Get Your Nutrition Facts Straight
Americans are steeped in decades-old misinformation.
The Food Guide Pyramid, the South Beach Diet and dozens of other ill-conceived, get-thin-quick plans have spoiled our taste for nutrition advice. In fact, there's so much dietary misinformation out there that the last thing we need is another list of tips.
We need to know what works, and what doesn't. That's it.
Our webinar, the Living to 100: Nutrition Myth Bust, is about information you can use to help yourself and your family enjoy long, healthy lives. While this nutritional presentation can--and should--help you shed a few unnecessary pounds, that is not the primary goal. Instead, the webinar will help you understand how so-called "bad" foods harm your body, and why high-quality whole foods can actually prevent disease and chronic pain.
This free webinar will explain why:
  • Fat-free products actually cause you to pack on the pounds.
  • Counting calories can stifle healthy weight loss.
  • Many foods advertised as healthy can disrupt hormone function.
Join host Kimberly Roberto, co-author of the best-selling "Maximized Living Nutrition Plans," for this free one-hour presentation.
When: Tuesday, April 2nd at 10 AM Eastern Time
*Limited spots available. Register and log in early to ensure your spot. Registration is easy: Simply click the registration button and follow the step-by-step instructions.
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About the Host:
Photo of Kim Roberto
Kimberly Roberto Maximized Living
Kimberly Roberto manages one of America's leading wellness centers and is co-author of the best-selling "Maximized Living Nutrition Plans." She conducts popular cooking classes and exercise programs in person and online. She has led thousands of families to better health through personal nutrition coaching.

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