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Pre-owned CDJ 2000s MK1s worth buying in 2023 ?

2023.03.28 13:50 mint_koi Pre-owned CDJ 2000s MK1s worth buying in 2023 ?

Hi all, curious to hear some thoughts on whether CDJ 2ks mk1 make sense to purchase in in 2023.
Some previous folks mentioned to me that CDJ 2000 NXS 1/2 is current club standard. My understanding is that some of the main differences between the two re the NXS has slip mode, beat sync and visible wave form compared to the 2K MK1.
I'm moving from a controller to CDJs / XDJ setup, and looking to partially mirror what you might find in a club.
Have an offer for a pair of pre-owned decks at USD 2100 but I'm not sure if its worth it given the model is nearly 15 years at the this point.
Should I just hold out till I can find a pair of 2000 NXS' or go ahead and buy a new / used pair of XDJ 1000 MK2s?
Being able to sort by key / bpm matters to me, but I think all these models can do that.
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2023.03.28 13:49 bumbleblues Anniversary of our breakup

It’s been a year and I really need to get this off my chest as the anniversary of our breakup has triggered me quite a bit. Please feel free to have a read, and offer your thoughts.
Although the breakup was seemingly out of the blue, he (24M) seemed crushed when he broke up with me. I still have flash backs to the scene of him crouching on the ground, clutching the side of the couch, dry heaving as he was crying so hard. Through tears he was telling me “I don’t want to lose you. I care about you so much.” He told me he wouldn’t be able to date again for months, he was so heart broken, that he would need therapy after this. I had just moved cities for him, we had just moved in together. It didn’t make sense to me.
I didn’t react well, which a year later, I still regret. I cried, I yelled at him “you didn’t even try!” I accused him of cheating with his friend (27F) (plot twist, they got together like 2 days later and have been together ever since). We did leave it on a positive note though. I left him an incredibly sweet but heart breaking letter and we wished each other well, as I decided to move cities again (he was upset with my decision to move away “but that’s so far!”, as if it mattered, as we were now broken up). He promised me he would reach out to be friends when things had healed. We agreed to keep eachother on socials, but I told him I was muting him. I told him if he ever regretted it, he knew how to contact me and where to find me. I told him he would have to move to be with me, as I had previously done for him.
This friend was new in his life, they’d only known eachother two months or so, but I noticed that they had gotten close, as she confided in him about deciding to break up with her husband, who she only married the year prior and had been with for 10 years.
I didn’t find out they got together until 2 weeks later. I regrettably called him, and cried and yelled at him on the phone about disrespect, and emotional cheating, and how could you etc. he was livid that I found out and that mutual friends were keeping tabs on him. He told me they weren’t dating, that he didn’t have feelings for her, but he was so lonely and coming home to an empty house was so hard. He told me he couldn’t promise they wouldn’t date though, in the future. I hung up on him. After that call, I blocked him everywhere. A few weeks later though, I unblocked but left it at that.
At some point he removed all my friends and family from his socials. He made mutual friends unfollow him, but he still follows them.
Still, even though I wasn’t seeking it out, I heard bits and bobs. They moved in together a few weeks after we broke up. They went overseas together a few weeks after, as well. Apparently they spend all their time together, and are obsessed with each other.
At some point about 2 months later we did have to text to arrange cancelling the internet. It was short, civil. “I hope you’re doing well.” “You too.”
He didn’t message me on my birthday, which was six months after our breakup.
I tried to move on with my life. I love my new city. I have a job I enjoy, a bunch of new friends, new hobbies, I even tried to date again. But still, he was always in the back of my mind. How could he? Does he think about me? Does he feel any regret, or guilt? Will I hear from him again?
Sometime over Christmas I looked up his Facebook. It was identical. Still relatively locked down, but interestingly his status said single, and our relationship status was still in his public timeline.
His Instagram was also identical. He posted some more, which I couldn’t see due to privacy settings, but his bio was the same. I looked up her Facebook, she had posted gloating about her new company, about my ex being her amazing partner etc. She wore a necklace with his initial on it. Her Instagram had his initials in her bio.
A few days later at around new years, I looked up his Facebook again. I realised I had been blocked. Not on Instagram though, just Facebook. Still not sure why. Why the block, nearly a year later?
At the start of a year a mutual friend told me that apparently my ex and new girlfriend were feeling excluded from their friends.
My ex’s friends were the most important thing in his life. They were a priority, above me. When he broke up with me, some of his closest friends took my side, furious at him. They told him he made the worst mistake of his life.
A few weeks ago, I sent him a request on Instagram. I figured enough time had passed, right? It sat there for a day or 2, and then he deleted it.
I then saw that she had made her Instagram public. I know all the rules, don’t look, go no contact. Anyway her ENTIRE profile was about my ex. Every single post, every single story had him in it. There were captions that were paragraphs long about how she’s found herself, how happy and successful she is, how much she loved my ex and how excited she was for the future they were building together. Photos with his family over Christmas, boasting about how lucky she was to join his family. It sounds exaggerated, but everything was about him, and showing off their life together. No photos of friends, or anything else. It really confused me. I swear he didn’t like that stuff. He would get irritated if I wanted him to take cliche couple photos, or staged photos of myself. We never posted paragraphs claiming our love to eachother online. He commented under her posts saying they were forever. He likes all the comments left by people under posts telling her how amazing she is. Little things, but he didn’t do that for me.
I’m not sure whether making her account public was for me to see, or perhaps her now ex-husband. Maybe it means nothing.
Honestly, they seem perfect for each other. I was always a tad threatened by her (before I had reason to be…) because they got along so well. She enjoyed the “boy” things like rugby, golf, drinking etc.
Now they just seem so loved up. He upgraded. Why would he ever think of me? She’s stunning, extremely wealthy, everything a guy could wish for. And I’m left heart broken because of it.
This is a really big dump of thoughts, confusion and everything in between. If you’ve read this far, you’re amazing and I thank you. I have tried my best to move on. But I still occasionally get triggered. Like today, a year since he clutched that couch. Please be kind in your responses.
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2023.03.28 13:48 sangwO00 Can i make my dentist remove my upper braces

Can i make my dentist remove my upper braces?
I have a brace, even thought my teeth were perfectly fine. Now, i want my upper brace to be removed since it's looks fine and i want to it to be free. While my lower teeth had a gap because of the braces so i want the braces to remain. IS IT POSSIBLE?
ps. I got my braces last 2020, it's still here because i don't go monthly since i don't have time 😮‍💨 I wanted to change my dentist near my city but the dentist doesn't want me to. My last appointment was last Aug. 2022. I know, im planning to visit them monthly starting this month.
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2023.03.28 13:47 sigmabiscuit Sinus aches?? Tell me at least someone has had this

((I have been dealing with health anxiety daily so please! don’t say anything to freak me out lol. I’m only looking for people that relate.))
I quit about 30 days ago give or take 2 days.
I relapsed with few hits of HHC 5 days ago. A relapse nonetheless. That believe it or not brought back some WDs from maybe a 1 to a 2. They were almost gone now I feel like it set me a few days to a week behind.
One thing that seems weird to me that I didn’t get but maybe once in the early acute stage is sinus pain. Last night it was in my cheekbone, this morning a little bit near one side of my nose. Feeling it now it’s like a sinus headache. Has anyone dealt with this?
I’ve had every single symptom listed in this sub so nothing should surprise me anymore but…when you have health anxiety it’s hard.
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2023.03.28 13:46 kdc_a Went from 150 ER to 300 and period started early

I was on 150 mg and loved it but felt like it would wear off or I wouldn’t have as much energy in the afternoon so my dosage was raised to 300 mg. I’ve had a lot going on since I started which also makes me skeptical bc I can’t tell what’s just “life” vs the pill, but what I do know is that I’ve been on birth control for nearly 8 years or so, and for the first time in my life it’s starting 5 days early, even when I still have a couple of pills left before my placebo week even starts. This didn’t happen when I initially started which is annoying. But for those with similar experiences, did it go back to your usual days or will I just always start early? And how long are you giving the higher dosage? I don’t want to go back and forth but also don’t know if I love the 300mg.
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2023.03.28 13:45 Thrownaway5432199 So tired of trying

I’ve 42/F been with him 42/M for almost 13 years. No kids. Whenever we’d fight in the past, he’d threaten me with breaking up. Red flag, I know. After we got married, it became divorce. The thing is, I don’t doubt he means it. I’ve fought so damn hard to hold us together, and I hate just how insecure I feel nearly all the time. He says my jealousy is an issue. Well, it is when you prioritise other women over me. When he gets mad there is no calming him down. It’s like a switch flips and he’s suddenly a different person, promises mean nothing to him. His mother and I have talked about it. When we fight, I have always remembered that I love him. There’s no problem we could not work through for me. For him that’s not the case. So everytime we fight, I’m on eggshells. I back down. My issue suddenly becomes his issue with me. I can’t risk upsetting him lest he pull that divorce card over my head. And I’m so so tired of it. Is it really worth it? I love him. Too much. I had another man once who offered me unconditional love. I can’t believe I gave that up for…this. To be made to feel like a constant beggar, looking for scraps at a table. But I just can’t bring myself to cross that threshold and quit. He’ll hold me at arms length for a while. Put me on trial. See if I can behave and he’ll accept me again. Currently this is the longest I’ve been on it. He still tells me he loves me, but that’s as far as it goes. No babe, honey, dear. No love. I can’t believe I’ve been married so long and my husband still doesn’t know if he wants me. What a sham. And what a sucker I am. I’ve never done this to him when I have an issue. Why do I put up with it? I’m getting far too old for this drama. Admittedly I’m terrified of being alone. Terrified he’ll find someone else and treat them the way I’ve always wanted to be treated by him. And I keep wanting to believe in him. For a while, things are great, then they just come crashing down again. I don’t really know why I’m posting here. Venting, I guess. Thanks for reading to the end.
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2023.03.28 13:45 Napkxng Is it better to quit or get fired in the UK?

I've seen in America that you won't get unemployment if you quit a job, and won't get any severance etc.
I am finishing my third month at this job, I have exceeded my sales goals massively from 5k to maybe 15k +
However, I haven't contacted all the clients they have asked me to do. This was a serious issue as they've mentioned it many times before.
They assume I'm slacking off, and honestly it's just a mix of me getting a lil overwhelmed and distracted really easily
Last week they said I have two weeks to contact the nearly 400 + clients or I will basically be fired.
I am on 150 right now and it's not looking good before the end of this week
If I'm still in the first 3 months of a job in the UK, I'm a recent graduate 23M, and have a few gaps and longest I've worked since uni is 7 months.
What is the benefits of me quitting on my own terms vs getting let go, if I'm still on probation period and will my next job know that I got let go.
If leave on my own terms will it say I just left instead of fired if I get a reference?
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2023.03.28 13:44 twicethey 20 [F4F] something casual?

Super stressful sa school and naiinggit ako sa mga tropa ko na nag bebebe time. Pero friendly dates are welcome so tara date HAHAHAH. I study within manila so i hope ur near hehe.
About me: Masc presenting, 8/10 rated by friends, 5’5 if that matters hahaha
About you: not older than 25 HAHAHAH good sense of humor
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2023.03.28 13:43 Professional_Prune11 Human Trauma Section One: Return To Draun

What is good buds i'm back with the alien ER story, I had a lot of people wanting more. Time to deliver what the buds want. there is a short update regarding this project and my other projects at the end. for now... lets get this bread

Martinez was very happy with the treatment he got while on the Draun station. Doctor Hersis had done a wonderful job pulling the piece of slag out of his gut, he even spent time with him while he was on observation. He was not a fan of the nurses though, they treated him worse than any drill instructor ever had.
Once he had returned to HNS Jericho he was non stop bombarded by questions from the Marines he was assigned with. He was starting to get tired of explaining how he never really got to meet any aliens while he was on the station, that all of the aliens other than the Doctor either fainted or avoided him like some kind of monster.
That answer did satisfy most of them but a few of them took that and decided he must have asked one of them out then swung out. He did his best to laugh along with it until word got out that a request to have him transferred permanently to Draun station had arrived. That announcement had opened the floodgates for mockery.
He would nearly non stop have the Marines poking fun at him as his non existent lady love. They uploaded porn onto his computer, they ended the daily briefing by asking him how they can get an alien girlfriend of their own. One of them somehow managed to get their hands on a infaltable green alien sex doll and stuffed it into his bed. God only knows where they managed to find that disgusting thing.
But all of that was in the past at this point. Martinez was currently sitting in the back of the small shuttle that was taking him back to Draun station, it had been almost a year since he had been treated on the station. Going back felt almost surreal, like the reality that he was going to be assigned to a medical ward as the only human had not set in yet.
He twiddled his thumbs as he felt the shuttle begin to break the atmosphere. The feeling of the entire shuttle's momentum lulled as the air compressed around the bottom of the shuttle, causing it to vibrate gently. He looked around him at the other passengers and saw quite a few different species, most he did not recognize but a few he did.
He did see one of the insect-like aliens, the same species as Dr. Hersis. But this one looked different, instead of having a matte green carapace like the Doctor did, its carapace had a bright and vibrant blue hue. He wondered if it was the same species at all because of the color difference, maybe some form of sexual dimorphism? He was not going to just up and ask the individual about it, assuming that asking such questions might be perceived as being rude.
After a short flight from breaching atmosphere and the shuttle calming in the temperate climate of the region the station was in Maritnez felt the shuttle lurch to a stop. Over the loudspeakers overhead a voice crackled through the light static.
“Thank you all very much for flying with us today. Please make sure you bring all your luggage, appendages and trash with you. As I would not want to have to make my copilot clean up today.”
There was a small amount of chittering and what sounded like a muffled bellow coming from the cockpit, Martinez assuming that to be the pilot and co-pilot having a brief argument about the joke. Martinez gave a slight chuckle and hefted up his sea bags. Slinging one across his chest and another across his back.
He and the rest of the passengers began to shuffle their way out of the rear ramp of the landing craft. The feeling of his legs finally having a chance to move after the nearly 8 hour flight was heaven. He swore his legs went numb three hours ago, now that they finally had blood back in them, he was sure of that.
Stepping off the ramp, the large white walls of Draun station boldly stood out amongst the buildings of the small city spreading out around the station. The city was a spattered rainbow of every color of the rainbow, with designs that are entirely alien to Martinez. Each building looked like a work of art in itself, each a unique piece helping to tell the story of the city and its inhabitants.
He had been briefed on the station and its purpose; it acted more as a relay port for ships as they traveled around this section of space. A central hub, for resupply and resupply. As he stood there and looked out over the vast expanse of the city below the landing pads he heard a familiar voice call out to.
“Human Martinez, how was your trip” Doctor Harnsis clicked.
Twisting around and looking over the seabag attached to his front The doctor stood there canting his head slightly.
The doctor's appearance looked the same as the last time Martinez had been here. He reminded Martinez of a giant mantis, if that mantis was almost two meters tall and had four small arms on its thorax, in leu of a pair of large grasping claws.
“Doc it's great to see you again” he said with a smile drawing up on his lips.
“As it is nice to see you too” Harnsis replied, giving a slight bow to Martinez.
“Doc you know you don't have to bow or anything to me right? I'm just a nurse..” Martinez said, slightly confused by the gesture.
“Ah, sorry based on the look you gave, you seem confused. It is just a way my species greats one another, similar to how your species if my research was correct. Uhmm shake hands” Harnsis said while waiving one of his short appendages.
“But you are probably tired and want to put your bags down. Follow me and I will show you to the director's office, then we can get you settled into your quarters” Harnsis happily clicked.
“Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I'm excited to get settled in and get some sleep” Martinez replied.
Harnsis led Martinez down from the landing pads through the outer gates of Draun station. After a quick stop by security to search through Martinez's sea bags they were able to get back on their way. Apparently whatever security was looking for, his extensive collection of scrubs, books, and uniforms was not on that list. There was some questioning about the hot sauce Martinez kept in his pocket. Security seemed to think the small glass bottle must have been some kind of poison, but that was quickly brushed under the table by Harnsis assuring them it was a strange type of food that Humans enjoy.
The walk through Draun station was reassuring for Martinez, he felt at home in hospitals and military bases. The fact that Draun was both of them made it all the better. The pristine white halls that were immaculately cleaned, his boots squeaking on the linoleum floors as he followed behind Harnsis.
Few of the nurses that they passed paid the two of them any mind, with the dozens of different species going around Draun the site of another one was not unsettling for them. There were a few that Martinez was certain had heard the stories of his first visit to the Station, he could see a few make eye contact with him before quickly scurrying away from him, or their eyes would dart away from him.
After the two of them made it to the far side of the station, they went up in an elevator to the highest level of the station.
“Now Human Martinez, when you meet the Director do your best to be polite, you have to make a good impression here, I requested you by name…. I would rather not, oh what's the phrase, be hurled under the car?.” Harnis chittered.
The fact that Harnsis has been clearly studying humans and culture was evident, it was almost embarrassing that Harnsis seemed to have learned a lot about Humans. While Martinez didn’t even know what his species was called.
“Be polite, you got it doc” he confirmed.
he looked awkwardly at Harnsis' large compound eyes “What is your species if you don't mind me asking?” Martinez asked.
Harnsis made a clicking noise with his wigs for a moment, Martinez did not know what the sound meant, but he would ask those questions later or eventually just figure it out.
“I'm sorry, I forget that Humans are new to the union and likely aren't as versed in species. I am a Thurian, my species is a arboreal flying species” He clicked.
Well at least that question is answered Martinez thought to himself and the elevators doors slid open, revealing a short hallway leading towards a set of doors that looked incredibly out of place. All the doors they had passed so far had either been cleanly painted metal or flap doors allowing carts to be pushed through. These doors were dark woods and were covered in intricately carved designs. They looked like a series of medical symbols. Martinez could at least make that assumption based on the Caduceus on the lower corner of the door.
“Go ahead and drop your bags off on the ground, I will go in and make sure the Director is ready for you” Harnsis said while gesturing to a small bench just outside the doors.
Martinez nodded as Harnsis opened and quickly closed the doors behind him. Dropping his seabags on the deck, he lowered himself onto the bench, the bench creaking under his weight as he sat down.
While he waited he went over in his head the reporting procedures that his drill instructors made sure he knew by heart. Walk in a military manner, snap to attention, salute, Corpsman Martinez reporting as ordered. He imagined how reporting in would go at least a dozen times before the doors opened and Harsis ushered him into the room.
Entering into the breach all of those plans quickly went out the window when Martinez actually saw the Director. The alien was gigantic, almost three meters of heavily muscled jet black scales. The man was almost as wide as he was tall, his large body juxtaposed by the rather small head above his shoulders. His head was covered in thick plate-like bones and had several rows of sharp needle-like teeth. Just above the intimidating mouth were four sets of greenish yellow eyes, with slit pupils, they looked Martinez up and down slowly. To Martinez, he felt more like the Director was sizing him up for his next meal rather than meeting someone who will work under him.
The man's voice was extremely fitting to his frame and appearance, a low growling tone escaped the aliens slowly parting lips. “It's nice to meet you, Henry Martinez. I am the Director of the station, my name is Grutir’k You can just call me Sir, everyone else does.”
Martinez stood there locked up for several seconds until he felt Hsrnsis nudging his side and mimicking a gentle cough.
Martinez shook his head and did his best to not appear nervous in front of the massive alien. “I…I..It is nice to meet you too… sir” Martinez stuttered as he felt cold beads of sweat pooling down his back.
The Director gave a short nod and pushed a small envelope across the desk with a massive clawed hand. He tapped the top of the envelope with his claw and continued to speak
“You will find your quarters key and ID inside. They are the same badge so do your best to not lose it” The Director growled, his voice reverberating across the entire room.
Martinez hesitantly reached forward and grabbed hold of the envelope while nodding in confirmation. The Director narrowed his eyes at Martinez and huffed.
“Look kid I know you Humans aren't used to other species just yet, but so long as you do not cause any trouble on my station you will find everyone here very amicable…. In spite of how they may appear.” he said slowly while staring daggers into Martinez.
“Uh.. uh… yes sir, I will do my best to not cause trouble” Martinez said while nervously nodding along.
The director let out a low growl that almost sounded like a sigh. Then looked over towards Harnsis. “Harn, see to it that he gets to his quarters and gets settled in”
“ yes Sir, that won't be a problem, Human Martinez won't cause any issues. I'm excited to see how his species adapts to working with us” Harnsis said eagerly.
“Good, you see to that.” he said while slowly nodding his head. His eyes shifting back to Martinez he extended his massive clawed hand towards him. “Harn tells me your species shake appendages when you meet”
Martinez looked at the man's hand, it was as large as his chest, he nervously reached out and grabbed one of the Director's Scaled fingers and shook it.
“Good, i'm glad Harn wasn’t lying to me. Welcome aboard Henry Martinez” He hissed.
Harnsis and Martinez left the office, leaving the massive lizard man behind. Harnsis pat Martinez on the shoulder reassuringly
“Dont worry everyone has that reaction when they first meet the Director. He is used to it. On the bright side, I think he likes you” He said
If that is what the director is like to who he likes, Martinez was terrified to see what someone he hates gets treated as. That whole meeting he felt like he was one wrong word from an elephant sized alligator ripping his arms off.
“That's… concerning” Martinez said as he felt his body trying to calm down from what as far as his lizard brain was concerned was a life or death encounter.
“You will get used to it, you likely won't see him much anyways. For now let's get you to your quarters, I took the liberty of getting some furniture and the like for you” Harnsis chittered happily---------
----------Update/after thoughtsWhats good my buds? How is the week going? i hope you liked the stories start. So in regards to this Project and my other projects. With my call of Cthulhu scenario moving forward towards print and all but being wrapped up, i'm free to pick up another projects. AKA this one. I will be updating this project every friday going forward(excluding this friday)my other work of "Interloper" on HFY is going to keep being posted on other potential project of "My GF is a eldritch horror" is something im putting on the back burner for now. I just feel its themes and one of the characters is to similar to what i have going on in interloper.other than that, send me any feedback you got. if you liked the start, updoot. If you hated it downdoot. Talk to you all later on. Pirate Out.....
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2023.03.28 13:39 Adventurous-Mud-616 [routine help] choosing the right moisturizer for my combo/dehydrated & flaky skin

I have combo skin and dehydration, so my forehead and nose are mostly oily while still being flaky unless I exfoliate very often which I try to avoid. Cheeks are pretty dry/normal and also get flaky. It's sensitive too. Finding a great moisturizer is a hassle, I've been using Nivea care for some time but it was far from ideal.
I'm not nearly as much knowledgeable on skincare products as some of you are, and a little lost with all the info out there. So far, the few moisturizers I've heard great things about for similar skin types are :
Vanicream Moisturizing cream
Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream
Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer
Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion
Neutrogena oil-Free Moisture-Combination Skin
L'Oréal hydra Genius
Looking for something that will be moisturizing enough without being greasy. I like to keep it simple (am lazy) and would prefer to only use one product. I also use a mycellar water cleanser. Please help me choose between these.. and feel free to add if you have any other recommendations :)
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2023.03.28 13:39 Okarine OSRS is the only MMO i find i can still make friends in

The title may sound weird, but bare with me. I find that in many MMOs now, the social aspect is quite cut off, or atleast it takes a backseat. You can usually queue up for everything. In WoW and ffxiv, you don't really need to be out in the world much anymore. FFXIV the most, i think, suffers from this issue. I've played it since 2020 and i find it hard to make connections with people in game, because everyone is standing around talking in their own guild or party chats. That makes the world feel so dead and empty to me.
Now OSRS.. i just logged in after a years break, i run to varrock, and instantly i see a group of people standing around having a chat. I move from the bank to the G.E, and again, massive groups of people just standing about shooting the shit. I love it, so so much. Sometimes i stop by and join in and see what they're saying. But other times i might just stand near just to watch. There's something about that organic player-facing-player conversation that is special to me. I think for as long as that element exists in this game, it'll always be the winner for me.
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2023.03.28 13:39 UnStaaBle Hiring an online producer for the first time. What’s the process like?

Sorry for being ignorant on the topic at hand. I’m near completion on a song I’m working on and the few friends that have heard it think I should have it produced. I just don’t know where to start. I’m curious how to better prepare myself to make everything go as smooth as possible and efficient. Do I just need the raw vocals and guitar track that I played over? Thanks in advance for any advice or tips to help me!
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2023.03.28 13:37 Healthydermis Best Laser Tattoo Removal Near Me, Oakton

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Near Me, Oakton
Looking for Laser Tattoo Removal in Oakton? In Oakton, Healthy Dermis offers the best laser tattoo removal services. We use advanced technology that targets the pigments used in tattoo ink, yet minimizes the effect on surrounding skin tissue for maximum results.
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2023.03.28 13:37 Salty_Hedgehog3569 Slime Legion way to hard now

I used to breeze by these short fights with zero problem. Now I'm dying a lot. Every fight is hard and nearly kills me. This game has changed. I don't like it.
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2023.03.28 13:36 ArtVandelaySZN How long are you guys wearing vest?

I had pretty good sized grade 2. The day after surgery I had a hematoma so one side is a little behind the other in terms of healing. Right now I’m nearly 5 weeks post op and the two side almost look identical. I was wearing foam under my vest to put pressure on my chest until week 4 at which point my doctor told me to stop the foam and wear a vest. When I asked how long to wear the vest I just kept getting told until I feel I don’t need the support? Im not real sure what that means lol. I don’t really have swelling anymore, but I have some tissue that was hard and is now soft. What do you guys think ?
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2023.03.28 13:35 Mr_ducks05 How to find a good hobby shop

I’m relatively new to the hobby as well as on the younger side so my disposable income isn’t very high. Anyways I went to one hobby shop semi near to me and all their products were marked up by like 50%. I’m not sure if that’s normal but it’s not exactly preferable when I can buy the same thing for cheaper on eBay. I want to find a good hobby shop that I can trust but also isn’t crazy expensive compared to just getting it on eBay. Thanks in advance for any suggestions of any kind!
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2023.03.28 13:32 veredainteriors Interior Decorator Near Me

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2023.03.28 13:32 Nellthe First Contact with the ISS [25 - The End] - Epilogue - What the future holds!

Note: I don't want to clog this post, so I am going to post my comment and thoughtsin the comment below.
MySub Patreon ROYAL ROAD
First Prev
List of all chapters
Marcus sat in his Manhattan office, gazing out at the spot where Kraz'ox had landed almost four years ago. Quibble, an ancient AI, had chosen Marcus to lead one of the divisions tasked with learning more about the AI and how Ellads and other ancient civilizations had used them.
Quibble had only given them a small portion of his code, less than 0.5%, but it was unlike anything Marcus and his team had ever seen. The scale and language were unimaginable to anyone prior to Quibble's release of the code.
As Marcus read through his team's reports, he was interrupted by Adrian, his new colleague from the office next door.
"Hey, we're about to leave," Adrian said, peeking through the doorway. "Are you coming with us?"
Marcus took a moment to look up and respond. "Sure, let me just finish up here. I'll meet you in front in five minutes, okay?" Adrian nodded and left.
On top of giving them a small portion of his own code, Quibble released all the documents on various research even with the heavy protest from earth’s governments. The AI did not like how Earth’s system of government was set so he released it to the public, without truly understanding how humans and humanity work he did not fully understand the possible consequences of his action.
Amongst millions of documents released, there were instructions from zero on how to terraform planets, build floating cities, and make artificial gravitational fields on asteroids, ships, and space stations. The released documents also included numerous medical and other advancements that would help humans prolong their life spans and make their life easier, from cures to most of the known diseases to efficient and renewable sources of energy to simple things like easy water filtering systems that turn any water source into a hundred percent drinkable.
Quibble had a good idea in his mind, but humanity did not work like that, the vast majority of the human race couldn’t do much with those documents. That’s why governments, big corporations, and wealthy individuals were already in a race toward the new world order.
Marcus closed his laptop and walked out of his office to join his friends. They were headed towards the ceremony in the central park where Captain James, maybe the most famous human at this point in history, would be crowned admiral of the new Galactic Federation led by humanity and its other two founding members Kraz’ox and Anoi.
Three species fought a battle that nearly wiped out all their fleets six months ago and now they were officially forming their own alliance. Two other races were set to join now, former allies of Anoi, the Trox, and Poyours.
The negotiations were long and tiresome before the two warring races were presented with undeniable proof that they were fighting a proxy war for ancient spices and decided it was best they joined forces for now with Humans as intermediates between them.
The park was packed with guests and reporters, but Marcus and his friends had seats near the front row as part of the AI research team. The podium was empty as they found their seats but quickly a young woman took the stand, she was part of the new United Nations that incorporated almost every country in the world, and only a few declined to join to this day.
She briefly went over the day’s program and introduced the next speaker, Earth’s ambassador. Marcus thought that title was a little bit far-fetched and surely a man in his late seventies was not the best choice for the ambassador of Earth. But he had a soft and professional voice and an aura of calm around him as he spoke on goals and future plans for humanity and their new federation.
A few more speakers swapped on the main stand before a thunderous sound broke the boredom of the crown as Pegasus I, the first human interstellar ship, broke into the atmosphere and hovered above the crowd as the crowd broke into cheers. Minutes later a smaller ship, the one used for landing, left Pegasus and landed behind the podium.
The girl announced Captain James Barnes and his companion the ancient AI Quibble and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Quibble was originally part of Captain’s suit, but after the battle, they built him a body of sorts. For some reason, he was not allowed by his programming restrictions to have a humanoid body, so by his instructions, they build him a half-meter cube that could shift and change its looks.
Captain James walked onto the podium with Quibble in his new form hovering slightly behind him and accepted his new role, as the first official and highest-ranked Admiral of the Galactic Federation.
“Thank you,” Admiral James said as the crowd’s cheering died down slowly. “Thank you for your trust!” Admiral James took a deep breath and continued.
“My fellow humans, Kraz'ox, Anoi, Trox, and Poyours, and all other beings present here today, I stand before you humbled and honored to accept the position of Admiral of the Galactic Federation. I don’t know if I am the most qualified person for this job, but I will certainly give my best with every second on the job!” He said taking a short pause to compose himself.
“As we embark on this new chapter in our history, we must remember that we are not alone in this universe. Our actions affect not only our planet but also the entire galaxy. We must take responsibility for our actions and work together to create a better future for all who are part of this Federation and even those who are not.” A small applause broke out but James continued.
“As we work towards our common goal of peace and prosperity, we must also remember the lessons of our past. We must learn from our mistakes and work to ensure that they are not repeated. We must strive for equality and justice for all, regardless of species or background. The formation of this Galactic Federation is just the beginning. We must continue to work together, listen to one another, and build a better future for all. Let us take this opportunity to unite and create a brighter tomorrow for ourselves and for all those who will come after us.“ The crowd broke into cheers once again as Admiral James and Quibble left the podium.
Marcus found himself on the list of special guests who were invited to the gala later in the night. He didn’t feel like going, but his position demanded his presence there.
He pondered the words Admiral James said, they had a huge burden on their shoulders now as a species. But Marcus worried about the history of violence of the human race and the inability to be united through Earth’s history it was only a matter of time before humanity realized what power they held. He worried for the future of his kids and what the unknown held for them. He wanted them to have a normal life, but that timeline was long gone and he and the rest of humanity had to accept that. It was time to adapt and do his best to help navigate humanity in these uncharted waters.
Thank you for reading!
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2023.03.28 13:30 NoSkill9716 Selling Guitars

I'm looking to sell a near mint condition guitar of mine that I never used. Had a major physical injury thus I couldn't play and use it.
I was wondering if there are some recommendations for guitar stores to whom I can sell it to in Bangalore City.
please do help me out! thank you!
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2023.03.28 13:29 Illteen Is 8 years a big age gap ?

We were together for almost 2 years, she is 31 and I am 23 years old. We had a strong connection and real love but sometimes she compared herself to her friends who had children or getting married and made me feel a bit awkward. After continuous pressure from her parents, she eventually told me to break up because of different priorities. Now I still think about her and about the possibility of coming back together. Taking the next step together will be fantastic for both of us even though I'm a bit sceptical about it in the near future. Any advice ?
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2023.03.28 13:27 hamzakahn Got RelEx SMILE in Thailand - Was it worth it? My Experience

So I just got surgery exactly 72 hours ago. This whole subreddit has been useful in helping me navigate through my journey, so I thought I return the favour and present my experience.
General Information:
I'm 27 (M) and I had Nearsightedness (myopia) of: Right Eye: -4.00(-)0.75×10 Left Eye: -6.00(-)0.75×180
I've worn glasses since I was 6 years old and I've been bullied at that age. I start wearing contact lenses in 2013 (When I turned 18). I felt that my personality was better depicted without me wearing glasses. It is a cosmetic preference but I felt more of 'myself' when I was wearing contacts. I also felt more confident and subsequently acted more confident. I also began to be regarded as 'attractive' for the first time in my life when I wore lenses. This stayed with me but wearing lenses was difficult for me because I didn't have a lot of budget back then (It's surprising but really, we had no money back then). So I just continued wearing my glasses most of the time with a box of dailies kept for rare occasions occurring maybe 3-4 times a year.
Fast forward, 7 years into the future. I had graduated from university and finally was able to make some money. I started focusing on how I looked and reintroduced lenses again in my life. This again changed how people perceived me and I began to be considered 'attractive' again by my peers. But LASIK or anything like that was still out of the picture in terms of budget. There were some budget-friendly options in my country but I do not trust the healthcare system in my country, they offered subsidized rates based on the basic income of our country but I just didn't want to risk something that big in my eyes. But I did start wearing lenses regularly and it significantly impacted my social life.
This brings us to today, It's March 2023. I'm making significantly more money than I have ever made. I planned a trip to Thailand to just stay there and chill while working (I work remotely so I can work from anywhere in the world). People here might not know but Thailand is advanced in healthcare and it offers some of the best medical treatments in the world. On one trip last year, I got a little sick and I went to Bangkok Hospital I was taken aback by how professionally they operated and the quality of treatment they offered. At that point last year, I thought maybe I should check LASIK options in Thailand now since I had the funds. I researched it and I planned to get a pre-operative examination in Thailand for my next trip.
Why I Choose the Surgery:
I arrived in Thailand on the 11th of March and booked my pre-operative examination for LASIK to check out my options. I had no immediate plans of getting it, I just wanted to know what my options were. I had a list of clinics and hospitals that were recommended to me by another ophthalmologist I met in Phuket last year from whom I got my glasses. I coordinated with all of them but choose a centre called TRSC International LASIK Center. They were the first centre to do both LASIK and RelEx in Thailand and honestly their entire infrastructure, process and coordination were flawless.
I went in for a pre-operative examination on the 14th of March with TRSC and it cost me 2000 THB ($59). It was very comprehensive and lasted over 3 hours. My eyes were diluted and they took me through a bunch of machines. The thickness of the cornea etc. all that jazz. They also discovered a scar on my cornea that I didn't know existed. I remember getting an injury as a child around my right eye but I didn't know there was a scar. Anyway, at the end of it, they screened me for RelEx as the best option for me and they said they can do it with the scar and it won't impact the surgery.
The cost that came in for the whole procedure including the RelEx surgery on both eyes, enhancements surgery later (if needed), Medication and 6 post-surgery check-ups was 135,000 THB ($3,937). They also gave me a 24/7 medical counsellor who was amazing and very responsive. I asked him dozens of questions every day for the next 3-4 days, he was patient and always encouraged more questions.
So the price here is almost how much it would cost someone in the US, UK, EU etc. That is alright but I don't have access to these countries due to my passport. Also, the quality, infrastructure and experience of the people involved with TRSC felt world-class to me, so I didn't ponder much about the cost itself, it was getting surgery from a world-class place that happened to be in Thailand. Secondly, the surgeon himself was very reassuring. I looked him up on google and he was an accomplished dude, really passionate about his world. He had decades of experience in doing LASIK and even RelEx which is relatively new.
Apart from cosmetic reasons, if you are someone who has eyesight around mine, you'd know the basic day-to-day struggles that people don't get. Swimming, shaving, contact sports, patches on the face and the overall struggle of maintaining this lifestyle. Not to mention the price tag of getting new frames and then contact lenses. The maintenance, the upkeep, it just was annoying and I didn't want any of it. I decided there is no reason to delay it, now that I'm in Thailand, I should just go for it. I booked my surgery for the 25th of March (past Saturday). I texted my workplace that I won't be available until the 29th of March and I will rejoin work from the 30th of March (which is after tomorrow).
Pre-Surgery Anxiety:
Although I did my due diligence on the safety of the procedure, as the surgery dates became to come close. I began to become anxious. I also came across some horror stories in weird subreddits and I began to question my decision. While I was mildly losing it I told myself the following things,
1) The procedure is safer than wearing contact lenses statistically 2) I trust my surgeon and his ability to do a good job and his analysis of green signalling RelEX for me 3) I trust myself and my body to be healthy enough and determined enough to make things go in my way (A little spiritual but it helps me be assertive)
The FAQ section of this Reddit also helped me as it explained the safety of the procedure. I read it dozens of times before the surgery and made me feel calm.
Surgery Day:
I arrived at the centre at around 4:00 PM on that Saturday. They greeted me well like always, my English-speaking medical counsellor. She told me how it would go down. They administered a couple of drops initially. Most of them were eye-numbing drops and also antibiotic drops. They gave me Valium and said it would help with anxiety and I obliged. I lay down on their massage chair while the drops got absorbed in my eyes and valium made me feel okay.
I got pulled into surgery and my surgeon explained the procedure. I need to look straight forward into a green light. I absolutely must not move my head and just continue looking into the green light as it fades away. They had some clamps to keep me from blinking and my head was firmly placed on their headrest. The green light came and the doctor told me seconds before it will disappear. That helped, as they were doing the countdown, it made me lose a little pressure. The same thing happened with both eyes, I think in under 1 minute. Then there was another procedure. There was a bright white light and I had to do the same.
Everything was hazy but the clarity was already there, much more than what I had before. A nurse helped me walk out. My surgeon took me to another room and saw his work, he saw both my eyes and said
"Everything is perfect, I'm so happy and pleased with the results, tomorrow will be a new world for you".
This was amazing to hear. It gave me confidence in the success of the surgery but I wanted to 'see' it for myself and currently it was just hazy. They then put two eye shields in my eyes with holes in them and escorted me out. They said to go home and rest as much as I could and do nothing else. They had given me an early appointment the next morning.
I had a friend waiting for me and we walked to the cab and went to our apartment. I could walk, there was no light sensitivity and it was just difficult to see through small holes of the eye shield but I could see enough to navigate my way and I told my friend to intervene if he sees me crashing into something but just let me do it on my own otherwise.
I went home, laid down tried sleeping but I couldn't but kept laying down for 2-3 hours. then around 9:00 pm, I went with my friend downstairs to eat dinner, the night was very dark and my friend did help me walk this time, there were strong light glares as well. We had dinner and quickly came upstairs. I laid down again and then listened to some podcasts to kill time. Talked on my phone briefly with my mom, took valium again at midnight and slept.
Day 1 Post-Surgery:
I woke up and went to the terrace of my apartment. I couldn't see alot because of the small holes, but from what I saw, was heartbreakingly amazing. everything was mostly clear and I could see the furthest apartment. Put up "I can see clearly" by jimmy cliff on my speakers and just continued gazing into the view. My friend woke up and we took a cab. We first to breakfast where I pretend to be blinded just for fun and everyone was so helpful there (I'm sorry to the staff of that cafe).
We arrived at the facility once again. My medical counsellor came to me and took me to a room. and took out my eye shields but in a lot of artificial tears and anti-biotic drops. I could see everything fairly clearly, but still a bit hazy but not too much. They took me to an eye screening room. near 20/20 vision, the text on the 20/20 part was very mildly blurry but it was easily readable from both eyes, with and without each other.
The surgeon took me to a room next and focused in on my eyes. He took a look, said
"Everything looks perfect, Welcome to the new world Hamza".
This swept me. The dude has a way with words. I felt it. Everything was so clear. I would say 1 degree more clear than my glasses and lenses, I don't know how to assess it. The colours were also slightly richer, and I could see things in more detail and ofc, in 3D vision.
They advised me to keep putting artificial drops in both eyes after every 1 hour (they said 1 drop) and put the anti-biotic drops 4 times a day (1 drop too). But with artificial drops they said, it depends on how dry your eyes are, so feel free to be generous if one drop doesn't cut it.
They asked me to continue my life as per schedule but when I go out always wear sunglasses and be efficient with the medicine. Ofc told me the 20-20-20 rule (after every 20 minutes, focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds). They said I can try doing whatever I like but if it causes eye fatigue or dry eye, just stop and not do that thing for that day, I will now cover the remainder of the day and the other two days in the last section as they are fairly similar.
Day 1.5, 2, 3 Post Surgery:
I mostly stayed home. If I went out, I wore sunglasses all the time. I went indoors and outside mostly. Went for a massage, went to a mall, and wore sunglasses both times. I realized my eyes got drier when I went out, so I just used the drops every 30 minutes and around 3 drops per eye. That really made me feel comfortable and I continue to use that spell to this day. My vision switches from really really clear to really clear at times, but it always defaults to really really clear. This is expected and I got warned about it by the surgeon before hand. I have my second post-operative check-up tomorrow morning, so I will update you on the thread on how that went.
This is my first time using a screen for this long, I just avoided doing that the days before, I tried it but got fatigued and stopped. I would say I went outside on both days, maybe I shouldn't have as eyes dried out faster but I was really careful with sunglasses and drops regulation, so it's okay. Today I didn't go out and I don't plan to. In terms of post surgery vision, I have no halos, the light is flairy at night but nothing too awful, infact my pre-surgery and no-glassess vision had worse flairs. One day I could see normally at night time and other days it was dimmer, so I guess it's still adjusting.
Was it Worth It?
For someone who doesn't feel like himself while wearing glasses and lenses is annoying and unhealthy, it was 10000% worth it. I gaze outside my window or terrace these days and I'm amazed at the detail I see. I sometimes move my hand on my face to remove my glasses and realize this is my new reality. The money was significant but not my entire life savings so definitely it was worth every single penny. I am one of the lucky ones with a faster recovery rate and seeing 20/20 on the very next day but if it wasn't the case, I would still have gone for it. The dry eyes are annoying and I may have a more extreme case than a not RelEx patient but I'm completely okay with it and I'm willing to fulfil that until my eyes heal fully.
So yes, this is the end of this thread, I will update on my journey here one I move forward, and also ofc open to answering any questions.
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2023.03.28 13:27 CrazyAgile This is a pretty rad small community! (List of games I want to keep adding to)

Bullet Heaven, haha! Good stuff.
I found myself on the hunt for reverse bullet hell games after dumping 40-50 hours into Vampire Survivors and then losing my save. Rather than just start over I started looking at other options which I only knew of 1 that was pretty "high profile" coming out that was 20 Minutes Till Dawn (which is great!). I had no idea what was coming for me in gaming the next couple months...
I think I've played them all. Literally. Bought them all, grabbed demos and alphas/betas, prologues, etc. There are some I'm eagerly awaiting, and some I'll never never speak of again. It's a super fun, simple concept that can totally be expanded on infinitely with any other genre easily, and I am pretty stoked to see some of the deeper more fleshed out concepts come around. The majority attitude toward the genre is already pretty shrugged off and negative toward "another vampire survivors type" game, which will settle in time as it just becomes a staple genre in the rogue-like mega monolith category like the others. :)
I'm just going to throw down a list here off the top of my head with a few thoughts on what I think of the game just in case some wanderers come stumbling this way looking for info like I was 6 months ago about more of this fun game style. :)

I'm going to call it for the night and add more tomorrow to this. I'm noticing a pretty linear trend in paragraph length here that I need to get under control :P I have many more titles to add so I shall continue tomorrow :)
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