Five Cancer Myths Debunked

Myth 1:  Your chances are better with the latest "state of the art" drug, even if it costs

                    $10,000 a month.

FACT:   Cancer drugs fail 98% of the time.  Is this the best way to spend your money?

Myth 2:  Cancer cells are powerful and hard to stop.

FACT:  Cancer cells are weak.  Hit them with a blast of oxygen, and they die by the


Myth 3:  You just have to accept the pain, nausea, and hair loss that go along with


FACT:  If chemo makes you sicker than you were to begin with, something is wrong.

                Thousands have cured their cancer without misery.

Myth 4:  Cancer doctors tell you to use chemo because they sincerely believe in it.

FACT:  A McGill University study showed that cancer doctors wouldn't undergo

                chemo if they had cancer and wouldn't let their families do so either!

Myth 5:  My cancer doctor will tell me all about the most effective treatments.

FACT:  Your cancer doctor could be hauled before the medical board for

                recommending anything other than surgery, radiation, and chemo.

To learn more about cancer, what it really is, and how your body is naturally programmed to kill it, attend the


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