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ARK NO MODS #05 - MISSÃO TRIKE FOI UM SUCESSO DUPLO! MUITAS FLECHAS TRANQS! submitted by animadaogamer to animadaooficial [link] [comments]


ARK NO MODS #04 - MISSÃO TRIKE NÃO FOI BEM SUCEDIDA, MAS NÃO DESISTIMOS! submitted by animadaogamer to animadaooficial [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 04:13 ShinyCharizard01 Your Favorite Underrated Creatures

In a game like Ark, there are fan favorites. The Rex, the Argy, the Giga, and many more. But what about the creatures who don't get much love? The creatures who, despite being good, never get the fan attention they deserve due to no one really paying them much attention?
You guys can feel free to leave in the comments which creature you enjoy that fits the term 'underrated'. Maybe a gathering creature that no one seems to use, a creature you used to boss rush that you had fun with, or just a creature you don't see the community talk about that you simply like for existing. Any creature can count, so long as you don't see it getting talked about much by the community. Also, no early game creatures, like Raptors and Trikes, because while they are early game creatures, the community does still acknowledge they are good for something. Also, no MEKs, Tek Stryders, or any other robotic creature, because you don't really tame a Mek, and the others aren't really 'creatures', so to speak.
Here are some of my favorite underrated creatures:
Megaloceros. I used one for caving when I first played the game and had some fun with it. It is weak, but boy is it fast!
Dimporh. I LOVE shredding Alphas to bits with a group of these little guys.
Sabertooth. My best friend loves cats, so these are his favorite Ark creature, so I also have a soft spot for them.
Pachyrhino. These mini Trikes are cool design wise. Never tamed one before so I don't know how it is as a tame.
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2023.05.21 22:00 throw-away-596 ARK, I hate and love you

ARK woes:
Signed into my single player game on Fjordur. I was at my base & noticed tames went missing.
My high level Tek Raptor got killed by another higher level raptor. I was like “ok that sucks I probably left him on passive somewhere”
I noticed my Doe (I’m not typing out the name lol) & Trike were missing.
Doe is never on follow. The only way I ever transported her was with a cryopod.
Get a notification that she died. Nothing killed her.
Looking for my trike.
Get a notification that he died. Nothing killed him.
My Fjordhawk helped me see two death bags. They both fell off a cliff to their deaths.
And I don’t understand why they were over there. Except it’s just ARK.
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2023.05.21 06:44 Atelababbey First Encounter With a Wild Charcardontasaurus, Absolutely Terrifying-

This literally happened like 45 minutes ago-
TL;DR: Wild Charcars are TERRIFYING So I've been searching for a wild male giga on and off again on single player Fjordur for about a month now, as I need to breed up my other two females to fight Steinbjorn, and had completely forgotten that Charcars share the same spawn locations. So imagine my surprise when I pull up at the volcano island oil field and find a level 20 Charcar there instead of a giga. I thought I could give taming it a try, as I'd seen quite a few videos on taming it and thought it looked easy enough, but decided I was going to do it on foot. So, I walk quite aways from it to put my shoulder pet down in a safe-ish spot next a long with my Maewing, turn back around, and notice it's missing. Not missing actually but stuck in a big rock, unable to eat, as I found out after killing a trike and dragging it up to it. (It did it's sniffing animation, but didn't actually eat it.) Realizing it couldn't be tamed in this state, I deloaded the lava island and reloaded it by flying away on my Maewing and back. This unstuck the Charcar, but an Argy had eaten the Trike corpse from earlier, so I killed the Argy an fed it to the Charcar instead. The sun was begging to set and there were some ankys above on a nearby tiny cliff I thought the Charcar couldn't get up that I went to kill to up the ride meter. I THOUGHT. I turn around long enough to kill the Ankys, turn back around, and the Charcar had made its way up the tiny cliff, and was standing right next to me. I quickly picked up the Ankys corpse and fed it to the Charcar successfully, swiftly getting back onto my Maewing and leaving it to fight something as I went to get my shoulder pet and Maewing to a safer spot, so the Charcar wouldn't get distracted by them. I return, killed a couple of other Carnos, and began dragging one towards the Charcar once more. Then a previously unseen Argy ate the corpse. The Charcar noticed immediately and began charging towards me, and I ran as fast as my little survivor legs could carry me. The Charcar was distracted by the Argy, and a Tek Rex + Stego that had fallen from above, so I thought I was safe once more. I fumbled to pick up my shoulder pet, and began making my way the short about 6-7 feet it would take to get to my Maewing, the sun almost completely gone. Then I heard the footsteps. Quick as lightning the Charcar began getting closer and closer. I shrieked, as just as I I had entered the animation to board my Maewing, I was hit with the death message. It literally scared the sh*t outta me, I had never been this scared by Ark before. I promptly exited Ark and force closed it.
Moral of the story? Use a trap, and come fully prepared for these things-
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2023.05.13 19:46 slewrateofficial Ark Zone 2 UK PS4/PS5 PVP ENG 56 slots

Ark Zone 2 UK PS4/PS5 PVP ENG
Map : The Island
Parasaurs Stegos and Trike swapped they Thylacos,Gachas and Tropical Crystal wyverns :)
Wyvern and Dino Eggs in Modded drops
Raiding allowed 24/7
X1000 experience points for kills, harvesting and crafting
Abberation and extinction dinos on the Island
CRAFT Element with fibre and make Mek’s and Tek replicators fast
Tek Suites and end game saddles in drops
Instant Tame /Dinos go to sleep fast !
Fast breeding maturing/hatching/imprints
Food goes down slower
Stamina goes down slower
Water goes down slower
Underwater swimming oxygen boost Insane
Join Our discord :
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2023.05.07 02:34 Sufficient_Home_5852 Does anyone remember that GTA cheat where all the pedestrians attack you? I'm worried about ARK 2 (Really long post with some VERY rough brainstorming and blabbering, nothing important here)

This game feels like that quite frequently when it comes to predators, even different species of predator will work together to kill you before attacking the next non-predator like the souless unthinking killing machines they are.
I've been playing this game for a long time and it's something that's bothered me from the very beginning but dealt with it because dinosaurs are awesome and the generally enjoyable very arcade-like gameplay.
But it has me worried for what ARK 2 will bring. There's a lot of potential to vastly improve upon the dinosaurs and to make them feel like the truly large, powerful and complex beasts they truly were. With Unreal Engine 5 and how stunning the dinosaurs look it'd be a damn shame if all we got was the same dino levelling/breeding system and 1 dimensional dynamics between the dinosaurs that we already have.
I'm worried that once you reach a certain level dinosaurs just won't be a threat to you unless they're player controlled. In ARK, wild dinos are barely obstacles, if you tame a T-rex or even a single Carno there's very few things that are a threat to you once you've levelled it up even a little. If you pretty much want immunity then get a Wyvern or T-Rex or 2, level them up, mate boost them and even fewer things can even scratch you (Only the fantasy stuff can harm you).
Humans are the top of the food chain, only the extreme few have to deal with powerful real world predators like lions or tigers and bears, oh my! I think the biggest reason dinosaur movies are so successful is through the use of these great beasts that once existed, they de-throne humanity as king of the food chain and of our environment. They give us the thrill of being prey animals escaping death with danger at every turn and when you look at these dino movies the humans barely escape with their lives. It's a horror.. a thrill.. And ARK 2 in my opinion needs that to bring new and fresh gameplay to the ARK series.
For example in ARK: Predators and prey wonder around aimlessly amongst each other and are very densely packed.
Predators will attack prey animals with zero caution or reason and they'll attack the same targets alongside other predator species not paying them any mind like they're on the same team.
You can tame them by knocking them out and putting food in their inventory until they eat a certain amount and they're yours to control. That single dimentional being is now used the same way you'd use a car or a military vehicle, they lack character like a living thing does and their death means very little if they die at all.
The player can pour points into their HP, own a decent set of armour and a decent projectile weapon giving them the ability to kill even the largest of predators in this game, including some of the fantasy ones.
What I believe would be amazing for ARK 2: A dinosaur shouldn't be able to kill well above its weight class without help from a player or bigger tame. A raptor or 5 should never be able to kill or even be a threat to something the size of a T-Rex so it could only be possible to level up a dinosaurs stats to be around 115% or 85% as strong or as weak as the base stats for that species.
Predators are outnumbered greatly by prey animals, much like in the real world. Predators have a hunger system and depending on how low their hunger meter is it could determine when they go on a hunt.
The map can help facilitate this, while I don't quite know what unreal engine 5 is capable of performance wise I'm certain it'll be able to make signficantly larger maps than what we have in ARK. This should allow predators to have their own randomized territory that is marked out when they spawn while still being plenty in number. Prey animals that travel in herds would be incredible to see as well as to track or even hunt. Just imagine how impressive it would be to track a herd of triceratops with friends as you're riding raptors, coming upon the heard in an open field, your team remaining concealed in the tree line as you wait to choose one furthest from the pack, then charge at it loosing arrows before it runs to the centre of the herd that's quickly gathering in a defencive circle, you cause enough damage to it or somehow incapacitate it with torpidity spears/arrows or traps or causing it to bleed out with enough damage and maybe some lucky shots. The heard scatters and runs closely together following an 'alpha' and you and your team can take as much meat as you can carry back home leaving a carcus that could attract predators depending on how hungry they are and whether they're downwind of the kill. Making each large dino kill feel significant, challanging and require some planning.
Predators could have a hunger meter that will determine their actions in and out of combat. For example: A Carno (non-pack animal) with a hunger meter of 100% could patrol its territory or be in a relaxed state. When patrolling it's territory it would walk the border of it and if encountering a player or another perdator it could try to intimidate them through roars and false charges or even attack the playetame/predator if they remain within it's aggro radious long enough. In its relaxed state it could lay down, sleep, rub itself against trees or take part in other idle animations as it wonders around its territory.
If our Carno's hunger meter is at 75% then it could have a chance per in-game tick to go hunting. Unlike when players are hunting, it could be significantly easier and more streamlined for NPC vs NPC interaction. When our Carno comes across the same herd of triceratops they could form a defencive circle where the Carno could go into one of many scripted actions depending on it's hunger levels, at 75% it could circle the herd a little before going in to attack, triggering one of two (or more) possible events: 1.1) Our Carno could bite into the frill of the trikes head pulling it out of formation, then killing it instantly biting the neck and the herd flee as it feasts on its kill. 1.2) Our Carno could be biting the trikes frill trying to pull it out of formation and a trike beside it could charge, stabbing our Carno causing enough damage for it to retreat.
If it's lower than 75% then perhaps it could result in a higher chance of desperate and risky scripted attacks against other NPCs and higher chances of attacking the player and their tames depending on the species of their tame.
Many more examples could be made and although it sounds complex, the Jurrassic World games do something very similar already. With unreal engine 5 and the visuals it produces, it'd look incredible.
When it comes to PVP tames or player tames vs NPC I think ARK-like attack animations with a little more veriation and less clipping would do just fine but should include a finishing move, much like the combat in Skyrim for that ever satisfying kill or brutal but impresssive looking defeat.
Acquiring a predator and prey tame could be done through egg stealing alone with some exceptions for some smaller creatures. Being able to ride a medium sized and large predatoherbivore/omnivore should in my opinion be something special rather than casual and less personal. Perhaps your newly hatched dino could take some time to grow and during this growing process you can build up loyalty and HP/attack. Some methods in building up both when it's very young could involve feeding it the best/better cuts of meat, petting it frequently or using toys to play with it. When it reaches mid stage of growth (If it's a predator) you could take it on hunts with you and the amount of kills or damage it's dealt could contribute to it's final HP/attack as an adult. If it's a herb/omni then it could be a matter of more play and it following you around more, feeding it different fruits for HP/attack and loyalty etc.
Loyalty could be a path to unlock perks for your dino, like allowing you to fit heavier armoured saddles, heavier cargo saddles, less likely to run from a battle when not mounted, more likely to play as an adult, a small bonus to HP/Attack when being ridden by you (Like in ARK), Less likely to cause damage to your structures during idle animations like rubbing itself against your buildings or breaking into food storage before being shoo'd away by the player if kept close enough and more..
I know all of my ideas are likely not to be agreed with, and this one most of all won't be.. But I don't think it's best to allow players to have several dozen dinosaurs each (Changable in single-player and private server settings of course). I think a PU (Power Unit) should be in place. Each dino contributing to that PU limit depending on their species with the more powerful ones taking up more points. Benefits of this could be: Players won't be able to spam dinos, some more consideration would need to be placed in the dinos you want to raise/tame, encouraged specialization among players. Perhaps a cryopod system could be re-introduced so that a player can free up their PU by storing dinos but be unable to deploy them before a period of time has passed.
With the exception of Cryopods... No Tek or modern firearms! At most musket/blunberbus/handgonne like weapons with long re-load times. More commonly should be many different primitive weaponry like clubs, hammers, swords, spears, axes, bows, crossbows, slingshots and of course shields/armour. Different types of arrow/bolt tip materials and ones that cause more bleeding damage, more piercing damage, fire damage, poison damage and other possible status effects.
Of course every idea heavily depends on the combat system. I don't think many player made weapons should be a threat to a dinosaur like the Carno. If a single player or a team want to take down something of that size or larger then it should be a challange and every tool at your disposal should be utilized where possible. Taking down such a beast should be planned.
Tools to do this could include: Smoke grenades, poison/toxic/irritant gas grenades/mines/tripwires/flash bangs, flare guns, spike pit or empty pit traps that could slow a medium - large dino but trap small ones, a swinging spear trap that when a trip wire is broken could swing down impaling anything in its way, spear walls, crossbow launched or thrown grapple, firecracker-like bundles, cannon launched spears fixed to ropes that are fixed to the ground to inhibit movement and cause some damage, thrown heavy spears with rope attached to your mounts' saddle...
Possible scenario 1: You're face to face with a Carno patrolling its territory while you were looking for ore, it hasn't charged you immediatly so you know it's hunger level can't be under half. Your mid-level bow and basic metal tipped arrows won't do enough bleed damage against this thing to even slow it down before it kills you but lucky for you, you came prepared.
You equip your flare gun just in time as the Carno begins to walk toward you slightly hunched down, it begins picking up the pace. You fire your flare gun right at it! The light, sound and heat startle it causing it to pause but you know it could be anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 and you aren't going to outrun this thing, the moment you even get 5 meters away it'll break the timer and chase you down and this part fo the forst isn't thick enough for you lose it and as far as you know there's no cave/crevises small enough nearby that'll keep you safe until help arrives or it gives up.
You use this time to light your expensive irritant gas grenade and toss it inbetween you and your would-be killer awaiting for it to make the next move... Time's up, it's been 15 seconds and the Carno begins to charge as it charges straight into the small cloud from your gas grenade, insantly causing seering pain in the beasts eyes as it veers to the right slowing down and letting out strained pain filled roars shaking its head violently. YOU RUN! You keep running and don't look back hoping you've caused it enough distress and it's not hungry enough to stalk/track you, you've already used a flare gun, it won't work again not this soon after the first shot and that timer on the grenade will get shorter and shorter but it should at least buy you 30 seconds.
You pause to regain stamina and look back........... You don't see its silhouette through the trees and foilage but you're cautious and switch to your waterskin filled with a citrus concoction that you pour over yourself to mask your scent, if it was hugnry enough to stalk you this should certainly throw it off your scent.
Possible scenario 2: Riding on the back of your loyal Parasaur "Chimi Chungus" you go in search of ore through the forest. 5 or so minutes into the treck Chungus begins making a sound you've never heard her make before, seconds later she's flicking her head up clearly distressed, what does it mean? hungry? No.. Thristy? No.. Then a red icon with an open jaw flashes in the corner of your hud, you stop and look around.
Noticing a Carno just off to the side slowly walking toward you, slightly lowered. It's been stalking you but for how long? It couldn't have been too long if Chungus only noticed it now, her distressed movements have stopped.
Pretty soon you're face to face with the Carno before it begins to charge. Suddenly it hits you.. You're an idiot! You left your flare gun back at base! You have no weapon powerful enough to make it stumble and pause for a moment even if you did hit it in it's weak spots. You can't outrun this but you'll damn well try as you quickly equip your irritant gas grenade and toss it behind you at the Carno..
But darn! It didn't work! it needs at least 3 seconds to build up a cloud big enough to effect a Carno... What do you do!? Is this it!? The Carno is catching on you, within seconds it's chomping on the back of Chimi Chungus, her health dropping with each attack, bleed status effect flashing on your hud, she cries in pain, her blood level dropping rapidly only made faster by running..
There's nothing you can do, you feel powerless as you remember the fun you had sneaking into the Parasaur nest with your currently offline friend and the effort you put into picking the best berries for baby Chungus, all that time you spent raising her to end like this.
You're still fairly new to the game, but you know once her HP or Blood Level bars drop to 5% a finishing move can be executed, and that Carno wastes no time executing immediatly as it sinks it's teeth into Chungus's back throwing you forward and off knocking your HP down by 10%, you land facing the carnage as the Carno's clawed feet pin your loyal friend down and he chomps at her neck quickly ending her and the brutal animation.
You ready your bow but halt immediatly knowing any attack will only draw its attention to you, there's nothing you can do here...... Or is there? You have one more irritant grenade and that Carno isn't moving! You light it, tossing it at it's feet..
Only to watch in dismay as the grenade tossed so close disrupted the Carno's feeding animation and it's attention is drawn back to you as it charges. Before you can even completely turn around it chomps on you easily destroying a chest and arm piece of your metal armour, with HP below half you resign knowing you won't survive another as you curse at your screen watching your character getting picked up in the jaws of this titan and shaken around, your lifeless body dropping to the floor with a thud.
You're an idiot... you're dead and you're an idiot.
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2023.05.02 15:51 slewrateofficial Ark Zone 2 UK PS4/PS5 PVP ENG 80 slots Map : The Island Parasaurs Stegos and Trike swapped they Thylacos,Gachas and Tropical Crystal wyverns :) ALL ITEMS FIBRECRAFT Wyvern and Dino Eggs in Modded drops Raiding allowed 24/7 X1000 experience points for kills, harvesting and crafting Abberation

Ark Zone 2 UK PS4/PS5 PVP ENG 80 slots Map : The Island Parasaurs Stegos and Trike swapped they Thylacos,Gachas and Tropical Crystal wyverns :) ALL ITEMS FIBRECRAFT Wyvern and Dino Eggs in Modded drops Raiding allowed 24/7 X1000 experience points for kills, harvesting and crafting Abberation submitted by slewrateofficial to playarkservers [link] [comments]

2023.04.25 21:32 pokemonguy69420 Join the evolution ark server it’s a great community

Evolution Ark PVE PS4 Server
Maps- * Ragnarok - X - Yuty, X - Otter, X - Spino, X - Argy * Ragnarok 2 * Crystal-Isles -Rock Drakes * Valguero - Bloodstalkers * Fjordur - Bloodstalkers * Abberation * Island - Astrodelphis * Center - X - Megalodon. X - Mosa, X - Dunk, X - Basilo * Extinction * Gen1 * Scorch Earth _ X - Allo, X - Trike, X - Anky, X - Rex, Tek Trike * Alpha Fjordur for Alpha Donators with higher lvl dinos and lower breeding timers
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2023.04.24 06:39 psylocybin1129 newish and can't find a server

I am rather new to ark. I've gathered some metal and some stone, crafted a 3x3 shack, made a long rifle and some darts, tamed a couple of trikes and a therizano (...nobody told me.. nobody told me i was going to have feed him as many narcos as I did mejo.. also.. i'm still figuring out kibble).
Here's my problem. I am a solo player. I dont have friends. I enjoy pvp, but pvp servers = already established tribes, even small tribes are super pros, there is no pvp, they just raid my shack the second I log off. As a new player, it would make sense to try out pve servers to get some experience and a good start. However, pve servers = already established tribes where the entire southern part of the island consists of huge walls surrounding huge compounds. There is no need for them to build elsewhere, cause no pvp.

I can't kill or tame a raptor without being murdered violently by the little hoppy vicious creature, building inland, or anywhere other than the "easy" areas, isnt really an option for me to get started.
I have only played on "official" servers because I cant seem to find person run servers that are not either dead and unmaintained or covered already in bases created by admins in creative.

Single player feels...pointless.

I want an early days server (below 1000) small population but still active, server, pve or pvp either one that isnt populated by players with 7000 hours in the game that immediately crush me the second they see me. Is this an option or should i give up ark till ark 2 comes out?
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2023.04.16 04:03 MariaLemon_360 Mi Criatura para las votaciones uwu

Mi Criatura para las votaciones uwu
Al ver el trike que presente Delawer ví que tenía razón en algo, los herbívoros en Ark son pura kk para las peleas pvp
El único que aún sirve es el rhino Por eso presente al cheloniformis La especie más grande de therizinosaurio
Habilidades Con la c golpear al suelo con sus manos si golpea a un enemigo con esté ataque lo realentizara
Con la z extenderá uno de sus brazos para cargar un golpe de zarpar muy fuerte que hará el doble de daño de su ataque base si es que lo carga al máximo (este golpe tiene una probabilidad de desangrar del 60%)
Con la x el cheloniformis hará un repetición de 7 golpes muy rápidos
Con Shift Q el Cheloniformis entrará en un modo de irá dónde recibirá un 80% menos de daño y los efectos negativos durarán un 80% menos, también está habilidad te limpia los efectos negativos que tenías en ese momento y se puede usar si el cheloniformis está aturdido
Habilidad pasiva: es que con cada golpe el cheloniformis aumente su daño contra el mismo objetivo el aumento es de 120 de daño Osea si le golpeas a un criatura y le haces 500 de daño el siguiente golpe le hará 620 y el siguiente le hará 732 y así sumando el daño Está acumulación de daño se verá en el objetivo afecto y no se puede quitar de ninguna manera solo tienes que esperar a que pase el tiempo para que se quitan las marcas si es que no recibes golpes del cheloniformis Cada carga de garras es única para los cheloniformis estos no comparten la acumulación de cargas del otro
Tiene un comportamiento como el gacha que si tiene a alguien de su mismo género cerca se hará más débil y lento
Montura tek Pensaba en una montura tek que aumente el tamaño de sus garras y que le dé un 10% más de daño y que a la acumulación le dé un 80+ de daño osea con la montura tek el daño de acumulación sería de 200 y también dándole una habilidad de bloquear golpes si cruza las garras
Al vivir en el desierto aprendió a resistir las tormentas del entorno y no es afectado por los golpes que empujan
El jinete del cheloniformis no puede ser desmontado con stuns (algo parecido al ferox)
Todas las habilidades mencionadas tiene tiempo de recarga
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2023.04.10 20:49 DinoWolf35 How do you mess about and have fun?

Personally I like taming, exploring and base building.
But that's not what I'm asking.
What mini games do you play in Ark?
Here's my two favourites: Bowling for raptors, how to play, a trike with great speed, and a very unfortunate raptor. Run at the raptor and right before impact hit it with the regular attack. Bonus, if you're high up you'll yeet that raptor half way across the map.
El toro, how to play, find a Megalodon in the shallower water, hit it with something long range (your choice) and run/swim like hell. You can get it to beach itself.
These are just my games, you can start playing whenever the opportunity presents itself, I've even gone bowling with a megaloceros before so it's not just trikes, but trikes get the best results.
How about you?
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2023.04.08 04:37 LoneWolfRHV about the ARK roadmap update

about the ARK roadmap update
So, they updated the roadmap, i must say, its not ideal, but its a lot better then before. We are still not getting the remaster for free BUT its a full standalone game now, no pre-ordering ark 2, and no bullshit of having to buy all the dlcs again, and honestly thats acceptable, i was adamant on not spending all that money again, but if they make it just one full game and thats it, i take back what i said, it is worth it, more or less.
the paid mods thing wont change, i still find it a stupid decision, but not much we can do, so lets see how it ends.
on a side note... Rhyniognatha the sky giga... LMAO more like sky trike, yall should have voted for the bastion beetle
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2023.04.04 02:19 BeastSlayer4680 My story on Ark

Me and my friend started to play Ark on a non dedicated server I made together on ps and it was fun. I had a thatch base but it wasn't good as it was small and I was lazy so me and him searched for a cave base we found one that looked nice to we went and found it but it was a long journey and we had to fight off my dinosaur. T Rex's,carnos,Raptors and Sabertooths with our trikes which were only level 20 to 30. It was hard but we finally found the cave and we started to live there but stuck in the rocks an alpha raptor surprised us as it leaped out of the stuck rock he was in as he nearly killed me and my friend but lucky we got on our trikes and killed him.We brang all our other dinosaur from our other base we had to make a dinosaur gate because it was a big opening. We crafted some small dinosaur gates as it took a few days we had to had to go back to our old base which had all our other Dino's we had to slowly take 3 parasaurs,2 pteradons, T rex,Raptor as we had to go throught mountains and had to fight off the thirst just to make it to our base. Many things attacked us but we finally thought we were safe until an sabertooth came out of no where and attacked my Raptor called Hunter he had a good fight but he died as my trike called Pumpkin tryed to save him but it was too late as we mourned for our lost dinosaur we got to the outside of our base an Alpha Carno spawned outside our cave as we had to rush and get our two trikes to fight it off it was hard battle as we nearly died but we won. We brang all the dinosaurs to a better home safe from the hungry,Bloodthirsty and savage carnivores. I swore to save any weak Dino's from those carno,Raptors and T rex as I tamed dodos and other weak Dino's to bring them the safety.Im still trying to get as much weak Dino's to protect and bring to the cave I call paradise as I hope they will be happier then out there with them. It's hard living in a cave were T Rex's spawn outside everyday. I tamed 3 more Raptors for a pack just for Hunter as he was gonna be the Pack leader it won't be the same without him. RIP HUNTER YOU WILL BE MISSED 😢
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2023.03.28 18:40 SwissCheese4Collagen 4 $eaWorlds and Counting aka First Glimpses of New House + Fern's Birthday RE-RELEASE

4 $eaWorlds and Counting aka First Glimpses of New House + Fern's Birthday RE-RELEASE
Hi-didilly ho internet pallies, I know this is old YouTube tea by now but what else are these jokers doing to entertain us, so here we go into Jim Blessa's latest attempt at a polished episode.
Starting off, we have a talking head intro about how the new place feels like a mansion. Well, she says its double the space and yeah, we know girlie. We can math kids and bedrooms. Next she explains the highly cerebral concept of the SeaWorld tradition of a "Birthday week". I'm not sure how I'll keep up without notes...oh wait.
Day 1: Plant 2 is nunchucking a very realistic looking pair of handcuffs around. I guess pearl bracelets aren't the only thing to adorn Jessa Lauren's elegant and majestic wrists these days. According to her Elegant Majesty, Birthday Weeks teach the children to "savor" receiving gifts. WTF? The kid can't even walk yet and she's supposed to grasp that concept? And even worse, the poor child is called Wernie? Wernie and Spurge is either Jim Blessa's working title for either her mom blog or her Modesty Collar company. Hank helps unbox, it seems he's been assigned to be Plant 2's brother-dad. Jim Blessa announces in a voiceover that she has all the links because "people ask me where I get this stuff" which makes me think of Gladys Leeman, and IYKYK.
But back to the show, where J'Blessa completely misses the concept of a mystery and tells us who killed the toilet paper roll instantly. It was Plant 2, and she "returns to the crime scene like any good mystery"...are Fundies allowed read detective stories? Does she know what it means? Godly Child Detectives Wernie and Spurge: Paper Goods Unit coming this fall to whatever channel will air it.
Day 2: Oh shit, these tents are still a thing? I think my brother had one but it was like Gargoyles or Power Rangers. (Mr. Swiss outtake: what tents? Oh shit, those are bitchin!)

Cut to commercial: The Curls are sitting on a couch. Spurgiatious arkansasia, has a smartphone, Hank has an apple. MomBot asks what they are doing. As subtle as a brick, there is a hashtag to the company. Of course, they limit screentime but to prevent the "Summer Slide" this educational stuff is allowed. Side note: are the FISH kids a School of Seewalds? Inquiring minds want to know. Okay, just me. Anyways, now we find out Plant 2 not a fish, but is in fact a bookworm. Why? Because JBlessa has never seen a 1 year old chew on a book for 5 minutes in a row. Did books not exist in Duggarland because TTH was kept at a toasty 452 degrees Fahrenheit or did JBlessa just never watch her buddy team?
Day 3: We have our first hand-me-down present, as Plant 1's trike becomes Plant 2's trike. Bin chimes in with The FernMobile. Usual Duggar level content, mundane to the point of banality.
Day 4: Hank is the camera man as Jim Blessa perches on the couch with the rest of the children to show off Gmaw Seaworld's super special nesting dolls present. Like, cool but the best part is Hank's wideshot and closeup work. But that's enough from Hank, and MomBot snaps back the camera to line up the SeaWorlds and ask them a question I can only describe as asinine. "What are Fern's nicknames?" Plant 1 rattles off Plant 2's legal first and middle names, and now we know who has the Vital Info jurisdiction. JBlessa lets her try again, we get Fernie-Wern, and the camera moves on to S. arkansasia, who spouts out just babble nonsense. J'mmkay then. (Husband outtake: "I call her Buuuurrrning Maaaaan"...we might watch too much American Dad) Hank gets his turn and he copies Spurge's answer and adds on some other babble. JBlessa misses the obvious clip of having them sing Fernie-Fernie-Bo-Bernie-Fe-Fi-Fo-Fernie, and just lists the random nicknames.
Day 5: Open scene. Plant 2 makes a break for it, to the laundry room while Bin and Plant 1 bring her present out. Bin whistles at his child to come back and she rightfully shrieks in excitement because her present today is from Perm-maw and it's a gasp "Vintage Little Tykes stroller". It's mint, it's immaculate, and it's from only Meech. And she's listed as Grandma Duggar, did they give up on the Lolli and Pops deal? And why wasn't Cum Blob listed? We also know vintage is code for "Josie's", but I digress. My notes for this say that the Curls are total backseat drivers.
Day 6: There is no way they keep this up after any more kids, because all Plant 2 gets today is to play with her stuff, there is no new present. Typical 5th born, no other numbers matter beyond that. /s apologies to any 5th borns in here.

Fern's Birthday: I'm assuming this is the next day due to clothing changes, but the kids could have just inherited Jim Blessa's penchant for sitting in dirty things so they can change clothes and she isn't really marking which day it is so who knows if the last part actually falls within the week or not. I don't really care so much as I'm just trying to be accurate. It's worth noting that this was edited and released on Duggar time, or maybe 1 month is the usual TLC lead time on filming? IDK, anywho, Hank is on the chair with Plant 2 and he is for sure her brother-dad until their actual dad shows up and we see Jim Blessa Duggar Seewald monetize her 4th child's first steps in a hashtag Amazon Affiliate YouTube video. Pops is going to be so proud, and she still won't be the Best/Favorite Daughter, despite the Sharenting. Bin actually holds and interacts with Plant 2, both when she falls and when she is walking, so the SeaWorlds do get some affection. Well at least Plant 2 does.
Most animation we've seen out of Bin in a while. He must have slammed a string cheese just before filming.
Jim Blessa reminds us that Plant 2 fired out of the cannon on Cum Blob's birthday, and I'm convinced that she's totally jockeying for position in the will. "Going to the big house" she drones. Snicker ask your brother about going to the big house. But at TTH Jordyn has made Plant 2's smash cake and she wisely chose a simple design, not a whole Ark with 7 boxes of cake mix...I'm lookin at you fAmy.
Plant 1 must come watch Plant 2 eat the smash cake. Sistermomming 101. Hmmm J'Blessa must be brewing up the tie-breaker, or at least warming up for it. Plant 2 picks off the icing, Aunt J'18 comes in to chop the cake apart and each of the SeaWorlds get a bite before changing clothes for the final scene.
Now we go into commercial mode and Jim Blessa explains that this is a Duggar tradition....oh it's that Chocolate Mess place isn't it. Yep. Marketplace Grill or whatever. Ah, Marketplace. I stand corrected.
We remember the constant freebies, JimBlessa...
Jim Blessa ends by helpfully including a carousel of stills for us "fans" to use. I didn't use them. Fin
As usual, the tedium reigns by the end of the video and the content is hell to slog through because she's just stretching shit out. But thanks for reading you guys! Have a great rest of your day!
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Just got my second trike and flyer and crossbow, my 10 plus chests of loot and supplies are gone, yet the home I built still stands, now I want to start over again in single player. Is this ark?
Edit: nvm house is gone lol.
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