the campaign which would be determined by their interactions with the other characters. And I proceeded to tell them that everyone is having a difficult time interacting with Tabard because they did not know their intentions for them were to learn through others. So it would be a great idea to inform the other players so they would understand how to interact with naive Tabard (honestly I don’t think after session two anyone wanted to teach Tabard—a grown adult—common sense like they were a newborn, but I threw this out there anyways). I also asked Tabard about their motives to stay in the party and they told me that they wanted the other characters to form connections with Tabard to give them a reason to stay (big sigh when no one wants to interact with Tabard), and I told them that if they can convey learning through the other characters, then the role playing moments could happen that would make them feel like staying.
This wasn’t even the entire conversation I had, there were a lot of silences as I was explaining how Tabard probably isn’t as dumb as they lets on considering they’ve traveled through many other cities and had to barter and all that for food and such. But they told me that Tabard is extremely naive and doesn’t understand social castes or outside world things (I gave in because this went in circles a few times).
Since this conversation seemed to go nowhere I decided we needed to reup a session zero where we can all get on the same page. Over half the players thought we were playing a serious grim dark game and then Tabard comes in kneading clothes, rolling in flowers, and assaulting nobility because of shiny things. So they agreed we should all talk before moving anywhere into the plot to come.
And the reup goes almost great. The quiet players get told it’s okay to be loud, Hugo (also new player) gets told it’s okay to play their character differently than they intended, and Tabard is told by everyone that they’re having a hard time understanding/working with them. Which Tabard responds with “but Tabard is a cat.”
Cue Hugo telling them the events from session one and how Tabard insisted they were not a cat but a person that looks catlike. Liza also points out that we don’t want to play with a cat, we want to play with a person. Tabard exclaims that they’re being true to their character and that’s how Tabard would act. Which Liza gets upset about and says but you control Tabard, Tabard does what YOU want. (Once again circles and things about how Tabard doesn’t remember any of the events that have upset the players, but thank god our note taker and the rest of us were like NO YOU REALLY DID THOSE THINGS.)
I had to interject at this point and tell them if they’re not going to give Tabard more common sense now, they should at least give a description warning of when Tabard is about to do something dumb or potentially TPKing. They agreed.
So the solutions for Tabard:
-character will learn at an accelerated rate (more accelerated than the player anticipated… so idk how long that’ll be)
-player will describe/warn party in some way that they are about to do shenanigans so everyone has a chance to stop them
Before anyone asks, yes we had a session zero where we agreed on the serious grim dark setting. For some reason everyone but Tabard knew this. Idk why but we had to inform them again in the reup and they said they could modify Tabard accordingly. In said session zero everyone wanted to keep their characters a surprise (or at least NO one wanted to talk about them with each other). In some way we all know each other, either through work or from other games I’ve run.
I don’t want to kick this player since they’re new and all. I really don’t. But they are extremely attached to their character and I know would not want to make a new one, so this might not be the game for them, and I’ll have to tell them that. Maybe if we were playing newly awakened animals this would be fine, but the rest of us are playing mature characters with pasts and presents woven into the plot ahead. I just don’t see where silly ‘ol Tabard is gonna fit in if this continues.
Our next session is this weekend. I’ll update if the other players/I get triggered by Tabard’s actions.
I’m pretty sure Tabard uses Reddit so if you see this, I think you’re cool just not cool for this game as it looks right now.
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2023.03.28 14:28 BruteSilverback Insider Protocol: A Promising Future for Cryptocurrency Anonymity

The world of finance is constantly evolving, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, there has been an explosion in the creation of new financial products and services.
However, one challenge that has persisted is the issue of privacy and anonymity. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the loss of privacy as governments and corporations increasingly monitor financial transactions.
To address this issue, a team of anonymous programmers, and quants has created an anonymous ecosystem built on an improved version of MimbleWimble technology.
This new ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to all its users. What is MimbleWimble technology? MimbleWimble (MW) is a type of blockchain that uses a new way to store transactions. There are no reusable addresses on the MW blockchain, which means that transaction data is available exclusively to the transfer participants.
This provides a very high level of privacy for each user. This ecosystem is composed of several parts, including a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm for hedge funds, the Atlas DEX Swap, DEXOASIS boasts an internal DEX algorithm capable of processing an impressive 270k orders per second and the Imperium Protocol (Mainnet launch May 2023).
The Insider Protocol HFT bot uses the Layering technique, which is confirmed by video evidence of automatic trading systems working correctly. This development is a game-changer for large investors who do not want to trade Bitcoin 24/7 on their own.
The Atlas DEX Swap is a decentralized cross-chain exchanger of cryptocurrencies. It allows for quick and safe exchanges carried out directly in your wallet, and currently supports over 1,000 ERC-20 coins and tokens. In the upcoming major update, the Atlas DEX Swap will support Solana, Tron, and Monero networks with cross-chain feature.
The Imperium Protocol Blockchain is a full-fledged working blockchain with a working feature of entirely anonymous transactions. The developers have already opened free access to a functional test network, where everyone can personally make regular and completely anonymous transfers. Mainnet is set up to launch in May 2023
The IMC coin, which will be used in conjunction with the main ecosystem index (IPRO), can be quickly transferred to wallets without saving the history of the transaction itself. The test network has already shown its resilience and stability.
Finally, the DEXOASIS is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that has already received more than $35 million for internal tests. The exchange is decentralized and uses an on-chain system for the order book.
The internal DEX algorithm supports up to 270k orders per second which allow traders to forget System Overload messages and use the full potential of spot and futures trades on a Decentralized Ecosystem. A Cross-Chain technology will let swap crypto assets with different blockchain networks between each other. If you still don't own crypto, then go to Escrow Service and buy it using a suitable payment method.
The Insider Protocol ecosystem is also developing an NFT platform, decentralized finance (DeFi), an application for smartphones, and an escrow service that will become an alternative to LocalBitcoins and other peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges.
The ecosystem is also developing a proprietary VPN product with an essential security feature that allows users to use up to three intermediate servers for more secure and untraceable connections.
In conclusion, the Insider Protocol ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to its users, making it a game-changer in the world of crypto ecosystems. The launch of the mainnet and listing on top exchanges, including Binance, expected in the coming months.
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2023.03.28 14:26 Deep_Diver_n_Coffee Provisionally Passed

I would like to share my experience with this community because it played an important role with helping me pass yesterday on my first attempt.
Background - The motivation
I originally thought of doing the CISSP in 2018 with a friend who completed his but didn't follow through because work was really busy and didn't have any time.
Fast forward to January 2021 and like everyone we all want a promotion. I approached my boss and he said he agrees and will do the required paper work. After that he kept telling me it's happening 'next month'. He did that for 16 months. During that time 3 other teams internally wanted me and it was at a higher level of my current role. I turned them all down thinking I was getting the promotion. A year and a half later a Director again engaged me, and this time I was not going to say no. I took the job, told my boss, he countered with an official offer, but I declined it. So I started my new job June 2022. I gave myself 3 months to just focus on the new job and then in September 2022 began studying for the CISSP. My motivation was to never be in a situation again where someone could 'hold me hostage' for any extended period of time as having the CISSP provides many opportunities as we all know and see in job requirements.
The Gameplan
I got a copy of the CISSP Passport by Bobby E. Rogers and read it cover to cover. I also did all the questions. It's not as daunting as the OSG and wanted to get a nice over view of all the topics. So instead of going a 'mile wide an an inch deep', I only wanted to go a 'mile wide and 0.25 inches deep'
I also purchased Thor's course and watched most of it at 1.25x speed.
That took me 3 months because again I was in a new job and that was my priority. After completing reading the CISSP passport and Thor's course, I began reading both the OSG and AIO books. I took the month of January 2023 to complete cover to cover the OSG and maybe 30% of the AIO.
Meanwhile doing all the reading I was constantly on this reddit group and saw one common theme, do a lot of practice questions.
In February I completed all the practice questions from the OSG and OPT. Whenever I couldn't answer a question I either referenced the OSG, AIO, Destination CISSP Concise Guide and of course the internet for clarity.
In addition to practice questions from the OSG and OPT, I also completed ones from LearnZapp, Boson and Destination CISSP. It was from this group that I saw the AIO was not necessary otherwise I would have done those as well. But one thing I told myself was to enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, again with my motivation to never be placed in a situation where I was waiting in limbo in terms of my career.
So here are my scores for those interested and I don't mind sharing my results as others have in this group which helped me to benchmark my progress:
LearnZapp 81, 86, 81, 91, 84, 84, 76, 77
OSG : 72, 66, 66, 60
OPT : 76, 86, 75, 70
Boson : 62, 64, 70 (didn't do the last one).
I also read Luke Ahmed's How to Think Like a Manager and briefly the 11th Hour CISSP by Eric Conrad.
I booked my exam for March to have a target date set and started to fine tune my game. I made my own cue cards (again from the advice of this group), watched all the videos from Prabh Nair, Peter Zerger, Rob Witcher, Shon Harris and started focusing on my weak areas such as frameworks, law etc. I even watched and enjoyed the videos from IT Dojo questions of the day. Again all this recommended from this group.
The 7 days before the exam every night I did one LearnZapp practice test in it's entirety to get used to doing 125 questions straight. The night before I shut down studying around 8 pm and watched a movie.
Thoughts on Material
In my opinion all the materials helped immensely. Consider it like building a house, how do you choose which tools are important. You have power saws and drills down to paint brushes and rollers. You need them all. You may use some more than others but in the end all the tools help contribute to building the house. Same thing here. All the books, test banks, videos all contributed for me to pass the exam, and on the first attempt, I would not score any greater than the other.
But what I did have was motivation which I shared and we all have our own motivation why we want to pass. I really enjoyed the journey and felt compelled to share my experience with the community since it was this community that helped me immensely whenever I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, or even lost while studying.
I hope this helps just even one person on their journey to attaining the CISSP.
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2023.03.28 14:24 Antraweb A Guide to Tally Customer Care: How to Get the Help You Need

A Guide to Tally Customer Care: How to Get the Help You Need
Tally customer care is the customer support service designed to assist Tally Software users with any issues they may encounter while using the software.
It can be accessed via phone, email, online chat and is staffed by a trained customer service representatives who are expert about the Tally Software and provide assistance to users.
Tally users can reach out to the Tally customer care team by raising a Ticket from Tally to report an issue or problem they are facing. When you raise a ticket, you create a support request that the Tally customer care will respond to, providing you with assistance to resolve the issue. Raising a ticket involves filling out a form containing the following details:
  1. Your Tally serial number
  2. Company name
  3. Details of the issue you are facing
  4. Name
  5. Phone number
  6. Email
You may need to attach supporting documents like screenshots or error logs if needed to help the customer care team understand the issue better.
The Tally customer care will then review your request and contact you within 1 hour of putting the request and provide the assistance you need to solve your query.
Tally customer care is responsible for resolving a wide range of issues faced by users. The services provided by Tally customer care are as follows:
1. Installation and Set-up: Tally customer care assists customers with installing and configuring Tally accounting software on their computers. These services include:
a) Pre-installation check: ensuring user's computer meets the system requirements for the latest version of Tally.
b) Installation: providing instructions on how to download the software from the Tally website or provide a download link.
c) Configuration: Tally customer care can assist customers with configuring their Tally software to meet their specific business needs such as setting up accounts, defining stock items and creating vouchers.
d) Data migration: Tally customer care helps customers migrate their existing data from their previous accounting software to Tally software, ensuring that the data is properly imported and configured in the new software.
2. License: a license is required to use the software for accounting and financial purposes. A Tally license is a legal agreement that allows users to use Tally software for accounting and financial purposes and different types of licenses are available like single-user, multi-user, Tally server and Educational license, depending on the number of users and installation configuration. Tally customer care can assist customers with their Tally software licenses in several ways:
a) License activation: they provide instructions on how to activate the license online over the phone.
b) License renewal: Tally customer care help customers renew their Tally license when it is about to expire. They inform customers about the renewal process and assist them in renewing them.
c) Upgrade: they assist customers in upgrading their Tally software license to a higher version or edition, ensuring they have access to the latest features and capabilities of the software.
d) License transfer: they help customers transfer their Tally license to another computer, ensuring they are able to continue using the software in a different machine.
3. Education and Training: Tally customer care provides a range of training and education services to help customers learn how to use Tally accounting software effectively and efficiently. They provide these services through:
a) Online training sessions: can be in a group or also one-on-one.
b) Video tutorials and documentation: this way, customers can learn in their own pace and convenience.
c) Classroom training: Tally customer care can conduct classroom training sessions for customers who prefer hands-on training. These sessions can be held at Tally's training centers or at the customer's location.
d) Certification programs: Tally customer care also provides certification programs that allow customers to demonstrate their proficiency in using Tally software. These involve a series of exams that test the customers knowledge about Tally.
4. GST: Tally customer care provides a range of GST-relates services to help customers comply with the GST regulations and manage their GST related transactions efficiently. Services provided by Tally customer care related to GST are as follows:
a) Registration
b) Compliance: Tally customer care can help customers ensure GST compliance by setting up GST tax rates, creating invoices and generating GST reports.
c) GST returns filing: Tally customer care can assist customers in filing their GST returns using Tally software. They can help customers generate GSTR-1, GSTR-2, and GSTR-3B returns, and file them online with the GSTN portal.
d) GST reconciliation: Tally customer care can help customers reconcile their GST data with their accounting data to ensure that there are no discrepancies or errors.
e) Audits: Tally customer care can assist customers in preparing for GST audits by generating necessary reports and ensuring that all GST-related transactions are properly documented.
Making ensuring that clients may precisely and simply comply with GST rules with the least amount of difficulty is the goal.
5. Upgrades and Updates: Tally customer care offers a variety of upgrade and update services to make sure that customers are using the most recent version of Tally software with the newest features and improvements. These are the services offered by Tally Customer Care:
a) Any new updates or upgrades that have become available after the client's most recent update may also be provided by Tally customer service. These updates could include speed upgrades, brand-new features, and bug fixes.
b) Tally customer care may assist with data migration from an older version of the Tally programme to the most recent version. This ensures that customers can continue using Tally software with their existing data without any interruptions.
  1. Tally customer care provides Backup services to help customers ensure that their Tally data is secure and protected against any data loss or corruption. Services provides by Tally customer care are:
a) Setting up routine backups will ensure that your Tally data is always current and secure. Tally customer service will help you set this up.
b) Backups can be stored in a secure location on a user's computer or on a cloud-based storage platform with the assistance of Tally customer care.
c) Backup verification: Tally customer care can help customers verify their Tally backups to ensure that they are complete and accurate.
d) Disaster recovery: Tally customer care can assist customers in recovering their Tally data in case of any data loss or corruption. This could entail recovering data from a backup or fixing corrupted or damaged files.
The intention is for clients to use Tally software with assurance, knowing that their data is constantly backed up and recoverable in case of problems.
To know more:
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